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Pilonidal cyst & Mr. Pankaj Varma's treament - starting

Hope Mr. Pankaj sees this. I read through all the posts here and am starting the recommended treatment tomorrow morning.

Will continue to report progress in any case so others can benefit either way.

I was operated for pilonidal cyst 19 years ago and though was reasonably free of the problem for 18 years barring some pain when sitting for very long hours, last year I started developing serious pain when sitting. I thought it might have something to do with an external wound where I had been operated. About 2 months later, I noticed a discharge - it comes whenever I put some serious strain on the area while sitting, not otherwise. At first, I thought that I could not have the cyst since it was operated and taken out 18 years ago. Now reading the forums here, I gather that tendency to form pus can cause it to recur. My assessment is that I have a recurrence but comparitively minor as compared to 19 years ago, when the hole was quite big and symptoms were also very severe.

Praying tonight and about to start the treatment cycle with Myristica tomorrow morning...will post progress.
  shankar_ramani on 2009-09-02
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Yes Shanker Ramani..I will be watching your posts.

Give me more details...age , M/F.

Current state of mental and emotional health etc.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Dear Mr. Pankaj,
Thank you so much for your kind attention.

Posting my details
Age - 37
Residing in USA
Operated in 1990 for pilonidal cyst in Chennai, surgeon removed large cyst and closed hole.

Been mostly healthy since then, except for long flights when I experienced pain, but would go away a few mins after I got up and started walking.

Pain resurfaced in December 2008 more intensely when I put on a lot of weight, I suspect now that I may have applied intense pressure on a minor cyst that was maybe dormant somewhat. Or excessive weight suddenly triggered internal pus accummulation.

Since then have not been able to sit for more than 10 mins. Since March till now, I lost 40 pounds of weight through exercise and dieting and hence in much better situation, able to manage sitting for 2 hours without directly applying pressure on the area.

Have had 3 instances of minor discharge since December that I know of, all three times were when I was sitting in a cramped airline / car seat for a long time and it was somewhat stuffy / hot weather.

Otherwise, mostly normal physically, emotionally and mentally. Physically doing a lot of exercise to reduce weight. Healthy physically but realized that I had excess fat content, have brought it down from 40% body fat to 30%. No other health problems - usually don't get headaches or fevers. Used to get throat infection, dry cough often, now get it once in 2 years. Good hearty food eater. Never smoked or had alcoholic drinks every in life.

Mentally - quite mature and capable of taking lot of stress at work or in personal life. Outstanding career and high achiever.

Emotionally very sensitive - am a semi-professional singer, what is a necessary asset in producing deep soul stirring music is also a disadvantage many times - tend to be more sensitive than usual, for the most part hold feelings to myself only because I don't like troubling others around me. Will absorb hurts / insults quietly - have been doing spiritual meditation for 15 years that has helped me become a lot more stable emotionally and dismiss minor issues and move on. But nothing that is outwardly serious - seen as an enterprising, motivating leader in my organization - have shaped careers of several people that still remember me. Have helped lots of people and strangers in life, held in high regard.

Others - sweat a lot, unusually high, drink a lot of water, like cool, pleasant weather. Love drinking water or yogurt or juice just below room temperature. Coffee drinker. Have lots of energy and if working on something important, can draw upon lot of energy, sleep for a few hours and get back to work. Work very intensely on any work I take up - often results in increased body heat. Have to take cool oil head baths often. In the recent 3 months, have increased sleep to 7-8 hours due to intense fitness regimen, but otherwise used to sleep 6 hours or so and was more mentally active than normal. Used to wake up early but now somewhat late after being tired somewhat from working out.

Spiritually quite deeply involved.

That's most of my personality, hope it helps.

Right now the pain is mild but always present and ready to aggravate under pressure. Even as I lost weight, pain never went away fully and always resurfaced when pressure was applied. Seems very much like there is some internal abcess.

Am starting the Myristica 200C dose thrice tomorrow morning in gaps of half hour before I brush or eat anything. Won't have coffee / garlic right through the treatment cycle.

