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12 yr old boy w/ mild Autism,ADHD,and sensory neural hearing loss

Hello, I am new hear and I hope to get some feed back on natural remidies.
1.my son was born 5 weeks early..due to my pacenta abrupting and there was a fetal maternal transfusion, his hemoglobin was 3 and his blood is B neg..he needed a blood transfusion as he was born with almost no blood.the wait was about 3o min to 40 min as there was no bood availible with his type..they were able to find a donor thank god..but im sure he was oxygen deprived
2.he was born in Michigan in mid July..people would say I had the best behaved baby in the world..never cried , fussed,or anything ..not even when soiled or hungry
3.prefered cold formula.would not drink it if it was warmed up
4.all milstones were extremely late..began walking around 14-15 mo..w/ very weak ankles
5.said he could hear at birth,then at 3mo said he could'nt..at 6mo said he could
6.moved to Elpaso tx just before he turned 2 and that's when sensory neural hearing los was confirmed
7. age 2 and a half everything change..he went from extremely well behaved to wild child! screaming and yellig all the time..making wierd noises .. would get into everything pull stuff of shelves empty out fridgerator stuff towels in the toilet u name it he did it!..run naked out side in the middle of buzy streets .apparently had no fear of any kind
8. does not feel intense pain ,but reacts intensely to nearly no pain.
9.does not like to be touched but loves to touch other people ..rub their arms legs..pinch thier clothes
10.loves milk ,pizza, cheese ,yogurt.and anything sugary..i pretty much avoid buying sugary stuff..but he will go balistic if thier is no milk or yogurt!thier is not anything he will not eat..but he does prefer cold over hot
11.began medication at age 3 for adhd
12. had pancreitis at age 7 due to seriquel medication
13.around 8-9yrs he started becoming agressive and alittle violent and very defient at home..at school never ! he is a sraight A student in a instructional skills class ..he is a few years behind though
14. age 10 and a half to 11 he got worse punching holes in the walss kicking the walls ..broke some windows out with his bare hands..just uncontrollible behavior!..i would have to get him in a warm shower ,clothes and all to sooth him and then change his clothes and roll him in a blanket like a taco and apply deep presure to get him to a level of calm
15.became very agressive twards me at age 10-11yrs..i starde trying natural remidies and extra vitamins ..nothing worked
16.DEC. 2008 we detoxed him from all medications and feb. 2009 we started w/ a clean slate..we learned that stimulats that were givin to him for ADHD caused severe aggression , so we do not allow him to take them.
he was givin risperdol for Autism and he is still taking it ..it has opened him up..he is socializing and very talkative.
he is also taking Tazodone for sleep ..i would prefer he be on something natural.
17.he is very restless and cannot sit still..he speaks out of line and is very rude, he blurts things out when other people are talking
he can not keep his hands to him self , he always has to be touching someone or something..eats constantly ..although i try to keep a handle on this..he still sneaks food
18.he is still a little agressive but not nearly what he use to be..he still hits the walls occassionaly..mostly when he can not have his way
19. he did have eczema at age 4-5 ..we learned that he was mildly allergic to corn and corn products and raw tomatoes....Dr. told us to eliminate those foods from his diet for aleast a yr..and then reintroduce them slowly and the eczema would clear up
It did and it has not been back
20.any kind of feed back would be highly appreciated
  moniquej4 on 2009-11-08
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
pl go to my profile and get my email address pl send me mail for questionair
akshaymohl last decade
AKSHAYMOHL..IN regareds to your Questionair
1.mental agony,does not disclose his suffering, visably appears happy
2. Baseless fear,Doubt,anxiety
3.mean mentality,finds fault in everone and everything
7.repeat mistakes again and again
8.selfish nature
11.lack of confidence in a able person
14.self centered,talkative,always talks about his problems,does not listen to others
18.impaitent nature
19.lack of self confidence,sure of failure,sad attitude
20.fear of any known thing, shy,hesitation,fear of stammering while talking,addressing,meeting
28.unstable undecicive, delay work,keep work pending,postpone work
*emotions all over the place..happy one min..angry the next..laughing..crying
*whines alot
*loves to be center of attention within family and extended family
*wants to be in control of everthing and everyone
* does not speak clearly due to hearing impaiment ..afraid to speak to people outside of family for fear he might say it wrong
* extremely good w/ puzzles..could put a 100 pc puzzle together by memory at age 3
* constantly moving.. cannot sit still
* plays w/ private parts...use to be out in the open..now he uderstands to go into his room or take a shower..this started at age 9
* urinates frequently
moniquej4 last decade
Finally found a cure - so I'm sharing with as many people as I can in the hopes it will help someone.

In 2006 I suffered a 60db single-sided sudden sensorineural hearing loss, followed later by vertigo attacks and a diagnosis of Meniere’s Disease. I have since made a *full* recovery after suffering for 3 years. In my case these symptoms were the result a food allergy (which I have also recovered from).

I created a web site to document my own experience since it appears most ENTs have little idea about simple allergies (e.g. food, environmental) as one possible cause of significant & sudden hearing loss. [I can't post the URL on this site directly, but my user profile has it]

It includes scans of my hearing tests & allergy results.

( the House Ear Clinic - is an example of a medical practice that acknowledges the connection between allergies and hearing disorders. )

Good Luck & get well soon!
jhorowi1 last decade
Our 12 year old son has autism. He was diagnosed with Autism when he was little over 3 years old. He has ADHD and Eczema. Increasingly, his ADHD is becoming dangerously out of control. He is obsessed with things like: computer, elevator and pretends he is taking the elevator everywhere in the house or outside, vehicles and so when outdoor, will run in the parking lot to watch other vehicles and look inside through the windows. Lately, he is into 'breaking' things. He is trying to break everything he can: Nintendo DS, toys of our two other children (they are normal). He shakes his head particularly when he goes to bed at night, spins his head during the day (but not always), wants to eat all the time ( loves pizza, chocolate milk, potato chips but we try not to give him food that increases his allergy and Eczema. When he goes to bed at night, takes a lot of time to fall asleep.
We have tried everything so far: Allopathic drugs that never worked and so stopped completely few moths ago, Chineese herbal and Acupuncture and he is on both of them right now and homeopathy also. However, he is growing up bigger, taller, heavier, quicker, and stronger. He can speak sentences to express his need for food, fun, play etc. He is 67 lbs and 4'9' tall. Could you please advise what to do? We wish he calms down little bit so that he can focus on things better and learn better. Please help.
P.S. he takes acupuncture once a week but the doctor says has to be at least twice a week but not on any homeopathic medicine right now (have tried Arsenic Alb. before).
Thank you.
rafia last decade

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