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Enlarged Adenoids - Dosage


My 2.5 year old son has enlarged adenoids. This is confirmed by X-ray. He has snoring, breathing through mouth, waking up several times a night, hyperactivity during day, poor appetite. His tonsils are OK, he does not have runny nose unless he has cold or something.

ENT doctor suggested removal, prior to that pediatrician prescribed steroid nasal spray and advised to try it for a month. We are not sure but the spray seems to be helping (today is the third day and now he can breath through nose though still snoring).

I take this condition seriously as I have read it could have all kind of negative effects on him. Surgery is there as a last resort and I would like to try homeopathy first. In my research I have found Agraphis Nutans and Calc Phos. as two remedies that promise help. One book says 3X or 6X for Agrap Nut other says 30X. No dosage information is given. Can someone who is knowledgeable in enlarged adenoid treatment give me the dosage information on these two remedies for my son. I know there are other remedies but other people with similar conditions report great benefits from these two so I want to stick with these. Any help is appreciated.
Thank you

P.S. Just to give some additional info that may be helpful. My son had asthma like symptoms three months ago , probably due to allergic reaction to either cats, birds or excessive dust from the attic. We were preparing for our move and this dust was all over coming out of the carton boxes that sat in our attic for three years. No certain diagnosis was made by doctors, he was given 5 day course of oral steroids. Thank God after moving to where we live now this condition has not reoccurred. But I still wanted to share this as it may be related to the adenoid condition he has now.
  gentlehawk on 2008-02-22
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
considering he is a hyperactive child, CALC PHOS is definitely suited to him.

please give him 6c or 12c potency twice everyday for some days.

stop when you see some improvements.
rishimba last decade
Do you have any dosage suggestion about the Agrap Nut? That was the center of the enlarge adenoid treatment in some papers I read.

gentlehawk last decade
please note that in homeopathy, there are several remedies for dealing with enlarged adenoids..

it all depends on the modalities of the suffering and the overall generals of the patient.

for example, baryta carb, beladonna, hep sulph merc sol and silicea may be given as per the symptoms.

regular intake of cod liver oil is one of the main natural treatments of enlarged adenoid.

if your child is having this as a chronic problem, you can look into a constitutional treatment starting with a nosode of the bacteria which causes the infection.

regarding agrap nut, you can start with 3x or 6x potency thrice a day and gradually go up if the responce is not seen.

however, this is only an acute treatment.
rishimba last decade
Agraphis Nut is a good remedy for enlarged Adenoids.6c has better results,however some other remedies are also proved to be effective but remedies matching with the symptoms should be prefer.

Dr Tahira last decade
Thank you for your responses.
I am willing to listen and try if you have good experience with other remedies. Please make sure you give the clear dosage though, I 'd really appreciate.

My son is already taking Cod liver Oil everyday about one teaspoon.

As for the problem being chronic I do not know but it may be allergic or it may be due to infection. That's not for sure. From the history of symptoms I am inclined to think it is allergy-related but I may be wrong. One thing is for sure and that is he catches cold and virus driven illness easily. We give him multivitamins, co liver oil, fresh fruits, honey everyday and, a bit of liquid echincea and bovine colostrum extract (625 mg) to boost his immune system. He also started getting the steroid nasal spray three days ago.

Thanks again for your input and I am listening...
gentlehawk last decade
u mentioned asthma ---and the adenoids--------when exactly the adenoids occur with relation to asthma thing? HOW EPISOSDES OF ASTHma CHILD haVE EXACTLY IN HEALTH HISTORY(JUST THIs LAST ONE ONLY?)?pleaese give a sequencial health history from birth of ills and treatments since that time...dates would help--but most important is the sequence of events...what skin ills has child had in health history?how treated?
John Stanton last decade
Here is how things happened:

1- October 07 he started having eczama on his arms
2- Less than Two weeks after eczama was first noticed he had the asthma-like symptoms : chest congestion, frequent breathing, wheezing. He was given oral steroids + chest decongestants in emergency care. This incident happened two days after visiting a friend who had a cat and birds. Doctor was not sure if it was allergic or not.
3- End of October he had the second attack , and this was shortly after visiting a friend with a cat. Doctor said it could be allergies and told us to give him Benedryl over the phone , but it did not help at all. We went to the doctor because he was having more congestion and wheezing so she prescribed 5 day oral streoids.
4- A day after this incident we moved to a new state with milder climate and very far from the old state. Thank God he has not had this asthmatic condition again since then, which is for for months.
5- A week ago he caught a virus which gave him fever . Fever was controlled by Tylenol. This fever lasted 3.5 days. After that his snoring was more noticable. But he used to snore before too just not as much as now. I think this last illness made it worse.
6- Four days ago we went to the pediatrician and he prescribed Flonex (steroid nasal spray) and asked us to see ENT specialist.
7- Two days ago we went to the ENT specialist who confirmed enlarged adenoids by X-ray and exam. He suggested removal of adenoid and did not favor the nasal steroid treatment. We decided to think about it.
8- Yesterday I posted the details on this forum asking for help. We are not sure but the steroid spray seems to be helping , though slowly.

