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Sulphur 30c and boils

my son has infant eczema (1.3 yrs old). We visited a homeopath and he asked us to give him sulphur 30C twice a day + psorinum 200c once a week for a few weeks.

We have noticed our son has developed 7-8 boils over his body and head. The one on his head is big and the rest are small. Is this expected? How long will this persist?
  aske123 on 2008-05-03
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
skin eruptions are sometimes seen during the process of cure.

however, the need for suggesting 2 remedies at a time is not justifiable.
rishimba last decade
Psorinum is such a deep acting remedy and especially in skin eruptions it can bring about months of aggravations. Do not play with Psorinum as it is clear your homeopath does not know what he is doing. Two medicines are never given simultaneously.
sameervermani last decade
Thanks. But many articles I have read and book on Homeopathy seems to suggest that Sulphur is best as a catalyst, often given along with Psorinum. Is this not correct?
aske123 last decade
This is never advocated by good authors or the old masters.

Sulphur is not a panacea for skin ailments. It will only act when the totality corresponds to it. There are so many antipsoric medicines which can be helpful in such cases.

About, psorinum , I would re-iterate what I said above. Giving psorinum without strong indications is asking for trouble.

And, two remedies are never given together. This is against the basic principles of homeopathy.
sameervermani last decade
thanks for your comments. Here is some additional information:

The homeopath I went to has suggested Sulphur 30c twice a day and Psorinum once a week only. The day we are to give Psorinum -no other medicine should be given. Further ,he has asked us to continue Psorinum 1ce a week for 2 weeks only and then stop.

I just wanted to make sure I posted the right level of details.

About my son: He is 1.3 yrs old, very hyper active, doesn't sit still for a minute. Generally a very happy baby, but when he starts scratching he takes out blood. Scratches all over but favourites are back of neck, folds of arm, folds of leg. He is also allergic to milk protein. We are currently feeding him Soy for a year and he does not seem allergic to Soy.

In addition, we are putting calendula cream on him 2wice a day, alternating it with rescue remedy cream (again the homeopath's directive). We have taken him off cortisones.

What makes his scratching better: If I put him on my shoulder and vigourously rub his back, neck etc. wherever he scratches.

What makes it worse: Don't really know - once he start he just continues. Typically, he scratches most post sunset.

Any advice based on this ?
aske123 last decade
I would still caution against the use of Psorinum here as there are aboslutely no indications for the remedy.Miasmatic nosodes are never prescribed in this manner.

Tell me, Is he clingy ? Or is he independent ? Any other health problems ? Is he afraid of something ? How is his thirst and food habits?

sameervermani last decade
Hello Sameer,

He is not clingy all day. We leave for office in the morning and come back in the eve - he plays independantly with his 'Nani' who baby sits. Once we are back, he wants to play with us, however and likeus to sit and play with him, else he compliants.

Any other health problems: Besides his eczema, milk protein allergy nothing else.

Food and thirst - normal. Afraid - does not seem so.

Your point abt Psorinum is noted - Idon't plan to administer more than twice (once a week for 2 weeks) and then I will stop completely. However, what is your opinion about sulphur 30c twce a day?

What other medication would you suggest?
aske123 last decade
As an addendum, the homeopath I am visiting is a registered ND in the US and is listed at blank">http://nationalcenterforhomeopathy.org

I certainly do not mean to imply that credentials==knowledge, but just also wanted to mention that I am not visiting a hobby practitioner.
aske123 last decade
Even giving Psorinum 200 twice can do great damage. Read the following link about Psorinum to learn about it's indications. There are not enough indications here for the remedy.


And, Sulphur 30 twice daily, once again this is too much medication on too few indications. First of all, more than 2-3 doses of a single potency i.e. 30C in a case is asking for trouble. With C potencies you give a couple of doses and then wait and watch.

There are many bad homeopaths in US, beware of them.

sameervermani last decade
Thanks Sameer.
I read about this as well. I tend to agree. I have now stopped sulph 30c and psorinum. As of today, we have given sulph 2wice a day for 1 week (i.e. 10 dosages) and 1 dose of psorinum. I will now wait and watch.

