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constipation for 3 years,3 years looking for remedy

hi.i am a 33 year old woman.i suffer from complete constipation -i have no desire to go to toilet(very rarely)can go as far as a week.i consequently suffer form flatulence,bloating and back pain.

i think i know the reason for this.3 years ago i went through a traumatic experience for me which caused me to get panic attacks every day for 3 month -sweating,heart racing,breathing difficulties and imediate soft stool,my bowels would just open.now i will only go to the toilet if i get a fright!i suffer extreme fear in normal circumstances -driving,meeting new people,new situations,job searching.very low confidence,trouble of thinking of the right word therefore don`t get into discussions,mental blocks when put on the spot.very shy especially when younger,inclined to blush.
have tried a number of remedies,felt most gain from staphysagaria but didn`t solve my constipation.neither did sulphur 200,nux vom 200,opium 200,alumina 200,sepia 200(felt agravation)nit acid 6ch,byronia,graphites......
these were all taken properly over along period of time and waiting responses.

i am going to try baryta carb next due to my severe shyness growing up,weakness of memory,lack of confidence.i would much ablige if someone with more expertise could help.thank you xx
  dollydalfer on 2008-07-27
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hmm.. and can you please give some more details about the 'traumatic' experience that you suffered 3 years ago..

sameervermani last decade
yes ,as i said `traumatic for me`! i was learning to drive and doing lessons everyday and everyday before each class and during i suffered extreme anxiety -palpatations etc and always ,,always a bowel movement,i would have to run to a toilet.i lost alot of weight in that time but since i have stopped driving (because if the extreme anxiety i feel) i don`t go to the toilet.
i have memoriea as achild in shcool suffering form similar anxiety when asked to read in class ,i remember the rush of blood to my head then my voice would go croaky then all the calss would laugh making it worse..
dollydalfer last decade
please i will gladly give more info if somebody can guide me
dollydalfer last decade
Some questions

Any fear of pins or pointed objects ?

What are your strongest fears ?

Describe your general temperament at home and outside. Do you tend to be mild/yielding ?

What are the diseases you have suffered from since childhood ?

What are the diseases that run in your family ?

What time of the day do you feel the worst ?
sameervermani last decade
thank you for your response.
no,pointed objects don`t bother me.

i`m quiet a chicken,not brave at all for example wouldn`t do a bungy jump!i don`t fear animals ,i even like horror movies i suppose i fear situations -confrontations,expressing true feelings,upsetting people..

yes i`m mild but not a sheep,i don`t follow fashions etc,i have an unique style,quiet artistic.rarely show anger ,rarely complain.don`t stand up for myself at times.

i had excema as a child.measles and chicken pox(23 years old)

alcoholism( i admit i enjoy alcohol and it helps with my inhibitions)
cancer (mother and some of her sisters)
my mother and a brother would be of an anxious type.

physically(my back) and energy levels are worse mid morning.

hope you can read into my answers,thanks again x
dollydalfer last decade
Can you please tell me if you are a chilly or a warm blooded person in general ? What weather aggravates you ?

Please tell me about your food cravings and aversions as well.

How important is integrity for you ?
sameervermani last decade
i would be chilly.like to wrap up in draughts.once i am wrapped up i don`t mind going out in the cold air.i am from ireland so grew up in cold.i find strong heat suffocating and my energy would be lower.

i like salty,vinegar,spicy foods.
don`t like pastries ,rich cakes...
i love all cheeses.

integrity important
dollydalfer last decade
How many doses of Staphysagrya did you take, and what potency and what were the intervals ?
sameervermani last decade
i was taking 1LM succused every week for many weeks as i was advised.the very first dose did give me energy,confidence and a good feeling.then i got a peel back of symptoms -sore throat,urine infection ..all which faded away.i was very happy with results but the improvement wore off and it never helped with my main symptom.After a long time i tried nat mur and then after a long time staph 10LM but i never got the same improvement.

i took nat mur without being prescribed as i was impatient after maybe 8 weeks so i probably messed up the picture then :(
dollydalfer last decade
sorry think its 1m and 10m
dollydalfer last decade
Has there been any history of any abusive relationship in your case?

Are you very prone to supressing emotions ?
sameervermani last decade
i do not recall abuse as such.i have felt guilty as a youngster,witnessed alcoholism in a parent and neglect higene wise growing up which affected my confidence.you could say i am very prone to supressing emotions as i have never talked about this with the people mentioned.
my father is the silent type too.
otherwse we are now a happy family who all meet up twice a year.i have 3 older brothers.
dollydalfer last decade
What is your response to sympathy and consolation ? Do you like it during your tough times ? Do you very readily ? Any strong desire for company when feeling low ?

Do you take tend to have covictions for which you do not argue i.e. you seem to agree to the other person but silently keep your own view-point ?

Do you have normal toe nails and hand nails ? Any offensive footsweat ?

Do you have a normal sex drive or is it on the higher side?

Do you ever suffer trembling when supressing emoitons or from highly emotional events ?
sameervermani last decade
Correction read , Do you 'CRY' very readily ?
sameervermani last decade
i do not look for or like consolation.if i`m feeling upsat or angry i rather cope alone.i spend alot of time alone(or with my kids) and no problem.

i like to show my difference of opinion as long as its not too complicated as then i don`t have the right words,i find keeping the line of thought or argument difficult.

toe nails and finger nails good.
no ovensive footsweat

sex drive healthy.
when i get a fright which could be from bad news my bowels open.trembling no.

i cry easily for others.i cry watching documentaries or films,yes easily or if critisiced or shamed.
dollydalfer last decade
Okay, can you cry in front of others or you prefer to cry alone ?
sameervermani last decade
i prefer to cry alone definately but i have burst into tears infront of people especially if exhausted but maybe twice in 10 years!
dollydalfer last decade
Okay then, please take 3 doses of Natrum Muriaticum 30c equally spaced on a single day. Do not eat/drink for 1 hr on either side of each dose.

Report status 5 days after the 3 doses.
sameervermani last decade
ok will do.i am leaving for ireland tomorrow but can report in 5 days.

did take nat mur 200 x2 but really had no change.
dollydalfer last decade
Hmm.. you didnt get any change with Nat-m 200c ?
sameervermani last decade
And, how long did u wait after the nat-m 200c doses.

And, can you please give the complete list of medicines which you have already tried ?
sameervermani last decade
no,and i really thought it was my remedy.maybe higher dose?

i took it after i felt staph had done it´s job.
dollydalfer last decade
soory just saw second post.

i waited maybe 3 weeks.
i have tried -nux vom 30 and 200,lycodium 30,sulphur 200,opium 10m,staph 1m,nat mur 200,sepia 200,lachesis 200,rhus tox 30 and 6,ars 30,gels 6,nit acid 6 (last 3 before ordeals but didn`t relax me much)kali carb 200.

want to try baryta carb or silicia.
dollydalfer last decade
sorry also graphites,byronia,alumina 200,hydrastis drops..
dollydalfer last decade
p.s i took one dose of nat mur one saturday and the next the next sat succussed.
dollydalfer last decade

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