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Alopecia Areata OR Universalis

My brother who is 10 years old has been suffering a form of Alopecia for the last 5 years. We have tried many things but nothing seems to be growing his hair back. We arent forching it but its hard to see him go through all of this. He has now lost all his confidence and sees nothing but an 'ugly' boy when looking in the mirror. Please help me find a remedy for him- something that will work. His hair began to fall in patches but now most of his hair has fallen out- he has a few patches of hair left. We have also noticed that his eyebrow hair seems to be falling out too. I dont live with my brother- my parents and my brothers live a 3 hour drive away from where we live. I need to distinguish whether its Areata or Universalis. Ive also noticed that he has a patch of whiteness on top of his eyebrow- could this be Vitilgo? This is the first time im on a forum so therefore i wish and hope that you can give me the help and advice im after.
Thank you!
  Thaiba2000 on 2009-09-16
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please can someone give me a replay ASAP, i would realy apreciate it. I will also need to know where to purchase recommended remedies and will need to know the ingredients to makesure my brother isnt allergic to any of them. Please HELP ME!!!!
Thaiba2000 last decade
can you describe the nature and personality of your brother.

how does he react to his parents, friends and visitors.

what kind of toys does he play with.

what do you see peculiar in him.

what are the other ailments he generally suffer from.

how is his intellect. how does he fair in his school assignments.

is he intelligent or dull in his studies.
rishimba last decade
I asked my brother SOME of the questions from your post so I would get clear and precise answers for you to come to a conclusion. His answers are in inverted commas. The rest are my answers.

Nature and personality of Azmath

“I'm kind. I say thank you. I'm polite. Sometimes I get aggressive because people at school hit me so I hit them back. I have one good friend and his name is Matin. There’s a new boy in my class called Mohammed so now I have two friends. I like playing football and riding bikes. I also enjoy playing with other children of any age. I love listening to Michael Jackson’s songs and like watching TV, at the moment I like watching the Disney channel.”

How does he react to his parents, friends and visitors?

Father (Abba) - “He's nice. He always gets me what I want like King prawns and he also got me a bike straight after I asked for it. Sometimes he plays with me even though he's tired. We play football when we go to the park- we just pass it to each other. We have a favourite word that we say when abba has a day off from work- Saturday and Sunday- We shout “RELAXIN!”, even when we are in different rooms we say it to each other.'

'Sometimes he shouts at me for no reason for example when I open the bedroom door to let light in he shouts. I feel just normal when I get shouted at but I ask myself “why does abba always shouts at me?”

Mother (Amma) - “She is very kind. Always sleeps next to me at night. Makes me king prawn curry- she made me king prawn curry today just by surprise (he laughs). When I was smaller whenever bhaia (brother) wasn’t home and abba was also out she would put the play station on for me so I could play it.”

“When I was 6 years old, after going to Bangladesh, she stopped shouting at me because amma use to shout at me sometimes before. When I get shouted at and sometimes amma smacks me, I get sad but then she always comes back and hugs me and asks me to forgive her (he smiles).”

Friends- “My friend Matin makes me really happy, he makes me smile every day. He always plays with me, listens to me and does what I say. We play snakes and ladders together.”

Visitors- “I feel happy when we have visitors because if there are children I can play with them. If there are no children I just say salaam and just watch TV and be normal.”

Toys he plays with

“I like playing: Spiderman transformer. Bop- It. I also like playing operation game when there are loads of people to play with because we need a group. I play Xbox and sometimes Nintendo Wii.”

When he feels especially sad

“Sometimes when matin’s not in school I feel lonely. I have no-one to play with. Matin is going to another school but I still have my new friend Mohammed. I get sad when thinking about going to school because everyone teases me and makes fun of me.
When we went to Bangladesh in 2006 Ishmam (a cousin) never let me play with his cricket set and never let me play computer. Nobody played with and nobody let me play with them, I was so bored in Bangladesh. I remember bhaia (older brother) went to Fantasy Kingdom but he didn’t take me. I kept on asking “where’s bhaia?” I felt something weird in my tummy because I was really sad and upset. Bhaia said to me that there was a height restriction that’s why they didn’t take me. Even now I get sad thinking about it. I don’t go anywhere fun.”


“Some people in my class call me a nerd because I get all the answers right. My teacher said I'm good. Last year I got all A’s and one B.”

What I see peculiar in him is that he appears to be withdrawn at times. He at times doesn’t listen to what we tell him therefore it results in us shouting at him. He doesn’t sit up straight he appears to slouch. He looks at himself in the mirror and calls himself “ugly”.

Other ailments he generally suffers from are:

He was born with a Strawberry birthmark also known as Haemangioma on his bum. It was huge and slowly became infected and started to contain Puss. A nurse came every morning to dress the wound but when it got too serious he had to go into hospital. I think this lasted until he was 8months old.

He has Alpha- thalassemia

Poor appetite- he hates fish but loves chicken, meat, Gizzard and favourite of them all KING PRAWN CURRY.

I will upload some pictures of his Alopecia in the next post as i have to find them. If there are anymore questions feel free to tell me because i want to get to the bottom of this.
Thank you!
Thaiba2000 last decade
My brother is 9 years old. His alopecia started in 2006 when he came back from bangladesh.
Thaiba2000 last decade
please give him SILICEA 200C some three doses, each dose at 12 hours gap. thus in 24 hours you will be giving him all the three doses.

one dose would be 5 drops in some 5 ml water slowly sipped up in empty stomach and clean mouth. no food or water one hour before or after.

after that you will give him SILICEA 1M dose only once a week for some 3 weeks. all homeopathic restrictions apply here too.

come back after 4 weeks to report if the hair growth has started.
rishimba last decade
Thank you for your reply. Can i just ask though what ingredients are in this SILICEA also where can i purchase it from and how much will it cost? Also, will this work for my little brother???

