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Male: Migraine, Premature Ejaculation, Grey Hair, Acne.

Dear Sir,

Starting with my details:

Age: 26 years
Sex: Male
Weight: 72 kgs
Height: 5 ft 7 inches.
Built: Thin (More of bone weight I think!). Narrow chest frame. Average Indian build.
Eyes: I wear light spectacles to correct myopia, but have weak burning eyes in general.
Eating Habits: Vegetarian, with Non-Veg occasionally.
Alcohol: I have around 500 ml beer once in a week or once in 2 weeks.
Work: Employed in a small IT company, spend most of the time in front of computer screen.
Lifestyle: Try to go to the Gym and do Yoga (Pranayam), but am unable to do so regularly because of health and lack of time.

major Problems: Migraine, Premature Ejaculation, Grey Hair, Acne, Dizziness/Vertigo/Drowsiness.

I have been facing migraine headaches since the age of 12 years. Earlier it used to be cured just by sleeping overnight. But over a period of time, it persisted even after getting up in the morning. Gradually, the duration increased to 1 full day, then 2 full days, and now, if untreated, the pain lasts for almost 3 days! The headaches are quite frequent, almost once a week, and at times, it’s twice a week as well. My mother also has Migraine problem, so it’s a hereditary ailment.

• I had my migraine diagnosed from an ENT specialist. She recognized the symptoms and diagnosed it as Migraine.
• She gave me a tablet by the commercial name “Migranil” that I take whenever I have bad migraines. Each tablet is composed of Ergotamine Tartrate – 1 mg, Belladonna Dry Extract I.P - 10 mg, Caffiene (Anhydrous) I.P - 100mg and Paracetamol I.P. – 250 mg.
• One tablet usually cures my headache in 2-3 hours. But, off late, I have to take more than 1 tablet for the pain to be cured.
• Till date, I have not done any MRI or intensive examination of the head.
• Going by the Online Remedy finder, I found out that Belladonna is quite suitable for me and so tried taking Belladonna 200. I used to take 4 pellets of the same once or twice a day. It aggravated my symptoms, with headaches for 5-6 days, but slowly, the problems reduced, and the migraine problem seemed to have reduced. But then, a new problem of drowsiness started. I think it was because of Belladonna only, and I stopped taking the same. Not sure if it was because of excessive dose though.

• My migraine is triggered by Caffiene imbalance in the body. If I miss taking a cup of Tea even 1 day in the morning, then the migraine starts around afternoon. Same applies to other caffeine containing stuff, like Soft-drinks, coffee, Chocolate or eatables containing Chocolate.
• It’s triggered by Alcohol as well, especially Red Wine. Normally, 1 bottle of beer does not cause any trouble, but even a little excess triggers the pain the next day.
• It also starts if I take too much mental tension, or if I had improper sleep.
• Also triggered if I stay hungry for long.
• It also seems to be triggered from atmospheric pressure changes.
• Most of the times, I am unable to identify the trigger.

• My migraine starts with neck pain, and a feeling of dizziness/drowsiness and vertigo. The neck muscles become stiff, and start paining. The shoulder/collarbone muscles also start feeling stiff. Due to the vertigo, I have to take extra care while walking.
• It seems vessels in the nose also become constricted, since the nose feels choked while breathing. It’s like having a stuffed nose.
• Slowly, the pain extends to the head and the forehead. It is majorly concentrated at the temples, and it feels better to try and press the nerves on both the temples, as it reduces the pain temporarily.
• It’s a severe pounding pain, in rhythm with the heart beats. Pain is experienced with every heart beat.
• Nauseatic sensation with Vomiting if untreated. I hate the smell of food when in pain, as it aggravates nauseatic feeling.
• Inability to concentrate with the headache, and find it difficult to speak (words don’t come freely) and remember/recall.
• Extra sensitivity to light and sound during an attack. Feels better to lie down in a dark and silent room with a pillow over the forehead.
• The Body feels warmer/hotter during the attack. Palms of the hand feel much warmer than normal.
• Movement aggravates discomfort caused due to the attack.

History and about me.

I had grey hair since very early age (The first grey hair I saw was at 12 years age). Now I have a lot of grey hair. Recently saw a grey hair in the nose and on the chest as well… 

I had severe acidity problem. I was operated for it. The surgery was called “Laproscopic Nissen Fundoplication”. Now the problem has reduced to a great extent. I was diagnosed as having hiatus hernia, because of which acid reflux of the esophagus used to take place. It lead to chest burns and lack of sleep, which irritated me. But after the operation, things have improved. But now, as a side effect of the operation, I have wind problem, and I have been asked to avoid vomiting, unless absolutely essential.

Weak eyes, probably because of sitting in front of the computer screen in the job.

