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BXO help needed

Ive been diagnosed with this and the remedy is - circumcision - which I am not looking forward to at all!
Does anyone have any thoughts on what might be suitable for this?
As you might imagine, all help will be gratefully received.
  john 65000 on 2003-11-12
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
ulceration? urethra affected (yet)?lumps?
post particular characteristics of the complaint???

John Stanton
John Stanton last decade
i also have bxo i,ve had since iwas thirteen and i am now twenty eight.
through sheer enmbarresment after i was circumsised i did not take any follow up treatment.
just under a year ago i had to have a FIRST STAGE URETHROPLASTY with BUCCAL MUCOSAL, (sound painful and it was)they cut your penis from the underneath along the urethra and cut all the way back to where the bxo stops and in my case that was past the scrotum.they then take a skin graft out of the walls of the inside of your mouth to graft on the cut part of the penis where the urethra was.then six to nine months later they close it all back up and leave a catheter in four about three months (which is what i'm having in FEB 2004) then its back in to have the catheter remover and hopefully thats it and its just checkups from then but they say there is a 15% of the graft failing (and that happend to me) but the whole treatment will only last upto about ten years.
so if you have just been diagnosed with bxo use homeopathy as well as doing what the doctor says'.stewartie777
hoymail.com contact me if you need more info.
stewy777 last decade
Hi, I've gone through stage 1 and stage 2 surgery for BXO now and can honestly say I wished I had got over my embarrassment quicker and done something about it sooner. It's 6 months on now and I feel great and hey I can pee without either sitting down or hitting the ceiling. It's not a nice process to go through but it looks worse than it feels and as long as you have an understanding partner things still work OK. My surgeon has not stated that it only lasts for 10 years - the process is new and they do not have enough history to say it doesnt last after that time. Not enough people know about this disease and it scares me to think of all the blokes (and women for that matter) who have swept it under the carpet and have suffered unnecessarily.
ChrisR last decade
Wash under the foreskin with peroxide often. Believe it or not cheap hair shampoo is good for the skin. Better than bar soap.

Take several doses of:
ECHINACEA (4 X daily for 3 days)200x or 1M
HYPERICUM (2 X daily the 3 days)

Wait a week and take another dose of the ECHINACEA. This must be Homeopathic Echinacea, not the liquid herb over the counter.

I would like to know the progress.
Sabra sabra
sabra last decade

Last Tuesday I was diagnosed with BXO. The practitioner is a specialist in penile issues, and reckoned that my example was one of the earliest cases he’s seen (I hope he was telling the truth).

The Dr examined my urethra and reckons it has not spread there yet. He seems to be confident that circumcision will not be needed and steroids should clear it up. Personally, from what I’ve read about BXO, circumcision looks a small price to pay considering its potential long-term damage. Having said that, from the stats I’ve seen circumcision only seems to be effective in the majority of cases, but BXO can recur in some people as Stewy has outlined.

Stewy, may I ask, if you had followed up after your initial circumcision aged 13, would it not have got to the stage where you needed extra surgery? How could they have prevented it getting that far? Could they have detected its return and given you less radical treatment?

Chris and John, how are things now? Was surgery successful?

I have copied a note from the Dr I saw which he has sent to a urologist for background info: "Have you any
faith/experience of the non circumcision treatments. i.e. local or
intralesional application of strong steroids or laser ablation ? I have just
seen a 33 yr old man with a 6 month history of a change in his foreskin with
mild irritation. He notes that it always improves temporarily with the
application of a Betnovate preparation. O.E. His foreskin is easily
retractable and as the ridged band reaches half way over the glans a thin
band of white slightly rough tissue extends all the way round the foreskin.
See jpgs/ His frenulum was torn years ago , and he has some penile pearly
papules. He is very alarmed that I think this may be early BXO. Do you think
I may be right ?"

This condition strikes me as quite a worrying diagnosis, and I would be very grateful for any tips from other sufferers.

Thanks in advance,
norman6386 last decade
I have just had stage 1 surgery, urethroplasty and buccal mucosa graft. In on the 9th December, out on the 12th and a bit sore since. I had about 3 centimetres of urethra removed. Apart from being uncomfortable - especially at night because of erections - the most painful bit was a sore throat.
I would highly recommend taking drugs to stop the erections and follow instructions from the consultant to the letter.
As far as I know, BXO survives in nice warm, moist conditions ie under the foreskin. That has gone as well. I will keep you informed as to the outcome.
Leeroy last decade
Sabra - looks like no one is interested in homeopathy on this one. If so why come to this site?.
passkey last decade
what is bxo?
bandarbabu2000 last decade
My question is why this posting is showing up again after several months???

sabra last decade

How is going now, all sorted?

