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years of gastric problems

I am 25 years old and just finished my studies of physics (probably I will go on with a PhD).
Everything seems fine, except my chronic digestion problems.

1.76m; 60 kg; zodiac sign: leo; not married, but nice girlfriend
brown eyes; brown hair (gets easily greasy); I am hairy

I have already done two gastroscopic examinations (no helicobacter found; diagnose: nervous stomach with signs of gastritis).
I consulted two homeopathic physicists (the first tried calcium carbonicum; the second tried lycopodium, and many more remedies) but my problems remain.
[My curiosity in homeopathy is quite big and I tried some homeopathic remedies myself as well: nux vomica was one to bring some relief]

My complains:

The digestion is slow and my abdomen is bloated no matter what I am eating.
On rich-fat food things get worse. (I prefer to eat crunchy and crispy food: carrots, appels, whole meal bread with butter and cheese)
I am missing the content sound of a snarling stomach.
I am easily constipated, but I feel fine with it.
Belching usually brings relief, although it is difficult to.
It is hard to breathe, since my stomach feels constraint.
[I have already tried china in low potencies and carb. veg. in different potencies – no relief]

I can hardly tolerate any alcohol.
I have no appetite - my mouth is dry (no food makes my mouth water)
Since these gastric problems started I have lost weight and now easily get cold.

My eyes are very sensitive to dry air and the white of my eyes has got some yellow color.

I have acne on my back, which turns worse in the summer time, when I sweat.

I have problems to relax, instead I am easily stressed. It is difficult for me to concentrate (very bad for my job - “studying”) and my memory is not as good as it was. Especially it is hard to remember names (I can see the face of the person, but cannot think of its name)

If I feel cold or overstressed, I like to lie down in my bed and put the cover over my head and close my eyes.

Although I easily fall asleep and sleep through the night, my sleep is not refreshing. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, I am moody. Best thing to do: keep lying in bed for some more minutes and do some relaxing.

When meeting new people I am quiet, until I can assess them - then I turn more vivid.

Among my bad qualities I am anxious, doubtful, competitive, opportunistic, easily vulnerable and probably a little bit too introspective.
In addition I have problems to express my anger.

I stopped consulting the homeopathic physician 4 months ago (last dose he administered: psorinum C 200)
Last week I started taking natrum carbonicum C 30, after I had read “psychologic homeopathy” by Philip Bailey.
And now my gastric pains got worse. I am ill-tempered and feel weak. (I thought of returning to my last homeopathic physician, but then found this forum)

Thank you in advance for your time and help

I hope to regain my full strength.
  hope25 on 2004-12-08
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Natrum Phosphoricum 6x is your remedy. Dose 3-4 tablets 3 times daily after meals.

Do not eat any fatty foods and keep off heavy meals as they all contribute to problems with digestion.

You can also take Nux Vomica 30c Dose 2 balls twice daily to help you to relax and this too will help.

All Homeopathic remedies should be taken under the tongue. Avoid coffee, cola drinks and preserved meats like ham, bacon and sausages as they neutralize the remedies.

Many of us have dealt with a similar problem to yours in:

Joe De Livera last decade
It would help you to get a Food Allergy test and a Food intolerance test done (both tests are different), before really starting any treatment whatsoever. You seem to have a psychological problem with low esteem and low confidence and with a high degree of sensitive feelings.
HA21 last decade
You did not mention getting your liver checked by blood test?? Do you still have gallbladder? Do you or have you had any stomach ulcers?
Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Thank you for your replies:

commenting your advice -

Joe De Livera: Natrum phosphoricum 6x - I have already tried Schuessler';s salts: Natrum phosphoricum D6 and Magnesium Phoshporicum D6 ... they brought some relief, but did not solve the problem

HA21: food allergy test - food intolerance
I did some kinesiology test -
I should avoid dairy products, meet ... instead eat Couscous, buckwheat, potatoes - (in general I would say I follow these rules)

sabra: blood test - I got my blood checked: it was a little bit too "thick"; I got the advice of drinking more.
hope25 last decade
commenting your advice - from http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/1078/

"One way of overcoming this problem is to keep your stomach acids under control and to do this you will have to eat something like a biscuit, a slice of bread or fruit like a banana, or an apple every two hours to keep these stomach acids occupied with the food, thereby preventing them from eating into the mucus lining of your stomach."

this is exactly what I have to do - keep on eating something every one/two hour
hope25 last decade
If you actually do not have stomach ulcers, you may think of trying some Hydrochloride Acid (betaine with pepsin).