I have a premature ejaculation problem, which bothers me a lot. I ejaculate within 8-10 strokes after insertion, and it has affected my relationship with my girlfriend, whom I had to break off with. I have been masturbating since the age of 11 years. It was not that frequent at that age, but when around 16-20 it was quite frequent, almost once a day. I get aroused by sexual thoughts very easily, and I imagine myself being intimate quite often. I think I always had this PE problem, since while masturbating also I always ejaculated within 40-60 seconds. I need a treatment for this problem as well.

Find it difficult to sleep when sitting or when noise, light or disturbance is present. I have to travel around 2-3 hours to the office everyday, but am rarely able to sleep in the Bus. I have difficulty sleeping in the Flights as well, but sleep quite well in Trains. I sleep well, but have a light sleep.

While urinating, I take some time before it actually starts. In the presence of people around, I take a very long time to start, or am unable to urinate even when the urge is really strong.

I am overly concerned about what people think about me. I try to be good to people in general.

I am a perfectionist. If I do something, I always try to do it the perfect way, even if it takes more time and effort.

In the job, I get frustrated if I don’t get proper recognition for a good work done. I am not overly jealous. I have good official relations in general, and colleagues like to have me in my team. I own a sense of responsibility towards my work, and like to finish off my work at the earliest. I am not a overly ambitious person, but would like to take more responsibilities and better roles in future.

I am not a very confident person in general, and afraid to try out things. I feel it happens owning to my forgetfulness. At times, I am unable to come up with right words while talking (maybe due to migraine problem). I don’t remember names of people and places properly.

Earlier, I was had Stage-fright, but now it has reduced to quite an extent. If I am asked to talk on the stage about something I know I can do that quite comfortably. Still, I miss some topics when talking on the stage. Its more of a learn-by-heart and talk on the stage for me. I am not always very confident to talk on the stage, as I am always afraid that I would forget the topics.

I have acne/pimples on my face and back as well. I had them since I was 20 years old, but now it has increased a lot now, with multiple spots on my face, that’s affecting socializing. I do not feel quite confident talking to people now. It usually pops up after masturbation.  Every time I masturbate, 1 or 2 pimples pop up.

I like being with my friends and relatives, visiting new places. I enjoy relaxing and forgetting tensions. I like music, and watching movies. I love my parents and believe in the existence of God. I like being alone at times. I like going home to meet my parents once a week, since I don’t stay with them as my office is in another town. I dislike being not recognized for my work, travelling long distances to reach the office every day, being with non-compromising and dominating team members at work.


I tried the online Remedy Finder, and found that Belladonna seems like my perfect remedy for most of the problems. I tried taking Belladonna 200, four pellets once a day for about 3 weeks. It aggravated my migraine symptoms for a week, and then gradually reduced the problem. But later, I saw that I was experiencing heavy dizziness/drowsiness. Since it was interfering with my day to day activities, I stopped taking it.

Later, I went to a homeopathic doctor and he suggested me a Bio-Combination 12 homeopathic medicine. It has Ferr. Phos 3x, Natr. Mur. 3x, Kali Phos. 3x, and Magn. Phos. 3x, in equal quantities. Two 20 g tablets are referred to me 3 times a day for a few months. It has made me more alert and improved the general well-being, but has not reduced my migraine problem and has probably introduced Constipation problem as well.

Please suggest what I need to do to get rid of all my problems. Any help will be sincerely appreciated.
  coolvap on 2009-03-10
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
for migrain try Nux Vomica 30. When we take salts like Ferr.Phos etc. so it is very important that we DO NOT use them continuously for a long time. It is always good to give a gap of 3 - 4 days after every 7 - 9 days approximately.

Take Nux Vomica 30 at bedtimes and if you feel migrain for a week and report
Ataulkaafi last decade
Dear Sir,

First of all please pardon me if i am providing too much information. I understand that it must be an overhead on your limited available valuable time. Please let me know if it would help if i post short and precise information.

Clarification w.r.t your Advice:
Do you advice me to continue the existing homoepathic combination medicine i am taking (Bio-Combination 12 that has Ferr. Phos 3x, Natr. Mur. 3x, Kali Phos. 3x, and Magn. Phos. 3x, in equal quantities.) ? Or shall i stop taking that and just take Nux Vomica 30 as adviced? I am in Norway presently, and i do not know from where i may get the homeopathic medicines. Can u suggest me some good online stores that can parcel the medicines to Norway? Will this remedy take care of my Acne, Vertigo and Premature Ejaculation Problem as well?
coolvap last decade
Dear Doctors, please help me with my Migraine problem. Its really upsetting me.
coolvap last decade
for the time being stop using those salts and just take Nux Vomica 30. This is for migrain problem. May help in PE. There must be some homeopathic stores in Norway or otherwise you can get them by ordering them online. Where did you get those salts, by the way ... get Nux Vomica 30 from the same source.
Ataulkaafi last decade
Dear Cool Vap ,

Have u started the Nux Vomica . If not then please wait and begin with Glonoinum.

U can order the Nux Vomica and Glonoinum from the online store


The reason for suggesting Glonoinum over Nux Vomica is the throbbing nature of your pain which as u said is synchronized with your heart beat .

