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For Bartholin Cyst Sufferers, TRY THIS!

I have read some real horror stories about these cysts, and although my own stories are child's play in comparison, I want to share a tip!

I first got a Bartolin's abcess about 2 years age. It appeared out of nowhere and within days was about the size of a gobstopper and was so painful that I could barely walk, and had a fever from the infection (sweats, chills, etc). When I crawled to my doctor he did not seem entirely sure what it was, but precribed painkillers, Claricid antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory. He told me that he would need to lance it if the medication did not work, and so I was duly terrified! However, the medicine stopped the pain almost immediately, and even though the gland did not drain or go down, it was something I felt I could live with! After all it didn't hurt at all, and was just mildly uncomfortable when prodded or squeezed, so on his advice I left it. The gland eventually disappeared by itself about 2-4 months later. However about a year later the gland on the other side started to swell, although it did not hurt at all. However I felt concerned as it progressively got bigger, and I went to the doctor again just to see if I could get it to go away. He this time diagnosed it as a Bartholin's cyst (which I had realised from internet study) and referred me to a gynaecologist on Harley Street, telling me it was best to get it surgically removed. When I saw her she confirmed that it was about the size of a golf ball, but when I discussed my fear of surgery (i had read stories of the excruciating pain of numbing the area let alone operating, plus stories of people for whom the wound never quite healed, causing them to have painful sex for the rest of their lives. I absolutely LOVE my sex and so this was not at all an option!!!). She bascally told me that as long as it was not painful during sex or everyday activities I might as well leave it, which I did.
About a month ago I started getting annoyed with it again as it was slowly but surely increasing in size, especially after a vigorous sex period in which case it would throb fairly painfully (about a 5 on a scale of 1 - 10) for about a day afterwards, and I was terrified that it would never stop growing (I hear they can grow to the size of oranges). I therefore did some more online research for homeopathic remedies, and stumbled across a site that suggested Silica supplements at 3x the recommended daily dosage). I rushed out and bought some Silica Complex immediately from Holland and Barratt and I swear to you I could see the difference after taking the second pill (I take them 3 times a day). I have only been taking them for less than a week but every single day I see a marked difference. I am at the point now that while last week it was protruding painlessly from my labia and could clearly be seen under the skin (making my vagina look rather strange and lopsided) it is now barely noticeable. I am so happy I could cry, and I want to share this remedy with Bartholin sufferers everywhere!!! Apparently Silica is very good for draining cysts naturally (if you look it up you will see that it is used in medication for dogs and cats anal glands, nice I know, but hey, this is similar!) and so if you have a cyst and want to decrease the size and hopefully stop it from getting infected, please give this a shot!!! Mind you I am only on the first week of a three week course, but the results have been astounding! I have no idea how it will work in the long run, but see how it works for you!
  tlazneira on 2009-04-08
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I too have a problem with bartholin cysts, I just went and bought silica as you recommended. Where I went they didnt have silica complex just silica question for you am I going to get the same results or is there something in the complex form that is needed?? I have had this cyst on and off for 3 months I am at the end of my rope.
moonsgirl last decade
also how many do you take a day, I know you said 3 times but is it 1 3 times a day of is it 3 pills 3 times a day
moonsgirl last decade
hi moonsgirl,
has the silica worked for you? i, too suffer fm BC... started about 4 yrs ago and lanced it twice and went away for a couple of years, but this time i had it lanced and it came back the very next day... i am at the end of the rope and starting to give up. i read about silica and went out and bought some. took it yesterday at 3X the regular dosage, but haven't seen any results yet. bought another brand today, as well as black ointment and chapparral to make a poultice. hoping one of these works. would be interested to find out if the silica worked for u and how long it took to work. thanks!
hopetofindacure last decade
Hi tlazneira! I read your post and was wondering if the silica treatment worked for you???
fourseasons last decade
Yes I tried this and have been taking since Wed and tonight I noticed a big change, my cyst has reduced in size though the pain is still there. I am amazed though and will let you know how it goes. I could only find silica 30x and took what it told me on bottle, 5, 3 times daily while also taking echinacea, garlic oil pills, zinc and multi vitamin. I am also on flax oil pills for skin and 2 x 50mh 5http for depression.
hopegrows last decade
I am still taking this and am doing ok right now. The cyst seems to be staying down. I am working 10 hour shifts nearly each day as no choice right now so I notice at the end of the day when very tired, the cyst gets worse but yes a definitely improvement with the silica. Also it's helping my acne rosacea. My skin looks better than it has in years.
hopegrows last decade
I have been dealing with the same problem for about 6yrs. I have had a marsupialization (where they create a pocket for drainage), only to have it return several months later. It was occurring nearly every 3-4months. I've missed many weeks of work, unable to walk. Now it happens about twice a year. Nothing makes it drain, and once it starts, it just continues until it tears and empties. Which is quite a relief, but the process has become slower, leaving me to suffer longer.
I am absolutely fed up! It has flared up again,just in time for the holidays. So depressing. I am going out today to pick up some silica.I will post any changes.
Chef Amma last decade
I am so happy to see that there is a homeopathic option. I have been dealing with this for about a year now. I recently got into a relationship about 6 months ago and as luck would have it, it was at its biggest. It has stayed about the same size, but has made me very self-conscious. I desperately wanted an alternative to having it drained by a doctor, especially since I am without insurance right now. I saw this forum and went out immediately to pick some silica up. I will keep you posted on any progress. thanks
Scorpio20 last decade
Oh this goes out to hopegrows...I am also an aesthetician and have not heard about silica as something useful in Rosacea. Can you explain the improvements? I would love to offer this info to some of my clients.
Scorpio20 last decade
I was also suffering from Bartholin Cyst. And was unaware of any such kind of thing until it happened to me. But now I don't have.
Thanks to homeopathy!!!