I hope this is helpful.
Looking forward to your suggestion.
gentlehawk last decade
As a side note: I forgot to mention Benedryl is an over the counter anti-histamine allergy medicine and he did not respond to it at all. However I do not know if we had to try other histamine blockers, I am still thinking this has something to do with allergies (probably systematic) but may be Benedryl was not the right medicine.
gentlehawk last decade
how was the eczema treated?
what is the history of skin ailent saaith child?birth til oct 7th occurance/
John Stanton last decade
Eczama was treated with greasy ointment, no prescription etc. It was an episode right before the asthma like symptoms accored. Other than this my son did not have any skin problems and he is fine now .
gentlehawk last decade
before treatent need to understnad that if right treamnet given--skin condition will return --with betterment in deeper il condition---the thing is it is not certain with what vengence the skin ill wil return---possible willoccur in passing--or remain--either way case must be addressed as what occurs--BUT IN NO WAY ANY SKIN topicals or such can be used --nothing at all--

if unserstnad the above with clarity--knowing treatment is aimed at bringing us back to the original ill state--then dose sulphur----1 pelet 30c in 4 oz water--stir-- 1 teason dose--give this on ONE MORNING ONLY--no repeat--give abut 1 hour before 1st eating of day----

child is to have no sweets no acid foods/drinks--(carbonated soft drinks,vinegar,pickled foods,fruits and fruit juices...coffee/coffee products,teas...etc)
no other treatents,edicines..nothing AT ALL on skin..etc

u need keepclosely onfored here or at my email(from profile)----if at any point above u r not able to follow in exactness--let me know now --so we dont waste our time--going in circles--this best i can assess u in this case....rest up to u..
John Stanton last decade
I understand what you are saying but why do we focus on the eczama, which came and went within two weeks three four months ago yet now what bothers my son most is his enlarged adenoids.
gentlehawk last decade
clear me if wromg--the follwing sequence--skin ill shows--topical used--asthma starts----treated --current state-

if correct --2 time suppression--all orignates from skin ill treated wrongly
John Stanton last decade
The way you approach this is erratic in my view. It is a known fact that asthma-eczama-allergies go hand in hand. Eczama , in my view, was just an early sign that a bigger problem was coming. The ointment did not have any medication it was just a greasy moisturizer to sooth itching. Your logic as to all of my son problems are occuring because of a non-medicated moisturizer does not make the least sense.

Once again if anything that temporary episode of skin condition should be viewed as a sign of bigger problems to come not the other way around.
I kindly ask other people's input opinion on this.
gentlehawk last decade
do what u want--some one else will help -- i wont go any further--
John Stanton last decade
yes I will feel more comfortable if someone with proper grammar and writing skills responds. Who would feel Ok if the so called 'doctor' wrote like how a 14 year old kid 'chats' online.
gentlehawk last decade
i think you are doing good about the immune booster. have you tried transfer factor? they have a plus formula that boosts your system to over 400%. google it.
as for the steroids they are bad any way you look at it. and i am guessing they are being perscribed to reduce inflamation.
have you had any allergy test done? does he drink milk? that is a large cause of allergies in the sinus cavities. did you breast feed or bottle? if bottle was formula milk,soy?
rana1968 last decade
if you haven't already tried some of these steps, you might consider them before the surgery date is set. Have you investigated all causes of allergies? Do you have pets? Have you tried elimination diets to see if your child is allergic to something she is eating? Not all allergies cause hives. She may have an allergy that is causing a reaction where her adenoids and sinus linings swell. Dairy is often a culprit. You might try eliminating all dairy for 1 month to see if there is an improvement. Other things to watch for is MSG (monosodium glutamate) and is in so much food, not just Chinese. Double check any snack foods and crackers, processed foods, etc. as they OFTEN contain MSG. Also, avoid aspartame (NutraSweet)and that is also in tons of things - many yogurts as well. Then, be cautious in case she has something like dust mite allergies. Vacuum like there is no tomorrow and wash her bed linens every other day. The lamp shade in her bedroom may need to be changed, curtains washed, etc. These efforts may be enough to reduce the inflammation she is having. It certainly is worth the effort to try. Good luck.
rana1968 last decade
Fever is a defense that the body uses to kill viruses and other germs. We know that germs growing in cultures die if you turn up the temperature too much. The same is happening in your body when your brain turns up the temperature when you get sick. Getting a fever is an important part of your body's defense against infection.

