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Going off effexor- withdrawls

I am trying to go off effexor. If I had any clue that this is the difficulty I was going to face, I would never of gone on it. I was on 75mg and went down to 37.5 for 3 weeks. My Dr told me to try Wellbutrin XL. The first day, I was flat on my back, day 3 in the hospital with dehydration. I have a horrific headache, brain zaps and very sick to my stomach. What can I do to get through this and still be a mom and wife. How long do these symptoms last... I don't want to go back on it and reduce the levels just to prolong the withdrawals. If I new that it only takes a few days, I could manage. Any suggestions?? Thanks...
  teachmom on 2005-02-13
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I do not have much to tell you to give you comfort. The stories for any withdrawal condition is all individual. Some easier than others.

If you go to the bottom of the posting page, there is a list of past postings. There was one about 3 ago that was full of those trying to get off of meds. If you read them there will be several remedies suggested to try to help you get through this.

Begin asking around where you live. Call hypnotherapists, oriental doctors, health food stores, try to find someone that is certified in NLP. There is a simple non-evasive method they use that is quite calming. You are not put in trance and they do not touch you. Very safe.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Thanks for your advice. I had a rough evening last night and called the Dr on call. She said " I am at the end of the withdrawals." It has only been 6 days, I believe in miracles so I pray that this is so. But reading all the posts makes me wonder why most people are feeling crappy for so many weeks, months. I am taking Clariton D and some prescribed anti nausousesness (spelling) medicine, plus my vitamins Thanks Again, Teachmom
teachmom last decade
People tend to feel crappy because they haven't been taught to look for better ways to feel. We have choices and most do not relize or believe this.

You sound positive and I suggest that this will help you achieve your goals.

Stand in front of your mirror and say good things about yourself. Be true to yourself and stop the guilt. Never spend another moment of your life on guilt and shame as a woman. It is a lie!

Love who you are as if you have found a best friend. And you have!! Would you be good to another that has troubles?? Then be as good to yourself!!

Get some homeopathic CARBO VEG 200X and take every so often (twice daily if needed) to settle tummy and give you strength to continue to your goal.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Thanks. I went to the Dr today to discuss my withdrawals and he said that he has been prescribing this medicine for 10 years and the longest it should take to get through the withdrawals is 3 days.... Smile. I printed off a bunch of info and gave it to him to show him I am not crazy that I do feel this way. He was very kind and took the info. He told me maybe I should try Buspar. I don't need to be on anything like this poisen again. With God's help, I will get through this.... Thanks...
teachmom last decade
Why were you using it? Maybe we can help? Be very descriptive. Make spaces so it is easier to read.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
I don't need it... I complained about gaining weight and being irritable all the time. He put me on it as it is suppose to be the #1 weight loss pill. Smile... 15 pounds heavier... I found out that I am perimenapausal and once I found out that I went on natural prog and natural estrogen.. Not depressed just menapausal. Today has been the best day yet.... Smile.... Thanks...
teachmom last decade
I am on day 3 of effexor withdrawl, after tapering down my doze and following my doc orders, he said i wouldn't have any withdrawl symptoms doing it this way, but i feel like I am going to die, I have 3 children who need me, yet i am snapping at them, I have a fiance, who is trying to be supportive, we are planning a wedding in June, but i look at him with rage from no where, i want to hate him, is there any relief from this nightmare, how can i make my head feel normal again? Reading others experiences does help not to feel so alone, however i still feel alone, how do i get those around me to understand the pure hell my body and especially my head as i have now learned are referred to as "brain zaps" re, can they ever imagine how bad this feels? Please help even me to understand this nightmare?
SandraH last decade
i am on day 12 and the sick feeling in my stomach has gotten better, i can at least eat.. without getting sick. however, the brain zaps and horrific headache are still there. i hope that goes away... taking benadryl sinus or clariton d has helped some. i have to really work on not screaming my head off and focus on positive things. trusting god and praying have helped me get through this......
teachmom last decade
I know what it means to pray for relief and god willing we get through this, I have not stopped praying since these withdrawls started! My concern is not just going through it but how long it will last for and how much everyone around me has to suffer! You say you are on day 12 and you are still experiencing symptons, my finace thinks it should all be gone in about 10 days or even after this weekend, but everyday is the same so far without any relief, I am taking Benadryl but i still feel the same with it or without it. Good luck, my prayers are with all of us going through this, who knew when we started this that it would ever be so awful to get off of it, I never did the research prior to starting it, perhaps if i did, i would never have started this.
SandraH last decade
Ladies, I suggest, from your descriptions, that you get some NUX VOMICA 30X or less X, and take 3 doses per day for a week. Sorry I did not suggest this before.

