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Feline Aggression

Hello, my name is Victoria and I am looking for advice. I currently have 2 cats of my own and I help run a no-kill cat shelter and almost always have a foster cat in my home. I currently have a Maine Coon foster who is a rather large male. One of my cats does not care if there is another cat in the house and is nice to him. My rather large tuxedo cat is acting very aggressive and stalking the Maine Coon. I have been trying Rescue remedy for over a month now and things just seem to be getting worse. Can anyone recommend a homeopathic remedy for my aggressive cat? I have tried the sprays and plug in's and even separating the cats but things just don't stop. The Vet wants to heavily medicate the cat and I don't want to go that angle. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Mary's Kitty Korner
  vrnav on 2005-02-09
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Nat mur high say 10m will often help this problem .
passkey last decade

Hi Victoria
Could you tell us more about that cat?
Astra2012 last decade

Sure, my cat is named Cosmo Kramer (from Seinfield) he has been with me since he was 4-5 weeks old. He is turning 7 this April. He is a strictly indoor cat and I swear he thinks he is a dog. I also have 2 Great Danes and he is extremly attached to them both. Cosmo is the ruler of the roost over the dogs and my other cat Maxxwell Smart. Since I got Cosmo so young (someone was going to put his entire litter to sleep so I took them all and adopted them all out and kept Cosmo) he was unable to get up and down furniture and stairs because he was so tiny so myself and family carried him everywhere. I now think this has caused his "I'm King" complex. Cosmo does not have to clean himself if he does not want to as Maxxwell takes care of him as he has loved to do since day #1. Things are usually very harmonious in the house except every few months Cosmo tries to attack Maxxwell and I break it up because Maxxwell does not understand and I am not putting up with Cosmo trying to establish even more dominance when it is clearly set with the animals and he is not challenged.

All my foster cats so far (since last August) have been female or if male they were kittens (4-13weeks) so Cosmo was not bothered. He played with the cats and slept with them and cared for them until Joshua came home 5 weeks ago. Joshua was attacked by a dog and he is a very scared cat. Cosmo will not let him get off the bed except to eat and use the litter box. He chases him everywhere and it makes me very angry. I close my bedroom door to stop this and when I am gone to work I find that Cosmo has pushed is 17lbs body to open the door. There are times when I find them both on the bed sleeping and it blows my mind and makes no sense to me. Now please understand Joshua does not try to take over the house and has let Cosmo know he is not trying to claim dominance and he understands his place. I am just lost on what to do for Cosmo. Joshua does go to a Homeopathic Vet for his IBD and emotional state but the shelter paid $265 for that and I don't have that at hand to take Cosmo right now. I am currently saving that to get Maxxwell there to help get him off Pred for his IBD.

As you can see I am in a spot and need Cosmo to chill out with Joshua. Any help would be appreciated and I hope I have explained enough. If you need specifics please ask.


vrnav last decade

What exactly is Nat Mur High and what will it do? Can I find it at a certain store?


vrnav last decade

He is not neutered, is he?

It's a wonderful thing that you are doing with all these cats. My stray cat had 5 kittens (they are 10 y/o already!) and for some reason they do not like the only sister- and nothing seems to help. And they all have different personalities!

PLATINA is the remedy which has superiority complex-looks down on everyone.
BELLADONNA is more aggressive-bites and scratches.
you choose.

Hopefully one of them will help. try 30c, single dose, post.
Astra2012 last decade

PLATINA has superiority complex, looks down at everyone.

BELLADONNA is more aggressive: bites and scratches.

You choose. (I recommend single dose 30c-post results please).
Astra2012 last decade

Wow Victoria, you really have your hands full!

Astra and Passkey gave some wonderful recommendations!

I just want to pass along what I have learned from my 23 four-legged ones, and maybe it will be of some use for you.

-Teach yourself T-Touch (short for Tellington Touch) There are books and classes on this. Very easy, and you can use it on them, while you are sitting with them, instead of just petting them as it will retrain their brains, not to fight or flight but to calm down.

I mainly use 200C remedies with my animals, one pill diluted in four ounces of water and I dose them one teaspoon as needed. Yes, use higher doses if needed or recommended.

-Belladonna-Pupils are dilated, glassy-eyed look, anger, flies into a rage,they may have red, hot, ears, or eyes, and may tear up bedding or furniture, inflammation, restless, delirious, aggressive.

-Hyoscyamus-Hypersexual, animals that hump legs, or whatever they can, even if neutered, suspicion, jealousy.

-Lachesis-They hate anything around their neck especially collars, are jealous and suspicious but not as intense as Hyoscyamus, aggression comes from a perceived threat, think of a snake striking its prey, worse when sleeping, be cautious when dealing with them just waking up.

