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Cystic Acne and food allergies

I am a 30 female struggling with horrible cystic acne for the past 5 years. I have talked to many different doctors and have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and polycystic ovary syndrome in the process. Hormones and sugar definitely seem to play a dominant role in the appearance of my cysts, but I also seem to be developing strange food allergies which I can't seem to pin down.

I used to have great skin and am becoming angry and depressed about the horrible look of my face and the dark red marks that persist long after a nodule has shrunken or popped. It is also very painful. Some days, I will not even leave the house because I am in so much pain and embarrassed.

The cysts started shortly after my dad suddenly passed from a diabetic stroke, but also turned 25, so I am not sure which was the cause. I was really stressed, consuming a lot of lattes (caffeine/sugar) and sleeping very little.

Caffeine and sugar (even in fruits!) no doubt cause cysts and I try to avoid it as much as possible. But I also now seem to be allergic to garlic and any type of onion, acidic foods (tomatoes/oranges) and hot foods (cayenne pepper, paprika, green peppers, black pepper). These all seem to point to chronic inflammation?

I have tried conventional medicines to no avail and have recently experimented with saw palmetto/evening primrose to balance hormones/blood sugar. The saw palmetto seems to help. A vitamin B complex also seems to help, but nothing stops the cysts completely.
With all of these food allergies, I feel like I can't eat anything and have been living off homemade veggie wraps and soup for the past two months. I feel completely trapped inside my body.

My sister just turned 25 (same age my cysts started) and has started developing the same issue, but her cysts aren't as bad. She has also been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

  PDXgirl3 on 2010-01-29
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please type Acne into the Search Box on the Home page of this Forum and you can read the many posts that advise on this ailment.

The remedy I prescribe which has helped many is Arnica 6c in the Wet dose taken twice daily and also applied directly on the face.

The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made as follows:

Order the remedy in a 5ml Ethanol pack aka Liquid Dilution in a bottle with a dropper arrangement.
If this is not available the Dry dose in pellets may be use but this is not as effective as the remedy in the original Ethanol pack
Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle or 5 Pellets and shake it hard to produce bubbles. This is homeopathic succussion and must be done every time before a capful of the bottle which is the dose is taken as directed.

Please post your response the the Arnica therapy in a week and it is possible that your other ailments may also be helped by the Arnica.
Joe De Livera last decade
HI!! I feel your pain with the cysts. It's so disheartening and I TOO feel trapped in my body!!! Those are the EXACT words I used when talking with my husband just the other night. It's like you don't know why this is happening. You starve yourself, try to detox try to avoid certain foods to no avail.. I do this too!!! I firmly believe this is 100% hormone related. I know different foods aggravate the issue but I'm telling you hormones are to blame!!! When I was pregnant both times, every prob I have went away (HORMONES)!! I get HUGE PAINFUL Cysts too. I can tell you one thing that has helped keep them away, Coffee enemas!!! I had a HUGE one and came across this website about the liver and how it plays such a HUGE role in getting rid of used hormones from the body. I did my thorough research and started doing them. The cysts dissappeared!!! I mean I can still get one occasionally and I still have moderate acne most of the time but I do the coffee enemas 2-3 times per week. When I started I did them everyday for 10 days straight, 2 sections per day Meaning retaining the enema for 10-15 mins 2 times. Then I reduced it to 3-4 times per week for a month and now 2-3 times per week or if I am feeling sluggish and my skin is acting up. I really helps!!!! Look into it and know you are not alone. Please feel free to ask me any questions :-)
Melyna last decade
Oh and in regards to the homeopathic side (I am not a homeopathic doctor) I have used 30c and 200c Hepat Sulph and is does an amazing job of making them come to a head quickly!!!! Just an FYI :-) I take them under the tongue 4 times per day until the cyst comes to a head. Usually in a day or two, not the WEEKS it would take before. Are they always on your chin or neck?
Melyna last decade
Melyna last decade
Hi Melyna!! Thank you so much for the thoughtful advice! :) it's hard not to feel like you are alone in the world dealing with such an embarassing condition. It completely runs my life! I have to constantly think about what I am going to drink or eat and worry about what I will look like two hours later! I can't eat or drink the same as my friends and it's beginning to affect my social life. I feel like crying anytime I leave the house. When I went to the family doctor about it she said, 'what a shame. You have such a pretty face.' it made me feel ten times worse!

I definitely agree that it seems hormonal and have been reading about the livers role as well!! I have been getting ready to do this intense month long kidney/liver/gall bladder detox in the hopes that I can get back into balance. The coffee enema sounds interesting but coffee is my biggest offender so I would be scared to try it. I will prob try the hep sulphur. I put a mineral sulphur on them at night and it seems to reduce the swelling.
PDXgirl3 last decade
Hi Joe! Thank you so much for responding to my post! I have ordered the arnica 6c tincture and will take as directed and post the results after one week. Are there any special considerations for applying it to my face? Anything I should avoid? Is it ok under makeup? Do I just pour the water remedy in my hand and splash on my face?

