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I was diagnosed with genital herpes about a year ago. Recently, I had a herpes outbreak in my nose!! It was EXTREMELY painful! I didn't even know that it was possible to have an outbreak in such a place. This is getting horrible. What natural medicines are strongest (and best dosage) to fight off outbreaks? Please help!
  HELPLESS on 2003-11-26
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
You need to see a specialized homeopath . Constitutional homeopathic treatment may help to prevent recurrence.

anyway, you can use this remedies while you wait for your homeopath. check your symptoms and choose what you think that is most appropriate for you:

-Red, blistered, itchy skin, especially if scalp is affected or person is young, warmth and moving about make symptoms more bearable- Rhus tox. 30c

-Burning pains worse between midnight and 2 am, isolated skin eruptions becoming more numerous and merging together, person restless, anxious, exhausted, and chilly, symptoms alleviated by warmth- Arsenicum 30c

-Severe pain, skin burns and itches and forms brown scabs, person middle-aged or elderly -Mezereum 30c

-Nerve pains and itching, slightest touch or movement makes symptoms worse, and so does eating- Ranunculus 30c

-Left side of body affected, with some swelling, aggravated by warmth but relieved by cold -Lachesis 30c

Now, herpes (herpes genitalis) is caused by same type of virus which causes Cold sores around mouth; transmitted by oral-genital or genital-genital contact with someone who is incubating virus or who already has symptoms; virus incubates for about 10 days, then causes itchiness and crop of small blisters on penis or vulva; these quickly become moist and ulcerated, glands in groin become swollen and tender, and slight Fever develops; symptoms usually clear up within 2 weeks, but for 50 per cent of sufferers virus goes to ground in bundle of nerve cells at base of spine and causes further attacks, milder and less and less frequent, whenever health is below par.

-Bad ulcers which bleed, especially at night, whole genital area very tender and painful -Sempervivum 6c

-Skin of genitals very dry, lesions hot and puffy, with pearl-like blisters- Natrum mur. 6c

-Genitals burn and itch, discomfort aggravated by cold or damp, general restlessness -Rhus tox. 6c

-Genitals burn and sting, skin cracked, with red, itchy rash- Capsicum 6c

this are only some ideas, but anyway please see a good homeopath.
good luck
ally last decade
ok. 1 dose SEPIA 200c. (once only)

avoid all acids-vinegar,coffee , coca cola --cafeenated drinks,, fruits...etc
no take magnesium or phosphorous in supplements

herpes in nose and 1year prior in genital area--

how you treat genital herpes (1 year ago)?

how you treat this episode (in nose)?

outbreak occur simultaneously (genital and nose )this time?

John Stanton
Homoeopathic Layman
Pennsylvania USA
john stanton last decade

take both genital and nose herpetic eruptions in account (1 individual)

for female ---nat-m,sep
for male --- nat-m,nit-ac,ph-ac,sep,sil.

note the pain with herpes--this eliminate nat-m.

What rep(s) you use?
use kent and beoninnghausen (much help)

NOTe also the description of the pain--BOLD letters--very sensitive to pain

this leaves sepia--but now check materia medica.

and see hypersensitive--herptic eruptions

John Stanton
Homoeopathic Layman
Pennsylvania USA
john stanton last decade

I said: You need to see a specialized homeopath . Constitutional homeopathic treatment may help to prevent recurrence.

anyway, you can use this remedies while you wait for your homeopath....
i think that is clear enough for somebody who doesnt want to suffer more. can you treat people by email and by this forum?
you can give an advice but you are not a doctor and you are not a specialized homeopath. you have to see the pacient, you have to see his reactions...
be more modest, john...you need more information to take a case. do you think that you are a doctor if you have a materia medica?
homeopathy is not a system for those in search of instant, easy answers. it requires careful monitoring and you cant monitorize anything by email....
thats why i am saying: go to a specialized homeopath but meanwhile you can take this remedy if you feel that is appropriate for you....
ally last decade
Ally: I'm not familiar with natural medicine, could you please type out the full name? :)

GENITAL: Starts out looking like a red bump, then blisters open like a crater, then starts to ooze (gross, I know), then scabs up.

NOSE: Went from one itchy sore inside, and then multiplied everywhere. Started out red, then turned white, then oozed, then scabbed.

Please help!

I did not know certain foods/drinks aggrivated it. I drink a LOT of coffee, and soda. And I am pretty young...so I have to consider that, I suppose, when taking a medication. Acylovir did not help.
HELPLESS last decade
The complete name of the remedies are:-Rhux toxicodendron
-Arsenicum Album
-Ranunculus Bulbosus
-Lachesis mutus
-Natrium muriaticum

Nothing from the list is appropriate for you? did you check the symptoms? anyway, i still think that you have to see a homeopath.and if you take the remedies, dont drink cofee, because the cofee is a very strong antidote for a lot of remedies. and mint too.

good luck
ally last decade
I forgot to add that the herpes in general it appears when your body is very upset or stressed;when the defenses of the body are very low.take care of yourself first of all, drink less coffee and rest more.
What kind of person are you? the more important remedy for herpes is Natrium muriaticum, but you didnt write anything about you here. the Natrium muriaticum person is most suitable for sensitive people who are easily wounded by criticism. they keep a tight rein on emotions, but this can lead to moodiness and self absorption.despite a desire for company, they feel awkward in social situations and isolate themselves to avoid being hurt, thus seeming selfreliant and stoical. inhibition and self-awareness may restrict them: for instance, they may be unable to urinate in a public retroom, for example. they are often conscientious, diligent, and loyal in their relationships.
suppresing strong emotions such a deppresion, anxiety, or grief, is often a cause of illness.
these people hate sympathy. they are prone to colds, crave salt, feel worse in stuffy heat or sunshine, and from eating, physical exertion, and sweating.