Will wait for pus to discharge or drain. Not entirely sure if I have a cyst or how big it is, my hunch is that it should be somewhat minor since the level of discharge is nowhere near what it used to be in 1990, hardly traceable in fact and only under intense pressure.

Thanks again, much appreciated.
shankar_ramani last decade
Dear Mr. Pankaj,

It is about two and half days since my 3 doses of Myristica, nothing yet has happened. Guess I should wait for a week.

The pain in the area when sitting continues to remain with somewhat same intensity as it has been all these months, but reducing only due to less pressure applied due to my reduced weight.

The area looks clean as well as of now, no red spots nor any discharge.

Please advise if anything else needs to be taken while I am waiting for myristica to take effect.

shankar_ramani last decade
just wait another 3/4 days and result will come..
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Mr. Pankaj,
No change yet. Area appears clean, no discharge.

Yet, I continue to experience pain as I did today when sitting in a meeting for 4 hours. It is like a shooting pain that gets more intense as time passes by.

But right after, once I stop putting pressure on the spot, pain goes away.

So, no doubt that something inside is wrong that is not visible on the surface, but still waiting to get it out.

My wife has used homeopathy since childhood and she mentioned how the use of Myristica had helped bring the pus on a wound on her hand onto the surface several years ago, so there's no doubt that it is supposed to work.

What is your advice please? Another dose perhaps or higher potency?

Thank you for attention,
shankar_ramani last decade
Next three days ...take Myristica 200...one dose every morning on empty stomach

....from 2 pm onwards two doses of Belladona 200 evenly spaced time

(for taking away pain)

Keep Calendula cream ready..to be applied externally when pus begins to come out.

Take usual precautions...no coffee, garlic, alcholic drinks, perfumes , camphor fumes etc.

No eating / drinking water,tea, cold drinks ...for 1/2 hour after taking med.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Thank you so much.

I wasn't aware of the camphor fumes, I do have a tendency to get exposed to this twice a week, so I'll be careful this time around.

Will post progress after 3 days.

shankar_ramani last decade
ok !
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
I took Myristica Seb 200C for three days in a row as advised on an empty stomach.

Also followed instructions - no coffee, garlic, perfumes or any strong smell or food with strong smell.

No draining yet. Pain continues to be there when sitting, not otherwise.

The area is clean though on the surface.

No doubt that I have a problem internally - cyst and / or additional unwanted material - please advise what I can do now to bring this out to the surface. Seems like my body constitution is somewhat different or my cyst somewhat more stubborn than normal that the usual dose of Myristica is unable to break it.

Thank you for your persistence and kind attention.

shankar_ramani last decade
Pl. go to the physician and check that you really have a pilonidal cyst/sinus. He will physically examine you and give his verdict.

Give me name ,address and phone no of physician...will speak to him for first hand info of your case.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
To reiterate the sequence of events -

I started having lot of pain starting December 2008.

Had my first flare up and minor discharge in March 2009 due to a weekend of flight traveling and intense pressure.

I immediately visited a physician. He did an examination and told me that there was no sinus tract there, in fact could not detect anything at all.

This was despite the fact that I had a flare up and minor discharge a few days prior to visiting him.

There was a red spot / scar there that my family member examining me found, but a couple of days later, when I went to the doctor, it probably was not there.

Since then, I have had two more flare-ups and minor discharge and that was last month, one week apart. This again was due to long flight travel plus a long drive.

After that the area has been very clean and no external symptoms.

Even now, no pain when I am not sitting, but when I sit for long hours, pain starts increasing intensity.

Finally, as I had mentioned, I had my cyst removed through operation 18 years ago, so I too am not sure that I have a major cyst but it seems like I have all the signs of a cyst recurrence.

Do you still recommend another visit to the physician (I somehow feel that he is likely to give the same observation again) or maybe to a different type of doctor?

Thank you for your assistance.
shankar_ramani last decade
Pl. visit another doc and confirm the exact nature of the ailment.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Mr. Pankaj,
Your advice is much appreciated.

I visited the physician today and got more insights into my problem. He is also very open and ready to talk to you to explain the exact situation.