We were planning for a child from 6-7 months. And this year 2010 in the month of March, I faced 3 problems one after another. Firstly, I missed my due period by 16 days ( though I was not pregnant). Secondly, I got Vaginal infection -Vulvovaginitis (due to which there was foul smell discharge from my vagina with itching ) and Thirdly, I developed a painless lump on my left labia near Vagina which my Doctor told me is Bartholin Gland Cyst.

I got my vaginal infection and menses cycle cured but the cyst remained as it is. And as my gynae said, if in future, the cyst becomes intolerable or painful then I might need a minor operation which she described to me is called Marsupulization.
I kept on reading about the bartholin cyst on the Internet and more I read the stories ,the more I was scared because of the recurrence nature of cyst.
After 20 days of recognising the cyst, one day in the morning I found the lump a little bit painful. Still I kept on doing my routine work for the whole day.
But in the early evening , the lump grew larger like a Table Tennis ball and was very painful. So painful that I was not able to walk and sit. Even , lying on the bed did not help. And so I was sure that its the time to get it operated as soon as possible which i did not want to.
My parents are firm believer in homeopathy and I also went through this site earlier to know if any cure exists in homeopathy. So i did not give up and asked my husband to take me immediately to a Homeopath.
The lady homeopathic dr. first observed my cyst and very confidently she said - dont be afraid, homeopathy has its cure. I got some relef in my mind immediately.
She told me that the gland cyst is infected due to which I have developed an abscess. First the infection needs to be removed, and slowly the cyst will also diminish.She prescribed me with Silicea and Calc. Fl. ( I don't know the potency .) She advised me to take the medicine 10 balls each of silica and calc fl. in half cup water sepeartely in half an hour for a day and then in 1 hour for next day.
And i got the big relief very next day. In the morning , the abscess suddenly burst and i believe the medicine not only forced it to burst but it also made the gland duct open.So the blood mixed pus slowly ran down to the panty. 70 % of my pain was reduced immediately after this. I watched there was a gradual and periodic discharge of pus for two days. Fourth day, I made a second visit to the Dr,she asked me to follow the prescription for next three months so that the cyst does not reoccur .

Now , I am not feeling any kind of hard lump also. And I believe I will not have it again. And even if it comes again, I will fight it without any surgical operation.
Today is the eighth day, when i am sharing this to tell the Bartholin Cyst Sufferers the same thing my doctor said- Don't be afraid, Homeopathy has its cure.
Thanks to God, Thanks to Homeopathy and Thanks to my Doctor.
saumya last decade
Hi, about the homeopathic doctor you saw, I got the 2 medicines, silicea 30C and Calc 30C, do I dissolve the 10 balls in water? The instructions in the little bottle are to dissolve it under the tongue. Can you please help me understand how to take this? I did not understand your instructions very well, do I take them both at the same time every 1 1/2 hour or you meant separate each one 1 1/2 each apart? How many times a day?

