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potency for cantharis

Hi everyone.

I have been suffering from all the symptoms which are mentioned in cantharis. I had started it in 30 potency 3 times a day and the illness was almost cured.

But at a certain stage the improvement stopped, so i tried 200c three times a day, which had negative consequences, and it started irritation in the urethra and urge to urinate became unbearable, this was my most chronic symptom.

Then i gave gaps of 3 days and took one dose of cantharis 200, and suddenly I started improving again.

now again I am much better but the urge to urinate is still present, and after every hour I have to urinate which is less in quantity.

Please advice me what should I do
  gumby on 2008-05-06
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Repitation of medicine in any potency when it starts working is not adviseable. I think you have excessively utilized this medicine. Please stop it for at least 2 weeks and take palenty of water and see the results.

Mahfoozurrehman last decade
thank you Dr. mahfooz

but when i finished my 30 potency medicine I had left it for one week and it had negative results.

the problem seemed to re appear, take it in high potency with a gap of 2-3 days has really helped
gumby last decade
u have over dosed canthris.Narrate ur urinary symptoms with detail.
when and after what ailment it started?
any test report or ultrasound?

Dr Tahira last decade
Dr Tahira.

It all started long way back, I do not even remember when but maybe 4-5 years ago, It started of with left sided pain near the stomach, pain like needles when pressed left side of stomach, after that I have problem with the stool, it was not digesting properly. Sometimes indigetion, some time constipation. But the most important thing was that the pains and all happneded only when I had empty stomach the moment I ate anything I felt better.

However i visitied few homeopaths and after some time the problem changed, i felt as if there was a baloon on the left side of the stomach and it can be pressed and depressed and it makes a sound , maybe u can say it is like the spring inside(as written in the symptoms)

However recently most of these problems vanished and I faced and unbearable urge to urinate. the uthera was irratating and burning and every 30 mins I had to urinate even though it was very less in quantity.

After that I searched on this website and few books, and I found cantharis. I choose it because It remeinded me that My most important symptom was that I could not otlerate coffee. Coffe was und drinable and i felt I could not digest it, also it aggrevated the desire to urinate.

After I took cantharis for few weeks now , I much much better. NO pains , no Indigestion, however i am still pretty sensitive to eating out and drinking non filtered water.

But the urge to urinate which was unbearable has gone down quite significantly. I think its only 10-15 % what it used to be.

But I am not sure of the potency of cantharis , some times my medicine aggrevates it and some times the gap helps, and if i take the medicine after a few days it helps. but still I do not understand.

I also take petroleum 200 sometimes when I get indigestion, that really helps me.

gumby last decade
Dear gumby,
Take one dose of sulphur 3oc in the fasting(morning)and notice ur symptoms,comeback with latest
indications after 2 days.Don't take any other remedy during this period.

Dr Tahira last decade
thank you

I will definately do it
gumby last decade

I could not arrange sulphur for the last few days, but i got it today so i will take one dose tomorrow,

however there is one symptom i would like to add which i think i missed out

I also have a tendency of very weak digestion which has a very close like to desire to urinate.

when i eat something which is not home made, mostly I have stool problem for example, my rectum/anus burns while passing stool, and the stool comes in very small chunks sometimes only 2-3. when this happens my uretha burns and itches and so I have to urinate all day after very short space of time, I have also felt that when i take a bath i feel more to urinate few drops.

also the urination is frequent and clear, but in very less quantity sometimes only lasts for few seconds.

plzz reply urgently
gumby last decade
Ok,when u get sulphur start it as suggested.Till then increase water intake as much as u can and be careful regarding eating habits.

Dr Tahira last decade
I took one dose of sulphr in fasting, i noted no change in my symptoms.

Now for the past 2 days i have taken no medication.

But without sulphur i had noticed the last few days that because of taking no medicine my urge to urinate has increased a lot, without cantharis my urge to urinate increases a lot.

please help its urgent
gumby last decade
please dr tahira, dr sharma, dr mahfooz
gumby last decade
Narrate urinary symptoms in detail i.e quantity,flow,burning etc?
Are u constipated?
What type of foods aggravate the problem?
Any test reports of urine?
Ultrasound report?

