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9 year old with autism


I am new to all of this and recently began to see a homeopathic doctor for my 9 year old son with moderate autism. Our biggest issues are his obsessions to do what he wants to do all day long. He gets these things stuck in his head and no matter if we are doing something fun he obsesses and gets upset about not doing what he wants. He currently wants to write pages and pages of stories and movies on hundreds of sheets of paper. He's a pretty healthy child with no known allergies. Born via c section. He had two ear infections as a child. He did have a reaction to the DTaP vaccine when he was 4. His arm swelled and became red. The strange thing is each time he gets sick the injection site swells like a tiny mosquito bite. He sweats a lot and has small white bumps on his cheeks that have been there for years. He's very strong willed and his default is to yell his responses when a demand is placed. He's constantly moving and constantly running a script of his songs and movie out loud. He hates flying insets and hates hair cuts and anything that requires someone to examine his body. He sleeps well but wakes early.
His current Dr recommended Sulfur. But he became even more agitated even at the lower doses and began having bathroom accidents. We stopped sulfur and recently began Thuja 6C and are not seeing any change. She recommended increasing to 12C. We are giving once a day.
i would greatly appreciate any advice!!

thank you!
  jbh8182 on 2018-07-11
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please confirm that you are open to take medicine from this forum and comfortable to put a pause to suggestion from your existing Homeopath. This is in your best interest to make sure you get the best possible progress.
Reva V 5 years ago
Yes. We are very much open to it. Thank you!
jbh8182 5 years ago
Hi there. Could someone please advise? We increased Thuja from 6C to 30C today. I have noticed a slight improvement in mood, but it’s too soon to really tell.
jbh8182 5 years ago
Please wait for a day. Thuja 30c is too light dose. You can continue until then. Thanks
Reva V 5 years ago
Thank you! So you advise not to give Thuja 30c tomorrow? His mood did seem slightly improved today as did his obsession to write down all his raving thoughts. Thanks!
jbh8182 5 years ago
Please continue Thuja
Reva V 5 years ago
Please buy Phosphorus 30c and Dulcamara 30c in pills

Day 1, Day 3, Day 5, please give one dose (2 pills) of Phosphorus 30c in the morning

Day 2, Day 4, Day 6, please give one dose (2 pills) of Dulcamara 30c in the morning

Please report in the 7 th day. You can write anytime in the middle if you notice any change or you have a question. I suggest to stop Thuja 30c, before you start these doses.

There is a strong belief that vaccination (esp. MMR) and Autism has a connection.
[Edited by Reva V on 2018-07-13 06:38:11]
Reva V 5 years ago
Thank you for the response. Per the last message I read I did give Thuja 30c this morning (3 pills). I have to say yesterday and today have been great improvements from what we’ve been seeing lately. He transitions better and isn’t so stuck on preferred tasks. Do you still recommend stopping and proceeding with the 2 remedies you listed? Thank you!
[Edited by jbh8182 on 2018-07-13 17:45:47]
jbh8182 5 years ago
It is great to hear that your son responds to Thuja so well. Please continue Thuja as long as the improvement continues. You can also buy Thuja 200 (which is more commonly the potency expected to work) as the follow up if necessary

So please continue with Thuja only. Phos and Dulc on hold now
Reva V 5 years ago
Will do. Thank you you! I will Report back in a week.
jbh8182 5 years ago
Reva V.
Here is our update. Thursday, Friday and Saturday my son took Thuja 30C in the morning. The first day I saw slight improvement. More in the morning and declined in the afternoon. On Friday he seems in a better mood and transitioned better. Saturday he was very hyperactive and seemed to be on edge. Today, Sunday I did not give the Thuja. He’s extremely emotional and talking (scripting his shows and songs) non stop. Anything that deviates from what he wants to do really upsets him.
How would you advise we proceed? We desperately need some peace here!! His body and mind race all day long. It’s exhausting for all of us! He just seems irritated and on edge all the time.
I can also answer and medical or physical questions you may have for him to get a better understanding.

Thank you!!
jbh8182 5 years ago
He is also very adverse to any attention. If someone speaks to him or attempts to interact he yells and says “no thank you!!” They could be asking him anything and he yells. I’ve also noticed he will randomly go from crying to happy while watching his TV shows. Even if something sad didn’t happen. He recalls old behaviors while watching shows. For example if he exhibited a self injurious behavior like hitting his head years ago and we happen to watch a show he viewed years ago he will all of a sudden take up those behaviors. Almost like he recalls them.
He craves salty and carb foods even after he’s already eaten.
jbh8182 5 years ago
FYI, people are not on here everyday. The child may be aggravating
From Thuja, if so it should wear off and improvement will show up again,
One has to wait and watch to determine if this is what is happening and if there is improvement after aggravation, then see how Long improvement lasts and only dose again when improvement stalls out.
You can google Herings law of cure to see what homeopaths are monitoring after a remedy.
simone717 5 years ago
I am aware of the law. We are holding off on any remedy until this passes. I just wanted to provide information. Thanks:)
jbh8182 5 years ago
Can you please clarify whether this behavior is
A) new and only after Thuja or
B) has been there always but now stronger or
C) you are just informing these symptoms that are always there and no changes recently

Reva V 5 years ago
B) We have seen these symptoms before. Not always at the same time. But they are not new. But worsening after Thuja.
jbh8182 5 years ago
Thanks for clarification. Please stop Thuja.

After two days start with Phis and Dulc as recommended before and write back
Reva V 5 years ago
Will Do. Thank you!
jbh8182 5 years ago
Please update
Reva V 5 years ago
So sorry for they delay! My son is currently seeing a homeopath in our area. I was too nervous to start and stop so many remedies. We discontinued the Thuja and began Belladonna 6C per her recommendation. We saw some worsening behaviors and then some improvements. We have given 3 doses total over the last weeks. Tyocailly about 4 days apart. Each seems to be the same. Aggravation, slight improvement and then we begin to slip again and redose. But currently we are 3 days post dose and I’m only seeing aggravations. Today I am even starting to see bad behaviors I haven’t seen before. I’m beginning to think this may not be the best match for him. We have so far tried sulfur, thuja and belladonna. Each has a similar response of aggravation and then slight improvement. But the improvements I’m seeing aren’t huge. It mostly looks like a “good” day for him.
jbh8182 5 years ago
simone717 5 years ago
Please use this thread in future.
simone717 5 years ago
Thanks. Yes, it makes sense to follow one prescription. Please clarify whether you want to continue with your existing doctor or prefer a suggestion from this forum. Thanks
Reva V 5 years ago
What is "autism"? What are its symptoms and what is its etiology? Looks like no one on ABC is willing to accept that they do not understand allopathy terminology. Please ask the patient to stick to subjective symptoms till he exhausts himself to get the true picture.Now how does the patient know it is AUTISM? And what do we at ABC understand from it?
jawahar 5 years ago
Yes we have stopped all remedies for about a week now. We will only be following the advice given here. I am just new to all of this and wasn’t exactly sure who would be providing information and what credentials they had. This is for my child so I am rightfully very protective.
I can answer any questions you may have about him and give you his experiences with the remedies recommended over the last couple of months.
Thank you!
jbh8182 5 years ago

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