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PCOS with absent menses 15Ovarian Mass, No Menses, PCOS Plz Help Me 27


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25 yrs old with pcos problem & no menses for 6 months plz help any homeopathic doc.

1.name ----------deepti neg
3. city--------ghaziabad-------

12.what are you doing at present.....house wife...........................
14.describe your current complain---------------
i am 25 yrs old married woman & i have pcos problem for the last 2 yrs. & my periods have stopped for the last 6 months & i have gained too much weight & my hairs are falling too much . i am on allopathic medications for the last 2 yrs. (gluconorm sr.1g & meparate 10mg) but still not getting periods .plz suggest any homeopathic medicine to cure my pcos & to make my period flow normal. my periods are absent & for my hair too plz! help!!!
what exactly is happening ?day to day i am getting depressed of this pathetic situation.

how do you feel ?before this disease i was a very healthy person & very energetic & had good looks & figure , now i feel very bad of my looks and all.

how does this affect you ?when my periods do not come i feel very bad & i get irritated too much.

how does it feel like ?i feel ver bad of my present situation when iam not getting periods at all.

. what comes to your mind ?to suicide if my conditions do not change.

. one situation that had a big effect on you ?when my mother expired in 2007' due to severe illness.(interstitial lungs disease).

. how did that feel like ?
very sad even today several times it comes to my mind like a shock of losing my mother at a very early stage.
. what sensation do you experience in that situation ?to cry madly.

. what are you showing by that gesture of your hand.(habits or action) ?grief.

15.describe your past complain/any surgery-no
16.write your pathological report (blood test ultra sonography / mir/ x-ray, if any (optional) if any.-----right ovary reveals a follicle measuring 1.6x1.46 cms in size & multiple tiny cyst are seen arranged at periphery with abundant stroma, suggestive of pcod.---------..
17.high blood pressure continue from and current b.p.----120/80-----------
18.if any heart disease no.
19 name of medicine using currently---gluconorm sr1g, & meperate10mg----
20.if diabetic patient/name of medicine------no---------
21.insulin dependent/doses----no-----------
22.detail about operation/surgery if any -----no----------
23.thyroid problem if any t3/t4/tsh----not having.-----------
a any gynecology problem (write in detail) ------.-----right ovary reveals a follicle measuring 1.6x1.46 cms in size & multiple tiny cyst are seen arranged at periphery with abundant stroma, suggestive of pcod.---------..
b. is there is any pain in the breast before menses--no.my breast always remain tight because i dont have menses at all.-------------
c. is there is any tumor/fibroid/ in breast/uterus----no-----------
d. is there is white discharge (leucorrhoea)------no---------
e. is there is pain during mating-----no-------------
f. is there is habit of masturbation--------no--------
g. about your sexual desire increased/absent/normal---normal------
h. is there is any itching/scratching of your gyneic area----no----
i. flow of your menses--spotting for a period of 5 hrs only a day.-----------

25.choose your nature from following word ---domination of others., ---hard master onto oneself with an urge to aspire others.---------
mental symptoms:-(compulsory)-morose, quarrelsome, hasty, lachrymose, anxious, delirious, groping, despairing, sad, hopeful, fearful, restless, calm, drowsy, dullness, anger, being overwhelmed, depression and gloom despair and faithlessness , despondency from overwork, domination of others, doubt or discouragement, easy impressionability, fear and shyness, fear for the others welfare, fear of losing mental balance, feeling of powerlessness, guilty and self-blame, hard master onto oneself with an urge to inspire others, hopelessness, immaturity of mind/emotions, failure to learn from mistakes impatience, indecision in difference or boredom intolerance and criticism lack of mental tranquility, lack of motivation and incentive longing for past happiness, nostsliqia, low self-confidence, mental fatigue, mental torture or worry, mental/emotional and physical weariness, overcome for welfare of others, overenthsiasm, pride or aloofness, resentment and bitterness, sadness, greif, shock, self centered talkativeness, self-distrust, shame or feelings of un cleanliness, terror, jealousy, weakness too willing , fear from known thing, fear from unknown thing.