Now, do you feel that you are this kind of person? if yes, the remedy is good for you. you can take 6C potency .

and the a homeopath!
good luck
ally last decade
From the description given by you >>>>> I can suggest the following:

MEZERUM 30C four times a day.
Gap of atleast one hour between the two medicines.

Stop drinking coffee, taking garlic, reduce coke,pepsi etc.
Pl. try and let me know the result.
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
I have herpes that has spread from the lips area and somehow ended up in the genitals. I have put a homeopathic remedy lip balm on the lips, but this thing is aggressive and seems angry. I am also taking a cold-sore homeopathic remedy that includes Mezerum 4X, Natrum Muriaticum 6X, Rhus-t Toxi 4X, 12X, 30X, Cantharis 8 X. It has helped to some extent, but the burning still surfaces especially at night and I have been taking this remedy frequently which helps, but what I am taking doesn't seem to be strong enough. If you have an idea, e-mail me at watsonpi
yahoo.com. I am a typical Muriaticum individual, I think, I am sensitive, easily hurt, moody, but I am expressive in general, but sometimes withdrawn.
BASILEUS last decade
For Basileus !

Take the meds in 30C potency . (Not X potencies). Don't mix up too many meds. Take one on a particular day and watch the result.

If it works, continue with that and leave out the rest.

For a detailed analysis, a homeopath needs a lot many more symptoms.

Run your symptoms on the Remedy Finder. Try the top three fits . one at a time.
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Hello, this is Sabra, a 40 year Homeopathic practitioner. The above list of remedies are quite good, but over the years I have had to go into combinations as the world has become so toxic. Very seldom have I found that just one remedy works as it did 100 years ago. Other remedies are: The Hepar Sulph; Rhus Tox; Calcarea Fluorica; Belladonna; Mercurius corr.; Croton Tig.; and Staphysagria. Check website: sabragibsonhomeopathy.com
sabra last decade

Welcome to the FORUM !
We look forward to more suggestions from you .....in 2004.

Merry X'mas and a Happy New Year.

PANKAJ VARMA last decade
I recently took 30 C Arsenicum Album because the burning of the herpes was still intense after taking a cold sore multi-remedy that including mostly X doses of Mezerum, Rhus, and Muriaticum. Now, I still have cold sores on the lips, but without the intense pain and the ulcers have been reduced but have not disappeared. The genitals are not burning anymore, but I still find that my urine is very warm or hot. I am waiting to not take any more homeopathic remedies because I think a homeopath I consulted with will send me a remedy in about 8 days.
You would not tell me which remedy when I asked. I suspect it is natrum muriaticum, because he asked me if I liked salty foods, he also knows I have concentration problems. Do you know if homeopathy can clear herpes and how long does it take. Because I don't want to give anyone this infection and in my mediterranean culture sometimes people kiss each other on the cheek and I have avoided doing the kissing part because I don't want to harm anyone with this. But I don't want to be stuck:)
Basileus last decade
yes homoeopathy cure--how long -you should observe positive results by end 1 month-with proper treatment if not sooner---unless you get treatment by fake--then expect up -down--zig-zag back to wher e you started -if you are lucky--worse yet suppression of good symptoms--this much you must know -is that you decide whom treats you--and if you do not see resulys --do not become a fake to yourself---and do not allow someone trick you and chase symptoms--one to another thinking this cure--pure nonsense--but you decide --you see here on forum --suggestions for this remedy or that --whom will stick right through case--be there when aggravation or comnplication occur--these things you must take in account--homoeopathy a very involved form of treatment--not a casual affair when come to human health

john Stanton
homoeopathic layman
pennsylvania usa
john stanton last decade
Question is Mercury Corrosiva known to be helpful for genital and facial herpes? I have taken this as a remedy from a homeopathy. This is the third attempt with a remedy. We first tried Chelladonium and it did very little. So she gave me Rhus Venata which did more but did not quite address the problem. So she gave me Mercury Corrosiva thinking it would be a more appropriate constitutional remedy and saying the symptoms I showed with other remedies indicated this should be more appropriate but that it is slow acting. To give it six weeks
to see a huge change. I see some improvements...
Basileus last decade

SEPIA-200*3Doses 1 day only.Repeat after 15 days.

Anil Rai last decade
SEPIA-200*3Doses 1 day only.Repeat after 15 days.
Dr.Rai last decade
I was given a diagnosis of herpes last year, but then another doctor told me the doctor did not have enough information to give me that diagnoses.
I only had sores in my throat and felt flew like.
Now I don’t feel sick but have developed supper small bumps ½ inch below
My eyes, skin/white in color barley noticeable, not itchy at all a few like a miniature white head. They don’t look like any of the herpes photo’s I have seen on the web?
I have been taking lysine, anyone out there have any like this.
john456 last decade
Well, frankly, I am not an expert on herpes. But I am sure everyone has different symptoms. Do you get any burning or soreness?
As part of herpes, I found myself getting a temperature. I have used hompeopathy now for I would six months with a classical homeopath and it has taken a while to make major progress.
I am finally using a remedy called carbo vegetablis which is working for me. She never recommended the other ones listed her. Mercurium helped me, because I had a lot of burning. It depends on the person, but I hope mine will go away within a month or two. I want to live without this.
BASILEUS last decade

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