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Calcarea Carbonica

A middle aged female found after completing more than one questionnaire found that Calcarea Carbonica fit 80 percent of the health concerns she'd ever had. She started taking it and found after four days of doing so she began to have left sided headaches on a daily basis ranging from in back of the head to the eyebrow bone. She stopped taking the Remedy. She continues to experience the headaches on a daily basis. Was this a healing crisis? Should she have continued to take the remedy? Should she resume taking it? She wants to know because she rarely if ever had headaches in the past (her entire life). Now she has them daily. The headaches couldn't be a proving could they considering so much of the profile of Calcarea Carbonica fit her. She wants to resume taking it but read somewhere that taking this remedy a second time was 'dangerous to the aged'.
  Curious2 on 2010-01-27
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
This is an addendum to the original post: health issues this preson has experienced include fibrocycstic breasts; candidiasis; piloniadal cyst; had 5 wisdom teeth removed;tnedency towards constipation; late puberty; warts; depression;cramps during periods in the past few years; profuse thin yellow discharge after periods; cradle cap as a child; dandruff as an adult; seborrhea keratosis in a few places on torso; dry skin on arms and legs.

Other characteristics: slightly clumsy; not sure footed going down stairs;occasional dizziness when rising quickly after sleeping; somewhat of a hypochondriac, worrier, procrastinator; nervous. Tendency to overeat. Occasional profuse body sweating at night and from the back of the head. Cold hands and feet especially in winter. Pale complexion. Drawn to cheese, ice cream, eggs and unusual foods. Easily frightened.
Curious2 last decade
I'm just going to continue with what I've done until anyone has any suggestions or comments -- which would be greatly appreciated. I'd love to hear from anyone with experience wth Calc Carb.

I took a dose of Thuja 30c yesterday afternoon for the left sided headaches that developed during taking the Calc Carb a few weeks ago. and one so far this morning when I noticed heaviness in the back of my head on the left side.

The Thuja worked almost immediately yesterday and seems to have helped today. I guess I won't keep taking it as long as I'm no longer bothered by headaches. I also have a wart on the back of my thigh I've been trying to get rid of and have had for decades so I thought Thuja would help with that also.

I forgot to mention that I did have some positive results from the Calc Carb during the 4 days I took it including better balance going downstairs , less waxy scalp and less tendency to constipation.

I also forgot to mention that I'm tall and thin with prematurely white hair (now all white) that started turning when I was 19. I am out of shape with some flab around my waist.
Curious2 last decade
Your selection of Calcarea Carb seems to be correct. It should have been taken in 200c potency only for one day and then you should have waited for 15 days. You should not have taken it for 4 days. Your headache might have been a proving symptom and it would have gone away on it's own. It is not a smooth method of case management when you start taking Thuja without giving time to your constitutional remedy to act.
kadwa last decade
Thank-you kadwa for the response! Now what do you think should I do? Should I take nothing for a while? Take some sort of an antidote and start over or, go back to taking Calc. carb. (Again, I had taken about 9 or 10 doses over four days of the 6c potency.)

I've been reading in the archives (which I should have done before posting and before taking the Calc Carb but didn't recall seeing a forum here last time I visited many years ago) and also the polychrests on Kali Carb and Sulpher and some of that applies to me but not nearly as much as the Calc. Carb.

I'm very talkative; inquisitive; I was very talkative when I was little as well and would drive my parents crazy with so many questions. I love to research and analyse things deeply. I'm very much of a troubleshooter who can always think of a better more efficient way to do things. I used to be very shy(except around friends who I love to make laugh usually using sarcasm to do so) but forced myself to come out of my shell taking an outside
sales position and had good training and some beginners luck and became a big producer for the company. I've never been consistant about it though. I have good years and lean years and often sabotage myself by procrastinating and not doing what I know I need to do to be more successful. Maybe there are critical words in my subconcious from my parents that make me my own worst enemy. I would LOVE to get over that.

As the oldest I was always very responsible and a 'good' child although my parents were mean and critical off and on. I spent far too much of my life trying to please them. It wasn't until my early 40's that I finally decided to stop and am now pretty much estranged from my mother who told me when I was 19 she didn't like the way I was turning out as a person. My father died a year after I decided to keep the contact to a minimum (after 12 or so years of wasting away with from allopathic Cancer treatments that ravaged his body). I don't know if that helps.

