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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Sufferers of ADHD are unable to focus their attention on anything, are very easily distracted, and often disruptive. The cause of ADHD is not yet known, though there is a mounting body of evidence that diet can exacerbate the condition.
  abc on 2002-07-09
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
My 9 year old son has adhd. He has lately taken to breaking things and carving his name on the bannisters. I don't want to give him hard medicine as the side effects worry me. As it is though, it's impossible to put up with.
rf last decade
My son had eczema as a toddler, triggered by certain foods (refined sugar and dairy products). The eczema passed, and he could consume those foods again, but in later years he developed ADHD.

We tried removing the foods from his diet which had triggered the eczema earlier and that calmed him down significantly.

He's still got a lot of energy, but he's now able to direct it through healthier chanels
rachel last decade
Tip: read the book: Ritalin free kids. Very interesting, homeopatic information!
vanwijkm last decade
if your son had frequent ear or throat infections in the past he may have a systemic yeast overgrowth. the first thing I would do is get him on acidophillus (primadophillus jr. 3 x's a day) or a probiotic (primal defense- 1/2 cap a day) to bring his gut ecology under control then you can proceed from there by looking at any sypmtoms the body is showing - dry hair or skin, ringworm, athlete's foot, those sort of symptoms.
RAD Dad last decade
Have you considered trying natural supplements instead of Ritalin or other medications? We use ATTEND, by Vaxa, and it works great! My son was on Adderall for a very short time and this supplement works better than Adderall, though it does take a little time for the supplement to start working in the body. Give it a try, it certainly can't hurt.
jathens last decade
We use Attend too and also got very satisfying results. Our son's teachers noticed the difference and we did not even tell them that he was on a nutritional supplement. Ryan's conduct reports have improved greatly and his grades increased as well. Ryan says he doesn't "space out" as much. We also made some diet changes and incorporated more exercize into his life and I think that helped with our success as well.
donnaovergard last decade
DINA BARAK last decade
Has anyone had any experience with PediActive which has DMAE?
cynthiatweedle last decade
ADHD and ADD are poor terminology. Each of you (I'm sure) has a very different child. A remedy that is suggested for "ADHD" should not be used unless it fits the picture of your child very closely. I am not a professional but I would like to offer a mother's word of caution when heeding "ADHD" advice.
samnbudsmom last decade
My grandchild has been diagnosed with ADHD. No alternatives such as one would find in the health food store were brought up for her treatment. She was prescribed Strattera, and it was suggested that if it didn't work then a stimulant could be used. I heard through the grapevine that a nurse was giving her ADHD child DMAE. Two health food stores said PediActive was the highest in demand for children with ADHD. Although Nature's Plus does not claim that PediActive is for ADHD, it is what the health food stores say most people want for an ADHD child.
I am new at this and just starting to learn about DMAE. I would rather know more.
cynthiatweedle last decade
Is the DMAE working?
Mackie last decade
It's all a shame, since ADHD is a fictitious disease that was invented in order to sell prescription drugs. There is actually no such disease -- the ADHD symptoms are primarily caused by children's diets: soft drinks, refined white flour, loads of refined white sugar, and plenty of fried foods and processed foods to boot. Take a child off these manufactured substances and start feeding them real food and the "disease" of ADHD vanishes in a matter of weeks. This has all been succinctly demonstrated through a clinical study that found dietary changes completely eliminate the so-called disease. Health Ranger
munish last decade
I agree that no child should be given Ritalin but I wouldn't go so far as to say this doesn't exist and it would all go away by eating "real food". As a parent that has been told "there is something wrong" and to have gone through all the diagnostics, dietary changes and on and on...it is extremely helpful to know what we are dealing with, the dx of adhd. We have now treated our son very successfully with homeopathy, he receives a constitutional remedy. I wish diseases would disappear in a matter of weeks with dietary changes alone. The SYMPTOMS may diminish I agree.
4myaddguy last decade
No offense, but are you male? I disagree with your post. You made some dogmatic assertions based on what you you have encountered, I presume? Most mothers (including myself) start off looking at what WE can do (i.e:diet changes/ modifications/exclusions, etc.) Your remarks smack of insensitivity to a very SENSITIVE issue for many families. Additionally, I don't think it's appropriate to cavalierly say eating the correct food will solve all. I've done that-it didn't work.
Sajemo last decade
I believe that there are many reason's a child could be diagnosed with ADHD.

Some of those reasons could be vaccines, diet, plain old differences in personality, as well as MISdiagnosis.