This is what the stomach naturally produces to digest foods. A lot of people are having trouble with this, hence all the new meds over the counter for acid reflux "disease." Believe me, it is NOT a disease, it is a condition of the body that can be adjusted.

Get a small bottle and try it. Two capsules in am and pm. You will know before 3 days are up. Not hard tablets, but capsules with powder.
Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
You did not comment on your psychological condition on my last observation.

Your immune system has gone high protien intolerant. If you can experiment the following - you will analyse you G.I.Tract yourself.

For atleast 48 hours : Don't eat anything cooked. Eat lots of all fruits and raw vegetables like carrot, red tomato, cabbage and so on. Do not drink anything except water or freshly sqeezed fruit juice (strictly no canned - packed juices).

You will feel relief from your G.I. problems within 48 hours and you will feel lighter in your body and mind too. This is only an experiment and not an daily routine.
HA21 last decade
Own observation: After I have read about the healing power of Aloe Vera I tried it myself this morning.

One sip of aloe vera on an empty stomach. - suddenly my stomach started to snarl ... a good feeling.
(Now after the breakfast I feel bloated again ... but I keep my hands on Aloe Vera)


commenting HA21:

Psychological -
low esteem and low confidence and with a high degree of sensitive feelings
this hits the point (sometimes a melancholy hits me) ... that's why my doctor thought lycopodium would be the right remedy.

your dietary advice: I'm living in Europe and winters can be quite cold (that's why I almost depend on cooked food) ... but thanks for your idea (at least I can give it a try)

commenting Sabra:
I never tried Hydrochloride Acid - thank you for the advice.

In general:

Do you think that the problem that I cannot relax (a little bit of a burnout) is the reason (it stresses my nervous stomach) or a side-effect (since I do not get enough energy out of the food my body is alarmed) of my digestion problems?

Thank you, hope25
hope25 last decade
Try the uncooked food progamme, as suggested earlier. It will help you. Think of steamed food that can be easily assimilated - foods that don't remain in the G.I.Tract for long.

You should look at drug picture of Sulph. in high potency for yourself.

Alternatively you may consider taking SODA BICARB (eating soda) one teaspoon (heapful) dissolved in 300 ml plain water, 10 minutes AFTER each heavy meals will eliminate stomach bloating and lift up you moods and relax your body.

(though this grandma remedy is not a permanent cure YET very very safe enough for any period of time n non-habit forming)
HA21 last decade
Commenting HA21's advice of taking SODA BICARB:

I've tried mixtures of antacids with some success (they bring relief, but I have to take them all the time)

About SODA BICARB I found an article with the following warning: since it produces carbon dioxide and causes so flatulence.
Even if it brings fast relief by neutralizing the gastric acid, the stomach is stimulated to produce new gastric acid...

Commenting HA21's advice of checking the drug picture of SULPHUR:

I have studied its drug picture, but found only limited agreement...
Speaking with the Theory of the 5 Elements of traditional chinese medicine: my major element is WATER, and only at second place FIRE (and maybe some EARTH) [that's why my guess was NATRUM]
hope25 last decade
Sabra: why are you recommending HCl-acid produced in stomach to lower pH for pepsin (protein digestion) I always thought of you as opposing such "fads".

Is hypoacidity a problem?
Astra2012 last decade
And there is advice for sodium bi-carb. to neutralize stomach acids! this is crazy.

Hope: are you a chilly (often lie down and cover your head) or a warm (acne worse in summer-what about you)person?
All these remedies: did they change anything about you?

Are you now taking anything?
(Schuessler salts?)

Your mouth is dry- ever better?
Astra2012 last decade
Could you describe you tongue?
Astra2012 last decade
Hi Astra, no, not a fad, something I have come across because I do not believe all the "new" cases of "acid reflux" disease. Doctors like to turn everything into a disease. As you know, we develop most conditions due to some cause or other.

So, I began studying and consulting several nutritionists. I do not claim it is the answer to all, but cause to examine.

For several reasons we have become too acid in our lives. Our bodies need to be more alkaline. (previously, I stated this in reverse) I won't go into that, too, too long, and although "acid" is a repeated word here, they are not the same "acid." I have begun to ask clients to try and see. Most are helped and get off the other allopathic stuff.

Astra, if only you knew. I embrace many things, if it heals the individual.
Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
I know you are very reasonable and with the patient's well-being as the most important objective.
And usually we have similar approaches (believe it or not), and I would think (with suspected hypoacidity only) you (like I) would rather suggest apple cider vinegar than HCl capsules.

