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Nonverbal Regressive Autism

Hi all
My son is almost 6 yrs old and is nonverbal. He regressed around 15 to 18months and he used to say some words and imitate us and all that went away during this regression. He is in speech program at his school but it has not brought any progress. He is also intellectually very behind (dont know letters, numbers, etc); unable to learn anything intellectually. He has okay receptive skills. We recently noticed he has hard wax in his left ear that he will not let us touch. He also has PICA of paper mostly and toys. He recently lost his front tooth. He also tends ro be destrutive of itwms around the house if we dont watch him. Other behaviors are touching genitals or rubbing genitals on others/furniture, eloping, jumping on furniture, still in pull ups and unable to understand using the potty, hyperactive, doesnt have appropriate behavior at all.

Mainly worried about speech. He pulls us to items he wants but will never attempt to ask for it. Does not point or imitate either.

We dont know if the regression is from vaccines but we tried CEASE with MMR and DTaP and only had more poops from it. Still no speech, or intwllectual capability. We also tried GUNA Awareness, BDNF, Cell, Matrix and Lymph with no noticeable difference. Belladonna 30C didnt do anything. Now we are on Veratrum Album 30C 3pills everyday and no noticeable changes. It been one month of VA.

Hes a pretty big kid for his age. About 3ft 11in and weighs about 67lbs. He craves food almost all the time and would push us to get him his favorite snack... dates. Hes not aggressive at all. He will throw a fit and cry if he doesnt get what he wants. He tends to take his clothes off and loves to walk naked if he could. He also tries to elope out of any door he could manipulate. He has a rounded belly and a muffin hips. I think his extremities look proportional to his weight generally as in, it looks well rounded with no loose skin. Hes more trunk heavy. He loves hugs. He mostly enjoys being around adults and not kids his age. His stimming has decreased but when he does stim its flapping or tapping objects like a drum on peoples chest or head or table or even on other kids' heads. He also has verbal stimming where he says "du du du" or "eee aaaa". He does tend to also have inappropriate laughter at times. He also loves to squeeze his pull ups when its full of urine.

Please help
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  Riya101 on 2019-11-30
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Chamomilla 30- Pills
3pills 3 times a day in empty stomach

*Stop any other medicines
*Give feedback after 5 days
freehomeoforall 3 years ago
Deleted post
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Tui 3 years ago
Please give him Chamomilla for atleast 5 days and see the result. There are so many medicines to prescribe. Giving you a list of huge number of medicines may not help you I think. If so, you could prescribe by your own reading a book or searching internet.

Please try Chamomilla 30.
freehomeoforall 3 years ago
Freehomeforall.. When you say stop any other pills you mean homeo only or biomed also?
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Riya101 3 years ago
Tui said Riya101

I see a hint of Calcarea Carb (PICA), slow growth (Calc and Baryta carb) Hyosymus (playing with his genitals), Natrum mur (general remedy for speech problems ) and Thuja ( possible vaccine damage) and some other remedies but it probably won't work now because there are so many layers/blocks in your case.

And you have already tried CEASE therapy and GUNA products ( I like their products ) with no results but if your child began to regress after the vaccines, MMR nosode is the number one remedy for that and the second remedy is Carcinosin. So you may start from there again.. you can give MMR 30c 1 dose a day up to 7 days (no more than 7 days) and see how it goes and Carcinosin 1M 1 dose weekly up to 4 weeks.

Also if you haven't given some bowel nosodes, I would try that because the gut microbiome and a brain are closely related and the vaccines somehow alter the gut microbiome so you need to restore that.
If your child is aggressive type, throwing a temper tantrum and become very physical, I suggest you give Proteus. 30c 1 dose a day for 21 days. After that, you may need to go up to 200c 1 dose weekly for up to 4 weeks.
If your child is more anxious type like he gets anxious if you change his routine, give Dysentery co. 30c same way as Proteus.

And Autistic children are almost always having sleep problems so if your child is not sleeping well, use Melatonin 3c / 6c or Cocculus 30c may help him to settle at night.

And the last thing is CBD oil (cannabidiol hemp oil). I have been hearing amazing stories about CBD oil for Autistic children so if you haven't tried it yet, please research. It is a bit expensive, but you only need a few drops a day.
All the best.  

