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Dear Dr. Saleem
I've had psoriasis for 11yrs and once it went away and has come back I would say that its severe and very hard for me to control I dont know what else to do I've only tried topicals. What do you think I should do I feel that the 2nd pregnancy has made it worsen my legs and arms are covered
not sure the options I have when breastfeeding.
evasallina last decade
SOMETHING on 'Psorinum" :
Psorinum digs deeper into the back-ground of Skin disorders (for literal meaning = even previous births or say hereditary factor). Psor. with careful periodical repeated doses, eliminates tendencies (family-histories) of Skin disorders, which includes the innocent tendency to have skin darkening with age (that is mal-nutrition and mal-absorption in the G.I.Tract).

Psor. is most complementary to Sul. Lyco. ...

For understanding 'Psorasis' and treatment modalities, please read the following link :

titled : 'Psoriasis From three Years' .... From yogita2003 on 2006-03-21

'It requires a very unusual mind to undertake the analysis of the obvious'

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India

Also read Other articles / posts by Nesha-India :
Nesha-India last decade
hello everyone
my sister is suffering frm psorises since her childhood. she is 23 yrs. old now. it comes of and on... but this time it has come in a harsh way. we hv tried a lot but nothin helps. we r really going thru the worst times and can very well imagine wat my sis condition is. wld like to hv few e-mail add. or phone nos of people among you who can help so that i can discuss the same in depth. I'm new to this forum, kindly help.


simple.rohin last decade
If sulphur failed to improve 1dose of Merc.Sol 200 can be taken.Malaker
Dr.Haran ch malaker last decade
any homeopath who prescribes sulphur, should read 'SINS OF SULPHUR ' then to verify time and again and should carefully prescribe.
totapuri last decade
'Amen'. Sulphur is not the only anti-psoric. There are many remedies which have itching/'psoriasis' as part of their pathogenesis, not just Sulphur.
Mr Organon last decade
Sulphur ???
shamid last decade
Dr S Hamid,
You have come back after a long absence.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Hi ^_^
I have been suffering from psoriasis for about 3 years - stress triggered. Most lesions appear on my knees and legs, but I do get them on my elbows, as well.
I am often lazy, but I enjoy being overworked and stressed out (I think I like the rush), I cannot stand any coldness (below 70 degrees F), and require almost constant warmth (usually between 75 and 95 degrees F).
I have problems identifying hunger and fullness and cannot stand to eat salty foods.

Should I be taking sulfur? If so, how much? If not, then what should I take to help treat my condition?
Hakumei last decade
I have had scalp psoriasis for more than 10 years now. I'm 27 and started with it as a teenager. The doctor who told me I had psoriasis recommended using a shampoo twice a week. The name of it escapes me now but it's been discontinued. It did control the psoriasis for me until I couldn't buy it any longer. I want to use a homeopathic remedy for my psoriasis but am not sure what. I am breastfeeding and am not sure if I can use homeopathy now.
The psoriasis is on my scalp. It has now spread to my hairline and is beginning to come past my hairline. It originally started on the lower left side on the back of my head. For years I couldn't see it, just scratch it and watch the flakes fall. Now it has spread to around my ears and all over in patches on my scalp.
My pillow is disgusting in the morning now. The psoriasis has gotten very bad. I believe it may be spreading to my eyebrows too.
Can anyone give me any help? I would love to rid myself of the stuff.
Thank you, Shannon
slight last decade
Pl. start a new thread.
Fill up questionnaire used by other members here as well run your detailed symptoms on the ABC Remedy Finder. Post results of the same here.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade

My name is Ankush. I am a skin patient from last 8 years. The problem started with rings on thigh region for which i was prescribed fluconazole that also cured me. But after two years, i started having acne/ boils on my eyes, neck and under-arms. after taking homeopathy for around a month and a half, i finally got rid of those acne. Then in the year that followed, i started having red rashes on my neck. My skin got stiff and started burning and itching also. I was then diagnosed with dermatitis which i got cured with some aelopathic medicine and a shampoo with ketoconazole. For same problem that got back, i was given Sulphur 200 a month back which aggravated the problem and it captured my face, neck, arms, stomach, chest and a portion of my back. then i finally decided to go for aelopathy which has cured my problem to a great extent but somehow i have again got boils under my arms and the problem comes back when i leave the medicine even for a day or two. Kindly tell me if it is the lasting effect of Sulphur 200 that brings back the aggravation when i leave medcine. How long can effect of Sulphur 200 last even when the person is taking some other medicine? Please help me. I desperately need it.
2ndbst last decade
Pls inform me about the where are the clinics of Dr.saleem and others doctors who are on this forum so that one can go to them physically for consultation.
chsaed last decade
Bear Dr Saleem Hamid,
I wld like ur suggestuin on my psorasis very active on my hands since 2001, will sulphur help me & how shld I. monitor the doses, u have said in the homepage empty stomach, but is it empty stomach or after we have no other flavor in the mouth, i am aware of the useage of the hoemopatic medication, so cld u pls help me with details instructions thankyou very much for your help, I look forward to hearing from u
laj.gobind last decade
Dear Dr Hameed,
I read lot of posts on ABC homeopathy site. I am sure i can get a solution to the problem of my son.