Was it the GP or a consultant who advised that surgery was not required. How long have you known something was wrong?
vic73 last decade
As it has showed up let me just say -- what I always say about antibiotics --


They drive things in even deeper than antibiotics --- very very dangerous.
passkey last decade
Thanks for your concern Vic.

I haven't had the time off work to go for circumcision yet, but Betnovate keeps it at bay (I try and use it only when needed).

The BXO cleared up when I first used Betnovate, but I've noticed it sneak back very slowly and every few days I have to put a dab of Betnovate to keep it from growing.

Fortunately it is virtually unnoticeable, and I can pull the foreskin back no prob without pain.

I went to see a specialist penile surgeon (they do exist!) who has over 1,000 BXO patients on his books. He felt the infection was so mild that he discharged me, and stated that circumcision would be my choice, but he wouldn't push it on me unless I wanted it.

As soon as I can find time off work it's circumcision for me I'm afraid. From the research I've done it doesn't seem like a big deal, and as I said before, it's small price to pay if you bear in mind that there is a link between BXO and SCC...

From trawling the Internet it does seem that there is a lot of sensationalist rubbish propagated about the condition. Yes, there is a statistical link with SCC (less than 3% verified by numerous professional sources), but it is not nearly as worrying as some would have you believe.

My advice to anyone diagnosed would be to get circumcised ASAP, before it spreads.

Everyone I've consulted (I went straight for the specialists - 4 in total) reckoned I was fortunate to seek treatment so early, and the last dermatologist I saw told me that he thinks there are many undiagnosed cases out there.

One surgeon told me that he sees fathers and sons with the condition.

To summarise - I use a small amount of Betnovate if it becomes visually noticeable, and intend to be circumcised in the next 3 months. So far I've used less than 30mg since diagnosis, and it cleared the infection 90%+.

Unless you get diagnosed late in the condition (it takes months or even years to fully develop as a previous member stated in the thread) I would advise anyone to use any treatment that works, until they get circumcised.

I'll keep you posted if any developments occur, but circumcision looks the way to go - even if you find a treatment (homeopathic or otherwise) that works, it's likely to come back without foreskin removal.

One Dermatologist told me that they have numerous clients using Dermovate once a week to keep BXO at bay, but circumcision is the option for me as I'd rather get rid of the condition.

Passkey: Can you provide some scientific facts that support your stance against steroid? Frequent use causes atrophication, and many side-effects, but in the majority of occasional users I have yet to read of serious issues arising, they only tend to rear their head on long-term heavy users.
norman6386 last decade
A quick addition:

The Dermatologists could not find an area large enough to take a biopsy as the infection was virtually unnoticeable. They did state that there is a small chance it may not be BXO, but advised circumcision was the safest option.

(I get the impression specialists are reluctant to recommend circumcision due to litigation culture - they won't push you into it unless the condition is quite heavy I suspect)
norman6386 last decade

I have found reports that BXO can come back even if you are circumcised..check out the bbc website
vic73 last decade
BXO did come back with me after circumcision. It did improve for a few years and then started itching once again. I'm now seeking aditional help with a dermetologist in a few months. It's apparent that I'm going to have to suffer with this for quite some time. I'm going to provide this info to my GP in hopes that he can make sense out of it all and hopefully give me something for the irritation. This foum has been quite helpful and I hope that I can be of some help to anyone suffering with this condition.
profiler last decade
I was just diagnosed with BXO. I had a urethagram done yesterday was shown the xray. Substanial scaring of the tube no doubt. He said looks like I might need a graft however no doctor in the state (Alabama) is gualified to do the surgery. He wants to "try" opening up the scared area before sending me out of state. My confidence level in the doctor is low and I want to see a specialist now that deals with this all the time. I am willing to travel wherever it takes.

Can anyone provide assistance on where to find a specalist who has done many of these surgerys? Given the problems I'm having I will have to act quickly but will do so causiously. Thanks!
jor4237 last decade
Information anone? I have been diagnosed with BXO for a few years, I have tried different creams, but nothing seemed to help, now it has spread to the opening and seems to be going up the uretha. A urologist who I have just been to wants to do a cystoscopy, and dilation of the uretha, has anyone had this done, and is it really necessary?
dasu67 last decade
dasu67, I have done a lot of research. The creams do help me too. My stricture is >2cm (almost 5). I talked to my Urologist as well as my GP about the fact that dilation on stricture >2cm is not recommended. They both told me the same thing, not all cases are the same (I'm going in on 5/3). This could give some years of help, it could also fail. If it does, the alternative is to be split wide open, do a graft, and have a very long recovery. Also, a graft may only last 5-10 years. Some don't take the 1st time and have to be re-done (ouch!) Everything I see tells me use this only as a last resort. If you have a stricture because of this crap, don't wait like I did and ignore it, it will only get worse. If you trust your doctor listen to him. What do you think?
jor4237 last decade

Coming from the UK, I must say it's unusual to hear that someone in the US is having trouble finding the right surgeon.

