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Dr. Sameer - sun allergy, skin discoloration, and many moles

Dear Dr. Sameer,
I would be very thankful if you can take up my case.
From this summer since july 2009, I have developed sun allergy, I get rashes after sun exposure(just few mins) and itchiness on lips and around the mouth, and on arms. After rashes clear up in a week, it leaves discoloration on my skin. I have now discoloration around the mouth, and on arms, more on left side.
I have also developed Mango allergy during same time. My lips get swollen after eating mangoes, or drinking mango juices.
I have many dark black moles on my skin, mostly raised. Almost 10 on my face & neck. Let me know if you need pictures. Most of my moles were flat before pregnancy, but raised during and stayed like that since then. I feel that i keep getting some new moles too, they start very tiny, but start to grow very slowly.
I feel bloated mostly. I burp and pass lot of gas in the bed while turning sides. I stand on acupressure board sometimes in the mornings, and I burp non-stop while doing that.
I am 5' 1', and weighs 117 pounds. I was never over weight.

Will you have time to take up this case? You are already handling my daughter's case, and I am very thankful for it.

  to_be_cured on 2009-09-09
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Talk about your mental state more.
sameervermani last decade
Dear Sameer,
Thanks for taking up the case. Here's a lot more detail, and would wait to hear back from you.

-shy, very rarely express myself, introvert.
-its hard for me to get ready in time to go anywhere, always getting late, i can rarely preapare things a day before like clothes, snacks etc.., instead i always prepare a list of things that needs to be taken, always have grocery list
-finding faults with others as well as myself
-i eat very neatly, use as many spoons as dishes, don't like to mix spoons, keep my hands very neat. always check my food before eating that it doesn't have any unfamiliar pieces, stones, or hair in it.
- I like to take long baths, but just out of laziness might skip a day if not going out, or if no one is coming at home.
-poor connection with friends. stay connected with only local people, once they move away I get back in touch once or twice, after that it slowly starts to fade.
-can't tolerate hunger, need food right away or i'll be irritable, and it will turn in to a stomach ache soon, with gas problem, bloatedness and headache on back of the head left side.
-very helpful to others, will always help if I know. never hide any information if its beneficial to others. I can never tell lies, just don't feel good about doing that. I can rarely say no to others. I don't like when anyone wants to use my personal
things like clothes, shoes, laptop, if asked I'll never say no, but i'll keep feeling irritated inside, but will never show it on face. I never use words to hurt others, if they hurt me I don't reply back. I just go in to a silent mode.
-I think I have a fear of people, i feel very nervous to talk to new people, even on phone. Before exams, specially oral exams, I used to vomit before going, and would not be able to eat anything before going.
-i like it when someone hugs me, but i don't like any other kind of touch, i get irritable if it was an unexpected touch, I am
very ticklish also. when i was a kid, i didn't like when my brother would hold my wrist tight.
-overly smiling, I don't find this normal, I can't control it either even if i try.
-favorite pass time, playing puzzels, anything to challenge my mind, sudoku, rubix cube, I used to be very good at math at school/college. Teachers would always tell me to help out other kids in class for math. On the contrary, In other subjects it
was very hard for me to pay attention, e.g if kids are reading a book loud, and we were supposed to focus & listen, and continue from there when its my turn, I would never know where did the other kid finished, may be I was always day-dreaming.

