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17 mo old with severe cough & runny nose

My 17 month old boy has had a cold for about a week now. It has come on very slow and is getting worse. I had it also but not to the degree that he now has. When I had it it started out as a sore throat. His has developed into a deep rattling cough and a constant runny nose.

The runny nose is absent at night, thick and bright green when he wakes up in the morning and then runs clear and constant all day with occassional sneezing. Today is the third day of it running constantly and he's just starting to irritated skin around the nostrils (I don't think it's from the snot, I think it's from wiping it)

The cough is all day and all night and does wake him during the night and naps. It sounds very wet and I'm worried it's going to get into his lungs. He does not cough anything up and if he has just eaten sometimes he coughs so hard he vomits or gags. He still plays and runs around but he is very emotional if he falls down or something like that.

His eyes are bloodshot and he has bags under them. He has normal amount of poopy and pee diapers but his poop is real sticky. He drinks but not often and when he does he drinks a lot. He's eating but a little less than normal.

I don't know if this will help but my cold is almost gone now but it started off as a sore throat with no coughing but a lot of dark green mucus in the back of the throat and nose when I awoke. So much that I would has to cough it up to avoid gagging on it.

Some remedies I've tried during this week are as follows:

Hepar Sulph Calc. 30x 2 tablets per 4 hours for 3 doses, per bottle instructions (did not seem to work)

Nux Vomica 6x 2 tablets per 4 hours, per bottle instr. (might have been working, but we had to leave the house and I forgot to take them with me so I don't know if it would have helped)

Pulsatilla Nig. 6x 2 tablets per 4 hours, per bottle instr. (did not seem to help)

Allium Cepa 30x 1 tablet per hour for six hours (did not work)

Chamomilla 30x 1 tablet per hour for two hours (last night before bed, seemed to work, his nose slowed but I'm not sure if it was because he was calm and sitting or what)

Also, last night He was very emotional after his bath and did not want me to put him down to get his pj's on so I let him play with the thermometer and when I picked him up he pushed it into my ear. It hurt really bad for about ten minutes and then slowly went away but this morning I woke up and it was itching and it felt kinda wet so I put a Q-tip in and when I pulled it out it had fresh blood on it and it is a little sore.

Besides what I mentioned above here are all of the remedies I have on hand:

Calc. Phos. 6x
Gelsemium Semp. 30x
Aconitum Nap. 30x
Sulphur 6x
Mercurius Vivus 6x

I live near a helath food store that carries more so if I need a different one I can get it. But please give me a second choice in case the first doesn't work so that I can get it while I'm there.

Thank you so much!
  cali_mama on 2009-02-28
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I forgot to mention I also have Bioplasma cell salts.
cali_mama last decade
His emotional state is getting worse. He cries every time I wipe his nose now and he will not let me put him down.

When he coughs it takes all of his energy and he turns red and is out of breath. Sometimes he will make fists and throw his arms in the air.

Please help!
cali_mama last decade
does he normally like to be carried or raised ?

what does he like to eat ?

like not to eat ?

asks cold food/drinks ?

color of the stool ?

how are the lips ?
sorahamsha last decade
lips dry ? cracked ? normal colored?

mouth dry ? tongue dry ?

color of tongue coated ?
sorahamsha last decade
Ussually likes to be carried but more so now that he is sick. He is getting angry with me and his cough.

He eats everything. Favorites are pasta's, sweets, carrots, fruit juice.

He reaches for his cold juice but also wanted to drink my hot tea.

His stool is light brown.

His lips are bright red and his tongue is white/light pink.
cali_mama last decade
please read the questionary and answer line by line in detail gain ;;
sorahamsha last decade
Lips are bright red ( not normal color), not cracked.

Mouth is wet, tongue is wet.

Tongue coated white.
cali_mama last decade
how are the problems in sleep?

does he wake up with cough in sleep?

does he look like suffocating and then wakes up in sleep?

does bathing makes him worse? averse to bathing?
sorahamsha last decade
how is the sweating ?
sorahamsha last decade
is he not wanting to stand most of the time?
sorahamsha last decade
His cough wakes him during sleep and he will not get back to sleep unless I rub his back.

He does not look like he's suffocating, I think it's more of a tickle in his throat from a build up of mucus that makes him cough.

If he runs around too much it will aggravate the cough to the point where he gags/vomits.

The bath seems to make it better, he likes bathing.

He does not sweat at all.

His skin seems very hot but when I take his temperature he is 98.5 which is a lillte warmer than his usual 97.5

Right now he is standing and playing.
cali_mama last decade
Most of the time he stands and runs around. He wants me to hold him a lot when he's tired or sick. When he was a baby he never let me put him down because he was very colicky.
cali_mama last decade
Also, what can I do about my ear?
cali_mama last decade
does he prefer coldwater or hotwater to bath ?
sorahamsha last decade
I just read the bottle for the bioplasma cell salts and it says they can be used for colds. It says for acute conditions give 2 tablets every 15 minutes for up to 8 doses.

I have given him 3 doses so far (9:00, 9:15, 9:30) and he fell asleep right after the second dose and I opened his mouth and gave him the third dose in his gums just now. He woke up a little and ate them and fell back asleep.
cali_mama last decade
hot water i think. i don't know, he doesn't talk yet
cali_mama last decade
I think ,the kid's symptoms are divided ;;

may fall between sulphur and bryonia ;;

when did you give him sulphur , the last time ? how many doses ?

did you give him bryonia before ?
sorahamsha last decade
I have never given him Sulphur.

I have given him Bryonia before but not with this current cold.

I have given him 5 doses of the bioplasma so far and will give him another dose in about 5 mins. It seems to be working, his nose has slowed and has only come out whem he sneezed.
cali_mama last decade
Now that he is awake and walking around again his nose has started to run again, so I guess it sstopped before because he was asleep.

I forgot that I also have these remedies in hard pellet form:

Bryonia Alba 6c
Belladonna 6c
Thuja Occ. 30c
cali_mama last decade
bioplasma : what are it's contents?
sorahamsha last decade
does the boy live in airconditioned room/house ?

what place/country?

which race ? asian/caucassoid ?
sorahamsha last decade
The bioplasma has:
Calcarea Flourica 6x
Calc. Phos. 3x
Calc Sulphurica 3x
Ferrum Phosphoricum 3x
Kali Muriaticum 3x
Kali Phosphoricum 3x
Kali Sulphuricum 3x
Magnesia Phosphrica 3x
Natrum Muriaticum 6x
Nat. Phosphoricum 3x
Nat. Sulphuricum 3x
Silicea 6x

We have an air conditioner but it is not currently on because it is cold here. We have the heater on. He won't leave his socks on and we wood floors so his feet are cold most of the time.

California, USA

Caucasian, 17 months old
cali_mama last decade
I just gave him the last dose of the bioplasma, he has now had eight, 2 tablets evry 15 minutes. His mood seems to be better but he still has the cough and runny nose.

I've been reading about Bryonia and Sulphur and he sounds more like Bryonia.
cali_mama last decade
I have Bryonia 6c in the hard pellet form.

How much and how often should I give it to him?
cali_mama last decade
Give the kid a single dose of

Bryonia 6c (one dose = 2 pills dissolved in about 2 spoonfulls of water ; keep the pills in water for 10 minutes or so before stirring , so that dissolving is easy;)

repeat the dose after 6 hours if no aggravation is seen ;

It's 12:30 AM (Indian Standard Time) in this part of the world ; So you would be reporting at 9:30 AM (Indian Standard Time) ;
sorahamsha last decade

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