What did you mean by homeopathis restrictions?

Ok so 3 doses for the 1st 24 hours and then after that silicea 1m dose once a week for 3 weeks.

Can you please state exactly what i should be purchasing please because ive never had homeopathy medicine before. How many? etc etc
Thaiba2000 last decade
SILICEA is potentised sand or chemically known as silicon di oxide ( SiO2 )

you need to go to a homeopathic shop and ask for SILICEA 200C and SILICEA 1M.

they will understand as its not a very uncommon remedy.

take about 10 ml of SILICEA 200C and some 10 ml of SILICEA 1M.

as one dose, please mix 4 drops of remedy in some 5 ml of water and ask your brother to sip it slowly in empty stomach and clean mouth.

no food or water one hour before or after taking the doses. dont even allow to rinse the mouth.

these are some restrictions he has to abide by.

if the remedy works, he may see some hair growth by the end of 4 to 5 weeks.

SILICEA is a slow acting remedy and thus he needs to have patience.
rishimba last decade
Oh my goodness, THANK YOU SO MUCH! i will come back here 5 weeks later to let you know how the treatments going. And yes- as with any treatment, we must persevere and be patient. Thank you!!!! Remember me when i come back 5 weeks later.
Thaiba2000 last decade
IM REALLY SORRY FOR THIS! But im confused again. I have am going to go to a homeopath tomrow to purchase SILICEA 200C and SILICEA 1M.

I will ask for 10ml of each but im sure the Dr there will know.

My confusion is with the dosage.
Do i give 4 drops of just the 200c in about 5ml of water to let him to drink slowly (abiding by the restrictions)??? How many days am i doing this or is it 3 doses for JUST 24HOURS and then thats it?

Do i give him the Silicea 1m straight after or do i give that to him the next day and then for the next 3 weeks and is that mixed with water too in the same way as silicea 200c?

Im really sorry. Im sure im getting on your nerves but i know how much to give but dont know for how many days each should be administerd. I promise this is the last question as i am going to a homepathic clinic tomorow.
Thaiba2000 last decade
Im just making sure because if this works for my little brother i will be SOOOO happy. Even if it doesnt work i have read some other posts on this about other illnesses and everything seems positive and that gives me tears in my eyes. Once u reply to my 'confused' mail the journey will start and i know that you are here for when i need help. I think i understand the dosage but just want you to re-confirm a THIRD time. Im truly sorry. Also the doctor at the clinic will know what they are giving me. Ive never used homepathic meds before...
Thank you so much.
Thaiba2000 last decade
first you need to give him SILICEA 200C only 3 doses. that is, each dose every 12 hours. thats all.

you will give all the three doses in first 24 hours of treatment.

each dose is 4 drops of remedy in 5 ml of water.

after these three doses, you will wait for a week or two.

ask your brother if he feels any difference in his mental sphere, like more self confidence, sense of well being, elevated state of mind etc.

once you know that this remedy is doing good to him, you should give SILICEA 1M one dose every week.

the doses have to be given in empty stomach and clean mouth. dont allow him to eat or drink or rinse his mouth one hour before or after taking the dose.

i hope things are clear now.
rishimba last decade
Thank you. Yes they are very clear now. Thank you for your patience. see you in 5 weeks time!
Thaiba2000 last decade
AHHH! ONE PROBLEM! Silicea liqid remedy has alcahol in it to preserve it! Im muslim and cannot consume any type of alcahol.

What about the tablets that you put under the tongue? Are they sweet?? If i were to buy the tablet form of Silicea what would be the dosage (please explain in full detail ha ha, i dont want to be pestering you again).

I will have to decide with my mother wether to go for the liquid remedy OR the tablets.

Im going to purchase my meds from here.
Thaiba2000 last decade
liquid remedy are also available in distilled water.

if you buy the pillules, one dose would be 4 pillules under the tongue till it dissolves by itself. however, i would suggest liquid remedy as they are absorbed readily in the mouth linings.
rishimba last decade
Im trying my best to find homeopathic shops where i live but ive had no success, i will still keep looking HOWEVER you mentioned a liquid remedy also available in distilled water, will i be able to get that from here??? I think its easier for me to order the remedys from ABC. I think 4 pillules under the tongue would be too hard for my brother but then agin he hates liquids too especially if its bitter. I spoke to my mother and she said that a little alcahol for medication purpose is ok so i will probably stick to the normal silicea. Im gona have to mix it with flavoured water the just incase it is bitter. Thanks!
Thaiba2000 last decade
please dont mix the remedy with anything.

if you mix, you may lose the effect.
rishimba last decade
Dont mind me asking but are you a homeopathic doctor?? And ok i will not mix any flavour with the remedy.
Thaiba2000 last decade
no, i am not a professional doctor. i am a qualified homeopathic physician but for a living i am working as an industrial surveyor in the oil and gas sector.

this is a social service.
rishimba last decade
Thats good enough for me! If you are a qualified physician then that means you know what you're taking about therefore i have no doubt in trying the remedy you reccomended. Ok. Now i promise this is the last email unless its another post about MYSELF. Remember me 'thaiba2000'. Talk to you in 5-6weeks time.
Thaiba2000 last decade

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