I think I have a very weak memory, i could never cram while in school, and always had bad scores. I have been punished a lot at school in childhood.
I had very good hand-writing, and won best writing awards at school many years.
like to be perfect in anything i touch. If its not challenging I don't even like to touch. I am not interested in easy things. I can handle multiple projects at same time. My performance at work is very much appreciated.
good sense of humor but not good at the way of saying it, very low talker, people have hard time listen to my low voice. very nervous in going to meetings where new people are coming in, and if i have to talk in there, i have shaky voice, and heart beats very fast, and can be seen on my shirt pumping up & down. I am very sweaty also then.
I play with my hair a lot just keep stretching them or breaking the ends.
very consciuos of myself, specailly with words, I always feel I don't know enough to talk about it, or fear of making mistakes while talking. Its hard for me to start conversation. Only talk when I know about the topic in detail. once i know
other people well, and the topic of discussion well, i feel confident,
-cleaning, I clean one area thoroughly, and leave others areas messy, will start it only if i have enough time to clean it completely, when i take out the things that don't belong in that corner I just leave them there.
-I can not wear anything noticable. I prefer simple colors and average looking clothes. At work I wear very regular polo t-shirts with jeans.
-I am not attcached much emotionally with my parents & siblings, i remember mostly about my mom yelling at me. I don't remember if she ever encouraged me in anything. She always used to yell at my dad too. I didn't even cry while leaving home at my marriage.
-I got braces on my teeth this april, i was always very consciuos about my teeth, and would have bad dreams about my teeth a lot, but after i got braces I don't get those dreams any more. i guess that my allergies started after getting braces. I think having metal in my mouth 24/7 might have changed something. I feel very nervous to go to my ortho adjustments, specially if i have a question to ask.

Physical (some more)-
during winter in india, i always used to get swollen & itchy toes, would not be able to wear socks.
That didn't happen after coming to US.
- I have dark eye circles
- I have dry cracked lips, skin peels from lips after sun exposure
- very sensitive to smell, can't tolerate perfumes, get headaches & slight cold/cough if its stronger
- after eyebrows and upper lips threading, i keep getting pimples & rashes for almost a week on my face. Other than moles I have clear face. But now have some discoloration. there is no hair growth on discolored skin.
-I had taken Sulphur 200C one month ago. That time my rashes were getting worse because of shower & heat while cooking. It got better with Sulphur, But new rashes because of sun exposure keep coming back.

to_be_cured last decade
forgot to list my fears -
-fear of snakes and lizards
-fear of my child being there in bed in morning, have not been taken away thru the window while I was sleeping.
-fear of seeing some dead person in bath tub, built that from seeing that in movies may be
-general fear of new unknown people
to_be_cured last decade
Hi Pooja,

You can take the same doses of Lachesis 30c as your daughter.

Report after 2 weeks.
sameervermani last decade
Dear Dr. Sameer,

This is just to let you know that I had taken Lachesis 3 doses yesterday, and I'll report to you in 2 weeks. I am used to drinking tea, quitting that is really hard. Do you think 2 cups a day is OK?

Thank you so much.
to_be_cured last decade
reduce it as much as possible. 1 cup a day is ok.
sameervermani last decade
Dear Dr. Sameer,

Here's my 2 week update after Lachesis.
first 4-5 days, bad headaches in full heads, some times in the late morning hours, and sometimes in the afternoon. I had a lot more flatulence the same evening i took Lachesis. But from next day not much flatulence but I felt too gassy, stomach feelt so full, bigger & bloated. It was very uncomfortable.
no change in existing moles, i m seeing some new very tiny moles all over my skin.
No change in skin discoloration. I have it on my arms & face, got this after sunburn healed. The discolored skin feels very smooth & soft.
left side lip tearing on the corner, but became fine in 2 days
lips very dry & keep peeling
no change in anger, still getting angry easily
Almost 2 years back I had small warts on left foot, but it went away with wart remover & regular acupressure. I have corn on left foot still. I had it on right but it went away with corn cap bandages. On the left foot the corn keeps coming back.
I am still very sensitive to touch, don't like it at all.
No desire to have sex, do it only if my husband wants it badly. it has been like that from last few years.
I had dental appointments for me & my kids, and I was very nervous to go meet the people there. That morning I had shaky hands just with the thought of going there. I already mention that I keep finding faults with others, and if i don't like some thing about some friend, i don't like to stay in touch with them anymore, unless they are neighbors. My husband is very helpful, instead of appreciating, I'll find faults in the things he has done for me and the family, I'll find faults and tell him sarcastically. I hate doing that but can't control then.
I have been a little more forgetful lately.