I said it's a fad because in "adrenals drained" merisel was averse to acid foods -had high acidity and burning pains-and was taking HCl capsules beause they were recommended on some web site!They didn't make him feel better of course.

Anyway it is true that "acid reflux disease" name has been made up just to make more money for someone-and instead of antacids vinegar could be a better choice-but I guess it is not Hope's problem.

I think anyway. But, please Hope, give us some answers.
Astra2012 last decade
Hello there,

thank you for your input.

Here my answers:

my tongue: in the front it looks ok; only in the back (the root) it is always coated (grey, white, yellow - sort of color)

at the moment I'm taking Schuessler salts:
magnesium phosphoricum 6x (for my nerves)
natrum phosphoricum 6x (for my hyperacidity)
it helps to some degree.

I have tried apple cider in the morning - but with mixed success.

My dry mouth gets better, when I take some bitter medicine (then my mouth starts to water)

Before I started to lose weight I never had problems with the cold, but now I get easily cold (and have cold hands, feet) - eating helps (after a rich meal I like to walk in open air)

In summer I don't like the heat too much (I love the sun, but not the heat)


I found some old notes, when I consulted an iris-diagnostician - without telling him my problems, he just examined my iris and said the following:

I have a natural weakness in my kidneys, that's why my body has problems to excrete uric acid. (A blood test prooved this: too much uric acid.) And so in my period of recovery (sleeping) I do not recover properly.
He said, I am a sensitive person and easily react upon stress, especially on meeting expectations.

His medical advice was simple: walking, no stress, drinking

Now years after consulting him - things have gone worse (the stress has grown - maybe my fault)

I'm 1,76 cm and weigh 57 kg
(5 feet 9 inches and 126 pounds) - over the years I have gradually lost weight.
hope25 last decade
Hi Hope,

I just went through your case. You can get good reslts with homoeopathic remedies.

Could you specify what do you mean by "constipation" ?1.stool soft/ hard?
2.Urge to pass stool?
3.Satisfactory evacuation of bowel after the urge? or ineffectual urge?

What potency have you tried of Nux Vomica? and of Calcarea carb?
( you are "fine" when constipated... that is a very strong specific symptom of Calcarea carb. If that is your constitutional remedy, it should help you. For how many days did you take it? how often? )

Since you have tried many Homoeopathic remedies , we need to evaluate the action of each one very carefully.
magicure last decade
Hello Magicure,

I have tried Nux Vomica in D12 potency, D30 and C30

I used Nux Vomica D12 regularly over several weeks - usually before I went to bed. (I have read that you should not repeat Nux Vomica too often, that's why I stopped)

4 years ago I took Calc. carb. in C30 as prescribed by a doctor 3 times a week together with Cupressus C30 once a week.
I stopped after several (2 or 3) weeks, since nothing happend and I felt misunderstood by the doctor (now I know that Calc. Carb. is not only for fat sluggish people, who like eggs). - Later on I found that Calc. Carb. agrees with many of my symptoms. Then I restarted with Calc. Carb. C30 and took it for a month. Again not much happened.

1. Constipation: stool is hard.
2. Urge to pass stool: sometimes I suppress it (but this is a bad habit and I try to stop it)
3. ... then my urge to pass stool is ineffect and I have to wait for the natural urge again.
After passing stool: I feel weak somehow
If I'm stressed my stool gets soft.
hope25 last decade
Do you crave anything? Do you have aversion to any foods?
Astra2012 last decade
btw I was talking about apple cider VINEGAR which could be used instead of these unfortunate HCl capsules in case of hypoacidity.Do you have hypercidity? Do you know-or just guess?

I'm a big fan of Schuessler salts! Usually though I advice taking all `12 (it is made by HYLAND in the usa called bioplasm; helios makes it in uk)--can be taken everyday like a supplement but actually it would be better if you didn't change anything now.

What angers you most?
Astra2012 last decade
I would not call it craving - it's just things I know that do not aggravate my situation:

I like apples (3 a day), carrots ... maybe this is unusual: dark crispy bread (even if it's already too hard to chew for anyone else ... I sometimes like to chew on it and feel how my mouth gets water)


Maybe the Schuessler Salts will do it - maybe I'm just too impatient ... and too doubtful.

What angers me most?

That I'm now at the so called peak of life (25 years), but I feel like a cripple. I'm discontent.
My sports performance has gotten worse, my mental performance too.
I feel weak.
hope25 last decade
update: after stopping natrum carbonicum C30 and returning to Schuessler Salts (magn. phos. and natr. phos.) and starting to drink Aloe Vera the burning pain in the stomach has gone. I feel better.