I still have the left-sided headaches. I thought they might be gone but they returned just before I checked this forum again when I also took one dose of Thuja 30c before reading your response. I have taken a total of three doses only when needed over three days. (The bottle says to take a dose up to three times per day.)

I seem to find that I am experiencing benefits- I guess from the Calc Carb such has a much easier/shorter/lighter period with no cramps without the profuse discharge afterwards. Also I don't seem to be as hot/sweaty at the back of my head or sweat at night.

I still have cold hands and feet and am cold generally but it has been damp and cool and today it is raining.I also forgot to mention that I have had an underactive Thyroid in the past but homepathic Thyroid combined with a Thyroid glandular was able to get it working again.

I would like to get rid of the headaches (and the annoying wart on my thigh and I have a few tiny ones on my right hand). I have herbal cremes as well as an anti-viral herbal formula I could take internally but I don't want to interfere with the homeopathics and I'm not sure the herbal remedies would work. The way I was able to finally get rid of a plantar wart that kept coming back since I was a child was by soaking it in boiling hot (or as hot as i could stand) water several times per day and keeping it covered with a sliver of raw garlic at night and scraping off the layers that seemed to die with a pumice stone before the hot water soakings. Maybe I should try to use the tip of a hot iron to frighten the one on my thigh away as well as the one on my hand.

Thanks in advance for thoughts; suggestions; comments.....
Curious2 last decade
As calc carb is already doing good work for you, please don't take any remedy for the time being and report back after 10 days. Let the warts remain there for the time being and don't use severe methods to remove warts.
kadwa last decade
It has been more than 10 days.

I haven't been taking much of anything for weeks as far as supplements or homeopathics. My left sided headaches are still there however --mostly feel like a heaviness or pressure above my left eye in the eyebrow area; sometimes behind the left eye and sometimes on the left side of my head/side of my face in front of my ear. They come an go although today I've had it pretty much all day so far.

I haven't been eating or exercizing the way I should though. It could be a build up of stress. Have also been somewhat constipated but not surprising due to the lack of intake of water and the two cups of coffee per day; starches; sugar; dairy and wine at dinner time. Maybe if I decreased my intake of those things and increased raw veggies; whole grains and water/herbal teas and started jogging everyday, I'd get rid of stress and the headaches would go away.

Have also had a horrendous time motivating myself to get anything constructive done.

I've probably built up a case of candidiasis again which could also explain headaches and spacey feeling I sometimes get--also forgetfulness at times.

In my 30's I went on a 4 month program to get rid of Candidiasis and a dairy sensitivity which included taking Aquaflora, an anti-yeast homeopathic formula among other things and it did work. In two weeks I had SO much energy back. I couldn't remember ever having so much energy.

I probably should go on a really clean diet w/o dairy or refined wheat or sugar AND start exercizing.

Maybe no homeopathics will work unless I clean up the lifestyle -- except maybe something like Aquaflora...and maybe a thyroid homeopathic for underactive thyroid which I've had issues with. I bet it is underactive now but I haven't taken the basal cell underarm temperature test to confirm it.

Oh the wart on my thigh and the tiny one on my hand is still there. I think frightening them away with heat might be the only thing that will get rid of them.

What do you think?

Curious2 last decade
Just want to be clear that the Candidiasis problem manifested many years ago as more of a general overall malaise/depression kind of feel. I didn't have any yeast infections per se. except an overinfestation of yeast in my blood stream I think.
Curious2 last decade
Please take three doses of Calcarea Carb 30c at a gap of 4 hours for only one day (not daily) and report back after 10 days.

Please read my posts on the breathing exercises called as Anulom Vilom Pranayam and Kapalbhati Pranayam by following the links given below. Please practise these pranayams regularly for half an hour preferably in a garden early in the morning. You may practise at any other convinient time. The only restriction that you have to follow is not to do these exercises within 4 hours after meals. You can have meals not within 15 minutes after finishing these exercises.
kadwa last decade
Thanks for the follow-up. Can I take 6c instead (since I already have it) and take different amounts? I'll try to find 30c locally but just in case I can't get it without having to order on-line, I was just wondering if 6c would do. I'll wait to hear....Thanks again.
Curious2 last decade
Never mind about using 6c. I just called and Whole Foods has 30c.
Curious2 last decade
Regarding the breathing exercizes, you want me to do the Anulom Vilom Pranayam and the Kapalbhati Pranayam, right?