Let me know if you have questions.
Thanks a lot for your efforts.

to_be_cured last decade
So, absolutely no change in your mental condition ?
sameervermani last decade
Hi Sameer,

I didn't feel any change in my mental condition.
I get angry very quickly, no control, specially at home, when my kids don't listen.
still very sensitive to touch.
still low talker, end of the sentences are mumbled.
I am not very good in finishing up the tasks I start.
very nervous in meeting new people, taking new roads.
I also don't share much info about me because of the thought that they might not like me, or I might not fit in with them. I am from Northern part of India, and of my colleagues are either Americans or from Southern India. I had tried to fit in but always felt inferior that I am not able to. I am the only vegetarian in the whole group. I do have some good friends in different groups, with whom I can mostly share my feelings.
I eat chicken rarely, and like to eat egg alot, like yolks more than whites. Don't like sweets, chocolates & coffee.

Let me know if you have questions.

to_be_cured last decade
Will get back in a day or 2.
sameervermani last decade
Thanks Sameer, I can wait.

My pcp did an allergy test on me, and found that I am allergic to dust, cockroaches and maple trees. I also have mango allergy.

If you have any doubts feel free to ask any questions. I had my periods started today, will update how it went. I have regular 26 day cycle.

I am not much affected by any weather changes. I like rain. If its too hot & too sunny, i get headaches. Headbaths(shower on head) are very soothing for me when i have headaches.

I like to press my stomach, because it helps me burp & the gas comes out.

That's all I can think of for now. My sunsign is Gemini, if that matters.

to_be_cured last decade
Please take 3 doses of LYCOPODIUM 30, and report in 1 week.

1 dose = 2 pellets dissolved on the tongue.
sameervermani last decade
Thanks Sameer. I got Lycopodium today. Most likely I'll start tomorrow, and report you in a week.

I appreciate all the time you put in to it.

to_be_cured last decade
Dear Dr. Sameer,

I took Lycopodium last monday, a week before, and here's the update -

There has been improvement in teh skin, like discoloration has reduced on arms & face. Also i had a couple of bran like patches on hands & arms, a lot of improvement in that.
My headaches have completely gone, I started getting a lot of full headaches since I took lachesis.
Dryness on the skin is better, lips feel less dry, slight improvement in dark eye circles too.
Stomach - No change in flatulence, I still get it mostly during the night time. Stomach pain & bloatedness was there 2-3 days in the beginning, spread over the back too with some pain, but that went by thursday. It still bloated but not painful or bothersome.
Mental- I still get angry easily, but seems like I am not fuming and heavy hearted like before.
Mornings are worst for me, hate to get up from bed, feel like going to bed again. I hate to do all the morning chores, it feels like a big responsibility. I keep getting angry at kids to do things fast so we can leave in time. As soon as I step out of the house with kids in the car, I start to feel better with a sense of achievement that I could make it. Getting ready to go out is such a big deal for me.

Let me know if you have questions.
As always thanks a lot for your efforts.
to_be_cured last decade
Dear Dr. Sameer,

Here's the 2nd week update -

I saw some improvements in my anger on some days, and it was worse on some other days. But mostly it was on the better side.
I am still nervous in meeting new people, but I was better to go for my other appointments.
I am still not at all interested in sex, and I feel bad on my husband's part when he is interested.

Other than that, its same as first week.

to_be_cured last decade
Good to know about the improvements.

Keep Lycopodium 200c at hand, and talk to me in 1 week.
sameervermani last decade
Dear Dr. Sameer,

Things are same as before. I am not getting much angry. There is some more imrovement in my skin too.
But I am still very nervous in meeting new people. I had to meet some new people this week, and I felt so much strain in my back all the time.
I still don't like to be touched.
Stomach is still bloated, slight improvement in flatulence, but not much noticable difference. No change in moles.

I got Lycopodium 200c, let me know if i need to take it.

Feel free to ask questions if you have any.
to_be_cured last decade
Okay, dissolve 2 pellets of 200c in 250 ml spring water, and take a teaspoon from there.