I do agree that this "dis-ease" is also overdiagnosed possibly for the benefit of the pharm co.

What is interesting is that alot of teachers, not doctors, are the first to see ADHD in children and suggest to parents to drug them. I think this is so it will make their jobs as a teacher easier.

I do agree that diet plays a big role and symptoms significantly improve when changed as well as the vaccinations. Does this mean that diet or vaccines started the symptoms? Not necessarily, but they definitely don't help when you are wanting a different behavior. It depends on the individual, although these things GREATLY increase the chance, especially when they are compounded.

Many more males are diagnosed than females. I wonder why. In my own thoughts, maybe it is because they are naturally more active than females during different growth rates (which happen to be at the same ages they are diagnosed).

I think another possibile reason is that schools have taken away so much physical activity compared to the past, and children just don't have the opportunity to PLAY and get that energy out like they used to. In some school systems I am familiar with, they actually considered voting to take away "outside" play time to fit in another academic. I think it's ridiculous. How can you expect attention when so many things are not balanced? When their energy is suppressed by "sitting" in a desk ALL DAY, and their bodies are filled with sugar, and vaccine toxins, and...

(I am not saying any or all of these cause the problems, I'm just trying to make a point- we have to look at ALL of the possible reasons/causes of symptoms, and try to work on ALL of them. Of course each thing can make a small or great difference depending on the individual.)

There are so many things play a role in an individual child's behavior.

WNCGirl last decade
Many more males are diagnosed than females. I wonder why....

The amount of damage a given dose of mercury can do to the brain (and also the heart) depends on one's age, sex, and genetically determined ability to excrete mercury. Young children with still developing brains are more susceptible, and males are more vulnerable to a given dose of mercury because testosterone enhances its neurotoxicity. Most important, however, is one's genetically programmed ability to rid the body of mercury. The brain has a house-cleaning protein that removes dangerous waste products, which comes in three varieties: APO-E2, APO-E3, and APO-E4. The APO-E2 protein can carry 2 atoms of mercury out of the brain; APO-3, one; and AOP-E4, none. The genes we acquire from each parent determine which two we have. People with two APO-E4 proteins (and thus no APO-E2 or -E3) have an 80 percent chance of acquiring Alzheimer's disease. And according to one study, autistic children have a huge preponderance of APO-E4 protein in their brains.

This is a quote from the middle of the page.

Here is the link.

Full article in PDF format
http://www.iaomt.org//documents/Mercury on the Mind -ms.pdf

Here is another article from Dr. Miller, but I disagree with HIS conclusion.
I advocate NO vaccinations EVER.

God Bless,
TimCam last decade
I advocate No vaccinations ever, also. Thank you for the info. about the role of testosterone. I know finding proof of damaged children from vaccines is a hard thing to do considering all the attempts to suppress evidence, reject cause and effect, and flat out refusal by makers to conduct long-term side effects, etc. I am glad to see studies like the ones walkin posts come into some kind of light, even if it's not bright (yet).

WNCGirl last decade
as much as I myself agree to the no vaccine rule. I hear that if you refuse to get your children vaccinized, then you get reported to child services. Maybe this varies by state laws?

I just know that the vaccines did something to my son.
lily white last decade
my son had to eat every two hours no colorings, emulsifiers no flourides in toothpaste this is put into bombs, rat poisens,
no proteins at night,he'd be up all night, marshmallows and chocolate especially the light stuff, dark. alright.and lolly,s lemonade, treat every now and now ok,just watch brand and colorings
alangail1 last decade
Can someone please tell me which vaccines have any toxins in them?

What exactly are these toxins? Please describe them, and how much of them there is in any vaccination.

And could you also describe exactly how are they related to ADHD? What is the connection?

I cannot see the connection at all. People seem to believe every fantastic story being passed around the office, and not actually looking for the facts. So can someone please bring some facts?