It is for very irritable and headache remedy. Actually, it takes care of a lot of sym.

The thing about Nux is that it counteracts a poison condition in the body. It may help you complete your program.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Thanks Sabra,
Where do you get this, and is this habit forming? I am so afraid of replacing one drug with another one. If i could get relief from the dizziness and feel i can even walk around my house with ease would be a blessing! Thanks for your help,
God Bless
SandraH last decade
I agree, I don't want to get on anything else... However, it is natural, I may consider it. I was dizzy all day yesterday. Today, I am not so bad, but the headache is there. Thanks...
teachmom last decade
Hi teachmom,
So you are still suffering too, is there anything you take for relief, I feel i can barely function for feeling so dizzy and so sick, my finace to a call into my doc today and he is prescribing me 5 days of prozac, not really the answer i wanted, he also said this was very rare what i was experiencing, but from reading others experiences i know that its not true, it made me feel like i was just imagining all this, yet its the worst feeling in the world, and its just non stop!
I hope you feel better soon...
SandraH last decade
I take benadryl sinus or clariton D. This really helps, but my husband just said, I should stay on this stuff. However, if I don't I can't function. I had to print off testimonies for my Dr to show him, I am not losing my mind... that I do still have withdrawals. He tried to get me on Buspar or Wellbutrin, I refused. Never again, will I go on anything that would make me feel this sick just going off it. Makes me wonder what it was doing to me while I was on it. I actually have more energy ( when I am not dizzy)....
teachmom last decade
Nux Vomica is a homeopathic remedy. I explained it's uses above.

Far better than Benadryl or Clariton. They both have a chemical ingriedient that is harmful.

Homeopathy is absolutly NOT habit forming. I raised 3 boys on it.

You are on a public homeopathic forum. Most remedies do not require prescriptions. The AMA who doesn't believe H. works and is only folklore has decided to make some have presc.