Thanks so much again!!!
PDXgirl3 last decade
Hi Again PDXgirl3! Just an FYI coffee is a big offender for me too :-) but if you research the coffee enema, it does not have the same effect as when you consume coffee through your digestive system. I can't drink coffee either, so I feel your pain and I LOVE IT!!! And guess what, I have been told the SAME THING!!! 'WHat a shame, you are such a pretty girl' I would send you a pic but I am too embarrassed about someone I know finding out all my dirty laundry online LOL!!! But I am told I look just like Sandra Bullock, not sure if that is good or bad....? Anyway, if you are interested, read about the coffee enema and see how it works and you will understand how it doesn't have the same effect as when you drink it. I also have read that you are NOT suppose to mix homeopathic medicines. They are to be taken as single remedy's one at a time per the inventor of homeopathy Samuel Hahnemann. But again, I am not a homeopathic physician, just an AVID RESEARCHER!!! Just incase you get several responses suggesting different remedies. We have a lot in common :-) Have a great night!!!
Melyna last decade

I note that you have ordered Arnica 6c 'tincture'. Please amend your order to the Liquid Dilution as Tincture denotes the Mother Tincture or the Q Potency which cannot be used for your ailment, Acne.

Anything I should avoid?
All other medication and enemas which will antidote the Arnica 6c immediately. You may like to know that at the 6th potency the presence of the Arnica is 1 Billionth of the Mother Tincture or Q. It works because it it potentized and you will have to keep up the succussion every time before you take a capful from the bottle which is the dose.

Is it ok under makeup?
You should not use any makeup till your Acne is cured. Makeup will block the pores and we want them open. It occurs to me that the root cause of your Acne may be the make up and the sponge or pad you use to apply it as it obviously is loaded with bacteria which live off the skin cells you transfer to the pad surface every time you apply makeup.

Do I just pour the water remedy in my hand and splash on my face?
You can pour out the liquid remedy into a small container with a lid and you can wet your fingers in the water and apply the remedy water directly on your face. You may not put your fingers into the 500ml bottle as this will antidote the remedy instantly.
Joe De Livera last decade
In response to Joe, I have the same acne problem and if this was true, what you say about the makeup causing the problem, I wouldn't have acne. It doesn't matter if I wear makeup or not, I still have acne unless I am pregnant. I wish men knew what it felt like to be a woman with acne and be told not to wear makeup. Just keep the sponge or brush you use clean. But it is NOT causing your acne. I would try the Arnica for the acne and yes avoid the enemas etc. because of the antidote. However, treating the 'Acne Only' will NOT get to the route of the problem which is hormone overload, irreguarity or imbalance. I would research Sepia or Lachesis. Just somethings to consider. I am not a doctor.
Melyna last decade
Hi Joe,
Thank you for your response. I did actually order the liquid dilution, not tincture but was confusing it with something else I read online. I am very eager for it to get here so that I can try it out. I definitely think it will help in some ways because I struggle with so many inflammatory issues.

As for the makeup, I do not use anything chemical/synthetic or apply with sponges, only mineral makeup applied with clean bristle brushes. I use a raw mineral makeup that has sulphur and it really seems to calm my skin down and acts as a natural sunscreen to protect my red marks as they heal. I have gone days without makeup only get the same painful cysts and sometimes the makeup seems to calm it down.

Thanks again!
PDXgirl3 last decade
Hi Melyna!!!
I can't tell you how excited I am the last couple of days to find someone to connect with during this experience! I feel like we have so much in common! I have been doing exhaustive research regarding natural health for the last 5 years and have even decided to apply to the naturopathic college here in Portland this fall! I feel like I need access to all of the information it provides if I'm every going to be normal again and what better career than to help others who have been through the same thing! I really want to concentrate on hormones because it is amazing the detrimental impact they can have when they are out of balance!!!!!

So funny to read about the celebrity look alike thing. I get the same thing, but either Zooey Deschanel or Sarah Palin with my hair up and glasses on...strange. I think that is a compliment that you look like Sandra Bullock!

I am going to research the coffee enema and try it out! The smell will break my heart, though, because I miss it sooo dearly. I used to drink it so much without a single problem and can't believe I can't even handle decaf anymore, argh!

