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Brain Protocol

Can anyone tell me what the brain protocol consists of and for what conditions it is used? Thanks.
  needhelp on 2003-11-26
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I have been told by my naturopath that it is used to stimulate the proper development of the immune, digestive and nervous system that has not properly developed since childhood due to trauma. I was recently put on this protocol and there is a LOT of homeopathic remedies involved. I have not researched it but due to my condition am willing to try this protocol. I'd be interested in anybody else has heard of this!
CathyD last decade

Unless you tell us what symptoms (in detail) are beign thrown up by the patient's anotomy, it is impossible for a homeopath to guide you.

The same disease....say hepatitis for the sake of example......will have six possible answers depending upon the symptoms being experienced by the patient.


PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Hi Cathy,

My naturopath didn't tell me as much about the protocol's effects on the digestive and immune systems--she seems to be focusing on the nervous system in my case. You're right; there are certainly a lot of remedies! I hope it's worth it. I started with the first two weeks of the protocol and the naturopath has since added the third (I haven't gotten to that one yet...I will start it in a few days.) If you'd like to compare notes as we go through this, feel free to email me at help428
needhelp last decade
this dis-credit homoeopathy name--foolish use --- wisdom come from experience ---experience comes in all forms--but experience based upon truths leads us from the dark--proof is in results--no results--then WRONG approach.

john stanton
homoeopathy layman
pennsylvania usa
john stanton last decade
just recently put on hoeopathic drops prescribed by my naturopathic doctor for brain protocol. several people have requested more information on it and there doesnt seem to be too many resources. are there any people who have followed this protocol willing to give testimony on their results. i am willing to do this but concerned about side effects and of couse the cost. i would really appreciate some feedback and reassurrance that this is beneficial.
ramone last decade
I have had some significant symptoms from this treatment. The first segment I was very weepy and angry. The second segment which deals with the endocrine system has brough some emotional weepiness, but some very intense vertigo which my ND is presuming is coming from the protocol. Had no idea it would be this rough.
disjointed last decade
I see this is a fairly rare protocol and some old unanswered posts are here. But...in case anyone wants to discuss the brain protocol, I am happy to. I'm currently completing my second time through the third phase of this process and have been through phases 1 and 2 twice. It's been such a long and frustrating road at times. But it's really helping me.

Anyone else out there doing this?
quickclaude last decade
do tell us more about it !

do you know the names of the remedies they are adding in the mix ?

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
I am so glad that others out there are posting about this protocol! I went through the first three "phases" twice, and then my ND had me stop for a few months. I'm back on it now, and I would really like to correspond with others about this treatment! The first time I was using it, I had a lot of vivid dreams. I'm not sure what's in store for me this time. I wasn't aware that there is a fourth week to the protocol, and my ND has also indicated that I should take a supplement during the fifth week, but none of the pellets or drops are indicated in that phase.

I would be very interested in why others are using this protocol (what symptoms, diagnosis, etc.). I don't know how comfortable anyone would be in sharing that information, however. I would just be happy to have others to correspond with!
needhelp last decade
pankaj, i'd be happy to give you the remedies, but i'll have to look them up. there are too many to remember off the top of my head.

needhelp, i think every practitioner has their preferred way of administering the protocol, especially depending on what your specific goal is and your physical makeup.

i am taking it for mild depression and for add without hyperactivity. i have experienced marked effects from each phase. they seem to bring different emotions/systems to the fore. on this second time through the protocol, i'm not noticing the mental effects as strongly, but i'll try to summarize my experience.

phase 1: depression lifted, anxiety lifted, felt easy going, almost lazy. intense cravings for fats, like cookies. (my ND said this is probably partly due to new brain development, which utilizes fats.)

phase 2: felt sort of emotionally dead, and cravings continued, experienced bloating.

phase 3: felt sad for the first week, and then very happy and stable. renewed interest in taking care of tasks and a sense of being centered and focused. fat cravings subsided, cravings for fruit.

the protocol is very powerful and, i think it could make a person experience lots of things, like crying fits, or vivid dreams or whatever. if these effects aren't manageable, maybe the body isn't ready yet. my ND told me at the beginning that if i was uncomfortable with anything i was feeling i should stop, and we'd reevaluate. my ND wouldn't even try it with me until she detoxed me through diet and other homeopathic drops for almost a year.

needhelp, the protocol that i'm following is three weeks on a single phase and one week off. my ND said an alternative way to do it is to do one week of phase 1, one week of phase 2, pone week of phase 3, and one week off. your remedies might be different, though.

i've taken some breaks, too, so i've been doing this protocol in some form since december. it has been a process that requires much patience and focus on the light at the end of the tunnel.
quickclaude last decade
That's interesting that you have done each phase for a few weeks at a time. I didn't realize that the protocol could be modified that way.