32.(in case of married) is there your husband/wife is cooperating to you or not any friction write in detail-----yes very cooperative husband.-------------

33. what is your current anxiety in your mind (compulsory)- write in detail---to completely cure pcos problem.-& get my periods again.-----

34. how you will be deference from other person or what is your peculiarity in nature------i am very hard working.--------

35. can you give speech to the public meeting---------yes.----
  dptkpr on 2009-09-12
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
pulsatilla 30 one dose daily for 15days ferrum phos 6x thrice daily for one month
akshaymohl last decade
doctor , how to take pulsatilla because it is in liquid & how much drops i have to take in a day?
one thing more i have purchased Reckeweg pulsatilla 30 & Reckeweg ferrom phos 6X , will it be ok ?
waiting for your reply?
dptkpr last decade
pl mix one drop in one table spoon of water this is one dose ferrum phos 6x 4 tabs thrice daily both are ok
akshaymohl last decade
Dear Akashaymohl,

To cure a patient under the law of classic Homoeopathy mental symptoms are very important. Deepti Nag have dismenorrhoea problem for the last 2 yrs & her periods have stopped for the last 6 month & gained weight & hair falls too much. If i'm not wrong she faced all of her physical-mental symptom after her mother expired in 2007 due to severe illness (Investital lungs diseases). She was very sad even today several times when it comes to her mind like shock of losing her mother at a very early stage. Then after might be the physical symptoms came from emotional disturbnes, acute tension and anxiety states, difficulties in interpersonal contacts, agitation, insomnia, anxious and agitated depressive reaction which causes Dysmenorrhoea, right ovary follicle & multiple tiny byst seen arranged at periphery with abundant stroma, suggestive pcod & also of other psychosomatic disorders: psychogenic dermatoses, hair fall, etc.

If Pulsatilla fails pls try to prescribe Natrum Mur.
Infinity_rahiq last decade
Dear Akshaymohl,

Its clear that Psora mixed with Psychosis (Genetic) in the deep of Deepti Nag & slowly converts into tuberculosis (right ovary reveals a follicle measuring 1.6 * 1.46 cms in size & multiple tiny cyst are seen arranged at periphery with abundant stroma; is an example). I think Deepti Nag avoid salt with food which affected her so that gradually she become fatty.

I anti-tuberculler remedy which is more close to her physical & mental symptom like Natrum Mur can be more effective if Pulsatilla fails.

Dose & Potency: Natrum Mur 1M

2 dose in a single day & wait 1 month. If work then wait extended day until the remedy finished his work.

Thanks ...
Infinity_rahiq last decade
doctor, I have started taking medicines as you have prescribed, lets see if my menses start coming , very hopefully i have started taking your prescriptions, thanks a lot.
dptkpr last decade
doctor, today i went a hormone test which revealed that my prolactin levels are too high (50) , so in addition to pulsatilla 30 & ferrom phos6x, i have to take any other medicines too .please suggest me?
dptkpr last decade
pl read and reply
Understanding Prolactin Levels

Mark Perloe
Question :

I read your article on high prolactin levels. It interested me because for five years, my prolactin has ranged as high as 29. I had an MRI five years ago that found no abnormal tumor. My former doctor said my reading of 29, which was two months ago, fell within the 'normal' range of 3-30. However, I just started seeing a new doctor who said that my latest reading of 26.4 is in fact high, and that it is highly unusual. He says I should now see an endocrinologist. What is the normal range for prolactin for someone age 33 who has never been pregnant? I have had irregular periods since I was 19, and I have been exercising regularly for the last nine years.

