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High Blood Pressure



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High Blood Pressure

My wife, 52 years,5 feet 6 inch, around 80 kg, is having high blood pressure and has to take Alopathic medicine every day as per doctor advise.
I have lot of faith in Homeopathy but as this is High B.P so I do not know that whether I can try with Homeopathic medicine.
Can you give me advise in this regard.
Suresh Kumar
  kumsur on 2004-11-29
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Years ago I got a two remedy HBP help from India.

It is FERRUM PHOS and KALI PHOS mixed. I have not found one that works better so far. 30X or 200X, up to 1M.

Buy same potency of both. Buy dry in tiny granules. Use separate (new) bottle to mix. Keep original bottles separate. You can get small bottles at most herb or health stores.

I have several people taking it that were able to stop the allopathic meds.

One bus driver was taking it every day, and then soon every 3 days and now a year later, he takes it when he thinks of it, once a week or X 2 weeks. His job depends on keeping his BP in good order. His wife tells me he is a changed man.

This doesn't follow regular precepts for homeopathy, but BP seems very hard to correct as it keeps being caused in the brain for some unknown reason.

We could name a dozen reasons for it to become active in the body but all we would be left with is "all of the above" reasons. Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Don't stop allopathic medicine abruptly.I am not comfortable with the advise of mixing two medicines in potencies.

Any way,if it helps,taper off allopathic medicine very gradually.

Post feed back.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Yes, it took several months for the bus driver to get off the allopathic meds as he had been on them for several years.

Sorry Murthy, but we are not the same simple bodies we were years ago. We are full of chemicals and poisons that as early as 1940 were never heard of. The first awareness was DDT during the WWars. Sabra
sabra last decade

I have read lot of books by Kent and Vithoulkus,and many other classical authors.

The single remedy seems to work better,and it is easy to follow up with another medicine,when need be,as the complimentary remedies,and followers are rather well documented.

I do know,about the people,who advocate the efficacy of combinations,but somehow,I still feel it is against the theory.

Yes,we are exposed to lot more injurious substances now.But that may not be reason enough to deviate from theory.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
A 200 year old theory does not make it written in stone. One limits oneself with inflexable thinking. Always be ready to bend and sway.

One must fulfill the needs of the moment. It is like the homeopathic dr that wouldn't dream of giving a nosode before another remedy. I have never taken that into consideration.

One of my first experiences was the 5 months it took to get a woman back in time to the cause of her severe allergy. She kept telling me, "I haven't had this sym in 2 years." etc. (It was a 7 year problem.) I treated in the moment according to the sym. Finally she said she hadn't had this sym in 7 years!! What was it? An allopathic treatment to her ovary. Had to undo the treatment and then treat the original problem. Believe me one remedy did not get her to that point.

How many times do we not suggest remedies because the body problems are so severe and confusing?? We do the best we can not even seeing the person. Seeing the person is half the work done. Body language.

These people deserve our best try, and if it is a tried and true simple combo, I will suggest it.

Over the years I have dealt a lot with emergency type of needs and I have broadened my views of the single remedy. I really get a kick out of it when it works so well. I seek it, but will use what will work to the benefit of the client.

Just an explanation of my view of the classical homeopathy. Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade

Thanks for the clarification.All said and done,you have reasons to follow your methods,and I am not saying they won't work.

If they are working together,and it happened many times,then such combinations,are to be added to the complimentary lists of each medicine.

Let me see whether Ferrum phos and kali phos are given as complimentary,anywhere.If,not I don't hesitate to add them to my personal list,at least,if you are sure it worked on many people.

Let us try to balance theory and practice,to suit our present environment.


bandarbabu2000 last decade
I fully support the view point of Sabra. To add with, the human pathology has changed to the present form after getting influence of the long history. One the human beings were very tall and heavy weight. Now they have turned to a height to the maximum of six and a half feet or so. Similarly the plants and changed due to their transfer from one region to other due to climatic affects.
No doubt that the principal of similimum is good. But finding similar remedy, either single or in combination is the responsibility of the physician / homeopath. This is because the chemistry of diseases is also getting new shaps by passage of time as AIDS was unknow several years ago but it is a great danger for humanity. arnascorp at hotmail dot com
arnadeem last decade
Further to add my above view.....
So far a combining the medicine other than that "Complementary" I am of the opinion we should not be affraid except for the "Animicals". There are a lot of medicines which animicals are still no known or they do not have any such effects either. In such cases a good homeopath should be very vigorous and pondering to monitor the progress.
A. R. Nadeem
arnadeem last decade
Dear Sabra,
This is with ref to your recommendation to take Ferrum Phos and Kali Phos mixed for High BP. What strength should one take and do I understand you right that they should be taken mixed? I have been taking both 6X but with an hour or so time in between them.
Please let me know.
nitasha last decade

