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High Blood Pressure



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High blood pressure

I am just 21 years old and my blood pressure goes up as soon as i take little bit of salt or red pepper. It is at 160/95. My hearbeat is irregular.My cholestrol is little bit high.Lot of gas accumulates in the stomach after eating.
  waseem_rana on 2005-02-02
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Well, I suggest no salt or pepper?????

You may be sensitive to the nightshade family of foods that include peppers. Potatoes, eggplant, sweet pot, tomatoes. And some curries.

Avoid peas as they relate to peanut family and many are allergic to peanuts.

How are you with bananas?? If sensitive, this includes Kiwis and avacados. Also indicates a sensitive to Latex.

Think on these things and see if anything comes up for you.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Thanks of reply sabra.
My normal blood pressure ranges from 135/85 to 140/90. My nails sometimes become blue. Is there any medicine in homeopathy to reduce cholestrol.
waseem_rana last decade
My heart-rate goes very high after little exertion.
waseem_rana last decade
You need to get nutritional advice. Health stores have free consultations usually.

One cannot live on "magic pills" from such a young age. One needs to change a life style or attitude.

Are you an anxious or fearful type? An angry type? Tell us about yourself personally.

Homeopathy does not "name" something like HBP and treat as such. Homeopathy treats the whole person.

See at the top when you click on "post reply?" If you read it, it will give you questions to answer.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
I am not anxious or fearful type. I had diphtheria when i was born. I had chicken pox two years back (major diseases). I feel anxiety when my BP is high and my heartrate jumps very high from little movement.
waseem_rana last decade
Please have your blood oxygen checked. Blue fingernails and anxiety.

So, which comes first, the chicken or the egg?

Does the HBP cause anxiety or does the anxiety cause the HBP?

If you can train yourself to "not react" during HBP, you will get a better knowledge of self. Your heartrate could just be fear.

Pretend you are studying someone else. Take the focus off self until you find out which is causing which.

What if you are not receiving enough oxygen and are not aware of it...this could be the culprit and not the HBP.

These are all "what ifs?" Not actual. I just want you to change your view or focus of thinking to try to get to the real answer.

What country are you from? Maybe you need a stress remedy more than a HBP remedy.

Please continue to post.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
I live in Lahore, Pakistan.

Its kind of both way. Usually anxiety is caused by HBP but sometimes its other way round.
waseem_rana last decade
Ok, What may cause stress in your suroundings? When you have HBP what has happened a few hours before? Food, family, job insecurity?

Things like this.

I can suggest remedies for the HBP, but I keep thinking of stress related. Pakistan tells me more stress than here in the states. Even if you are not in a dangerous areas of your country, one can feel the stress of the human factors.

Please reply, would like to help.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Usually its food. In Pakistan there is not food without salt and chilli but i am avoiding such kind of foods for two months now.

Once i wanted to ask a question in a seminar but my heart was pounding, that never happend before.

New thing that i've got is the sensation of heartbeats in chest and stomach, sometimes it feels like as my heart is strikng my chest.

I do not have any social or economic problems.
waseem_rana last decade
I am also suffering the same as you suffer.the only difference is that my cholestrol level is normal.I suggest you to reduce your weight as i did and do some 20 minutes aerobic excercise at least 4 times a week.This will help your cardio vascular system.Eat a pod of garlic after your meals. please do visit a good homeopath who has all the time to listen to you and to give you the right medicine.
One more thing is that dont worry about your heart beats as this will increase if you think about it more.
God bless
pilgrim3 last decade
Foods such as garlic are prone to interfere with homeopathic remedies.

Although garlic has been proven beneficial to the body in many ways.

I feel that Waseem has a stress related condition.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Waseem, just read your other post about Arnica. I must apologise for not noticing the change into another posting. We did not honor your posting.

Please continue your inquiries here.

Arnica is usually used for body trauma, even though it fits a lot of other symptoms.

You asked about asprin replacement. Please tell us what you really wanted to know by this question? Do you suffer headaches? Do you want to thin the blood?

Please be straight forward with us so we can do a better job of helping you.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Arnica or any other remedy to thin the blood.
waseem_rana last decade
ya i didnt know that garlic can interfere in homeopathy?
pilgrim3 last decade
With Garlic try low potency medicine.
kuldeep last decade
I am sorry, I do not know any remedies that "thin" the blood. Maybe someone else.

To treat the HBP use Ferrum Phos. One dose 30X each day, and when feeling better, stretch out to every other day and then every third. etc.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
arnica act same like asprin, it not only increase blood cirulation but also decrease the viscosity of blood.
ABC Hompath last decade
Dear joe,
I feel better now i used netrum phose but i still have one serious problem for my stomach my blood presure is normal but i still have acidity problem i need your advice because i already started using ipec 30 when i wake in the morning i have a empty stomach i feel vomiting and i feel really weak but when i feel like vomiting , nausia from morning till noon and if i eat anything s omething like bread or water i feel that my stomach is burning stomach to my thorat feels as if it is burning and i vomit when i eat somethnig example if i eat lunch until dinner i keep burbing and i feel hardness in my stomach . In the whole day when i dont feel any nausia or vomiting then i only eat little something so i only eat once a day when i look and smell something i feel nausia snd sometimes it feels that even if i drink water i will vomit . and i also have used arsinicam album 30 but nothing happened thankyou and takecare!
uzma khanum last decade
To Uzma K

I note that you have addressed your post to me on an old thread that I have not posted on and I did not get the usual email alert. It is fortunate that I chanced to click on it and discovered your post.