My son aged 10 has probably affected by Psoriasis. For last 3-4 years, small size infections started on the knee joints, ankles. It was treated as eczema by dermatologists. But he had temporary effect of allopathic medicine. they appeared again. I am attaching one picture that I found on internet. His condition in sole of foot is same as shown in image. In one palm he has infection. The skin becomes hard and scaly. After some time, scales grow bigger and also bigger cracks are formed. Some times bigger cracks are irritating and small bleeding also takes place.

In his childhood he suffered from Ideopathic Thrombocytopenic Perpura (ITP) a disorder of platelets. He was very successfully treated by Lechasys, Hemamalis and one dose of Camphor. This is just for information for your understanding of his history.

He likes to eat ice-cream, pizzas with cheese
He never likes to cover his face by bedsheed or rug while sleeping.
He bedwets some time.

He is good artist. He plays all games and won many medals in karate.
His memory is very sharp and he is very innovative.

My wife's skin on palm is also very hard. My father-in-law's skin on palm is very hard and rough. And on his finger joints skin is hard and rough.

I request you to kindly send me the name of suitable medicine, potency and dose.
I remain very grateful for your kind advice and help.

with kind regards and looking forward to getting your advice urgently.

Yours sincerely,
Nabhiraj, India

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nabhi last decade
Another picture i forgot to attach

Both the pictures are not his pictures, but it is exactly same as shown in these images.

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nabhi last decade
Dear Nabhi

Please give your son a single dose of Merc sol 200.

Put 2 pills/drops of the remedy in some 100 ml of water. Stir vigorously with a spoon for some 10 minutes. Give one teaspoon from this solution and throw away the rest.

Remember, only one dose has to be taken. No repetition after that.

Let us know of his condition three days from taking the remedy.

Niel Madhavan last decade
Hello Niel,
Thanks for the wonderful suggestion. I gave one dose of Merc sol - 200 as you prescribed. I could see that rough scaly skin has disappeared on first day itself. It looks that there is strong healing taking place. Also, i can see, skin colour is changing to normal colour of his skin. What do you suggest? should i give a dose more? or change medicine? Please do reply me at the earliest. Thanks for wonderful help.
Nabhiraj, India
nabhi last decade

I am suffering from Psoriasis on my back of the head,hands & leg. My major problem is of itching at the effected areas.

Please help me know how can I take the sulphur as a treatment for this.
saurabhma last decade
Homoeopathy is a system of medicine which has a different approach to disease and remedy from that of conventional or Allopathic medicine. In the Allopathic approach, medicines are used that work against diseases and their symptoms. In Homoeopathy, the symptoms of an illness are viewed as a direct manifestation of the body's attempt to heal itself and a Homoeopathic substance is given that is capable of producing similar symptoms if given to a well person. In so doing, Homoeopathic attempts to stimulate the body's own natural healing capacity with Homoeopathic remedies acting as a trigger for the body's own healing forces.

The disease is intimately associated with the life of the individual and is a result of internally concealed causes and also external causes (environment, viral and bacteriological diseases, traumatisms ).


Specific signs, and symptoms, the form of the body, the attitude: Sthenic or Asthenic or Normal and other phenomena will be the objectives of the physicians researches.
shamid last decade
Im suffering from localised psoriasis in my right sole since 10 years. I been using corticosteroids as local application and getting relief temporarily.
Please prescribe intake homeopathy medicine with suitable dosage. Im 30 years old.
Thanking you.
jyothi k last decade
I am chronic patient of localised psoriasis on my index & thumb fingers of both hands since last 10 years. Therefore I request you to advice me homeopathic medicine for intake and also prescribe the dosage. I am 49 years old man.
With regards,
NVK Rao.
nvkrao last decade
Make your own thread asking for treatment. It is unlikely anyone will notice you if you use someone else's thread.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Rao, go to the front page of forum and
down at bottom you will see a post
new topic button- that is what you use
to post a new thread.
simone717 last decade
I have periodical attacks of redness of skin with severe burning and itching and pustules formation on face and arms .Feeling of something crawling. Running hand slightly over affected parts gives relief.Putulse break and thick liquid is felt.Attack is in chin, Inside of elbow joints on spread towards wrist and arm pits. Only on insides.

First started about 7/8 years ago. Woke up one morning with swollen red face and pustules on left arm at elbow joint with redness and severe burning.

Worse at nights when retire on bed.
Sleep well noon and night--no recurring dreams. A few times woke up with felling of missing a step.

Sensitive to criticism. Like cold bath and real hot meals or tea. Fond of sweets.
State of mind normal. in full control.
Had tuberculosis at the age of 17.--57 years ago. I am 74 today.
No reaction to any medicine.
Treating with Homeopathy over 20 years now.
Last took CAUSTICAM AS constitutional medicine. Dosage OF 200--3 times a day for 4 days followed by one dose of 1M because of ill health---loss of apetite, frequent urination and night, sometimes hourly,constipation,loss of voice,phlegm collection in throat,watering of eyes, weight loss.

Watering of eyes contiues at times
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AUSTINC last decade
I just purchased Sulphur6c for my toddler son 27 months old. He has what the docs call excema and it is concentrated on the back of his knees. His overall skin is rough, bumpy and patchy. What you describe as psoriasis fits his symptoms to a tee. I just posted under the title ***1st timer: did i choose the right tx for my toddler???**
The bottle says to give him 5 pellets/3X a day but can I dissolve the pellets in water and if so how much water? Thanks so much for your help and assistance and your knowledge
karenhny last decade

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