Here was his summary of my situation -
I do have a tiny pinhole there but there is no infection.

He also described the difference between a pilonidal sinus and fistula and right now it is pilonidal sinus for me with a very small pinhole.

When I put pressure while sitting, the hole / opening gets inflamed and that is the reason for the pain - less the pressure, less the pain and therefore any chances of inflammation.

As such as long as I keep the area free of infection and don't have too many unmanageable symptoms, the pinhole continues to exist without causing any trouble - once it goes beyond reasonable or bearable symptoms, surgery is the only way - of course, that is as per his philosophy of medicine.

To me, this also explains why over the years, I always felt the pain in the area when sitting for long hours. It aggravated last December only because I put on extreme amount of weight and subjected it to intense pressure. Since then pain has always been more than what it has been over the years, but over the last 3 months, has reduced due to reduction in weight.

Trust I have explained enough.

What I am now hoping is some kind of a long term and gradual improvement of the situation while I continue to reduce my weight and take care to keep the area free of infection. Sounds like asking for a miracle, but your vast experience with homeopathy and this problem gives me some hope and optimism.

He said that he is available to talk any time.

Here are his details -

Dr. Kamal K. Patel,

Again, can't thank you enough for your selfless efforts. Hope to hear back from you soon and also hoping that this thread serves to be useful to many others in my situation.

Best Regards,
shankar_ramani last decade
Yes Shankar, my assessment was right. There wasn't pus in it.

Take Belladona 200 ...two doses in gap of one hour when ever the pain is felt.

Gradually, you will see the pain disappear and there will be no inflammation.

The pin hole is due to the impact of pilonidal sinus in the past. Apply some Aloe Vera jelly to it externally. Chances are the pin hole will also fill up.

(Yes fistula ano is at a lower down spot..near the anus).

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Thank you so much.

I will take Belladona 200 prior to and during any long hours of sitting that is needed - these are situations that cause maximum pain.

Will start Aloe vera jelly right away.

Couple of questions -
1. Curious to know from other posts if applying Calendula externally will help in healing the wound (don't know if there is one there, but I think some type of fissure exists that is causing the pain anyway) - let me know your view on this or if aloe vera jelly alone will do the job. Will there be a conflict if I use both?

Two, do you recommend any long term healing / cure to prevent flaring up of the area or the sinus - I've had three flare ups and some minor discharge in the last 6-8 months due to long hours of sitting in cramped positions, although to my knowledge, I never had any flare ups in the last 18 years post surgery. I would really like to go back to that stage where I can live without flare ups even if there is occasional pain. I now think and am fairly certain that the discharge is not pus, rather a foul smelling liquid that is typical of pilonidal sinus problems I read about on other websites.

Will post progress after a while after trying out Aloe vera jelly.

Lastly for your kind help, please allow me to get you a good stock of good homeopathy medicines from Chennai if you are in the habit of stocking up on them from India. I saw in other posts that you visit Chennai and I visit there every year. So, if at all you would like to refresh your supply of medicines, I will be more than just glad to help with this. Please do send me an email whenever you like - I always visit there in December every year for 3 weeks.

Thanks again,
shankar_ramani last decade
Thank you Shanker ...it is a fine gesture...if I need anything will let you know.

At the moment everything is hunky dory.
Yes ..Chennai I have relatives staying..so I visit once in a while. Also other places in South India like Bangalore, Puttaparthi (abode of Sathya Sai Baba).

There is no harm in applying Calendula and aloe vera jelly together externally.

Let the pain go away, will guide you towards more improvement in your health...and non recurrence of pilonidal sinus. Some job will be done by Belladona too.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Typically, pilonidal sinus exudation is pus and blood mixed together...has foul smell.
PANKAJ VARMA last decade

Even as we were concluding that nothing much was needed for curing the cyst / infection, it appears that the Myristica doses are actually causing some action.

My last Myristica dose was on Sunday morning. I visited the physician on Monday afternoon and concluded too soon perhaps that there was no infection. Starting Monday night and until yesterday (including today as well), I am noticing that the area is inflamed and feels very hot. In addition, there is a pink spot like a scab. There has also been some minor discharge - this time I never put any pressure or strain, so all these symptoms likely point to Myristica taking effect.

