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Autism - tissue salt or homeopathic remedies

I have a son that is almost 6 years old, (He is getting 6 years in August) that was diagnosed with autism.

He had a regressive autism when he was almost 3 years old and woke up one day after interrupting breastfeeding with strabismus and anxiety.

He was diagnosed by our naturopath at that time as pans and lab results from arimin labs showed lyme.
We treated him with antibiotics after 4 monthsand we saw huge improvements. We stopped the abx after 3 months and he started slowly to regress.

He was playing with toys and drawing and better eye contact when he was on abx. We decided to do biomedical treatment since then but he has gone through periods of getting better then regressing again. He is fully vaccinated until he was 2 years old.
Right now we have him only on tissue salts (Kali mur, Kali sulf, nat phos and Kali phos one pellet twice a day) and half capsule of lions mane (mashroom). He was in many other supplements before that we have stopped.

Current symptoms that we are having is the need to be held all the time. We hold him when we put him to sleep and several times during the day, rocking and singing to him, otherwise he cries. He wants us to sing him wheels all the bus all the time. Difficulties with transitions. Mood swings and crying out of nowhere. He gets covered in sweat when he has these mood swings like he is experiencing hot flushes. He wants pressure in his hands and feet and knees.

Wants to be on a swing and he likes movements, like being on a bus. Has OCD and ADD, like takes time to answer questions and speaks to himself. Has poor social skills and does not like to play with other kids. When we go on a park, does not want to do anything else than stay all day on the swing. Likes numbers and loves to create rhyming sentences. Is very good at remembering what he hears and repeats it during the day. He is fast learner, used to be better but recently not that much. Recognized number and shapes and colours and wants things to be a certain way. Like he wants us to clean the plate once he finishes or if we do something he wants us to do this exactly the same way next time. Has rigidity to routines.

He is verbal but not age appropriate, spends lots of time repeating things that he has heard during the day. Can follow instructions and speaks about his wants and needs and if he has pain or if something is bothering him. Is able to put words he heard on a context.
Right now does not want to do anything. He used to like books and play with toys. He refuses to write or draw or do anything else. He loved that we read him books (does not like that anymore) Even if we give him an ipad cannot focus. We are having problems with focus recently.

He is also getting very thin and seems like he is not absorbing nutrients though he eats well. He likes deep pressure. Put things in his mouth (this comes and goes) and touches his privates (this is a symptom that comes and goes as well).
Right now he is refusing certain foods he used to love like chicken and we really have to trick him to make him eat it. He is irritated and sometime will wake up from sleep irritated. Wants to remove the clothes and stay naked in the house sometime.
He is small and thin and looks like he is 3 or 4 years old and not almost 6.

My question is: The combination of these tissue salts Kali phos, Kali sulf, Kali mur and Nat phos (1 pellet of each twice a day Hyland’s brand )– Is this combination of tissue salts a a good one for him based on his symptoms? His naturopath thinks that we cannot introduce mag phos and calc phos for now.

Or even better, what combination of tissue salts would better fit with his symptoms? What dosage?
Thank you so much!
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  Lola1234 on 2021-06-24
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Stop all cell salts.

For Him, Arrange: Hyoscyamus Niger 30 Liquid

Have To Make Like As Below:

Take 500ml Mineral Water Bottle (New Sealed)

Pour Out Some Water (10 Sips) From This Bottle. Give 3 Drops Of Hyoscyamus 30 In It
In Next Morning, Jerk The Bottle 4 Times And Give Him Only 1 Sip From It.

Give Only One Dose. And Let Me Know The Change Within 7 Days.
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mrmhm 5 months ago
Growth related problems are generally related to Calcium.
They may need other medicines from time to time
Vaccine detox might be necessary if indicated medicine fails to act.
telescope 5 months ago
Thank you!
Mineral water - do you mean something like sparkling mineral water? Like Fuigi?

So I have to put 3 pellets of Hyoscyamus 30 in the bottle?
And give only one sip of that water the next morning to my child right?

That is all I have to give, if I understood you well - right?

Would you tell me if you have some time how this remedy would be the right one and in what it can help?

Thank you very much!
Lola1234 5 months ago
500ml mineral water sealed pack is available in store. Collect.

Not Pallet. Take the medicine in liquid form.

He Have To Be Treated By Taking Whole Symptoms Of Him.

