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homeopathic remedies suggestions please for anxiety and panic attacks 3


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Suggestions for a remedy for anxiety

Hi Everyone,

I have a case which I am still looking for a remedy for.

The girl is in her mid-twenties. She is tall and very skinny, with blond hair, and is of the nervous temperament.

She has anxieties and panic attacks at night and has had these for years. These are alleviated by the presence of other people. This is her main complaint. (Ars.)

She also has grey rings around her eyes, and a slightly sickly look. (Cina)

She is extremely moody, can disagree with everybody, won't accept suggestions from anybody, won't accept advice or suggestions. She will try vitamins, but isn't open to energy treatments.

She is pessimistic, and is not hopeful, though she is a very successful and talented woman for someone her age. She blows up and explodes if pressured into doing something. Her moods also swing, and she is known as moody and disagreeable. She is extremely independent.

She doesn't have many romantic relationships, but clings to her platonic ex-boyfriends for years, just so that she always has someone around.

As a child if she was asleep and had to be carried, she would be particularly violent and angry.

She is anything but kind, she is rude, and often doesn't care what some people think or feel.

About ten years prior she had a case of Lyme disease from being bitten by a tic. I think that she also had lice as a child.

I am still gathering information on what her symptoms are. I'd appreciate any suggestions of remedies to look into.

  BeginningHomeopath on 2008-09-23
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Try ignatia 200c single dose.Then after 7 days try sulpher 30c 3times daily for 3days.After that continue Natrum mur 6x 5tab twice daily for 1month.
Zahid)2 last decade
This violates everything I know about homeopathy. The minimal dose. Single remedies at a time!

Can you please tell me what made you choose each of these remedies, and why on earth you would give them in this order knowing only a little about the case???
BeginningHomeopath last decade
Let me also add that she has been a vegetarian since about 13 years old. Also that she is extremely hypersensitive to medications.
BeginningHomeopath last decade

And, do we have a 'never well since' event in the life of this girl ?

Any broken relationships ? Any history of abusive relations ?

What talents does she have ? Any creative hobbies ?

Does she have a love for dancing and has a keen sense of rythm ?

sameervermani last decade
She is of the nervous hippocratic temperment, in the sense that her natural element is AIR. She is not nervous in the sense of being fragile. She is not fragile, timid, soft, or gentle in any way.

She is also quick and hurried. She works in a very high stress industry and manages many people and is always able to handle many things at a time.

She is often extremely active and handles several jobs at once.

I have never seen her heartbroken due to a relationship failure, mostly disappointed.

I do not see many signs of Ignatia.
BeginningHomeopath last decade
Hi Samir,

>And, do we have a 'never >well since' event in the >life of this girl ?

Not sure, I think she had many of these symptoms as a little girl. They have gotten worse over the years.

>Any broken relationships ? >Any history of abusive >relations ?

She's had two long term relationships. In both cases she remained good friends with the guys afterwards. She currently lives with one of her ex-boyfriends, and they have a platonic relationship. I think she stays because her disturbance is alleviated by the presence of someone. Her main symptom is panics at night, which reminds me of Ars. Alb.

>What talents does she have ? >Any creative hobbies ?

She works as a manger/director/producer in Theatre, and has the most impressive resume of anyone I've ever seen of her age. In the sense that she's done more performances. She keeps incredibly busy and manages a million things at a time.

>Does she have a love for >dancing and has a keen sense >of rythm ?

No. Neither of these. But I do think that she likes musical theater, as that is what she works in.
BeginningHomeopath last decade
Look at Sepia and Carcinosin.
sameervermani last decade
Interesting suggestions. I gave her mother Sepia, and she has responded well, but I did not think of Sepia for the daughter.

She is extremely argumentative with her immediate family. Also, I've been told that she saves her money very well and has built up an incredible savings.

However, I don't see many other symptoms of Sepia. What symptoms suggested to you this remedy?
BeginningHomeopath last decade
Sepia is extremely independent , has great desire to be 'busy' by doing a million things together, is rude, is cold sexually and emotionally, and has the rubric 'anxiety when alone'.
sameervermani last decade
The nighttime anxiety is similar in all ways to Ars.Alb. The most defining feature is a strong alleviation in the company of others. She is blond haired.

Also, the grey rings around the eyes are an important symptom.

The mother is doing well on Sepia, but I don't see that many similarities between the mother and daugheter's symptoms.
BeginningHomeopath last decade
Arsenic is not the only remedy with anxiety when alone. We never give so much weight to a single symptom alone, especially when the symptom is not that odd.

Personality type of the person and miasmatic diagnosis is the most important thing.

Her being blonde haired does not mean much as picking remedies by body type/looks is rarely something which works. This would work if a person were to resonate to a remedy for whole of his life, which never is the case. All of us are a mis-mash of intertwined layers, and hence a remedy can at best be ONLY confirmed by the looks. But if looks do not correspond to a remedy , that does not contra-indicate it in any way.

e.g. If the mental and physical symptoms of a case point to Calcarea, it does not matter if the person is not flabby/stout and is thin/lean.

