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genital warts,anemia and atopic dermatis

hello doctor,
I had recently posted a querry on genital warts.. HOw do i judje that tuja is the right remedy for me? How can i have a permenant cure for my anemia? and i also suffer from atopic dermatis.Are these diseases consequences of anemia?
i havent received any reply so far.

  sensitive on 2009-05-25
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please submit a detailed account of your various physical and mental symptoms.

The format you can use from many such descriptions already there on this forum.

Best Wishes

Niel Madhavan last decade
Hi doctor Niel,
Thanks for your reply.
The details you asked me are as follows:
Age: 33 , Sex : female, unmarried.
Weight: 44 , country: India.
Climate: moderate
Complaints:1. Suffering from anemia for more than 11 years.
2. Eczema in folds of skin since the age of 14.
3. Recently observed wart over the labia ( kissing lesions 1cm difference)
Vaccine was recommended but not taken.
Diabetic: No
Desire for salt.
Thirst: normal ( intake of around 1lt or more per day)
What exactly is happening ?
1. Hemoglobin count reduces once every 3-4 months.Extreme tiredness and giddiness
.aversion to food.appitite normal.and muscle and bone pains.i was under iron and zinc and vit b12 tablets for some
years, doc advised me to take honey + glycerine every morn i tsp.Anemia was under
control but not cured and there was loss of weight.then right now i am not multivitamin
tablets ocassionally ( whenever i feel giddy i take one ) .
2.Eczema : boils in the lower portion of the body and on the sides only.now under much control.now what is left is just a small itchy(very)
patch under the knee.it starts of as one boil ( red in the beginning ) and then gets black after scratching and continues to remain
throught the year if left untreated.i was treated by a homeopath and so the boils have dissappeared to a great extent.
3.Wart: In the initial stage the wart was very itchy and sometimes it would bleed.it is over 2 yrs now and the wart bleeds rarely
and does not itch as i keep the area clean.but i am worried as there is talk of cervical cancer all around.the wart is very tiny and
soft to touch.itches when touched.it is in the form of a cluster of tiny eruptions.

Mind: Had fixed ideas since childhood.Every negative word spoken about me affected me for many years.
I lived in my own world of fixed ideas and impressions and never tried to understand wat the world around me is like.
Was very philosophical and thought some force guided me all the time.
After my doc counseled me i am seeing the world as it is since the last two years.His words acted like magic on me.
Now i am at a stage where i dont even try to think of the existence of god.I feel philosophy spoilt my life.
I feel free in mind after i gave up thoughts of god.
I was also stubborn on the outside and sensitive inside.never expressed my feelings to my parents.They assume i am hard hearted while i am not
and every time they say i am hard hearted i feel depressed .I express my feelings to some close friends.
Never thought of marriage and i didn't have any dreams like usual girls.Now i regret that i have given a false impression of myself to my parents.

Habits : no habits.
Current medication : none
Desire or aversion of food : I don't like the taste of tamarind.
Anger: sometimes i get so angry that blood rushes to my head.At other times i am calm and composed.am a teacher by profession.
Hair : My hair started greying while i was still in school.was never treated for that.now i color my hair.wonder if it is harmful to my health.
sensitive last decade

Please procure Calcarea Carb. 200 in dilution.

Once you have the medicine, report back for dosage nstructions.

Best wishes

Niel Madhavan last decade
Thanks Dr.Niel
I already have with me Calcarea Carb 200 in the form of pellets.
Do i need to buy it in dilution itself ? or can i use the ones i already have?

Thank you sir.
sensitive last decade
The pellets will do.

In the morning before breakfast, take 2 wet doses of Calc. separated by 20 minutes each.

Method of preparing the wet dose:

-Mix 4 pellets of the remedy in 150 ml of spring water. Allow it to dissolve; left on its own it will dissolve in 15-20 minutes.

-Two spoonfuls from the above solution constitutes one dose.


-Don't eat or drink anything an hour before the first and an hour after the las dose.
-Don't have tea, coffee, raw onions, garlic, etc. for a few days.
-Don't take high protien diets like pulses, meat etc. for a few days.

Report 3 days after taking the doses. No more than the two doses prescribed above.

Best wishes

Niel Madhavan last decade
hi Doc Niel,
I will take the medicines and report back to you soon.
But i have something more to say:
i had a sore feeling in the inside of my lower lip in my mouth.i realised today that it has been there since a few months and i was trying to feel it all the time with my tounge.now i doubt this too is a wart.It is whitish in color,flat and about 1 cm long and 1 mm wide.
And i have a small boil kind of thing inside my nose too..
my previous doc told me that it could be a wart as well.
Now i am really really worried that i am so prone to warts..
I must add that i had pains in my hip joint for a long long time and i experience foot pain when stand for long hours.The entire foot aches and feels it is getting flat under pressure.The hip joint pain has gone now but the foot pain remains.
sensitive last decade

Let's start with Calc. Carb and then see how to go about this entire problem.

Best wishes

Niel Madhavan last decade
Hi doctor Niel,
That white patch on the inside of my lower lip that i complained of has dissappeared
on its own even before i took Calc.Carb.But i remember that i had it since some months.Sorry if i complained unnecessarily.