Blood pressure is the force of your blood against the walls of your arteries. It is recorded as two numbers, the systolic pressure (as the heart beats) and the diastolic pressure (when your heart relaxes between the beats). The measurement is written one above or before the other, with the systolic number on top and the diastolic number on the bottom. For example, a blood pressure measurement of 120/80 mmHg (millimeters of mercury, a chemical element having symbol of Hg) is expressed verbally as '120 over 80.' High blood pressure is a silent killer which increases your risk for getting heart disease and/or kidney disease leading to complete failure of your kindneys (Renal Failure) or having a stroke.
It is especially dangerous because it often has no warning signs or symptoms. Regardless of race, age, gender and area, anyone can develop high blood pressure, it is estimated that one in every ten pakistani has high blood pressure, once high blood pressure is developed, it usually lasts a lifetime and it like many other life time diseases opens the door of permanent life time business for pharmaceutical companies and medical practitioners, and unfortunately there is no permanent medicinal cure of this silent killer.
It may be remembered that unlike Allopathy, Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Homeopathy and other alternative medicine, the Islamic Medicine is a divine medicine based on revelation and God gifted knowledge of Holy Prophet Muhammad bin Abdullah (peace be upon him) and his Twelve Successors which does not need any hypothesis, experimentation and observation and thus it is the only true code of healing for all the medical practitioners and an easy and decisive cure for the sick humanity.
Hulyatul Muttaqeen narrates that Imam Moosa Kaazim Alahis Salam, The 7th Successor to Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), said 'Prunes (dried plums or aalu bukhara in urdu) cures your blood pressure and relieves your body pains while fresh plums (aalucha) cures your fever and jaundice'.
My goal was to find a quick, easy cheaper and decisive cure for hypertension so i tried an experiment on a female patient and i advised her to take 5 prunes (dried plums or aalu bukhara in urdu), soak them overnight in a glass of water, separate their seeds in the morning and eat all the five seedless prunes before or after breakfast alongwith the water the prunes were soaked in, the blood pressure magically dropped to normal within minutes, it was an amazing result, i continued my experiments for several months on hundreds of patients and they were all shocked to find such a simple, cheaper, easy and miracle cure provided by Imam Moosa Kazim Alahis Salam The 7th Successor to Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), which is not only free from all side effects but it is full of side benefits, hypertensive patients reported many side benefits during the treatment and no adverse effects have been reported so far, and thus it was the discovery of true cure of Hypertension,it may be secondary or essential it works wonder.
Although i adopted a different method but consuming five prunes everyday at a time is the simple way to cure your hypertension and you can not get the same results by fresh plums, blackish prunes (dried plums) proved to be more effective than others, not only it normalizes your blood pressure it lowers your elevated sugar level, minimizes general body pains, burns your extra fat, aids and eases your digestion, normalizes your appetite, cures your constipation, relieves your hiccough, nausea, vomiting, and removes your all wrinkles.
Imam Jaffar-e-Sadiq Alahis Salam The 6th Successors to Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) has suggested two more items to obtain even faster and durable results by using Lettuce and Sattoo (ground powder of roasted cereals like barley, rice, jowar and wheat etc etc, 2/3 table spoon powder is dissolved in a glass of water and consumed alongwith ground jaggery, sugar or honey) besides, a daily use of one table spoon of sesame oil orally or using it as cooking oil will drcreases your LDL (bad cholesterol) and increases your HDL (good cholesterol) protects your arteries from hardening and improves your circulation thus it is an ideal oil for cardiac and hypertensive patients. Stay healthy limiting your amount of salt,quiting the smoking, eating a heart-healthy diet, drinking plenty of water, reducing your extra weight (if you are overweight) avoiding alcohol and a regular walking.
Once you try this miracle cure, quit all the medicines you are already taking or it may lower your blood pressure, taking life time drugs itself creates unnecessary life time harmful side effects, i quote here for you a saying of Imam Ali Alahis Salam The Successor to Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) 'Medicine does to the body what soap does to the clothes. It cleans them but wears them out' so avoid unnecessary medication. I have revealed the hidden secret cure for your hyperension which is cheaper, more effective, more permanent and more natural than any other, the taste of prunes may not be pleasant for some but the result is pleasant for all.
you are intived to visit
Dr Syed Zaair Husain Rizvi
Jaffar-e-Tayyar Society Malir City Karachi Pakistan
Dr Zaair Husain 9 years ago
Hi, My husband is posted 9000ft (high altitude) and his profession depends on his bp being perfect. he has a tendency to have a little high bp. He is take allopetic meds and kaliphos 30x drops on his tongue early morning ,his pressure has come down to 140/90 . But to be functioning in such a high place he needs it to be lesser. Can you please suggest any other homeopathic meds. His sugar, cholesterol etc is good and has no other problems.
remi818 9 years ago
Hi all

I have problem of high blood pressure but my blood pressure increases as soon as I eat something hot ,even tea ,coffee,or any medicine.

Age 49
Height 5-11

hasan99 7 years ago

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