In the UK, there is Dr Avar Bracka who is a specialist penile surgeon; he literally has a thousand BXO patients on his books, and is renowned for complicated work on kids with Hypospadias (Spelt wrong, it's a lot more complex to perform surgery on than BXO though).

My suggest to you is to spend time researching specialists in the Hypospadias field - if they can work on that condition, they can handle BXO grafts.

I spoke with a member of this forum who had a graft from Bracka, and he reckoned it wasn't as gory as you'd think, and was glad to get treatment.

On top of that, I would suggest trying other routes obviously, providing they're safe (i.e homeopathy, etc etc)

If things get really tough, you could always see Bracka in the UK...last resort I know. (You can find him via Google btw)

Best of luck to you!
norman6386 last decade
Hiya I need some help understanding this. Ive been with my boyfriend whos 17 for 2 years and didnt realise there was a problem with his penis til he told me about a month ago.
I persuaded him to go and see a doctor and he said he had the condition bxo and that he would need a circumsicion.

After reading many posts on people who have had a circumsicion after being diagnosed with this they say.. They had to spend a few nights in hospital.. They had to have more than one operation etc.. Does anyone know what would actually happen?

Also when young children get circumsiced they dont get an erection but will it be painful afterwards if my boyfriend does? Or will he need tablets to prevent this. Im only 16 so im having a lot of trouble understanding and would be made up if anyone can help me as he is very scared.

Thanks a lot! X
emzbabe last decade
BXO is
Relationship to lichen sclerosus

Many researchers regard BXO as lichen sclerosus et atrophicus (LSA) of the penis, LSA is also known as lichen sclerosus (LS). Lately BXO was coded as part of LSA by Medical literature search tool Medline. (Finkbeiner, 2003; Laymon 1944; Neill et al 2002). However, Mallon et al. suggest that BXO 'may be a consequence of other fibrosing dermatoses, such as lichen planus and cicatricial pemphigoid.' (Mallon, 2000). When occurring on the male genitals, the term 'BXO' is traditionally used (Keogh 2005).


There is no known means of preventing BXO. However, one study reports that the data 'suggest that circumcision prevents or protects against common infective penile dermatoses.' (Mallon, 2000).

Balanitisphimosis is where it all starts and the advice given by SABRA above is the best.

Operations always Suppress a condition - driving it inwards where it does more harm out of sight.

Lichen planus is a common skin problem and can be treated homeopathically.
walkin last decade
Thuja has everything to do with abnormality in Penis tissues, that's how Thuja was discovered.
First try the lowest available potency, if you see any effect at all (good or bad) shift to the Thuja 30 one a day for some weeks or use the diluted version of low potency thuja.
girilal last decade
About five years ago i was treated for a penis complaint,which consisted of the opening of the tip of my penis going white and narrowing.This was treated with creams and eventually what looked like knitting needles of different sizes being pushed into open it to open it up sounds painful but not to bad. This eventualy cleared up. About a year or so ago i noticed two small white patches start to form on either side of the glans,being a male and having already had a similar thing i decided to ignore it eventualy these became quite large and then decided to blister when any friction was plased on it.after a course of antibiotic cream from my gp he refered me to a uroligist who turned out to be Mr Avar Bracca who diagnosed BXO and has just given me a cirrcumsision hoping that will cure it. Any body out there worrying about a cirrcumsision dont be i had mine done on an afternoon under a local no pain at all let out next day luckly its summer time and can wear loose fitting shorts.Get it seen to.
spytski last decade
Can anyone tell me where Mr Avar Bracca is based?

I am worried sick. I ewas told yeasterday, my son (14) has BXO and the GP told me it was in his notes 3 years ago in a letter from the hospital. (first I knew about it) I didn't know what is was until I started reading about it last night. My son has been using a cream, but I have no idea if it's improved, what sort of stage it's at or anything. The GP's surgery is closed today but will call tomorrow to talk to the doctor.

My son was circumsised when he was a year old and had further surgery 3 years ago.

I would be pleased to hear of homeopathy remedies, or anything else that could help at all.


alba37 last decade
Mr Avar Bracca is based at Russells Hall hospital Dudley West Midlands
spytski last decade

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