ABC Forum sells homeopathic remedies online. If you wish, order 1M potency and take one dose (3balls) each day for 3-4 days.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
I am aware that I changed my potency and dosage. Sabra
sabra last decade
Hi Sabra,
After reading your post and again reading about the NUX, I thought it looked familiar, and my fiance had brought me some home yesterday to help (he is a paramedic) and i have taken them since yesterday and i have not yet noticed much relief but perhaps its just too soon, i am only on day 4 of my withdrawl, my fiance picked up my script, i gave in and took the 10mg of prozac, the doc has only given me 5 pills, supposedly this will help me through the rest of the withdrawl, I am hopeing by tomorrow i will start to feel better, i have been in bed all weekend and need to be a functioning mom tomorrow for my 3 children (aged 6 thru 9) Its bothering me that i might still feel too sick to be there for them right now, I will let you know if i feel the NUX is working, how long should i continue taking it? Any advice is welcomed, its truly a horrible feeling!!
SandraH last decade
How are you going to know if it is the prozac or Nux that is working?? I have caught a terrible cold ontop of the withdrawals and having strep and the flu all within the last 2 weeks. I am going to call the health store for the Nux.... Are you able to sleep at night??? I am having a horrible time getting to sleep.... Praying for a better day....
teachmom last decade
Your right i will not know if its the NUX thats working or the prozac, but I still don't feel much better right now, still sick to my stomach and dizzy, the only reluef i feel is in the "brain zaps" i would say they are not as bad this morning, however i cannot sleep either, so i have been taking ambien at night, that usually helps me but last night i was awake every hour and that was with the ambien. I believe in my heart that the only thing that will really help is time, and its just not going by quick enough! I can't imagine getting the flu on top of this, it already feels like i have the flu!! Have you noticed mood swings? Is it bad? I feel terrible anger, I just yell at my finace all the time, I have put him through hell and I can't seem to stop, he's understanding but then he gets upset and strts to yell back at me, then i just get angrier and then i just want him to stay away from me, I hate doing this to us and to him but it feels so out of my control. My children will be home from school soon, they were with their dd this weekend and I am terrified that i won't have the patience to make their snack and do their homework etc I don't want them to see mommy is sick or angry, can I be brave and put on a smiley face for them? I keep telling myself to just get over it, get on with your life, be happy, stop complaining, my fiance wants to call my doc again, but i don't want that because i know he does not understand what i am going through and thinks its all in my head anyway, sorry I am just having a rough day, a rough start, my finace is mad at me for being so moody with him, I just want to crawl in a hole!! AARGH!!! I hope the NUX works for you, from what i have read it should help, but i have only used it for a few dys so perhaps i will feel the effects soon, I don't take another prozac until tonight, ambien is a good choice for sleep, it usually works for me and i don't feel addicted to it and don't usually feel any side effects from it either, it works very quickly which is what I like about it. I hope it gets better for both of us soon, and just like it helps me to know i am not alone, i hope it helps you too, I am suffering right here nalong with you! Not too mention i feel like i am watching my relationship fall apart on top of it and it makes me very sad and completely helpless, and worst of all angry!!! Oh well, tomorrow is always another day! LOL How are your relationships with your family, can you control your emotions? If so any tips on that one??? Try to have a good day, and i pray you feel better soon, hang in there....
SandraH last decade
I've been on Effexor for several years, and began tapering off a few months ago. I went from 150 to 112.5 to 75 with no problems. Hit a rough spot at 37.5 with sadness/depression - but there's a lot going on in my life. Still, I'm determined to go off, and after a few weeks at 37.5, I alternated a day on and a day off for a few days, and I've been totally off for just over a week now.
I can handle the emotional part, but my head feels like it's stuffed with cotton and I get dizzy. My stomach feels wierd - either nausea or hunger, sometimes I can't tell which.
Does anyone have any idea how long it takes to really cleanse yourself of this stuff? I can deal with the symptoms better if I know there's a real prospect of it ending at some point.
I feel like I've really poisoned my system and I want to get 'clean.'
kirky last decade
My gosh, I feel like I will never feel well again. I've been tapering off effexor for a few weeks due to the sinusitis/vertigo/nausea/diarrhea.

I even dumped out most off what was in my 37.5mg capsules so as not to feel any worse from withdrawl as I tapered down. Today is the second day completely off the drug & I feel like i'm gonna die. Stomach pain, dizziness,(thumping in the head/ears) diarrhea, etc.

My sinuses have been hell since I started effexor, though it took my a few months to connect the two, it being winter & all. I have an awful smell in my nose that won't go away & I refuse to take anymore antibiotics for it. I'm waiting to see a specialist regarding surgery for my sinuses.

I have been telling every one how awful this drug is, and my psychiatrist brushes off my side effects as though I'm making them up. He scoffed at the sinusitis until I insisted he look it up. (jerk) I will never go back to him either.

Never ever take effexor. Ever.
mearie last decade
I just want to give an update on my condition. I've been off Effexor for almost four months. Because of the sinusitus I suffered from the drug, I could not rid myself of the constant sinus infections. I now have total blockage of my right sinus & have to go in to have it surgically drained.
I know of another Lady who went through the same thing as me, with the blocked sinus, who had just been on effexor as well. Now I am curious to find out how many others have suffered this as well.
mearie last decade
I'm so glad I found these postings! I too have had sinus difficulties since starting the drug and lots of bad side effects. I am also beginning to try to slowly taper off my 75 mg. When I try to get off it my relationships are strained and my emotions are all over the place so I totally identify with your posts.
sage319 last decade
Its all in the mind.
saltOftheEarth last decade
Hello out there. This is my first time. I am in the process of going off of effexor xl for the second time. I went off it the first time a few weeks ago and found the withdrawls too much to deal with. When I went back on it I broke out in hives. I am on prednisone and welbutrin and allegra. I think the steroids may be helping the withdrawls this time as I only have the shakes in my hands a bit. It is day 5.
jenny4 last decade

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