Report in 2 weeks.
sameervermani last decade
Dear Sameer,

It is almost 4 weeks since I took Lycopodium 200C.
First morning when I woke up, my heart was filled with so much anger for no reason, and I was feeling so much heat inside me. It was not easy to sleep in the night. First week went like this, getting angry on every little thing, lots of headaches, stomach ache and bloatedness. On both my arms I have 2 small spots of urticaria, and they got little bigger almost thrice in size, and started to ooze with watery discharge.
From second week things started to calm down. There were no more tummy aches, and no more headaches. There hasn't been much change in flatulence.
I am still finding lots of faults in others, specially my husband. I have also been very sarcastic to him, and saying some hurting one-liner remarks to him.
There has been very slight improvement in skin discolration of my face and arms. The 2 spots on my arms, there has always been a thick crust building up on it, then drys out, peels off, and new thick layer starts to develop. It feels itchy there too.
This week once my daughter was using a very strong smelling marker, and it was bothering me very much. My stomach pain started rigth after that, and it started to feel very bloated. It got better the next day, but I had to meet some body new, and my right hand was feeling very weak and very cold the whole day just with the thought of that meeting. My neck felt strained too. But after that meeting all that stress went away, and I started to feel normal again.
I wasn't overly smiling until last week, but this week that started again. It was very much in control until last week.
Some other things that have been the same as ever, I still hate to get up in morning. I still am very quiet in groups. I am not emotional towards my parents and siblings. There also I always find faults.

Let me know if you have questions.
to_be_cured last decade
Hi Pooja,

Please talk about this smiling a bit more.

Also, when you took Sulphur 200c, did you get any mental improvements from it ?

sameervermani last decade
about smiling -
I pass smile as soon as i see someone. If I hear a joke or some funny discussion, I would smile while walking alone and thinking about it. I would even smile thinking about it when I am sitting alone in my office cube. I can see that I smile more than other people around me and I don't find it normal within me. So many times I don't know what to say in a discussion and would just smile. I get very impressed by people with good sense of humor. Even when I am so angry and upset and I don't want to say any bad things to my husband, I would just smile back, may be because I am trying not to make the situation even worse. I have mostly cold wars and quiet modes with my husband. We both don't express ourselves with words much.

After taking sulphur, there were improvements in my skin. But my headaches became worse, and my gas problem increased in the beginning. Mentally I was fine, I don't remember any significant change in my mental state, and I was so new to homepathy then and I wasn't even told to look for any mental changes.
to_be_cured last decade
Also my bloatedness is back, it starts mostly around 4 in the evening. now that it is back I realized it was so much better last 3 weeks.
I also happened to see one of my closeup picture from 8 years ago, and I realized I have many new moles on my face now.
to_be_cured last decade
Hi Pooja,

Please take 3 doses of ARSENICUM ALBUM 30c, and report back in 10 days.

sameervermani last decade
Dear Sameer,
I googled over some primary features of ARSENICUM ALBUM, and I don't think its my constitution. Like, I don't feel insecure, I am dependent on my husband but the reson is more of daily responsibilties/chores, it not because I am insecure about anything. I don't think /worry about future much, I am more of kind who lives for today.
I do not think about death, and do not fear from it. I do worry about car accidents when my husband is not back home in time with kids. I do worry about car accidents of his when he is driving far away from home, but I do not worry about my own car accidents.
I throw the waste away, and do not pile up the things that I do not need.
I do not worry so much about my health or disease, i worry more about my looks and appearance, and also I worry about loosing my energy. I do not like to see when people look out of energy, sleepy, and obese.

To add more to my history-
My parents used to fight a lot. When I think of my mom, i always think of her as yelling, and never praising or encouraging me. I do not feel any emotional connection with her for this main reason. I never liked to help her in household chores, and that's the reason I still hate to do those things like dishes/laundry/folding clothes. I used to help my dad in things like pipe-fittings, assembling things. I still do those things at home like putting celing fans, curtain rods etc.. anything diffrent than daily routine. Though I am still not attached with my dad. I feel I am more of a practical person than emotional.

Let me know if you have more questions.
to_be_cured last decade
Hi Sameer,

I went thru all the remedies on the left side of this site -
thuja.html " rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank">http://homepage.ntlworld.com/homeopathy_advice/Remedies/POLY...

and find closest match with sulphur or Thuja.
Let me know what you think.
Please feel free to ask me questions if I have missed to talk about some other area.

to_be_cured last decade

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