You indicated that you have not obtained the relief that is usual with Nat Phos 6x but you did not state how many tablets you took for a dose. In your case I would recommend that you use the maximum dosage of 4 tablets taken after 3 meals daily and I feel confident that you should experience relief within 15 minutes of your first dose. You must also take Arnica 30c in the wet dose that I have recommended and a teaspoonful is a dose.

Please read the posts made by me and others on the following links on GERD:

Joe De Livera last decade
thank you joe
i do take four tablet of nat phos but i also use rawafilQ for my blood p and its does work i feel better and my bp is low right now but last saturday i kept vomiting the whole day and i noticed that in the bar b que party i ate beaf steak so in the night my bp shot up and that time my bp was 180/101 pulse was 103 so that day i felt that because of my disturbed stomach my bp shot up i have to ask u that will rawalfiaQ works with nat phose and arnica .and how how many times should i take arnica in the day sometimes i also get terribly dizzy and all the preasure goes to my eyes and that causes a headace and nausia and i dont no that if all this happens because of my brain or stomach . please reply back . I will be very thankful to you . now days i read about a medicine called Cocculus Indicus for my stomach problem and dizziness so what is your opinion about Cocculus 30 .
thankyou and takecare
uzma khanum last decade
dear joe,.
one more thing can i take nat phose on empty stomach because when i vomit and feel nausia i dont eat anything then.I only eat once a day.thankyou.
uzma khanum last decade
I can see that your case is most complicated and I would like to have some historical background to your case as to how your problem first started. Also how old you are.

Yes you may take Nat Phos on an empty stomach.

And it is obvious that with a digestive system like yours where you eat just one meal a day, your eating barbequed beef is perhaps the worst overload you can give it.

I shall try to help after you give me a full case history.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi joe,
As you asked for my case history I am going to tell you , my age is 36 I am a mother of three kids ,my height is 5.4 , my weight right now is 135 , before it was 140 but after using nat phos my family doctor told me that I lost 9-10 ponds. I live in toronto,candada and I work as a cashier in a grocery store which is busy all the time and I have been working there for 3 years. When I was 22 I got married when I was expecting my first child the doctor dignosed that during pregnanacy I had high blood preasure then after my delievery after a few months I noticed that my pulse rate was very high and I used to get headaches, and during all this I also had some family problems by which I used to tence and those things I still remember and betwwen that doctors dignosed that I had thyriod problem . Also during this time I had vomiting after every meal when I ate some sort of fat so my stomach then was also not allright .The doctors said that because of thyroid I had blood preasure and they said that you have a cold nudyoul in my right or left side and one doctor said that do a operation and so I went to the surgeon and he said that looking at your age and children I suggest that you do not get a operation and you only have stress becausae of your family matters during then I was using my blood preasure medicines and sleeping pills when I moved to Canada in 2000 for three years I didn't use any sort of high blood preasure medicine or any sort of sleeping pills two of my daughters were born in Pakistan my third child was born in Canada during this pregnancy at the seven month I had sugar and so the doctor gave me insuline but during this I didnot have blood preasure but my doctor new that I have blood preasure but my blood preasure was not high during this pregnancy . 2003 when my mother was ill i went to pakistan and I went there in to much tension when I reached there within two days my legs were swollen , one day I had a headace for the whole day so I took a pain killer after thsat in the evening I had a seviar nose bleed so my father he handeled me and my family doctor in pakistan called me to his clinic and they checked my blood preasure and that time my blood preasure was 160/100 they suggeested me that I should take allopathey medicine, ACCOPRILL . When I came back to Canada I consuled my doctor he told me that the medicine was very good and I should continue tsking it but after two months I had pain in my chest and shoulders and high pulse because of high pulse I could not rapid walk so my doctor sent me to a blood preasure specialist and my family doctor and the other doctor suggested me that I should take accuratic and atinol for my high pulse and low blood preasure and since 2003 until now I am using these medicines . may 2006 I was working after my lunch break my blood preasure shot up and my pulse rate also shot up but uptill then I did not take any medicine after that since that day until now my stomach is disturbed and I get headaces and dizzy and my hands and feet get cold but my face and head and eyes and ears are very hot and during all this I dignoised survical spine . Because of all this I feel depressed and my kids are depressed to and all my reports are ok including chest x-ray and my blood test , thyroid test , urine test , kidney test I still have one test left which is in november 2006 but all the other test are ok but until may till now my blood preasure is in lower side but from this week it is shooting up (today and saturday) as I told you it is going over 180/100 and pulse is above 100 and my stomach is not very good and here when I met a homeopathy docotor he suggested me rawalfialQ and natphos and you suggestes me for my acidity nat phos . Dear joe when I am in a huge crowd I feel dizzy and nausia and I feel like runnig away form that place and because of all this I think I am going to leave my job but I do need a job so I cant decide this is my biography .Also one more thing my mother also have high blood preasure and my father has a angina . thankyou and takecare. My kids after reading this whole mail are saying that wow this is a long mail Joe will get tired of reading all this .
uzma khanum last decade
To Uzma

Thank you for your long and disjointed case history.

I presume that you are 135pounds and not Kilograms. Please confirm.

For the moment you should take the Nat Phos dosage 4 tablets immediately after 3 meals per day and we shall evaluate your case in a month.

You will also continue with the Arnica 30c taken twice daily.

Stop all other medication and report back in a week.
Joe De Livera last decade
hi joe,yes my weight is 63kg and 135 pounds.age 36 joe i dont have nat phose right now my homeopath is very far so what is the altanative medicine should i take i have carboveg 30 nuxvom30 plusatia 3o china 30 sepia 30 laycopudium 30 and kali phos 6x nat mur30 these r the medicine i have what should i use i m going to my my homeopath in this month i feel vomiting after taken some meal. thanks
uzma khanum last decade

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