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help frustrated from pus filled pimples

i m 20year old girl suffering from acne not very severe but whenver it starts it leaves deep marks which usually lasts for 4 months or more.As i get very deep pus filled pimples and very painful.It is not like i dont take proper diet i eat all kinds of vegetables n fruits but still not able to clear my acne.Feel really depressed sometimes.what could be the best effective treatment for could u please suggest me some homeopathic medicine.
my personality is tat
i m a very shy and kind of stubborn girl and get angry very easily.Can't tolerate something going wrong in my life.Get stressed very easily.
Actually pus filled pimples is heredity in our family so sometimes i feel i ll never get rid of it.
Also i have been taking hepar sulp 30 for 3-4 dyas but no results till now.
help me!!!!!!!!
  mitashi on 2009-03-06
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
plz somebody sugesst me a medicine now i have been using this hepar sulph and safi ayurvedic medicine for almost 1.5 month still no relief and everytime it comes and leaves a big scar on my face.plz..............................helpme.
what to do i dont want to try alloathic medicine.is it really possible to cure these stubborn pimples at all.as i hve a very hyperactive skin and i get big pimples very easily
mitashi last decade
in which potency and protocol you are taking Hep.sulph.

what is your temprament also other habits?

dr. mahfooz
Mahfoozurrehman last decade
my dosage is 4 times 4 globules a day of hepar sulph. my lifestyle is quite healthy i do lot of exercise and eat raw vegetables and fruit as well drink 2 liters of water everyday.and i also suffer from cold sometimes.during exam days i get stressed very easily which worsens my acne even more.i have been struglling from acne since i was 15.even my father as well as my brother suffered from it so i think it is a heredity problem.
mitashi last decade
oh i forgot to mention the potency of heph sulph it is hepar sulph30.thanks dr ravi i through the site u gave as a link and i m sure even i have some hope.
thank you
mitashi last decade
Hepersulph is seems to be well selected however it potency would be 200 instead of 30. Please try it for 1/2 weeks and report.

Mahfoozurrehman last decade
thanks dr.mahfooz but u have not mentioned the dosage.if u mention it then it will be easy 4 me to take the medicine
mitashi last decade
i hve been taking heph sulph 200 for a month there is a little effect but not complete.what should i do?
mitashi last decade
Dear Mitashi ,

How are your thirst and Hunger .

Do u prefer cold things or warm items .

Any burning sensation anywhere .

U mentioned u get stressed very easily , can u explain that in more detail.
vikas_grower last decade
ya i catch cold very easily.i prefer anything between cold or hot depends on my mood.i follow proper diet and drink 2-3 litrs water.it is just during exam days as i m doing engineering 2nd year and frequently i have exams so i get stressed out.That is why i think situation becomes even more worse when i have exams i get big pus filled pimples and sometimes even blood starts oozing out.It has left really big scars on my face what to do.I just suffer from itching no burning sensation.Till now I have tried everything took safi and hephar sulph but not of much use.is it very difficult to cure as my father and brother had the same problem.for a month or two my skin becomes really clear then sometime it becomes so worse.
mitashi last decade
Does your feet , hands or head sweat a lot .

Any cold sensation in your feet , hands or any body part .

Any fear or anxieties .

How is your digestion . Any gas formation .

U mentioned u are a shy , stubborn girl , gets angered easily . Can u desribe your personality in more detail

Any cravings with regard to food u have
vikas_grower last decade
No cold sensation as its summer but in winter i feel cold.Very rarely I get constipation thats all.
Ya when my parents scold me for something I freak out.
I have fear exams.I think thats the reson my acne becomes even more worse what should i do?
mitashi last decade
Dear Mitashi ,

Please describe yourself as a person in detail .

Do u have any cravings with respect to some food .

What is the colour of pus .White , yellow .

Are there periods when your skin is ok .

What exactly is the fear that u have about exams as u have mentioned that too often .Is it more that what an average student experiences .

Do u like meeting with new people .

Please anwer the questions point wise and not as a single paragraph .
vikas_grower last decade
Please take Arnica Montana 200 one dose in distilled water emptys stomach and then tell the progress after 3 days. Hepar is NOT your remedy.
Niel Madhavan last decade
vikas grower

ok here are answers to your questions

1.Please describe yourself as a person in detail?
I am a very reserved person.
Donot make friends easily.
There are times when i get unnecessarily hyper.
Like to watch Tv,films(most preferably comedy)and listen to music when free.
I like doing lots of exercise ie take a morning walk or jogging etc.

I also suffer from hay fever that is why i catch cold easily.

Do u have any cravings with respect to some food?
I like sweet things like milkshake,icecream,fruits like mango,apple,papaya.
I like fried food like pakoda,puri etc.Have it once in a month.
I like rice a lot but in our family we eat chapati everyday.
I like almost all kind of vegetables like spinach,brinjal,poatato etc.

What is the colour of pus .White , yellow?
actually color of my pus is both white , yellow and also tranparent fluid and after that blood comes.

4.Are there periods when your skin is ok .

