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Hi doctor

I have a problem and its been more than 3 years. In the beginning I used to smoke and after smoke, smell is that strong other persons can smell in the room. Its so strong. I was not sure about that in the beginning, went to see Dentist and then Family doctor. I disgonose with Sinusis. So I think that it comes from Nose. My sinusus does not give me pain or anything. Take antibiotic during these days feels ok but then again same problem. If I eat anything that have a Bad odour or something then same smells you can feel in the room. It get so strong. Today I found your website and feel very happy. I touched the other end of my tongue there are tiny pimples like things there and its very stinky there. Will wash that. Is there anything special I can use for that part?. No smell if I drink Hot water or Tea for some time. Get worse in the morning and get better later in the day.

What should I do? Please help as it bothers other ppl as well.

  ZARBAZ on 2008-03-06
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Well there is a rare disease that did not get much attention on the internet and was not recognized by N.O.R.D. until about eight years ago. It's called 'trimethylaminuria.' Even I have to check the spelling for that every now and then, so please be sure to write it down. You may or may not find someone to help you with this, but there is a lot of information online. Do some searching and educate yourself about it just to see if you fit this profile. Just a guess. Good luck.
caffeineaddict last decade
Mr Shah,
Take Nux vom 2ooc daily at bed time for 1 week.

Dr Tahira last decade
Thanks for your reply. I forgot to mention one thing that Smell becomes more Strong if I eat anything Sweet. Or touch my nose inside to clean it.

ZARBAZ last decade
Doctor just checked my Tonsils. They are Ok. So its either Stomach or Sinusus.

ZARBAZ last decade
So how many Drops in 1/4 of tea Cup. The Drops are avaliable in a Dispenser Shape. On pump=10drops(.2ml)

Can't get less then 10 drops.

Please Advise
ZARBAZ last decade
I read the symptoms of Nux vom it does match to me like

Critical to others
Like Spicy Food
Like to be alone

Just want to tell that i use to take Indian pan masala(tobacco) for some years and just recently quit it. Go to dentisit have them clean. But the smell is still coming from my mouth.

My urine in the morning also smell very bad and very yellow.

Wake uo to three times in the night to check the time and when time to leave want to sleep more.

Already Try
Kali Bic. 30X
Merc.Solu 30x
For one week, 10 drops three times a day but no postive recovery.

Please Advise.
ZARBAZ last decade
Mr shah,
I have recieved ur email.Take Nux as i prescribed u earlier.2 drops in a table spoon of water as one dose.Avoid Pan Masala and Tobacco in any form.The smell u are feeling in mouth is due to stomach problem and mouth ulcers.

Dr Tahira last decade
Thanks for your reply

I can buy liquid for. But the Head is a Dispensor like. You punch Dispensor.. its like Room Spray or any refume. and it will push out 10 Drops.

Please advise how much water should i use.
ZARBAZ last decade
I have replied ur email of 9th march.

Dr Tahira last decade
Hi Doctor>

I used it but its not getting BETTER

Your Advise is Greatly appreciated.
2. Age>> 33 years>
3. Sex> Male>>
4. Married/Unmarried/widow> Marries>>
5. weight> 159kg>>
6. Height ….> 5feet 6 inches>>
7. country> Canada>>
8. climate> Cold/Windy>>
9. Family History> Not serious, Father have Heart problem, Mother has some skin problem just> little black marks over neck area. I had too but its gone.>>
10. Qualification of patient>> B.Com>>>>
11. Nature of working> Office>>
12. Complexion: Fair/Wheatish/ Darkish> Fair>>
13. Constitution: Well built/Fat/Thin> Thin>>
14. Veg/non veg> Non-Veg>> 15. History of taking Alcohol/Tobacco/coffee/Tea/any drugs addiction> Yes, Smoke, Indian Tobacco chewing. Alcohol not.>>
16. List of your complain first 1. 2.. 3 ……> 1-Sinusus>> 2-Odour>> Its been 4 years. I came to Canada from Pak in Jan-2003. In March-2004, when> I smoke it smell so strong. You can smell in the room, in the bus. So strong> smell. And it does not go even I wash my mouth and take sweet Gum etc. Then> I see Dentist, Fresh breath clinic but it does not go away. Then my family> doctor diagonose me with sinusus. Sinusus does not give me any pain. I have> to take very strong antibiotic to fix it. Even after surgery that did not go> away and have to take Strong antibiotic right after surgery.. Then I quit> smoking and start Chewing tobacco. Its been four years. I quit chewing> tobacco three weeks before, Clean teeth with dentisit but smell does not> stop. Now as my mouth have bad odour because of tobacco now it come from me> all the time. Drink hot water make it better for a little while then it> start coming again. Co-workers complain about that. One of my friend at work> she smell my body its not from there not from my clothes. When I eat> something bad then it get stronger…like Candy, Sugar, Cocumber. I think that> it came from mouth but then my sinusus pump it up and then it spread all> over the room.. Very frustrating quit tobacco and smoke for some days but> the smell is still there. Two days before I wash my mouth with mouth wash> and then you can smell mint in the room. I know I have bad breath but how> come it get so strong that it spread in the room.>>>> Take the following medicine for one week, three times a day but no better> result.>> 1-Kali Bic 30X>> 2-Merc.Solu30x>> 3-Balladona30x>>>>>>
17. Since how long you are suffering for each complain> 4 years>>
18. current medicine you are taking for each complain> No>>
19. Diabetic or non Diabetic> NON>>
20. Desire sweets/sour/salt> Yes Spicy as well>>
21. Thirst –Small quantity/short interval/long interval/large Quantity> Small>>
22. Tongue color> White, clean every night, No tonsils problem already check with doctor>>
23. Current BP (without medicine and with medicine)> Ok.Normal>>
24. What exactly is happening ?>>>>
25. How do you feel ?> Frustrating, Embarassing>> 26. How does this affect you ?> Job is effected, social life.>>
27. How does it feel like ?>>>>
28. What comes to your mind ?> Its because of my sinusus. I think……>>
29. One situation that had a big effect on you ?> Two interview no success>>

30. How did that feel like ?> Bad, very up-set>>
31. What sensation do you experience in that situation ?> Up-set>>
32. What are you showing by that gesture of your hand.(habits or Action) ?>>>>
33. desire or like and dislike of food> Spicy , fat food, sweet>>
33. Name of foods which increase your problem> Cocumber, sweet things,>>

34. Body odor ,/sweating/->>>>
35. 31.Choose the right word for you and other delete> I did that test in the book and find out that I am Lycopodium.

ZARBAZ last decade
I did Gastroscopy and stomach is clean and nice. So its Sinus only. Please advise remedy for that. I have infection all year along and its only get better for some time if i take Strong Antibiotics.

ZARBAZ last decade

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