My ND told me that she would like to have me try this for approximately six months, which seems like a long time. I'll be happy to try it if it helps, although I'm on a pretty strict budget to afford this treatment!

My doctor also told me that this helps support the immune system, digestive system, and nervous system. She said it helps to support some glands that might not have fully developed in youth.

I'm curious to see if my level of expressiveness changes, since I'm normally pretty reserved and tend to hold a lot of my thoughts and feelings inside.
needhelp last decade
oh that's really interesting. i've definitely felt a change in my expressiveness. for one thing, it's easier for me to communicate my thoughts clearly. for another, i'm not as inhibited because i feel more centered. so i'm more open than i used to be.

my ND explained the same thing about the different systems and glands. which phase are you taking? or phases?

i wish i could comment on the duration of your treatment, but all i know is my own experience. do you like your ND and trust her? also, do you buy the remedies through her or through the company? drops or pellets? i wonder if that makes a difference in the cost at all.
quickclaude last decade
I take a different phase each week. Right now, I'm in the second phase...I feel somewhat light headed and very fatigued. I'm not sure what that means! I have been really struggling to "push through" it so far (work, exercise, etc.).

I have been working with my ND for about two years now. I do trust her--she is highly trained and intelligent, although I think I respond better when she is less "aloof." I get the impression that ND's or homeopaths seem to have this demeanor. Possibly, it helps them to be more focused on their patients' experiences and symptoms??

I purchase everything through her, so I don't know if there would be any cost difference. She has been kind enough to give me a discount.
needhelp last decade
well, if i remember right, one or two of the remedies from phase two are ones my ND gave me separately when she was detoxing me. maybe you're tired because they're kicking in. i usually get really tired for a day or two a week into the new phase.

how much longer do you have to go? you've been on this for a while now, right? do you feel like it's helping you?

pankaj, i found the sheet with the remedies list, and it would probably be easier for me to just fax it to you, if you've got access to a fax. can you email me your #? my addy is quickclaude(atsign)hotmail(dot)com.

(parentheses to throw off spammers.)
quickclaude last decade
Maybe you're right about the detoxing. I have felt this way before when taking other supplements, so the remedies are probably kicking in. I also don't have much of an appetite and feel bloated.

After being off for several months (about 4 or so), I have resumed the protocol with the addition of the fourth week and the supplement (DHA) alone in the fifth week. I take each phase for a week, and I am about to start week 3.

I think it's too early to say whether or not it's really helping, although it must be doing something if I feel some of these effects...when my ND proposed being on the protocol for six months, she mentioned that the protocol will help me "unblock." I think she meant that it might help me release some of the emotions that I am not expressing. She seems to feel that there is a strong connection between my physical and emotional conditions.

Are you going to send pankaj the actual remedies contained in the Unda numbers also? That will be quite a long list! I'm assuming that the combination of remedies that you take in each phase is the same as what I am taking...
needhelp last decade
i get bloated from phases 1 and 2, and if i eat anything i'm intolerant to (gluten or dairy), i gain like two pounds instantly.

i'm just a layperson, but i agree with your ND that there is a strong connection between physical and emotional health. many kinesthetic experts believe there's a link between forward hunching posture and turning emotions inward. yogis believe that backbends and other poses that stretch the shoulders and open the chest work on a literal level (opening the heart area). it might not hurt to add something like that to your approach if you haven't already. maybe it would help things come together faster.

i was just going to give pankaj the unda #s and tissue salts list. i have them on a preprinted sheet. you're right, it's a lot of info if i were to go deeper than that. we're probably taking most of the same remedies because unda makes the protocol recommendations to the practitioners. i think they tweak it now and then based on feedback from the field.
quickclaude last decade
I did try a gluten-free diet for about 4 months, but I didn't notice any difference. My ND said it's o.k. to try some dietary modifications, but she said that going gluten-free wasn't the route that was going to be most helpful to me. She recommends minimizing or eliminating wheat, dairy, and sugar. I don't notice too much of a difference whether I strictly adhere to this or not.

I do find that yoga helps! You have made me think about resuming it. I'll get in a routine of doing a tape once a week, then I'll stop for a while...I also do weight training and fitness walking. I run when I can, too.