-Staphysagria-Females or males who spray, have aggression, resentment that another animal is brought into the house, any changes in their life that result in anger of the animal, anger, a must to use after any female has been spayed. Also good for decaying teeth where the tops are blackened and yes, it will reverse it. They also cower/shake/startle at loud voices or sudden moves, like if you go to pet them, from their memories of previous abuse. I helped a dog over come his abuse with this remedy, and he would not let anyone get within 10 feet of him. Now he is like a barnacle on my leg and plays again like a puppy.

-Nux Vomica-Chilly, thin, wants to be left alone, bossy, first in line for food and attention. Great for hairballs, constipation or diarrhea with lots of straining and detoxing.

-Stramonium-Post-rabies vaccination aggression, fear triggers the aggression, fear of the dark or bright lights.

-Merc Viv-They are worse from discipline, may bite and snarl when disciplined, tend to have mouth problems, do not like the extremes of hot nor cold.

-Phosphorus-Narrow-bodied, very vocal especially with food, vomits water or food within 30 minutes after eating, class clown, life of the party, burn out quickly, bleed easily. Fear of thunder and fireworks as well.

-Pulsatilla-Shy,sweet, affectionate, dogs that bark when you leave because they don't want to be left alone, prefers cool surfaces to lie on, eye discharges.

-Natrum Mur-Worse from consolation, they are fine when you pet them, and then they lash out, and sulk afterwards. Likes salt, worse from heat or sun, good for any animal that has been abandoned, separted from mom too early, or siblings too early. Works nicely in conjunction with Ignatia if needed.

-Ignatia-Good for any animal who has grief, sadness, loss of appetite from this, any animal that has been abused, neglected, abandoned, lost a loved one, etc.

-Sepia-Animals that are difficult to medicate, very chilly, sad, like to hide, and have dirty, waxy, itchy ears. I use the 30C daily here, until resolved.

Arsenicum Album-Poisoning, very thin animals, who have a fear of being left alone and worsen when left alone, solitude is a no-no because of their anxiety, obsessive cleaning of themselves, very chilly, thirsty, but drink little sips of water often, may or may not eat, and hangs head over food but does not eat, they are restless and change positions often, weakness, symptoms worse before midnight.

I use a spray bottle of water with Rescue Remedy in it to discipline my cats when they are out of line. It seems to set them straight and calm them. It gives them a stern warning without inflicting fear in them.

I have minor feuding in my pack but no litter box problems. Keeping a night light on in the laundry room has resolved this completely.

Ignore bad behavior when possible and reward, reward, reward good behavior.

Every group of animals has its dominators and non-dominators, it is how they survive in the wild. The goal is to make the best life possible where all these creatures can live in harmony.

I recommend the book written by a homeopathic DVM Homeopathic Care for Dogs and Cats by Don Hamilton.

I commend you for your efforts; you are an earth angel.

Bless you
Namaste27 last decade

Yes I forgot to mention that Cosmo and Maxxwell are both fixed. My current foster Joshua is also fixed and 3 years ago he has a surgery called (in sort) "PU" where he is technically now a girl to allow for stones to not obstruct and pass easily.
vrnav last decade


I will read more on the two suggestions you have and when I decide which will best fit Cosmo and I try it I will post the results. Thank you so much for your help, I appreciate it more then you know.

Mary's Kitty Korner
vrnav last decade


A good Westie breeder I know of loves Don Hamilton and swears by him. She even has phone consultation with him in New Mexico and pays a good price but feels he is amazing. I will go out this weekend and buy the book, thanks for the suggestion.

Your wrote, "I have minor feuding in my pack but no litter box problems. Keeping a night light on in the laundry room has resolved this completely."

How in the world did you get the use of a night-light to resolve litter box issues? My Maxxwell will always go outside the box but only on the bathroom floor or in the tub. He does this when his IBD acts up and when he is mad over a current foster cat. I have three litter boxes in the bathroom and one in the basement to try and help this problem but it is hit or miss sometimes with it working.

You wrote, "spray bottle of water with Rescue Remedy"

Good idea as the straight RR in water to drink seems to not be enough.

Your wrote, "Teach yourself T-Touch (short for Tellington Touch) "

Funny you should mention that because my canine behaviorist for my youngest Dane uses that method on him and it works wonders, as he is a nervous Dane by nature. My other Dane is a retired Police Dog and a brut for a girl.
vrnav last decade

To Passkey: You wrote,"Nat mur high say 10m will often help this problem ."

Have you used this before and what results have you had?
vrnav last decade

What are the differences in 30c-

I have only used Sulfur 30c as told by the Homeopath for Joshua and his IBD. I have no honest idea what the differences in the dose with numbers are.

vrnav last decade

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