How will I feel after doing them? Will I get dizzy or anything?

I guess they both need to be done on an empty stomach.
Curious2 last decade
Regarding the breathing exercizes, you want me to do the Anulom Vilom Pranayam and the Kapalbhati Pranayam, right?

How will I feel after doing them? Will I get dizzy or anything?
**You will feel fresh and energetic. Please do the exercises very gently, don't give any jerks to your body. Please ensure that you have understood the method correctly. Please start with that much with which you are comfortable, later you should raise the timing gradually.

I guess they both need to be done on an empty stomach.
**Atleast 4 hours after full meals. There is no problem with taking water. It is better to avoid taking stimulants like coffee, tea etc before doing the exercises. Coffee you are not taking any way.
kadwa last decade
I got the Calc. Carb 30c today. I just want to be certain that taking it again won't hurt as I believe in this forum and others I've read that taking Calcerea Carbonica a second time 'for the aged' is not recommended. Would I fall in that category ad 52?

Remember, taking it the first time seems to have brought to the surface those cluster headaches on the left side of my head which before I took Calc. Carb. may have been there but I was not feeling them. I hardly ever had headaches before.(Another relative evidently had 'migranes without the headache'.) Now one of the problems after taking Calc. Carb on my own, has been that manifestation of regular left sided headaches.

So again, by taking Calc. Carb. 30c, a second time, as you suggest, you don't think I'll suffer any other long term damage, do you?
Curious2 last decade
Oh, I just reread my post and don't know if I cand edit it. What I meant was, I'm concerned about taking Calc. Carb, a second time in any amount based on what I've read about 'the aged' taking it a second time. What do you think? What is the definition of someone who is aged anyway?
Curious2 last decade
There are many theories in homeopathy. There is no credibility as such in many threories that float around. There is no basis to believe that calc carb should not be repeated. Any remedy should not be repeated unnecessarily and it applies to all remedies including calc carb. Therefore we waited for a resonable period and now on the basis of your symptoms we think that calc carb 30 should work.
kadwa last decade
Wow! It took me a long time to find my thread...

Anyway, it has been 10 days since I took the Calc Carb 30 c as suggested.I took it on 2/28. I was 'good' the day I actually took the three doses as far as staying away from coffee but after that I did go back to having my morning coffee.

I also wasn't very good about doing the breathing exercizes. I found the second one hard to do. (I wasn't sure I was doing it the right way...pushing the air out of my abdomen.) The weather has been awful here (cold and rainy most of the time) so I haven't wanted to go outside to do them more than a few times.

I've found that my elimination has improved. I made a breakthrough with a major procrastination/sabotage problem I was having and finally paid some bills I was just ignoring (which I could have easily paid on time weeks earlier). I also began to organize and declutter some as well as create a goal list and things to do. However I haven't become as diligent as I'd like to be in following through to get them done.

I've noticed over the past few months, my periods have been much lighter and pain free although highly irregular and sometimes coming again after only a few weeks. Hopefully, they'll end permanently soon.

My breasts have become very painful (although I haven't been taking really any supplements or Vitamins and minerals the way I used to (Vit C and E I think helped with that).

I have noticed I've felt cold even indoors and even under the covers in bed --including a down comforter. I just can't seem to get warm. (I have had RAynaud's Syndrome in the past). On the other hand, I've had the opposite problem with night sweats as well...but this could be due to wearing to many layers of clothes to bed because I'm cold when I get in bed...and then gradually warm up to overheated after I fall asleep, only to wake up because I'm too hot to remove the extra layers.

I've also had unusual cravings for sweets. Maybe eating so much more than normal of this stuff has thrown off my hormones and caused the sweating at night and cold feeling during the day. In the past eating too many rich foods dairy and sweets would also make my periods more painful.

My left sided headaches seem to be subsiding. They seem to be fewer and farther between and not as aggravating/painful as before.