By tissue salts, do you mean the pellets? I found it very interesting that unda makes the protocol recommendations! My dr. actually studied with the dr. who originated this protocol (I believe he's French). I'm curious what "feedback" from the field prompts modification of the protocol. There didn't seem to be major changes between the protocol I currently take and the one I was on a few months ago. Still, I'm curious.
needhelp last decade
it sounds like you're taking a very well-rounded approach, which is great. congratulations on doing that. it's certainly not easy all the time, is it? especially all the diet changes. ugh.

my nd calls some of the other remedies (the non-numbered ones) tissue salts. i take one in every phase that is a pellet. the rest are drops.

maybe i'm making an incorrect assumption about unda making the recommendations. i think i inferred that because my nd gave me a printout she created that lists all the remedies in the protocol and how they should be taken (7 drops am/pm, etc.). she called unda to check on the remedy numbers because she had heard they updated what they were including in the protocol. a couple of the numbers had changed from her original printout.

if you take a look at those ingredient lists for the numbered remedies, you see a lot of the same homeopathic preparations in different combinations. for instance, my printout says that for phase 2, you take unda's 9, 24 and 1. but when i ordered the drops from unda, they had replaced 1 with 20. but i'm guessing these aren't far apart from each other and are very minor modifications that probably don't interfere with the outcome. in other words, i hope i wasn't implying that we're human guinea pigs! :)

my nd has even gone through the protocol herself.
quickclaude last decade
The diet changes are tough! I think avoiding wheat is the most difficult. AfterI tried going gluten-free for a while and it didn't help, I haven't really noticed much of a difference whether I eat wheat or not. I know that the way wheat is grown and processed is supposed to be unhealthy, so I should probably not think in terms of immediate health differences but more in terms of overall healthy eating.

I take a combination of three drops in each phase with a combination of pellets, 3 each of four or five different remedies. It's interesting that you only take one pellet remedy. Would you mind sharing which one you take in which phase?

Now that I am in week 3, I still feel some of the fatigue, but I also feel agitated, almost somewhat defiant at times. Not that I act on it, of course! :)

No, I didn't think you were implying that we were guinea pigs at all! Sometimes, though, I truly feel like a science project! Most of my family/friends don't know the extent to which I am seeking treatment, or if they do, they ask how I can stay with this plan even though I am not "cured." They think I should be getting second opinions, etc. I have experienced some definite improvement, though, but I never imagined it would take this long.

It's very interesting that your ND used the protocol herself! I don't think that's something my ND would ever share with her patients.
needhelp last decade
i've heard that, too, about wheat. i was under the impression that the processing is one of the reasons people are having a harder time tolerating it. so if you're good with it, lucky you.

when i ordered, they asked me if i wanted drops or pellets. i chose drops because it takes less time that way. the pellets are actually tablets. but now i've completely misplaced the sheet i was going to fax to pankaj, who's not given me a fax # yet. i'll have to get back to you on the names tomorrow.
quickclaude last decade
I just found the sheet. Here are the tablets I've taken:

Phase 1: Calc carb 4CH
Phase 2: Calc phos 4CH
Phase 3: Calc fluor 4CH

Is this the same as what you're taking?
quickclaude last decade
Yes, those are the same. For each phase, I also have 3-4 other remedies in pellet form (in addition to the ones you listed) that I combine and take after the unda drops.

You must take a lot of drops!! Am I understanding correctly that you take most of the other remedies in drop form in addition to the unda numbers? Do you take the tablet remedy last?

I am about to start week 4, which I've never been through before. Wish me luck!
needhelp last decade
all the other remedies are drops. there are 4-5 other ones for each phase. my tablets are always taken at night before bedtime on Tues, Thurs, and Sat.

i know why it's called a protocol now! it is such a regimen. certain drops one day, other drops another day, some drops all 7 days. phew!

because you're going through it week by week, you might take the remedies in different combinations than i do. good luck with week 4. i just finished phase 3 and have to schedule an appt with the ND. i hope i don't have to repeat all 3 phases again.
quickclaude last decade
So, your tablets don't have to be taken in close proximity to the drops? My instructions indicate that all remedies should be taken at least 3-5 minutes apart from each other.

I know what you mean by the regimen! I also try not to eat, drink, or brush my teeth for at least 20-30 minutes before or after, in case any taste would interfere.

At first, I interpreted the word "protocol" to mean a "fixed" regimen, but in corresponding with you, I'm learning that how the protocol is administered is not exactly the same for everyone.

I don't notice much of anything yet in week 4. I think I'm more withdrawn right now.

Overall, I have noticed some digestive changes throughout the weeks. I hope your appointment goes well and that you don't have to repeat the phases! If nothing else, it will save a bit of money.
needhelp last decade
yeah, i guess the 'protocol' is pretty individualized.

i take the unda numbers + 1 or 2 other drops, depending on the phase, in the am/pm and then there's a drop every night at bedtime + the tablet every other night at bedtime.

because mine are liquids, i'm supposed to take them at least a minute apart. i guess so they get absorbed separately.

hmm, are you more withdrawn because you're calmer and quieter? some of the changes i've noticed are pretty subtle.

i hope things start to come together for you. out of curiosity, did you notice any change in this with the corpus callosum pellets (phase 3, i think)? i was taking that daily before the brain protocol and found it helped me feel more centered about communicating, and i had an easier time verbalizing my thoughts and emotions.
quickclaude last decade

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