Answer :

Your question necessitates more than one answer. Let's first look at prolactin. This protein is produced by the pituitary gland and also by the uterine lining. Its best-known function is to promote milk production in lactating (breastfeeding) women. Elevated prolactin levels (called hyperprolactinemia) may interfere with ovulation and menstrual cycle regularity. They may also cause galactorrhea (inappropriate milk secretion) and decreased libido (sex drive).

Many conditions may alter prolactin secretion. Breast stimulation, sexual intercourse, pelvic examinations and stress can all cause minor elevations of prolactin. Medications, particularly antipsychotic medications, may cause more significant elevations.

Most pituitary hormone production is controlled by signals that come in the form of other hormones. That means the pituitary acts only when it receives a stimulating hormone message from elsewhere in the body. For example, when thyroid activity is low, the hypothalamus, a higher brain center, releases the hormone TRH to stimulate the pituitary to release thyroid-stimulating hormone TSH. (Surprisingly, the hormone TRH, in addition to stimulating the pituitary release of TSH, also triggers the release of prolactin.)

Prolactin is a bit different from all other pituitary hormones. In most cases, production of pituitary hormones is normally turned 'off,' and releasing hormones are sent to stimulate the pituitary when more pituitary hormones are needed. In the case of prolactin, however, prolactin secretion is generally turned 'on' unless the hypothalamus secretes the prolactin-inhibiting hormone dopamine to turn prolactin production 'off.' Dopamine travels from the hypothalamus to the pituitary in a small network of veins called a venous portal system. Anything that interferes with this fine network may prevent this inhibitory message from reaching the pituitary gland. The result is that the pituitary will produce too much prolactin. In some cases this overstimulation induces the overgrowth of prolactin-producing cells, and a small pituitary tumor (adenoma) is the result.

When the hypothalamus sees that prolactin levels are too high, it manufactures more dopamine, trying to get prolactin levels back to normal. Unfortunately, if the message doesn't get through, the pituitary continues to produce and release prolactin. Meanwhile, the high levels of dopamine in the hypothalamus can block the release of another hormone, GnRH, which is necessary for normal ovarian function.

Do you need to be worried by the prolactin blood levels you have reported? We need more information to answer that question. First, you need to know that any lab reading is only an approximation of the real hormone blood level. I can see the confused look on your face, so let me explain further. There is an actual level of hormone in your blood. We don't know what that value is, so we order a test. Unfortunately, there are many different types or brands of blood hormone tests. When a manufacturer designs the lab test, it sets up the test by using it on samples with known values of hormone. So tube one has a level of 10, tube two level 20, tube three level 50, etc. The test is run, and each tube gives a specific number. These results are plotted on a graph. Later, when an unknown sample is tested, the result is measured against the graph to determine the level of hormone in the test sample.

Theoretically, we should get reasonably similar results when your blood sample is sent to different labs. But it is not that simple. Remember we started with tubes with known hormone amounts -- 10, 20, 50? These tubes are called 'hormone standards.' Since all blood tests compare your sample against other known samples, we rely on these standards to be truly similar between different brands of the test. Unfortunately, they are not. So what is considered 10ng/ml of prolactin in one test's standard may not be similar to 10ng/ml in another test. Yes, it is confusing. The result is that one test brand may indicate one value, while a different test may return a value that is quite different. So if I send your blood to 10 different labs, I will most likely get 10 different results that may vary as much as 100 percent.

This means I cannot really tell whether a given value is normal. Next time you look at a laboratory report, you will also note that normal ranges are specified next to your test result. That means that any sample above or below certain amounts will be in the normal range for a male or female your age. So while a value of 30 may be normal in one lab, 26 may be high in another.

Regardless of all this uncertainty in testing, the values you cite are still quite low. We are rarely concerned about pituitary adenoma unless the values are above 100ng/ml. My suggestion would be to consider alternative explanation and treatment for your menstrual irregularity.

akshaymohl last decade
so doctor thanks for telling me all the information regarding prolactin levels but i just wanted to know that for inducing ovulation in my case which medicine would be good in homoepathic & as my allopathic doctor has suggested me of the medications :LOETTE(levonorgestrel & ethinyl estradiol teablets)& gluconorm S.R 1000mg daily & CABGOLIN 0.5mg weekly.plz reply!!!!!!!!
dptkpr last decade
Dear Deepti Neg,

How are you? Hope so well. I think Dr. Akash suggested you a perfect remedy after your last post. Unfortunately he didn't reply with in a long time.

