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Herpes simplex on lips


I have a herpes simplex one on my upper lip. I noticed it this morning.

It comes after stress (mostly emotional, also sometimes physical), usually when I have catched cold (to do with low immunity system?), several times a year during past 15 years. It doesn't itch much; sometimes at a beginning a little bit, but sometimes the blister comes without warning. Sometimes my whole lip gets swollen.
It comes every time to the same spot on my upper lip, sometimes it comes under my nose.

Last 6 years I have tried to cure it with Nat Mur 6x (4 times a day during few days).
This morning I took it immediately when I noticed the slight itching and a very littly "pimple" on my lip.

The Nat Mur never prevents the blister coming. Now, after 6 hours, the blister is bigger and real.

Is there a better remedy for this problem?
I don't say Nat Mur is very bad. It has helped me so, that nowadays the blister stays only a week. Before it got stucked for 2 weeks (I have atopic skin and heritage. I have heard that on these cases herpes simplex stays longer).

I feel I am all the time complaining something on this site - The better you know, the more I'll be here..:-) Thank you for it!
Happy new year!
  Maria&boys on 2004-12-31
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
You can try Nitric acid 200,single dose.No repetetion for atleast three weeks,even if the problem recurs again.You can use Nat.mur 6x,as you were doing earlier.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Had this problem when I was young - eventually cured it but had to go very high with Nat mur.Think I eventually went up to 10cm. So dont abandon Nat mur - when you have given the Nit X a try then think about Nat Mur again , if the Nit x doesnt work.
passkey last decade
Thank you both for answering.

The blister is today smaller. So I remember your advice next time it comes.
Unfortunately I know it will come again...

Maria&boys last decade
I would like to tell what has helped me with this. Actually, three things in addition to frequent doses of Nat. mur during the outbreak.
1) As recommended by Dr. Christiane Northrup (Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom). Immediately at onset, take 12 capsules of deoderized garlic (available in health food store). This may prevent an outbreak. If not, take 3 capsules every four hous during awake hours for next three days. If this doesn't prevent the outbreak, it will minimize it. I always carry several doses with me in the event I notice the early symptoms when I am away from my supply at home or cannot get to the health food store immediately. Dr. Northrup gives additional protocol for this in her book (lysine, zinc, Vitamin C), and since following this protocol, the duration & severity of the outbreak (when not altogether prevented) has been reduced remarkably.
2) I won't give detail here, but consult Michaelle Small Wright's work using flower essences, most importantly MAP coning. I have not had an outbreak in 6 months now which is very unusual for me.
I should warn that her work will sound bizarre to some.
3) During the last outbreak, 6 months ago), I also used therapeutic grade essential oils, the particular oil that I used is Melissa, an antiviral, and a blend called Melrose containing four oils. I caution that the oils used must be organic and steam distilled to be truly therapeutic grade. It has to do with frequency, and I've learned that essential oils have the highest frequency of any substance, creating an environment where virus (or other microbes) cannot survive. I'm new here so I'm not sure if mentioning a particular reputable company supplying these oils is breaking forum rules?
sarojishana last decade

Two months has passed and me and my husband have suffered again.

We tried nit acid 200k one doze. Didn't help.
We tried Nat Mur 200k three dozed every 12 hours. Didn't help. The blister became as fast and as big as always.

Maybe the duration of the blister was shorter. A little bit. But the change was not obvious.
How am I supposed to know if I should try bigger potency or change remedy?

I have been reading about remedies. Maybe me and my husband would have different ones, but I can't figure out which would be the best: apis, borax, dulcamara, hepar sulphuris calcareum, graphites, rhus toxicodendrom... they all have something that I recognize.

I have atopic skin. My skin is sensitive and I have other skin problems. The virus makes very hard "shell" over the blister. And the area is very red. Sometimes it gets swollen.

My husband gets many blisters on a row. But you cannot see it that clearly, the color doesn't change like I do. And they are not as crusty. He is much easier case than I am.

Mostly we both get it when we are more or less ill or under mental stress.

Maria&boys last decade
Point 1 , garlic will neutralise homeopathic remedies,

Point 2, you have to go higher - Prof Kent said that there is a secret spring that the higher potecies will trip.

Use Nat Mur 10m --- one single tablet , on going to bed. Give it three days before judging the result .
It may still be necessary at a later date yo go to 50M orCM.