Thank you sir. These are too many for me to even know where to start. Would giving all these together mess things up or would it work in its own way?
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Riya101 3 years ago
You may continue Bio meds with that.
But you should follow single advice at a time. I may try 2nd prescription after observing the result of 1st one.
freehomeoforall 3 years ago
You may follow freehomeo.
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Tui 3 years ago
freehomeoforall said You may continue Bio meds with that.
But you should follow single advice at a time. I may try 2nd prescription after observing the result of 1st one.

Okay, sorry just so I understand. You mean stop CEASE and all homeo (including GUNA) and try the Chamomilla 30C 3 pills 3 times a day for 5 days correct?

Also, could you please tell me what area to expect a change in so I know what to look for? Im so illiterate in homeopathy so its hard to know if the changes are from biomed or homeo. Thanks again.
Riya101 3 years ago
He is now hyperactive with pain in ear. A great change may be noticeable in her mind and ear pain. And most probably he is not hearing due to blockage of ear.
Monitor carefully about the changes. Autism is not a disease to treat. And I don't want to call it diseases. And don't want to prescribe anything under the name of Autism.
Go ahead. Will wait for good result.
freehomeoforall 3 years ago
We tried Chamomille pellets. I dont think I noticed much unless its so subtle that I missed it. I did try the Hyoscyamus 30C 3pellets once a day and hes not squeezing his urine filled pull ups or playing with genitals as much but once in a while I do see he will rub it against things.

For his earwax I put extra virgin olive oil and it loosened the wax and cleared up. I havent gotten any complaints on it thereafter.

His current issues are as follows
-eloping (unpredictable and he will keep running if you dont stop him)
-lack of fear going with strangers
-very low IQ and inability to learn anything
-no patience to wait in line or for turn.
-stealing food from other ppls plates while eating
-more friendly with adults than kids his age
-constant hunger and overweight. Craves carb
-very hyperactive
-verbal stimming
-left nare constantly blocked and has history of swollen adenoids

My questions are

Please let me know how long should I continue Hyoscyamus niger.
What remedy would help for the above symptoms I have listed?

Thanks in advance
Riya101 3 years ago
Who prescribed you Hyoscyamus?
Please mention the name and seek suggestion from him.
freehomeoforall 3 years ago
Nobody suggested it. His behavior was becoming a problem in school ans I camw across some papers where this was used and thats why I used.
Riya101 3 years ago
Freehomeoforall, just wondering if you can help? Or would I have to seek someonelse? Just a desperate mom trying to balance everything. It was an act of desperation and its actually working for my son. I couldnt wait to get online before attempting because of time constraints I was put in.
[Edited by Riya101 on 2019-12-29 03:07:19]
Riya101 3 years ago
Could you please give full description of his present condition? Don't skip anyone.

Give details of improvement after giving Hyoscyamus like as below:
Before Hyoscyamus--After Hyoscyamus
Not friendly with others--Friendly with others.
freehomeoforall 3 years ago
Yes sir

His current issues are as follows 
-eloping (unpredictable and he will keep running if you dont stop him even to dangerous environments like middle of road)
-lack of fear going with strangers
-No awareness of personal space
-very low IQ and inability to learn anything. No imitation either
-no patience to wait in line or for turn.
-stealing food from other ppls plates while eating
-more friendly with adults than kids his age
-constant hunger and overweight. Craves carbs
-very hyperactive
-verbal stimming and hand tapping 
-left nare constantly blocked and has history of swollen adenoids
-prefers to be in a room where nobody is present.
-likes to have his pants/shorts below his butt and always tries to take off pants in public
-takes his shoes off all the time
-takes shirt off
-Unable to potty train
-PICA christmas decorations (tree balls) and paper
-Does not really chew food completely and stuffs mouth
-Whines sometimes for no reason and get agitated and cries if does not have his way but not aggressive.
-Screams randomly
-Only understands one to two step directions. Does not understand reasoning or concepts.