I've been worrying about my 14 year old cat during this same period as some ear mites that the veterinarian missed became evident even to me and my poor longhaired Norwegian Forest cat was so uncomfortable he scratched so much his ear bled and then started scratching away a huge patch of fur on the back of his neck. Luckily my Naturopath has suggested some herbal remedies for him that seem to be helping (as he hardly scratches at all now).

Some say that people develop the same types of problems their pets do or visa versa. This cat has had a dandruff problem for a few years similar to what I've had all my life and one book on Homeopathy for Cats by Dr Wolfe DVM (I think) recommended Calc Carb for 'fatty tail syndrome' he called it where there is a build up of dandruff at the base of the tail. I haven't addressed that yet because other problems he's had have been more pressing ie the ear mites. Earlier on he had bouts of Hyperesthesia, a seizure disorder due to (I think) a combination of a bad reaction to build up of toxins from a partial dose of one of those nasty spot on flea treatments; a rabies vaccine and eating different food for a while which contained grains. Putting him back on his home prepared, grain free diet and finally discovering that extra Taurine and fish oil have seemingly reversed or eliminated the hyperesthesia spells, he at least no longer has spells where he acts very aggressive and tries to bite off the end his tail. I guess he's always been an anxious cat. He certainly becomes very afraid when any rain( or especially thunderstorms) is/are forecast. His eyes glaze over and he tries to hide. If it rains long enough, he gets used to it and will come out of hiding and eat and use his litter.

Sorry. I didn't mean to get off on that tangent. I just thought I'd throw it in. I'm not asking for help for my cat at the moment. I might be more help to him if i get myself on track first.

So is there anything besides the breathing exercises I should be doing? Do you think the Calc. Carb is still working?
Curious2 last decade
Oh I forgot to mention that there are no changes in the warts..would really like to get rid of the one on the back of my thigh especially.
Curious2 last decade
I wish there was a way we could edit posts after posting them. I just discovered I used the word 'to' incorrectly and meant to use 'too'. I don't want people to think I don't know the appropriate use of these words. I meant to say '..too many layers of clothing..' in the middle of the seventh paragraph.
Curious2 last decade
I found the second one hard to do. (I wasn't sure I was doing it the right way...pushing the air out of my abdomen.)
**The air is not pushed out of abdomen, it is pushed out of lungs, the abdomen just moves in while the air is pushed out.

The weather has been awful here (cold and rainy most of the time) so I haven't wanted to go outside to do them more than a few times.
**You can do these exrcises indoors.

You have really done a good job by identifying your right remedy. Sometimes people leave behind their right remedy due to their impatience and start experimenting with other remedies and gain nothing. Please don't take Calc Carb unnecessarily, whenever you feel that your symptoms are worsening on sustained basis you should take calc carb 30c thrice a day at a gap of 4 hours for only one day (not daily) and see how that affects you in the next 10 days. If calc 30c doesn't work in future you should take three doses of Calc Carb 200c in the same way.

Please do the first breathing exercises (the simple one) regularly. That should help you a lot as you are passing through your menopause.

Oh I forgot to mention that there are no changes in the warts..would really like to get rid of the one on the back of my thigh especially.
**please provide following informationin respect of your warts.
1. are they itchy?
2. are they soft?
3. what is their size?
4. are they painful?
5. anything else you would like to tell.
kadwa last decade
Thank-you for the prompt response. I should say that after I wrote the last update and mentioned my periods were lighter I had two extremely heavy days which may turn into more if it doesn't lighten up tonight. At least they aren't painful however.

I've started to take green drinks and trace minerals and make sure I have some raw food every day and have run out of junk food (and won't be buying more for a while) so I should start to see even more improvement.

I'll start doing some exercize along with the breathing exercizes.

Regarding the warts, I might mention (and I think I may have in my intro) that I had a plantars wart as a pre-teen on the bottom of one of my heels and had it surgically removed but of course it came back. I read every book I could about wart remedies and applied Thujia topically which helped but didn't get rid of all of it. What finally did make it go away was my keeping a sliver of raw garlic in place over it with a band-aid at night and during the day I soaked it in as hot water as i could stand 2-3 times per day and after each soaking, pumicing away the top layer. This was what got rid of it FINALLY.