Thank you.
ZepOz last decade
Most if not all vaccines have toxins in them.If you want more info on vaccines visit Talkaboutcuringautism and research DAN doctors.
Mercury is one of the most toxic elements on earth and is still in vaccines,despite what the puppets of pharmaceutical companies say.Mercury has an affinity for the brain.People who cannot detoxify end up with a brain filled with mercury.It manifests itself as ADD/ADHD/Autism/OCD etc.If the mother had silver amalgams in her mouth the mercury would be passed to the fetus.Heavy metals in the environment can also cause ADD.A mother who ate a lot of mercury laden fish could have also passed mercury to the child.All these scenarios are possible ,but the number one cause of ADD/ADHD is vaccines.The viruses in the vaccines are mumps,measles,and rubella.Weakened strains are given to children who are already immunosuppressed due to the mercury.The virus takes host in the body and prevents heavy metals like mercury from being excreted.Oh yeah, the reason why some people are not able to detoxify the mercury to begin with is because of genetics.Viruses compound the problem.Dr Amy Yasko talks a lot about this.She is curing kids left and right.Other toxins in the vaccines are aluminum(heavy metal) and formaldehyde.Mercury disturbs your intestinal flora and makes you succeptible to many infections.These infections are treated with antibiotics which further disturbs your intestinal flora.This leads to major digestive problems.Since their digestive systems are now impaired,the kids cant even properly absorb nutrients from food.People also develop severe allergies(allergies trigger ADD symptoms) to food because of the mercury.This is why all these dietary changes are helping.Kids are making full recoveries by chelating all the mercury and fixing all the damage the mercury did.The things you have to fix are nutritional deficiencies,fungal infections(candida releases neurological toxins),hormonal imbalances(adrenal hormones are necessary for learning and memory).You may also have to chelate other metals that accumulated in addition to the mercury.Some of the best doctors are Rashid Buttar,Amy Yasko, and Defeat Autism Now.If you have ADD/ADHD/OCD etc. then reseach the autism websites.Whatever chemical imbalance you end up with just depends on how badly you have been poisoned.
DefeatADDnow last decade
Parents looking for alternative to medicating their children with Hyperactivity

I found this music created by a Mom for her children after seeing signs of hyperactivity in one of her boys. Prior to being diagnosed, she tried this and it worked so she produced the music on CD (and downloads) for other parents to use. She is a Master Reiki Healer and is of Indian descent with a beautiful voice. These Mantras are very effective in calming ADHD, ADD & Hyperactivity. Part of the strategy is that they start at a fast pace which is able to reach the mind of an active child and then bring the child down at the end of the chant - resulting a long lasting calm. The one that worked best for my child (2 year old) was Track 9 'Ganpaphi Mantra'. There's too many medicated kids out there, there ARE answers other than Ritalin! Check out the CD ('Mantras for my children and yours'), downloads and the music at w w w. mantramom. com
purpledarts last decade
i used to got add, i cured it, well without any medication
i used binaural beats, maybe something for your boy?

here is my story:

I was diagnosed with add when i was 15
i have a whole history of eating disorders
I was depressed and i started to develop anorexia in highschool i went really skinny
then i went to boardingschool the last years and i didn't ate during the week but i binged during the weekends.I was on rilatine
later on i went on concerta, still depressed as hell
at university i started to develop bulemia then i went on wellbutrine to help this disorder as well as to help me concentrate
it kept on going worse, especially when my father died when i was 20 years old,
I couldn’t sleep anymore, I had insomnia, I couldn’t fall a sleep until like 4 AM, I started with sleeping pills as well
i kept on binge eating and throwing up sometimes 8 times a day
i felt so sick, disgusting even though i wasn't fat, i know that now

then i started to figure out why i had this and alternative ways to treat this

i started using BINAURAL BRAIN FREQUENCIES, special ones to heal add/adhd,
i knew about them because a friend of mine had severe adhd and with medication, he went creepy violent, he cured his adhd with the frequencies. He advised me to try them aswell so i did.
there was i site where i got them from

A WHOLE TURN started in my life!!!
i felt more confident, more alive, less depressed, so much more happy and i could focus and concentrate like never before! i even stopped binge eating and throwing up
i lost my bulemia with another specially designed track for gaining control over cravings, and have a balance in my brain
i went completely off ANY MEDICATION even wellbutrine!! AND STILL HAD GREAT SCHOOL RESULTS

I can sleep like a baby, my insomnia was gone, no more sleeping pills for me

i feel so great now, have my life energy back and just love life without any medication

i'm now also a completely raw veganist,
without cravings for unhealthy food

i just wanted to share this,
it ll help other people as well
fridakahlo2 last decade
Is Binaural Brain Frequencies on cd? Do you recommend any tract?
snapz last decade
i really recommend the focus and concentration one,
the track could be downloaded if you pay for it, it could be shipped as well on cd. maybe you can contact the company

synergy (at) petejansen (dot) com

or google ultimate-brain (company site)

both without spaces of course

good luck!!

keep in touch
fridakahlo2 last decade

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