Some notes:
a) Some of his regular itchy areas have dried up - he is scratching less there
b) He has developed 4-5 boils around his body, each of which is maturing and then disappearing. The one on his head matured last night, the one on his chest to follow.

Based on my readings, I understand this is a 'Good thing' because that is how impurities within are being pushed out.

Is this correct ? Do you suggest I give any other mediation after a wait period of a few weeks?
aske123 last decade
10 doses is way too many doses of Sulphur.

You are lucky that your son is not sensitive to remedies, otherwise he would have become very cranky and lazy by now.


Have a look here , I warned the parents in this thread too about too much doses of Sulphur, and they did not listen, and you can see what happened.

Now, the best thing would ne to just wait for atleast 1 month.

sameervermani last decade
Thanks. As I said, he is actually better compared to before the doses. His scratching has overall decreased and so has his crankiness. The only thing I want to know is if his boils are part of healing? I must admit that administering sulphur has done him good compared to before.

So Sameer, can you please comment on the boils and if that is normal ? As I mentioned, they are slowly maturing and disapperaing too. I don't question your comment on the 1 week period being too much - that may well be true, and I may be lucky. But I do believe the medicine itself is having good effect.

Now please tell me this - if I stop for a month, will it occur again? If more boils come till then, can I administer hepa-sulph 30c?
aske123 last decade
It might be true that Sulphur is the correct remedy, and if you are getting good effect, just wait and watch.

NO more medicine for atleast a month. After that you CAN THINK about giving a SINGLE 200C dose of Sulphur if that is needed. But, ofcourse this would depend on how far the previous doses take him. My guess is he would not need any medicine for atleast 6 weeks.

sameervermani last decade
Ok Sameer,
will do.
Quick question - so do I assume that the medicines have temporary effect and conditions will resume again ? You mentioned a month, so I am assuming that in your experience such conditions relapse. Is there a permanent cure ? IF it relapses, do I give the same medicine? How long do I wait to confirm it has relapsed ? One day of scratching?
aske123 last decade
The effect is normally permanent under the correct remedy. If symptoms relapse under the correct medicine, they should be much milder. If the symptoms return with same intensity, the medicine was incorrect to start with.

Skin eruptions are a very tricky business in homeopathy because with too many doses it is possible to suppress skin eruptions with the incorrect medicine and that results in deeper diseases later on.

So, the answer is , if he is improving on other fronts i.e. behaviour, appetite, and generally he is happy, stop worrying too much about the skin problem, it is a body's natural mecahnism to throw out toxins. Under the correct medicine the first favourable thing that would happen is mental improvements. Skin improvements come in at the end. A cure occurs when ,the disease is thrown from inner-most levels (mental) to outermost level(skin). So, if his skin eruptions disappear and he starts getting cranky or unhappy, that is a sure sign of a treatment that is going wrong.

sameervermani last decade
I wanted to post an update for Sameer:

It has now been around a month since we last had this exchange and as per your instructions, I stopped sulph after a 1 week dosage of 30c twice a day and 1 single does of psor 200C. His situation has improved in some ways, but not in others. For example, he scratches less than before, but in general, his legs and arms are bruised/scratched. Initially, it was only his joints, but now its in many parts of his legs and hands (red/brown patches - that go away with time, then he scratches again one day and it comes back).

Further, as I mentioned before he had severe milk allergies. By mistake today, he had less than a drop of butter and his entire hands got red with hives etc and scratching - we had to apply benadryl and then it went away (pretty fast, in 10 m)

So obviously, his milk protein allergy has not improved at all.

What next, sammeer?
aske123 last decade
Hmm.. describe his current general behaviour and likes/dislikes to me.