I am hoping to heal soon since I have a vacation planned in 3 days and I have already paid the flight ticket...
katjor last decade
i had recently had a bartholin cyst which got infected and turned into an abcess.but all thanx to homeopathy that now after 4 days of medication my pain and swelling are completely gone.
i was to go in for a surgery and then i saw the posts in this forum and thought of giving homeopathy a try but instead of triying anything from the open market i chose to contact a doc and to my dismay the medicines she gave me worked wonders........
here i must mention that i tried 2 doctors who could not treat the condition but the third one really helped.
thanks to my doctor........
i think if u r suffering from this u must give homeopathy a try!!!
s singh last decade
I want to reassure the sufferers that there exists a solution for them in homeopathy. consult homeopathic doctor. my doctor advised me silicea 200 and calc phos or calc sulph 200(i am little bit confused). before proceeding to any surgical operation, one must atleast consult homeopathy. although i know the level of stress associated with this problem. but a good healing requires no stress. apart from infection as the basic cause, cyst formations in the body are upto a certain extent related to stress also.
i have observed in this forum, for a lot of people the homeo medication worked so well in draining out the cyst naturally. but remember, one must continue the medication for a longer time to avoid recurrence.
wish u all a cyst free life.
saumya last decade
I have tried the silica and it only gets it down so far but never goes completely away. I am interested in the silicea and calc ?. It's been a year and tho I'm lucky I have no pain I am so ready to be rid of this. Is making this thing burst the only way? Is that dangerous to my health? Also, I am confused by which calcium to use...is it calcium fluoride, calcium sulfur, or calcium phospherous? thanks
Scorpio20 last decade
I have had one for about 4 years- I noticed it after thermal ablation therapy....I barely had a period after but still wore very small tampons when I was on my period.after a trip to mexico ..ziplining- I think the harness irritated me and the cyst got huge!! Like a plum...after 4 days of sitzbaths it burst and I had relief. 2 mo's later right after my light period again wearing tampons when i really did not need it...it got huge...baths ...then burst. I since then have not worn a tampon and I have not had the huge cysts like before I still always have the small ping pong ball sized one. After reading some posts about the surgery _ I will just live with it.I think I will try silica after reading this though!
oregon girl last decade
Saumya, Please could you let me know your homeopath's name and no: please! I am suffering from the same problem and its extremely painful. Thank you so much!
deepa101 last decade

[message deleted by nawazkhan on Sat, 31 Mar 2012 20:35:46 BST]
nawazkhan last decade
Please try silica. I was really sceptical about it because I had a cyst for several months and tried everything to get rid of it. I didnt want to see a doctor because of all the horror stories, so i tried silica and it helped. Although not so fast (after 3 weeks of silica) it finally burst!
LunaP last decade

[message deleted by girl2010 on Fri, 08 Jul 2011 20:42:23 BST]
girl2010 last decade
It sounds great! My only concern is what are the side effects of the Sillica? Im definitely interested, I just want to make sure that there wont be any horrible side effects. Also I am 7 1/2 months pregnant. Is this safe for me to take? Does anyone know?
ajl89 last decade
There is no side effect of silicea. Take the homeopathic type silicea 200c. Homeopathy is safe for pregnant women, people with compromised immune systems etc. so you'll be fine in terms of adverse side effects.
snowflake82 last decade
PLEASE TRY!! I am a 21 year old chef who is on my feet 12-15 hours a day. I have had THREE of these cysts in the past five years. The first one never got infected, it just swelled and got smaller for about seven months and then one day it just went away. The second one was about two years later. It got to the size of a small orange and got so infected that I had a fever and chills for three days. Finally I went to my OBGYN and she told me it was a bartholin cyst. It was lanced and a word catheter was put in for a month. Now let me say... I love sex, and this catheter was torture. Not two weeks after the word catheter was removed a small lump popped up. I let it go for three months, and then it got too large. I started reading online about home remedies because I did not want to go under the knife again. Thats when I found this post, I ran out to the Vitamin Shoppe and purchased their store brand. Let me just say the silica WORKED!! I took two pills, three times a day. After the third day I was ready to just give up and call my OBGYN the next morning. Then it suddenly burst, and the relief was automatic!!

sarahhorne08 last decade
I'm not one to write in forums but I had to say how amazing the advice was on using Silica Complex!! I've had cysts for the last year and suffered in silence....My last one was in January this year and it hadnt fully 'healed' when it came back 2 weeks ago. I started taking the complex 6 days ago (3x holland and barratts own brand tablets a day - 120 tablets in the bottle) and it has nearly completely disappeared! I can't recommend this solution enough...good luck ladies :)
Instyle last decade
Hi Instyle. I had the same problem too and was keen to try the Silica Complex from H&B. Heard from someone who had tried this and started bleeding! She probably has endometriosis, just like me. Anyone has endo and had tried the Silica Complex without problem?

Warmest rgds,
bubbly888 last decade
I was looking for home remedies for a Bartholin Cyst and came up this web site. I have an appointment on Wednesday with my Gynecologist to drain the cyst but I am hesitant to do it. I am taking an antibiotic that she sent me and I wonder if I can take the Silica at the same time as the antibiotic or if there could be bad side effect. Are there some medicines that can not be taken while taking Silica? I really don't want to have the surgery. I am trying hot compresses .
PurpleLily last decade

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