Stress will make ANY condition worse .
passkey last decade
Hi Passkey,

Thanks for reply.

I have not used garlic. Not more than normally (which is not even every day).

Now the blisters are almost gone. I'll wait for the next one.

How do you know Nat Mur could still be the right one???

Maria&boys last decade
This is an srea that always 'bugs' me . On the one hand we should look at the whole person and match the remedy to the character of the patient .
But with herpes almost certainly Nat Mur is the remedy , failing which look at Petroleum or Rhus Tox.

The Nat mur person like salt [or hates it] is better at the seaside or on a boat voyage.
Dislikes sympathy [ Oh you poor thing ! - hurries off, I'm alright.]

Has dry mucal surfaces - lips , vagina ,nose etc,
Is a bit stand-offish , keep people at arms length.

Get tickle in throat that causes cough0 or sensation of fishbone stuck in throat. Dry skin but is shiny and look greasy.

Dunno - you chose.
passkey last decade
In Herpes cases Nat Mur 200 should be taken continuously for two month. Since talble salt is a part of our life and any time we take salt, it neurtalizes the Nat. Mur high potency dose, so one must take the medicine for a couple of months.

Anytime you see your medicine is left half you can again dilute it with water to gradually raise the potency.

I always see relapse with few high potency doses.
kuldeep last decade
The point with high potencies is that they last for a specific period - on the way to cure - only repeat when the effect of the previous dose wears off.

That can be ANY period from days to months . The longest lasting high potency I used lasted 16 weeks between each dose. And eventually cured.
passkey last decade

It is very interesting to follow your conversation, but I am such an amateur that I don't know what I should really do...

Do you mean, that the Nat Mur I took last week protects me from getting herpes next few weeks?

Should I start taking Nat mur 200k right a away for two months, once a day?
Or should I take it less frequently? Like some days in a row each month?

Kuldeep: What do you mean in practice about diluting?

Passkey: this picture of Nat mur person fits me very well.

Maria&boys last decade
Taking just one or few high potency of Nat Mur is not effective.

Any time we are taking any food with salt we are taking its Q also. So two doses become just one. Any time we took salt immidiately neurtalizes Nat Mur high potency. So a next dose is needed.

This is only good for Nat. Mur.
kuldeep last decade
The point with high potencies is that you have to
" hit the nail on the head".

With a low potency you can be well wide of the mark and still have some effect .

With Silica for instance , because it covers ALL the miasmatic modes the chance of a good result is greater.

But to use the high potencies you have to be expert in matching the person to the remedy otherwise it does not work - or only works for a short period .

I have spent some 30 years working this out . So for me it is Reality - someone else may have a diferent perception of reality.

Any way , if you fit the picture take Nat mur 10M . A single dose and gauge the effect ] always referring back to conditions before you took the remedy - as a yardstick] .

As long as there is a beneficial effect just wait. When the effect starts to wear off then take a single dose of Nat mur 50M .
If after that you still have a residue of problems go on to a CM.

Just to help me , and others post what happens.
If you do it!.
passkey last decade
Hello again,

You really get me confused. Do I get it right:

Passkey, you recommend to try next Nat mur 10M. But when? Immediately when I'll be getting the next blister? How long one should wait until taking another (bigger) doze?

Kuldeep, you recommend going on with lower potencies. But starting when (all the time or when the blister is coming)? How many dozes? How often?

Maria&boys last decade
Sorry bad to confuse people with differing views .
I'll back off - try Kudeeps version - post the results - that will help us all.
passkey last decade
I am terribly sorry to jump in the treatment. Please go along with passkey.

As far as Nat. Mur. is concerned I believe in high potency but a dose to be repeated on a certain interval.

But I don't have much experience treating with Herpetic infections. Whatever I said were just my views.

Please passkey, guide further seems like you have experience in similar situations.
kuldeep last decade
MMM left holding the baby.

Ok Herpes resides in the coccyx.

Every time you get a low in energy/immune system it emerges at the place where the infection first went in. It is a permanent resident. So no point in waiting for it to emerge.
Now is as good a time to start as any [ although some say start with a full moon] .

Take the 10M - when the effect of that starts to fade [ which may be days or weeks ] take the next potency 50M , And when that starts to fade again go up to CM . When that starts to fade yell!.
passkey last decade

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