Any peculiar symptom or trait you might have noticed should also be mentioned.
sameervermani last decade
Thanks. Here is his profile:

Age: 1.4

Mind/Emotional: Very very active. When he is awake, does not sit, keeps running/walking around. Very playful and loves laughing and smiling. Very friendly - wants to reach out and play with everyone. Loves other babies/kids. Very irritable and stubborn. If something does not go his way, he will get angry easily and cry loud - but moment the bad situation passes (whatever it is), he gets happy again. It is asif like he will do his best to fight and howl to avoid. Once over (either he wins or we win), he forgives and forgets.

These days he 'Hates' his diaper being changed. Screams his head off (Wasn't like this before). This may be because I have noticed he is getting more diaper rashes - but in general, that is not always thecase, there is no apparent physical problem but he howls his head off during diaper change time. Enjoys taking a bath.

Physical: on the lean side. Weighs around 20.x pounds now. Fair color, good looking kid. Very knowledgeable about his limit - he is already climbing stairs up and DOWN at this age on his own holding sides etc. But if he is ever in a precarious situation, he stops and back-tracks.

Allergies: allergic to milk protein - a single drop gets him to start hives.

Some other notes: Mother had Gestational Diabetes during pregnancy.It is ok now. Father (me) has history of allergic rhinitis (event todaty - see my other thread where rishimba responded)
Please let me know if you need anything else.
aske123 last decade
Is he warm blooded or does he feel cold easily ?

Also anything which aggravates him or hae you noticed any fears ?

How clingy is he ?

Does he share his toys/food easily ?

Anything which he craves in food ?

Anything else which disagrees apart from milk products ?
sameervermani last decade
is he warm blooded or does he feel cold easily ?

>> He is generally warm blooded. Feels warm easily. But he is also quite succeptable to weather changes and cold. Sneezes often.

Also anything which aggravates him or hae you noticed any fears ?

>> He can't wear non-cotton clothes. I guess it is related to eczema? He feels itchy. As far as fear goes, not really, but some things, like if he hears a loud saxophone on TV, he doesn't like it these days. Similarly, nowadays he extends one hand to his mom and other to his grand-mom to hold both hands, but if they do, he gets upset. Stuff like this - but he outgrows them soon too (like a month ago, he did not like one cartoon character - it upset him, but he likes it now)

How clingy is he ?
>> He is quite independant all day. Both my wife and I go to office and he stays with his grand-mom. He plays on his own. When we return, he wants out time, and clings to us like a magnet :-) Yet, when he starts playing, he is on his own again. So intermittent clingly-ness

Does he share his toys/food easily ?

>> I think so - If I ask him 'May I have it' he gladly gives it with a smile. But I have seen that when playing with another kid he tries to take his toys away, but when told shares with a smile.

Anything which he craves in food ?

>> Well, since he has allergies, anyway, what we give him is limited. But he eats whatever he sees. He seems to love fried stuff.
(like chips, wafers, etc)

Anything else which disagrees apart from milk products ?

>> Well, when he was less than 1 we did an allergy test - and it showed milk, wheat, peanut butter, and other stuff. But at that age it is not predictable. We noticed he is very very allergic to milk protein (so butter, cheese, any milk protein related products). he also seems allergic (but less) to ghee (we will try with buffalo ghee soon to see) and strawberries.
aske123 last decade
Incidentally, when he was born, his wrists were blue and scaly - at that time the doctors said he was born 1 day late, so it is dry - it will become ok. Those wrists are usually the worst hit when his scratching starts even today - scaly/red/cracked takes out blood.

Having said that, for the last 2 days, he has had significant improvement - redness on his hands are gone, but still red patches/old bruises on his legs.

Again, I can't confidently say it has 'improved'. He gets really good some days, and one day he will suddenly start itching and its a mess again. I am told that is how eczema works
aske123 last decade
Okay so when was the last dose of Sulphur 30C given?
sameervermani last decade
We stopped his second dose of 1 week sulphur on July 15. We gave psor 200c on July 17. Nothing after that.
aske123 last decade
july ??

is it may or july ?
sameervermani last decade
Sorry. We stopped 15th of June (this month). This is the second weekly of sulphur. THe first dose of 1 week was stopped earlier when you told us eariler in this thread.
aske123 last decade

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