In particular, I have been experiencing sort of a burning tendency there and it feels unusually hot there unlike ever before, though not much pain like the one I experience when sitting for long hours.

During these 2-3 days I have been using Belladona and Calendula as per our earlier discussion.

The only doubt that I have is that all this may be due to application of Calendula but seems unlikely.

Given this, do you recommend the usual cycle of medicines per your earlier posts

1. Start with Silicea 200 C, Calcarea Sulph 200 C and take for a month.

2. Try alternate days of Hepar Sulph and Silicea if necessary (seems like I might be a Hepar Sulph person)

3. Take Belladona for pain and apply Calendula for a few days

It is 48 hours since all this started, so shall I start today with these?

Also, am planning to take this cycle of medicines for next 1-2 months.

Please advise.

Thank you, as always
shankar_ramani last decade
The way you have described, there appears to be some pus lodged below the skin surface.

...don't disturb the working of Myristica for another 48 hours...one dose works for a week ...most times.

After that start taking Silicea in low potency like...6c or 30X (preferably not 30c)...this will expel the pus.

Take Calcarea Sulph 6x ...four times a day...four pills each time.

Belladona 200 one or two doses in gap of one hour when pain occurs.

Silica 200 ...wait till the last...it is meant to dry up the area. Don't start this until I ask you to do so.

Apply Calendula cream and aloe vera jelly alternately...external.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
om sai ram !!
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Thank you very much.

Will do this and report progress.

Best Regards,
shankar_ramani last decade

Have been taking the medicines, the area is now clean as it has been for the most part.

However, the pain continues to exist as it has all these years and grows severe with longer duration of sitting.

Over the last two days I had to be in day long meetings and the pain was very intense.

But, the moment, I stand up and walk around, in 5 mins. I am as normal as ever. So while the infection and inflammation is only occasional and by now further reduced by homeopathic medicines, I suspect that the hole that exists continues to pose a problem especially when sitting.

For the last year, it has been at its worst and continues to be so regardless of infection and inflammation which have surfaced mildly on an occasional basis.

Not sure if in your experience, others with this problem also experienced pain without infection or inflammation and also if people with this ailment found that the hole closed after a while or the wound healed over time.

So, am still deliberating on whether I have two separate problems instead of one, somewhat connected with each other. It is true that I have had inflammation and flare ups only in the last year since the pain when sitting grew unbearable, but not sure if something else is needed to adjust the hole or cure the wound.

My understanding is also that the prescribed homeopathic medicines tend to cure the infection (after dissloving the cyst of course, if one exists) and cure permanently the tendency to form pus underneath - do you think I need a physical examination by a surgeon for the other problem or do you think the two are one and same and will get cured together?

I am happy to wait and give time for it to cure, just that the pain is so unbearable when I put pressure on it that I worry about ignoring some other skin misalignment in the area and only treating it for inflammation and infection.

Your opinion, views and attention much appreciated as always.

The burning sensation, discharge has reduced significantly or even been eliminated, thanks for the suggestions so far.

Have also started using aloe vera jelly.
shankar_ramani last decade
Wanted to just add that yesterday the pain was extremely intense almost to the point of causing me to feel dizzy until I stood up and started walking around - just so you have a reference for what I am talking about.

Again, pain goes right down to zero once I stand up or am walking or moving around.
shankar_ramani last decade
You can expect another tunnel of pus to open up on the skin surface...it will start pushing out pus.

When pain comes..take Belladona 200 ... 2 or 3 doses at intervals of half hour..(depending upon intensity of the pain).

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Dear Pankaj-ji
I have been taking the prescribed medicines. The area has been completely clean for a week now. Pain exists but when I sit or put pressure on it for long hours, otherwise, there is no presence of infection of any kind.

I think it may be time to take long term treatment to prevent pus formation or inflammation.

Do you suggest Silicea 200 / Hepar Sulph - something I can take to prevent inflammation on an ongoing basis?

Thank you for your assistance.
shankar_ramani last decade

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