Hence u start with Glonoinum 30 potency ( # 10 pills ).

The method of taking the medicine ( as described by Mr Sameer Vermani on this forum ) is

3 doses of Glonoinum 30c to be taken as below.

Dissolve 2 pellets of Glonoinum 30c in a 250 ml spring water bottle. You can shake it gently after they have dissolved.

(In this 250 ml bottle u discard the water so that only around 120-150 ml water remains )

Take a capful from this bottle 3 times in one day, spaced by 2 hours. This is to be done for one day ONLY.

Let me know in 7 days after these 3 doses. I will look forward to your update.

(After u have taken the dose do not throw the bottle , add around 50 ml of brandy or pure alcohol to it and preserve it because in case if u receive benefit this can be used for dose repitition at a later date )


1/. Nothing should enter the mouth for 40 minutes prior to, or after taking the remedy.
2/. Do not touch the tablets with your hands, tip them into the cap of the container they came in and then into the water .
3/. Avoid coffee, tea (including green), and other sources of caffeine such as some fizzy drinks and large amounts of chocolate, except where this would cause a drastic change in consumption
4/. Avoid wearing perfume/aftershave, or exposure to anything with a strong smell while under treatment. This includes any and all essential oils, and incense.
5/. Avoid the consumption of excessively spicey foods
6/. The use of medicinal herbs, either as 'teas' or supplements should be avoided during Homoeopathic treatment, as should the use of over the counter medication, unless this has been recommended by an MD.
7/. Nothing of a medicinal nature should be applied to the skin

If u cannot avoid Tea , at least ensure adherence to point No 1 above .

Please also remember as explained that the 3 doses has to be taken once .No homeopathic medicine should be repeated until the reaction to the initial dose has been observed .
vikas_grower last decade
Dear Cool Vap .

By this time you would be getting confused as so many people including myself giving so many prescriptions .

To set things clear let me explain to you the syntax of homeopathy ,

First if u take so many medicines as prescribed by the most recent visitor u will get a ' Run Time Error '.

The Cardinal principal of homeopathy is one medicine at a given time with no repitition until the response to the first dose has been observed that is the orignal condition has become better , worse or no change has taken place .

Please note if the sickness improves then the direction of treatment and the selected medicine is ok . If the symptons get worse then this means the dosage was high .

If no reaction takes place it means that the selected medicine was not ok or dosage less .

Taking too many medicines together in homeopathy is equivalent to mixing petrol , diesel and kereosene together and hoping the engine will start .However this as u know will result in stalled engine .

As u improve after the action of the correctly chosen remedy u may of course need different remedies but selection of those remedies will be dictated by the new symptons that will develop in due course of time .

Hence be aware of this cocktail trap and take your decision judiciously
vikas_grower last decade
Dear Sirs,

Thanks a lot for your time and patience. I understand that my case study is long, and must have taken quite a significant amount of your useful time. I appreciate your efforts in improving my condition.

'Run Time Error' is quite an appropriate term for me, as i am from a software background. :=)

Yes, i am quite confused as to what i need to do. I am seeing at least 7 unique medicines recommended to me! But, i will try to take a judicious decision!!! My primary concern is Migraine and i need to get rid of it first. I will keep you informed of my progress. I will order the medicines immediately. Hoping for the best! Thank you.
coolvap last decade
I tried taking Belladonna 30 (regularly) and Lycopodium Clavatum 30 (not quite regular) for the above mentioned symptoms. When I started with belladonna, my symptoms were aggravated and then gradually faded. I experienced migraine less often, but then I felt that I had difficulty with my memory. I was facing troubles in recalling events during conversation. I am not sure why this happened. Migraine problem seemed to be better but the new problem posed challenges in my professional life.

Please help me with the same. Honestly, it feels miserable.
[message edited by coolvap on Sun, 24 Jul 2011 06:03:16 BST]
coolvap 9 years ago
Hello doctors!

I tried taking Glonoinum 200 using the spring water and alcohol procedure and am happy to let you know that it seems to be working.. For the last 6 weeks, i have not consumed any medication/painkillers for migraine.. Eventhough i did get some headaches, they subsided wiyh some rest, something that rarely happens.. Am a bit confused as to whether it is because of my medication or my age which is nearing 30! But i am happy that the pain and sufferings associated with the dreadful condition is reducing gradually..

Currently i am consuming the medication around 3 times a day using the spring water method.. Please let me know how long should i continue consuming the same? Will it be harmful if i continue consuming the same?
coolvap 8 years ago
Request you to help me with the same...
coolvap 8 years ago
Please stop taking the remedy. It is not so that you reaching age of 30 worked here, Vikas's suggestion is working for you. You may restart the remedy on a significant relapse. It is better to wait for Vikas. i don't think that he will like you to repeat the remedy later but he may want you stop the remedy now.
[message edited by kadwa on Sat, 17 Mar 2012 08:43:30 GMT]
kadwa 8 years ago
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vishnu5 8 years ago

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