Something else I forgot to say: before I had this bloating I would eat with out having enough. And one hour after a meal I would feel that I should eat something without being really hungry. It was just that I would feel better if my stomach was full.

PS: I did the online remedy search of ABChomeopathy, but Calc. carb. was not the leading remedy (instead Sulph. and Lyc. were leading)
hope25 last decade
I am copying my post in the link that I gave you in my post above which fits your case nicely:

" One way of overcoming this problem is to keep your stomach acids under control and to do this you will have to eat something like a biscuit, a slice of bread or fruit like a banana, or an apple every two hours to keep these stomach acids occupied with the food, thereby preventing them from eating into the mucus lining of your stomach.

You can continue to take the Nat Phos 6x if it relieves you but I feel that if my diagnosis is correct and you try out this eating regime for about a week, you may succeed in overcoming your problem.

The idea is to eat little but often with no heavy meals which can cause distress."


Do not drink too much water after a meal. Restrict the quantity to about half a glass for 2 hours after a meal.

Remember that Nat Phos 6x helps with the peristalysis of the gut and helps to send the food into the small instestines quickly thereby preventing the formation of any acid/enzyme build up which is the cause of your problem. The Mag Phos 6x will help to calm and stabilize your intestines.

The Aloe Vera is strictly not required and you can stop it in a day or two and see if you can use the 2 Phos's only. Eventually you should be able to stop the Mag Phos and stay with the Nat Phos only for about 10 days and then let your body take over.

The main idea is to prevent the stomach acids and enzymes from digesting the stomach lining when it is empty and this is why it is necessary for you to keep the stomach busy with small quantities of food as indicated above.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hope25 : Antacids is not the same as Soda bicarb., which in itself is a constituent of our human body, just like the Schuessler salts (Bio chemic). Soda bicarb (1 teaspoon heapful) in 300 ml of water will not produce carbon dioxide and better still will certainly not produce any distressing flatulence (but definetely after meals). Did U atleast experiment with it for a few times. For your understanding, if U R drinking aerated drinks like colas or beer - U will know about carbon dioxide distressing U.

Sodabicarb (NaHCO3) is an natural non-toxic element and is definetely an stomach acid neutralizer, highly safe and non-habit forming. It is Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. The stomach produces only that much acid that is required after detection of the incoming food in the stomach and no new gastric acid is created further. Soda bicarb is fully and quickly absorbed by the G.I.Tract thereby also helping the bowel moment.

Take your saliva (tongue spit) litmus paper test (pH) 20 minutes BEFORE taking soda bicarb and then again 10 minutes AFTER taking soda bicarb. Check the pH for yourself. The effect of Soda bicarb is temporary and not a cure (as described earlier) but the distress is removed immediately with the above quantity.

For the benefit of those in the current forum :
Soda bicarb is like a NATURE CURE and not a medicine. It will require to ALSO understand the non-conventional medical world, that is to say, how NATURE CURE works to cure. To do this a person should have an open-ended thinking and an unbiased non-prejudiced bent of mind - a thinking capacity for open ended reasoning.

I agree with SABRA about the theory of Hydrochloride Acid for optimum digestion and it would help you. Please note that where there is optimum digestion, the food is properly assisimilated which in turn neutralises stomach (entire G.I.Tract) distress.

HOPE25, After going thru the other posts, I reiterate that you once again check up drug picture of Sulph (over Lyco)

Try to Keep smiling ... it does wonders.
HA21 last decade
Hope: have you ever heard about dr Johanna Budwig- German biochemist (and I think also physicist)?
Search on the net and read Christian's post at the thread "fatty liver-permanent cure?" here. I believe this might be good for you (actually for everybody!).

Tissue salts too.

And more questions.
1. what angers you most ABOUT OTHERS?

2. constipation: how often and what causes it (stress?certain foods? change of place? other?)
calc-c LIKES to be const.-do you like it or you just don't mind?

3. any time of the day/weather you like the best? the worst?

4.constraint stomch prets you from deep breathing-always -sometimes and when?

rich meal=fat or a lot to eat?
rich food=fat?

5. do you feel any pain? discomfort?sensation?
you write about "gastric pains" after nat.-c.-could you describe them?

6. have you ever treated any skin problems with cortizon etc?

7. Do you remember any dreams?

I think you'll like dr.Budwig's research.
Astra2012 last decade

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