Please inform your present condition in details include the name of the remedy which you are taking now.

Thanks ...
Infinity_rahiq last decade
my best suggetion is take a weekly one dose of apis mel 200 is the right medicine for her..

dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
for polycystic ovary apis is the best
akshaymohl last decade
Doctor Saab right now i am facing too much problem ,my hairs are falling too much , on combing too & when i shampoo them they fall vigorously ,my weight is 75 kg & height is 5'4' & have no periods for the last 8 months because of which i feel depressed & cant sleep in the night , i feel sleepy early in the morning at 5 to6A.M . I feel weakness too & want to get rid of these allopathic medicines which I am taking for the last 2 years LOETTE(levonorgestrel & ethinyl estradiol teablets)& gluconorm S.R 1000mg daily & sometimes meparate 10 mg but these medicines didn't worked at all but they caused nausea & vomiting, now at present i can't bear them at all. & homeopathic medicine which i have taken for a month is PULSATILLA 30 & FERROM PHOS 6X.At present my weight is not reducing at all & hairs are falling too much , please doctor help me to get out of these pathetic situations, now i really feel fed up sometimes because i am just 25 years old & can't to my job also.I have too much fat on my stomach both sides it gives a very bad look to my figure & stretch marks are also appearing on my stomach .please doctor help me!!!!!!!!
dptkpr last decade
Dear Deepti Neg,

Stop all the medicines. Wait for 7 day. In the meantime drink pure water as much as possible. Avoide meat, allergice sensitive food, too much salt. Walk in the early morning at least 3 KM everyday. Than take Pullsatila 1M Two doze in a single day (Morning & Evening) on a empty stomack; 1 & 1/2 hour before or after meal. Please do not take any more doze after that. Report after all have done.

Thanks ...
Infinity_rahiq last decade
doctor Saab how many days i have to take pulsatilla 1M ?
dptkpr last decade
Dear Deepti Neg,

You'll take Pulsatilla 1M only for 1 day. Two doze in a single day (Morning & Evening) on a empty stomack 1 & 1/2 hour before or after meal. Please do not repeat it on the next day onwards without doctors concern.

Thanks ...
Infinity_rahiq last decade
so, doctor Saab this one dose of pulsatilla 1M I have to take before my periods due or any specific day according to you or after my menses date when? please tell me?
dptkpr last decade
Do you stop taking the medicines? If not, first of all stop it now. Do not take any kinds of medicines whith in next 10 day. In the meantime do all the hardwork, physical or mental exercise, morning work, yoga in proper condition & time as much as you can. Avoid allergice sensative food, too much salt. Drink pure water as much as possible. Its so important. You'll take Pulsatilla 1M on 11th day. Forget about the time of periodic cycle. You have to cure first.

Thanks ...
Infinity_rahiq last decade
thanks doctor Saab i will do what you have told me to do so, i & i will give you feed back about any changes occur. please be in touch with me in the meantime. THANKS
dptkpr last decade
Dear Deepti,

How're you? What's your present condition? Do you feel any physical or mental improvement? Please inform in details as quick as possible.

Infinity_rahiq last decade
Dear Deepti,

Where're you? Why do you don't answer?
Infinity_rahiq last decade
thanks for your feedback sir but the thing is that , when i taken your medicine (pullsatilla) 1m & it didn't worked at all then i consulted a homeopath near my house then he gave me ignatia 3m & my period started & now i am very happy & it relieved my mind & changed my thoughts too.thank you sir very much for your kind concern.
dptkpr last decade

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