Medicines like Sepia which can cover multiple miasms will never present in the same way in different people.
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer,

I want to again focus on the nighttime anxiety, which to me is the most prominent symptom. At nighttime, she will often call extremely agitated while alone, and will say that she is having a panic and needs someone around her. She never explains or will say what she is panicked about. I have seen these and I think that this is the suicidal instinct panic that I've seen in Arsenicum Album.
BeginningHomeopath last decade
I thought you have already tried Arsenic Album :)
sameervermani last decade
Hi!beginning homeopath,
The mental state of this pt.is very prominent and i have reprtorised the case based on mental symptoms alone and have come out with CALC-ARSENICA.PL.give one dose of this remedy in 30 potency and wait for its action.
sarup last decade
Hi Sameer,

I have not given this patient any remedies yet. She has never used a homeopathic remedy before. I will not see her for over a week, but I think I will only have once chance to give her a remedy. If she does not respond well, I am not sure she will repeat. If she is helped, I think she will. I have known this patient for many years, but have not seen her in recent years. As I said, I will study this case very carefully before I will have the chance to give a remedy.

I am waiting for a response from the parents describing any more information on physical symptoms that they might have.

I see no traits of Calc in her at all. I gave her brother Calc-C and he responded extremely well.

What traits of Calc-Ars do you see in this case?
BeginningHomeopath last decade
Oh okay, in that case, of course, Arsenic becomes one of the strong contenders
sameervermani last decade

Thank you. This is one case that I don't have a remedy in mind.

What symptoms point to Arsenicum?

What symptoms point to Sepia?

What symptoms point to Carcinosin?

I will post more info on her symptoms when I have it.
BeginningHomeopath last decade
I will wait for further symptoms to make a final call.
sameervermani last decade
I am still waiting on some information from the family. Of the three cases we've discussed so far, this is the one I am most stumped as far as the actual remedy.

One thing might be important in a symbolic way. The girl has a symbol which she likes dearly. It's the symbol of the theater, of two masks, one laughing and one crying. She has this design on many different things.

As I said, she works in theatre, and is often the person backstage managing the entire show. She has taken every single role backstage many times. But she does not like to appear on stage. Once one actor did not show up on the night of a show, and she had to go onstage and say one line. Afterwards she came back and threw up.

She can be social and gregarious socially, but sometimes this seems forced to me.
BeginningHomeopath last decade
Though she is smart, she has never been able to do well or finish college.

She has little ability to write well, or to read well, or to form complex ideas in an academic way. I'm not sure if there is a sycotic element to that. Her mother who is also very bright cannot read basic sentences or even road signs. I see sycotic elements in the mother, but am not sure about the daughter.
BeginningHomeopath last decade
I went through the complete case again, and, definitely think this is a syphilitic case, and hence I take back my suggestion about Sepia.

This just doesn't feel like a sycotic case to me.

My suggestion is to look into anti-syphilitic remedies with the symptom of 'anxiety when alone' and take it from there.
sameervermani last decade
I am puzzled because I don't see much of any single miasm in this. The patient is super thin, tall, small breasted, with blond hair. Her body type is aritable, but she expresses mostly saguine personality traits.

The learning disabilities and reading problems could indicate some sycosis. We are sure that she had Lyme Disease and was treated for it allopathically around age 13.

As a child she often would get out of bed and sleep on the floor, and her parents could do little about this.

Also as a child she would fall asleep in the car at night and have to be carried into the house. If bothered while sleeping she was angry, cross, and horrible.

I see some elements of psora, perhaps. She is not obsessive in the way syphilis is, but she may still be syphilitic.

She is social in the sense that she has many, many contacts that she stays in contact with, many of them professional. Her social and professional lives are very intertwined.
BeginningHomeopath last decade
Do you know that Lyme disease itself is a form of deer syphilis. Treating it allopathically is a sure way to give rise to the taint.

All of the traits below are syphilitic traits

Anything but kind, rude and independent.

She currently lives with one of her ex-boyfriends, and they have a platonic relationship. (Destruction of sexual desire not reduction)
sameervermani last decade
'She has little ability to write well, or to read well, or to form complex ideas in an academic way.'

In syphilis, comprehension and attention wanting, he can't understand the meaning of the lines he reads; he must read it over and over. This is different from sycosis where the person can process but forgets the previous line.

Moreover, syphilis has 'Fixed ideas with strong will ', where as sycosis has 'fixed ideas with weak will'.
I do not think she is weak willed at all.

Moreover a state where she has no sympathy or affection for anyone or anything is very much syphilitic.

Add to this the reasons I mentioned above, you can form a complete picture of syphilis.

Ofcourse there must be some psora there, but syphilis is the most dominant one I see.
sameervermani last decade
'In syphilis, comprehension and attention wanting, he can't understand the meaning of the lines he reads; he must read it over and over. This is different from sycosis where the person can process but forgets the previous line.'

I have no idea which of these, or if either of them is correct for her. If she is frustrated, she blows up and won't do something.

'syphilis has 'Fixed ideas with strong will ', where as sycosis has 'fixed ideas with weak will'.
I do not think she is weak willed at all.'

Yes. She is extremely strong willed, though more explosive, fussy, and determined. She is not particularly obsessional.

'Moreover a state where she has no sympathy or affection for anyone or anything is very much syphilitic.'

Yes, she also has this. Though she is more fussy and rude than cruel.
BeginningHomeopath last decade

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