There are times(2-3 months) when my skin becomes totally clear and i think my skin trouble is gone.
It is not like if no
stress then only my skin becomes clear.
stress doesnt affect my skin a
lot.Its only during exam that i get lot of pimples.
Sometimes even if i have holidays and i m relaxed completly still i get big pimples.

4.What exactly is the fear that u have about exams as u have mentioned that too often?

We always have to prepare lots of syllabus so I get tensed whether i will perform well or not thats all.
I dont have fear of failure .

5.Do u like meeting with new people .
I really dont like meeting strangers at all.I hate meeting strangers.
I feel comfortable only in my friends company.

hope u find me some suitable remedy.
mitashi last decade
sorry the color of pus is only white and semi transparent.
mitashi last decade
Mitashi ,

It seems there is no deep sested problem with you .

Can u please tell , where are u currently based .

You do the following get Biochemic combination BC 20 ( 2 pills daily ) from a good homeopathic shop .

The Brand should be Dr Reckeweg or Wilmar Scnwabe ( German ) and no other .

You also procure following Ayurvedic medicines ( from Baba Ramdevji Centre near to your place , these centres are everywhere in India )

The Medicines are as Suggested by Mr Kadwa on this forum are

Please take 1 tablet of kaishor guggulu in the morning and evening after meals with mahamanjishtadi kadha or mahamanjishtarishta regularly for 1 month.

These are ace remedies in ayurveda for purifying blood.

This will set things right , .
vikas_grower last decade
I already have all baba ramdevji's medicines and i took it for a month.
There was not much effect.
Do u think that i should follow only these medicines or i should also take homepathic the one u prescribed.
Thanks for showing concern in my case.
mitashi last decade
which ayurvedic medicines u took
vikas_grower last decade
I believe branded ayurvedic should not be used. They can damage liver and are quite opposite to homoeopathy which believes in minimal crude drug while ayurvedic medicines have massive crude drugs even high metals.

There is a trend followed by even well known MDs doctors to recommend an ayurvedic (usually very costly) with their prescription for money and noone can ask him about its role because of their reputation.

Single medicine minimum dose is homoeopathy
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade
hi vikas
The medicines of baba ramdev i have are-
2.Kayakalp vati

Dr Rakesh could you plz tell me how to know whther an ayurvedic medicine is healthy or not.
As i usually take medicines of kottakal arya vaid sala made in kerala.
mitashi last decade
My two cents worth of advice based on experience with some of my patients:Please DON'T go for an ayurvedic treatment along with a homeopathic one ever.

One example is in order. One of my patients, M 65, was suffering from very painful bleeding piles resembling blue grapes in apearance. He had been on all sorts of treatment, including a sugery that was performed on him in the early 1980s.

Detailed repertorization based on his symptoms brought out Graphites as remedy. On 16th June 2008, I gave him one dose of Graphites 1M. There was a marked improvement on the first and second days after taking the dose. On the third day, the patient, out of habit or sheer misfortune of his, took some Ayurvedic tablets he had been using for a long long time.

I was horrified when he came to me on the next day. All over his body, there had appeared Piles like growth patterns. His vision was diminished to bare minimum as there were eruptions all over his lift eye and a large part of his right eye.

I could manage the case with great difficulty and the patient was much relieved after I gave a hpmeopathic dilution of the same ayurvedic medicine in a high potency preparation. Beside, I resorted to drug-induced diarrhoea to help the patient out of his plight.

After about four months when a host of other homoeopathic medicines had helped the hapless patient out of the problem, I gave him Graphites 1M one dose, and since then he has never again complained of Piles.

Mothing against Ayurveda, it is the knowledge of our ancestors; but I request you not to ever try it with homeopatic preparations as the combination can distress your vital force so much that it could in fact be to your detriment.

Regarding your problem, all you should need is one dose of Arnica as advised previously followed by daily one dose of Calc. Sulph. 200 for next seven day.

Best wishes

Niel Madhavan
Niel Madhavan last decade
Hi Mitashi ,

Well this thread is getting very entangled .

I hope we all dont stress u enough .

Neil is correct that generally the medicines should not be mixed .

On any day Ayurvedic medicines are a better choice as they have a very predictable action on the body .

However just any off shelf self treatment is not good .

Kayakalp Vati prescribed to you is really good .

Did u sincerely complete the course of the ayurvedic medicines or left in between .

Well for the moment , u stick to neil's advice and try Arnica and calc sulph as precribed by him .

If u dont get any result do not feel disheartened , we are all there to help u .

But please keep in continual touch so that your case can be regularly assessed.
vikas_grower last decade
Thanks Dr.Neil and Vikas
I ll surely try arncia and calc sulph.
mitashi last decade
Hello Dr.Neil and Dr.Vikas
I went to my homeopathic doctor that very month and doctor sugested me arnica 6c in wet dose and silicea 6X powder.I have been taking it for more than a month but no effect.My problem kind of seems to be increased.
I have already finished 1 bottle of silicea.Should I continue the medicine?
Will it have any side effects?
What should I do?
Eagerly waiting for your reply.
mitashi last decade
Mitashi ,

U did not follow the advise of Neil on the type of medicines and dosage .
vikas_grower last decade

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