Well I have taken two doses of Calc.Carb as per your instructions.Will report any changes that i can observe.

sensitive last decade
Hi doctor Niel,
After 2 doses of Calc.Carb i think the itch in the patch of eczema under my knee has reduced.It would itch very strongly after bath or when i touch the region and at other times.today it is not that itchy.
This is all i can observe.

sensitive last decade
Hi Sensitive

Please answer the following questions:

-When did you take the dose?

-Any changes you can feel at the mental level?

Best regards

Niel Madhavan last decade
Hi Dr.Niel :)
I took the dose on sunday morning.
I dont observe any changes at the mental level. I am basically a very calm person and very lively and positive.I still am.But some statements made by family members affect me very much. Recently when i was rebuked for some reason i decided i will not talk at home.and i am just not able to come out of this decision.I kind of repeat to myself that i will not talk and i havent spoken at home since almost 2 months.I felt when family members cannot understand me there is no point in arguing or explaining that they have a wrong opinion of me.This is how i have been since childhood.It takes months/years to come out of such decisions. At the same time i am not angry with anyone.Now my parents want me to decide my future.But my ego or whatever is preventing me from deciding and i am having a mental debate over this issue everyday with no results.

sensitive last decade

A non-homeopathic advice from a psychologist who converted to homeopathy.

When you have something to say, just come out with it. Letting people know your point of view may not seem to be of any significance to you, but then they are in no way going to cause any harm either.

Opening up helps the other side understand you better and keeps you calm and in peace with yourself.

All this GYAN apart, initial indications are good.

Please get back in a week with the developments.

Best wishes and warm regards

Niel Madhavan last decade
Hi sir,
Thanks :)
I agree with you but It will take sometime . i will learn.
These decisions are so strong and instantaneous that i cannot stop myself.I dont announce my decisions to anyone.it is made deep inside me.
When i was young i overheard my family members saying that i will not take care of them in old age.then i decided that i will not get married and will take care of them.I stuck to that decision till the age of 30!!and everyone thought that i am not interested in marriage.It is only after my previous doc advised me and treated me that i came out of that decision and a few other decisions that i had similarly made since childhood.This is the first time i have decided to stop talking.All these days i would shout back.

But I shiverr when i hear someone in anger.I thought if argument and explanation doesnt work then silence might work!
bye sir :)
Will report to you after a week.
Thanks a lot.
sensitive last decade

Argument and explanation don't help, a nice discussion does. If you let someone say all they have to and then discuss it logically, you will find that most people will yield.

Let me tell you that I am very impressed by your qualities as a person. It is indeed very difficult in these times to come across someone so generously endowed with grit and determination.

May GOD almighty bestow on you all the happiness you may wish of.

Best wishes

Niel Madhavan last decade
Hi doc ,
I got the point.Thanks a lot :)
When i was misunderstood two months back i cried a lot and then came a harsh decision.Since then my emotions had vanished and i felt like a stone. and i could not cry even if i wanted to. But your kind words have brought tears in my eyes. This is a sure sign towards the path of recovery. I needed this.

Thanks once again.
sensitive last decade
It's always my pleasure.

Best wishes

Niel Madhavan last decade
Hi Dr.Niel,
I couldn't stop myself from posting a reply earlier than a week..:) as i am feeling very happy and free in mind.Am a little hyperactive today.I was able to remove all the negative feelings i had towards my family members.Not spoken yet but i will surely make an attempt.
Thanks for all the kind words due to which i am now thinking positvely.
Thanks once again :)
sensitive last decade

Great to know this. :)

All the best!

Niel Madhavan last decade
Hi sir ,
Should we still wait for the action of Calc.Carb?
What should be the next mode of action?

Thanks :)
I will wait for your instructions.
sensitive last decade

We will wait for atleast a week.

Best wishes

Niel Madhavan last decade
Hi Dr.Niel,
I am feeling highly impatient since the day i told you i am feeling better in my mind.
My days are spent in having a mental conversation with you most of the time and nights are disturbed by dreams wherin i am trying to endlessly post a reply to you...ha ha :). It is queer i know but this is making me exhausted mentally.
This used to happen in the first four years of my teaching experience.Everytime a new batch of students come i would be disturbed for more than a week as i could hear the same voices and see the same faces in my eyes even when they are not around..
This feeling had vanished over the years.but now it has reccured.

Thanks .
sensitive last decade
Nothing to worry about. It will go away on its own in a few days.

It is absolutely normal. It is often found with the kind of constitution that you have.

Best wishes

Niel Madhavan last decade
Nothing to worry of. It will go away by itself in a couple of days.

Best wishes

Niel Madhavan last decade
Phew!!! Good to know that it is very normal.It happens like that when the involvement level is quite high.I was quite embarresed to even discuss it.I have many more things to discuss like bleeding gums etc.. I
will discuss once the waiting period is over :)

Thanks and regards.
sensitive last decade
Good evening Dr.Niel :)
I have developed some kind of itch on my palms and on the fingers.There is one hard elevated boil on the middle finger and at other places there is no external manifestation.This is the kind of itch that one gets when iron objects are touched.I thought it could be because of playing badminton for long hours.But i have it on both the palms.

Have a great day sir.
sensitive last decade

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