Dr Tahira last decade
urinary sympotms:

Desire to urinate is constant
feels like there is very less tolerence, for eg when ever a small quantity of urine is filled in the baldder, the desire to urinate increases and thus it has to be released, coffe, tea and fizzy / acidic drinks aggrivate it.

constipated,well more or less, but its like the stool is very less in quantity and is dried . small chunks . Also I feel that passing of stool really ignites the itching in the urethra and have to pass few drops to lessen the burning/itching.

I have never understood what kind of foods, but its mostly junk that does not suit me.

no tests yet. If u tell me the tests i can get it done.

I also feel that other than the itching, I feel that the base of the urethra I unconciously keep it constircted, I mean like maybe i do not want the urine to come into the urethra, but when i think about it , then i relax my membranes, and i feel that constricting is not the right thing to do , but my body does not allow the urine to come into the urethra or else need urinate will increase a lot

thanks !
gumby last decade
few general symptoms,

tiredness, can never wake up in the morning due to feeling of lack of sleep, feel very weak in knees and ankles.

the more the urge to urinate , the more the weaknes.

sometimes when i have a lot of coldrinks, i have to urnate after every 20 minutes and urination feels very good. but again after 20 mns I have to urinate.
gumby last decade
Let me evaluate the case.
U didn't mention sex ID,age,married or single,nature of job?

Dr Tahira last decade
age 26,

sex is male, still single, job is accountant.
gumby last decade
another thing is that, I have noticed that the tempreture of the room afffects my urge to urinate, in a very chilled room, my urge to urinate increases, also in winters my problem gets worse, as if its not worse now.
gumby last decade

can any doctor please advice me
gumby last decade
I think i remember how this started off, I think one day while i was sleeping I had a nightfall , but this was very different, I felt if my passage was closed maybe because i was sleeping upside down, so my penis was actually kinda folded or bended, but when I unvolunterely ejaculated, the semen had to dut open my urethra, I mean I felt while sleeping that some fire or knives have cut through my whole passage. after that day my urethra i feel has cuts inside and when i hold my penis and feel the pasage , the passage itches.

Thus whenever urine even is half filled in the bladder, if it touches the entry of the urethra, i feel to urinate as my urethra is very damaged now.

please help
gumby last decade
One dose of Thuja 2ooc for a single day and no more.Wait for 1 week and post back.Avoid meat and junk foods.

Dr Tahira last decade
gumby last decade
Dr. Tahira

I would also like to add here that I have never had any problem as to sexual or gentials.

and i normally do not have night falls, but its 3-4 years back and at that time i think once every 2-3 weeks is normal.

it was the only one time my uretha burnt
gumby last decade
Dr Tahira

I have used cantharis at a time when i was really suffering from irritation and severe burning , but cantharis was very good. It relieved much of the problem, what do u think about that medicine?
gumby last decade
i recommend Thuja as a miasmatic remedy.When acute symptoms become chronic that is the time for deep acting treatment.
U can go with this if u wish But im not going to suggest Canthris again as it has already done its work.I have observed side effects in patients who were given Canthris 2ooc or 1m by themselve or others,most probably impotency in males or decreased sexual ability.

Dr Tahira last decade
Dear patient,
since you have taken sulpher in between the canth. therefore, there is no harm to take it again for 2/3 days. Sulpher itself is a deep seated remedy.

dr. mahfooz
Mahfoozurrehman last decade
Dr Tahira

Yes I agree with what you are saying, but have no Idea of sexual ability decrease or impotency at the moment as I am not married but yes you maybe right I might have a decrease in desire, i thought maybe it is over work. However the constant irritation in the urethra and feeling that must hasten the urethrea or few drops my flow is also a symptom,

Dr Mahfooz

I took sulphur for 2 days. No difference at all! In my opinion, what happens is that when i urinate I feel like there is still urine in my urethra which is not discharging. then after when i come and sit down i feel that there is a drop still in the urethra, and then after 20 mins or so , I feel now there is more urine at the base of my urethrea and then it irritates/ tickles, so i need to urinate.

I used to have burining and sever irritation all the time but they are gone now, that was cured by cantharis.
gumby last decade

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