The other wart on the back of my left thigh is under the skin maybe the size of half of a small pea and if it is rubbed, such as if I am wearing shorts and going sailing and sitting and standing and moving around on a bench as you do in sailing during tacking and changing directions, it gets itchy. It also gets touched when I sit on a toilet. It has been much bigger and itchier but my attempts at making it go away have perhaps at least weakened it or made it somwhat smaller. Actually it may be getting smaller : ) (I just felt it to see how big it was to type the description and was happy to find that it didn't seem as big as the last time I felt it.)it doesn't itch now either.

The others include two tiny clear shiney flat ones that are barely noticable on my outer right hand which itch once in a while but usually don't bother me.

I also have something that must be a wart that I've had for years on my right leg that is very thin but larger than the ones on my hand and darker than my skin color at the bottom of my right shin right in the center. Once in a while it itches but rarely.

Once or twice in the past two years on my leg I've had molluscum contagiosum but I've gotten rid of it using colloidal silver both internally and externally and taking anti-oxidants.

I must have a virus lurking in my body which feeds these warts which would be nice to get rid of. I did have Chicken Pox when I was little so maybe that virus they say hides in your spine is what is causing it.

I've had issues with a pilonidal cyst for over 20 years since I was a teenager which I had drained once and finally surgically removed in my 30's.

I seem to be predisposed to skin growths either on the skin or (tumors) under the skin. I've had Tinea Versicolor and Seboreah keratosis. The tinea went away on its own with diet and antioxidants. I found a strong herbal gel that actually lifted 2 keratoses I had on my breasts..roots and all. It was amazing. I used it to get rid of a huge skin tag on my inner thigh as well. I tried it on the wart on my leg but it doesn't seem to do anything for that. I mentioned that I've had a benign Fibroadenoma removed about 22 years ago... before the time I discovered I had Candidiasis( which allopathic doctors told me was 'nothing'); went to a Naturopath for the first time in my life and got rid of it and became hooked on learning about natural medicine ever since. I also used a combination homeopathic that was recommended by my Naturopath called Apis Hommacord by HEEL to take both internnaly and externally when I thought my pilonidal cyst was growing back..it was starting to itch etc. I took it for a little while and stopped. I also used it on a small sub-skin bump that was itchy under mons pubic hair and it worked wonderfully to get rid of that. I've also always had a lot of moles on my skin..ever since i was little. Of course I also had cradle cap ever since I was little and waxy places on my skin such as the front of my upper arms and shoulders and under my breasts as an adult.I guess that mostly covers the skin issues.
Curious2 last decade
i think that all your skin problems including warts should be taken care by Calc Carb, so you should take Calc Carb as has already been discussed. It is also given again...

Please don't take Calc Carb unnecessarily, whenever you feel that your symptoms are worsening on sustained basis you should take calc carb 30c thrice a day at a gap of 4 hours for only one day (not daily) and see how that affects you in the next 10 days. If calc 30c doesn't work in future you should take three doses of Calc Carb 200c in the same way.
kadwa last decade
OK. Thank-you very much! I think I will wait another week or so before taking the 30C again as you prescribed and try to do more of the breathing exercizes; regular exercizes and eat better in the mean time ...and also watch for changes or improvements. Perhaps I should wait longer. How long do these remedies work after taking the correct amount (what you suggested)?

I'll report back if I notice anything remarkable and definitely 10 days after I take the Calc Carb again.
Thanks again for the enlightening experience!

Do you think it will take a few more doses over time to get to optimum health? It would be WONDERFUL if it would also improve the mental/emotional area. Is that part of what one can expect from a constitutional remedy?
Curious2 last decade
It would be WONDERFUL if it would also improve the mental/emotional area. Is that part of what one can expect from a constitutional remedy?
**Yes. You are right.
kadwa last decade
I just had a long overdue dentist appt. and was told I have a crack in my tooth besides pockets and need a deep cleaning in each of four quadrants and then need a crown to cover the tooth with the crack. There had also been some bone loss.

I'm wondering if I take the calc carb as you suggested: 1 dose of 30c, three times in one day 4 hours apart and then wait.... if my gums would heal themselves (pockets would reduce in size or completely disappear) and tarter would go away...and I could avoid the deep cleanings and even the crown?
Curious2 last decade
Please take 2 pellets each of the following tissue salts thrice a day for 15 days and see whether it helps.
calc flour 6x
calc phos 6x
silicea 6x
kadwa last decade

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