just give plenty of fluids no food unless child wants it. don;t force food on child. as far as homeopathic see if you can find the cause of the enlarged adnoids. if is a food allergy, animal allergy i don't know if homopatic would help if child is still eating or around what is causeing allergy. that is what it sounds like to me.
and lets not forget vaccinations. when was his last vaccination? and did you say the snoring,asthma happened during the move? any problems before that? or jsut snoring. when did you first notice symtoms?
rana1968 last decade
Hi Rana, Let me answer your questions one by one.

1-have you had any allergy test done? No
2-does he drink milk? Soy Milk usually , sometimes goat milk, no cow's milk. He eats some cheese and yogurt though.
3-did you breast feed or bottle? He was breastfed until 13 months old, first 6 months mother's milk only , after that milk formula added.
4- We do not have pets, we watch MSG and do not consume it. We also do not use artificial sweeteners.
5- He may have been sensitive to dust , or pet alergens, we are not sure. I agree with your assesment that this could very well be an allergic reaction.
6-when was his last vaccination? 9 months ago.
7-and did you say the snoring,asthma happened during the move? any problems before that? or jsut snoring.

Asthma happened two three weeks before moving and repetead the day before moving. He did not have chest problems just mild snoring, which we did not pay too much attention.
gentlehawk last decade
Dear gentlehalwk,

Just wanted to clear a few things.

In homeopathy, we attribute most of the diseases known to man kind to supression of skin eruptions using allopathic medicines.

So, it is extremely important for a homeopath to know if ever such a supression of skin eruption did occur in a case, even if it lasted for a short while , and no matter how long back it took place.

John is correct in analyzing what happened with the eczema because with steroidal treatment of skin eruptions, the disease goes deeper into a person's economy and attacks more vital organs. Most of the asthmatic problems are either psoric (result of sppressive skin treatments) or tubercular in origin.

John was on the right track. Do not go by his grammatical skills. He is a skilfull prescriber.

sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer,

If read my reply to John you will see that the eczama was NOT treated with medication. It was not treated at all. No steroids, steroid creams or etc. Just some greasy moisturizer cream (non-medicated) for dry skin.

I hope it is clear now.

I ordered
1 x 15ml Liquid Dilution Calcarea Phosphorica 12C
1 x 15ml Liquid Dilution Agraphis Nutans 6C

from abchomeopathy to try these based on previous posters' suggestions. If you have any specific dosage information on these other than what is already written please feel free to share.

Thank you
gentlehawk last decade
just trying to get a time frame. how long before the problems started to when you began the move with the moveing of boxes and the dust? shortly after that?
how long between vaccination and problems started?
rana1968 last decade
Hi gentlehawk,

I apologize, I thought you had used steroids for skin treatment.

It was the allergic ashthma which was cured through oral steroids.

Regarding dosage , try giving 3 doses of 6C potency on a single day,(no more doses after that) and then look for changes over the next 4-5 days.

If he gets some benefit in 6C, the potency can be raised once the benefit of 6C comes to a halt. However if there is no change at all with 3-4 doses, you probably need to change the remedy as it is not the correct choice.

Also, always give 1 medicine at a time , a few doses and then judge response for a few days, if no change, then move onto the next remedy. But do not repeat any remedy for days at a stretch.

sameervermani last decade
We have gone through similar things with my son and I now believe he has leaky gut syndrome. You may want to look this up. Also, if you do allergy testing, make sure it is IGG and IGE. One is delayed and one is immediate. Most doctors will not tell you about both. I was shocked when we received my son's results! When we follow the proper diet though, my son does improve and the sleep apnea due to adenoid enlargement is gone. The allergies, eczema, adenoids, etc. can all be related to leaky gut. Also, be careful about the echincea. From everything I have read and heard, some echincea stimulates not strengthens the immune system and allergies are an overactive immune system already. Hope you find this useful in some way. I know I have felt, for a long time, like I don't know what to do and I just keep trying things and the doctors just want to treat the symptoms, not the real root of the problem. Good luck!
kamryy last decade

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