With Hyoscyamus 30C x2 per day, the before and after are as follows
Used to constantly stick hands in the pants and smell hand---Havent noticed it this time at all
Used to squeeze pull-ups when full of urine anywhere he goes and especially on the bed everyday in the morning-- this happened only one day in the last week or so.
Does not like being touched by his baby sister or touching/playing with her---Now he taps her on her head, plays with her anklet and is okay being around her more.

These are the only things I noticed for now.
[Edited by Riya101 on 2019-12-29 09:59:07]
Riya101 3 years ago
Hello Riya
You are on the right way.
Continue Hyoscyamus 30

And mention the quantity.
3 pills per day is enough for your child.
freehomeoforall 3 years ago
But you should do an experiment if you have not noticed before.

1. Does he become afraid seeing more water?
Go to a pond or bathtub or a swim pool. Act as if you want to take bath with him.
See what happens.
2. Put him behind a big mirror as he can see all of him on the mirror. Remain there for about 5 minutes. Observe what happens.
If you noticed something regarding above 2, please give full details.
freehomeoforall 3 years ago
We were by the pool day before yesterday and he did have a bath in the bath rub and he actually watches the water spill over. We also have a long mirror that shows top to bottom and he isnt bothered by it.
Riya101 3 years ago
Ok. Continue Hyoscyamus 30
3 pallets in the morning and for 7 days more.
See the change.
We should approach gradually.
freehomeoforall 3 years ago
Hello sir
I forgot to mention.. he does have a fear of dark and facing us while bathing (theres a window behind and thats where he prefers to face). If we force him to turn around, he will scream like he's unable to because he has to face the window). After bath he would try to run out of the tub like something is out there to get him.
Also he uses the toilet at home but is very fearful of using toilet outside. He is not potty trained and does not get the concept. He just follows on command at home.

The above is just an FYI...

Will update in 7days about Hyoscyamus Niger.
Riya101 3 years ago
Sir just wanted to clarify. I believe tomorrow will be 1 week since we started Hyoscyamus. Are you saying to continue one more week and then stop?

Also are you able to prescribe multiple remedies for multiple issues together? I have read some case studies where multiple remedies were prescribed at a time to address various issues. We are also currently doing CEASE for DTAP. The CEASE frm MMR did not do much for us and I dont think DTAP is giving us muvj either. Not noticeable like Hyoscyamus

Please advise
Riya101 3 years ago
Hyoscyamus can change her behaviour. At first he should be calm. You may continue Hyoscyamus untill he becomes normal in behaviour.

Start Cal Carb 30
3 pallets in the morning

1. Cal Carb 30
3 pallets in the morning

2. Hyoscyamus 30
3 pallets in the evening
Give feedback after 7 days.
freehomeoforall 3 years ago
Cal Carb may work good as your child is fat, flabby.
freehomeoforall 3 years ago
Yes sir will do

Report after 7 days if Hyos.
He suddenly got a bit hyper and running around and screaming
He started this screech scream
Waking up at night hungry

Will start the Cal Carb and keep Hyos as stated
Riya101 3 years ago
Report after 7 days of starting Hyos Niger and Calc Carb 30C 3 pellets

-Not sticking hands in pants and sniffing
-Not taking pants or shirt off at home or in public
-Nasal discharge in left nare is gone and lesser morning breath smell but when he sleeps at night, we can still hear small snores.
-Uses toilet to pee on command but still dont understand he shouldnt go on diaper.
-Hes okay with sister being around and has now started touching her to play but not quite playing with her yet.
-Mouth is still a bit open when calm
-Less to almost no crying or meltdown when we say NO or he cant have something.
-PICA behavior has gone down but still likes to put paper in mouth and chew
-Not taking shoes off as often
-Craving for carbs reduced but still there.
-Chewing on shirt started
-Occasional screech screams
-Still verbal stimming and hand tapping
-Hyperactivity is more controlled but still there
-Still tries to destroy things in the house if not watched
-Learned to put own pants with help
-Still steals food from sister but much less
-Still no speech attempts
-Can't imitate

Sir I would like to ask if Tarantula H 200c would be a good remedy for his constant tapping, hyperactivity, cunning/stealing behavior and interest toward music.

Please let me know what to start and what to stop.
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Riya101 3 years ago

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