Hyoscyamus Niger Is Selected For Him To Treat Him Fully. Don't Apply Anything Else.

Just Give Single Dose Accordingly. Wait Fir Next 7 Days And Keep Updating.
mrmhm 5 months ago
Thank you!

What kind of mineral water do you suggest? Not sure what to get???

If there is a big aggravtion what homeopathic remedy can help as an antidote?

Lola1234 5 months ago
This type of patient is very sensitive to medicines usually. Don't afraid. What I have suggested and how, who are well trained and skilled, he may better know. Whatever, should not think before result. And should not apply anything fast to antidote anything. Simply avoid much thinking.

Mineral water: Normally it is sold everywhere as drinking water in sealed pack. I don't know why are you hesitated about mineral water.

Go ahead.
mrmhm 5 months ago

One final question before we start it. If I am understanding it well we put the 3 drops in the mineral water in the evening then we shake the bottle the next morning and I give it to my child. Or We put the drops in the morning and we give them the next morning and shake the bottle before giving it?
Lola1234 5 months ago
Nice to know that, you are so careful.

It would be best to give 1st dose without jerking.

In the evening, mix 3 drops in 450ml water. Don't jerk the bottle.

Next morning, just give him 1sip from the bottle without jerking.

Then wait for next 5 days. Keep updating about any changes.
mrmhm 5 months ago
Thank you!

I will let you know as soon as we receive the homeopathic we wills start the treatment.
Lola1234 5 months ago

Today I gave a sip from the water bottle in the morning in 450 mil of sealed bottle> I put the 3 drops last night.
[Edited by Lola1234 on 2021-07-12 17:39:00]
Lola1234 5 months ago
No. Continue Chamomilla 30
2 pills 3 times per day.
mrmhm 5 months ago
Thank you!

Does he have to keep the pills under the tongue, or it is ok if chews and swallows? How many days (how long) should I give it?
[Edited by Lola1234 on 2021-07-01 17:21:23]
Lola1234 5 months ago
Sorry I forgot to mention that today it is a national holiday where I live and I cannot go to the store to buy chamomilla 30.

I have only tissue salts available? Any combo or single tissue salt that you recommend?

Thank you!
Lola1234 5 months ago
Lola1234 said Sorry I forgot to mention that today it is a national holiday where I live and I cannot go to the store to buy chamomilla 30.

I have only tissue salts available. Any combo or single tissue salt that you recommend?

Thank you!
Lola1234 5 months ago
Only Chamomilla 30
May take anyhow.
mrmhm 5 months ago

Cannot find Chamomilla 30 today!

He is very emotional and wants to be held all the time today. Is it a normal aggravation to happen after the homeopathic.

Is it going to be better tomorrow? If not how long should I use chamomilla?
Lola1234 5 months ago
Hold on.

Don't give anything now. Wait for total 5 days. Keep updating.
mrmhm 5 months ago

Today is the third day but I do not see much change.

He still gets nakes, touches the private, has no interest for anything else than staying on a swing, wants to be held, difficulties with transition, has mood swings if he stays home, OCD and Add. So all the symptoms. There has been better sleep, but not sure if this is due to the homeopathic or the fact that he eats june berries in the afternoon.

Should we increase the potency? Someone was telling me they used the pellets 200 C, but probably the child was older......

Thank you so much for your help!
Lola1234 5 months ago
Next morning, Jerk the made bottle 4 times and give only one sip. Again, wait for next 5 days.

Success of such case depends on parents patience.
mrmhm 5 months ago

We gave the homeopathic yesterday. I shaked 4 times and gave sip. Had to push so maybe the amount he got as a sip was a bit more than a sip. He was irritated yesterday Not sure. He was impatient yesterday, but today woke up at 4 and also is very irritated and in rage......

I feel like giving some advil for inflamation.

Could it be an aggravation?

Thank you!

When do you see improvement???? Is the homeopathic working or is not the right one.....
[Edited by Lola1234 on 2021-07-06 13:26:06]
Lola1234 5 months ago
Upload a photo of your made remedy bottle.
mrmhm 5 months ago
Picture of the bottle
Lola1234 5 months ago
Lola1234 said Picture of the bottle
Lola1234 5 months ago
Not shown
mrmhm 5 months ago
I will try to make it smaller.
Lola1234 5 months ago

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