Hope you have a great Saturday!!! :) :)
PDXgirl3 last decade
Hi!! I am just as excited!! It is nice to know we aren't alone. I have been on the natural cures kick for about 5 years too. What got me started was the book 'Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About' went it first came out in 2004. Ever since then I have changed my outlook on life and how I do things. I have since tried many many things to no avail really. Herbs, vitamins, minerals, accupuncture, chiro, etc... I would get relief for 1-3 months and then the acne would return. The coffee thing has so far been the most effective. I'm just curious if you have any other hormonal symptoms? I sure do, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, ovarian fibromas, hairloss, mood swings, pms, menstrual headaches, and the list goes on. But of course the acne is the most prominent, constant, embarrassing ailment. I just feel like everyone is looking at it. Also, where is your acne located? Mine is 99% of the time on each side of my chin and sometimes comes in pairs, do you ever experience that? I also get it on my neck sometimes and chest. I never get it on my cheeks and very very seldom on my forehead. Everything I read says the chin acne is usually estrogen/ovarian related. I know I have estrogen dominance, I have had saliva tests done. Anyway, sorry I have rattled on, I am just so curious about your symptoms. I hope you have a GREAT Saturday too!
Melyna last decade
Oh, and I have thought about doing the naturopathic thing too but no where really to go to school where I live. But now that I know you are on a mission, I can be your first patient :-P You will figure it out for us. I have exhausted all my options in the medical field. They don't know what the heck is wrong with me!! I am thinking about created and 'alias' email to post here so you can talk to me directly incase you don't want to post all of your symptoms, etc.... ok bye for now!
Melyna last decade
I just have to say that maybe I am a dork, but after running errands today the first thing I did when I got home was check for your reply! Ha! I have no problem talking about any symptoms here, but I am open to exchanging emails somehow because I really feel some kind of connection with you! I have tried all of the same endless natural options as you and have the same issue where it seems under control for a couple of months and then BAM, back into chaos. As far as other hormonal symptoms, YES! I have always had issues since I was a teenager - skipped periods, overwhelming/debilitating pms, sometimes cramps so bad I have to stay home, ovarian cysts, mood swings/depression, stabbing pains in my right ovary and recently hirstuism (little black hairs on my face!). That and the cystic acne or sooo embarrassing. Each morning I have to check very closely in the mirror to see if there are any new hairs on my chin. Sometimes there are none, but somedays there are up to three that seem to appear over night! I think a hormone fluctuation changes the color of a hair that is already there because I don't see how it could just grow in eight hours if I'm checking every day. It is sooo totally embarrassing and I even hide it from my boyfriend of ten years. As far as the cysts, I get them on my chin, cheeks and forehead. I can tell the ones on the chin are hormonal, seems like the ones on my cheek are sugar/spicy food related, but can't figure out the forehead. I just went through about 3 months with a totally clear forehead and remember thinking, wow! Then I had 3 bites of ice cream the other day and the middle of my forehead immediately started swelling up like I had been hit. My boyfriend was freaking out! I iced it and it went down, but still turned into a cyst. I have found that if I ice as soon as the inflammation starts, sometimes I can prevent the cyst from starting or at least keep it from getting too big. Then, once its a cyst I put a wet wash cloth as hot as I can stand all throughout the day and that makes it come to a head fast. I am very eager to try the hep sulphur, though, because all of its related ailments seemed to totally describe me! Wish my arnica would get here so that I can try something. It does seem like I get them in pairs on my chin and sometimes I will get one on each cheek in the same general area. It is so weird!Its interesting that you have estrogen dominance, but I have the androgen dominance with same symptoms. Have you tried using a progesterone cream? During pregnancy progesterone is very high and has been linked to the pregnancy glow/happy feelings.

There has got to be a cure! I will not stop trying! lol, sigh....
PDXgirl3 last decade
OK I just said OUTLOUD!! 'OH MY GOD I DO THE SAME THING'. I haven't even finished reading reading your post yet and I am writing back already. Ok, I am, right now, creating an email so that I can send you my yahoo chat screename. :-D that way if you we are on at the same time, we can just talk that way. I will post again in a few mins with the email... LOL!
Melyna last decade
Ok this forum WILL NOT allow email addresses to post. Hmmmmmmm? Now what? If you have Google chat, or gmail (chat built in), log in and add mbogus2010. Maybe this will work as a temp. connection.
Melyna last decade
Oh about the P Cream, yes I have, worked for about a month great, then I started to breakout WORSE. I also took Vitex (ChasteTree Berry) and it had very negative effects on me. It is supposed to help the body produce more Progesterone to balance out the excess testosterone/Estrogen. However, my body had a negative reaction, something my naturopath had NEVER seen before and within ONE DAY of taking it. The stuff is supposed to take MONTHS to start showing results. Anyway, she came to the conclusion and I 100% agree, my ody probably converts my Progesterone to Estrogen, somehow. I think it's something with the ovaries (now ovary, because I lost one to a cancer scare that was a solid fibroma)and being I had NO PROBs while pregnant, is why I think it has something to do with the ovary. So, no P cream for me :-(
Melyna last decade
mbogus2010 add the (at) sign and then gmail.com HAHA that should do it.
Melyna last decade
Hi Melyna! I sent you an email!!
PDXgirl3 last decade
Hello everyone, I am a 30 yr old female that is currently suffering from cystic acne. Like many of you, it has altered my moods and drastically reduced my confidence. I am not as social as I once was. My battle with acne goes back to my teen years. For about 8 years I suffered with terrible acne on my back. While my face was never completely clear, it was never out of control like my back. When I was 23, I went on birth control after marrying. My back cleared up completely. At 28, I went off the pill to try and conceive. About 6 months off the pill, I started to experience cystic acne on my face and back. I went to numerous doctors and dermatologists. I started with minocycline, erythromicin, and benzoyl peroxide. I also dabbled with proactiv and university medical products. Nothing worked. The cysts became unbearable at times. Finally, after too much physical and emotional pain, I started back on the pill. My Dr told me to clear my skin up and try to come off the pill in 6 months to see what would happen. Well, unfortunately, my cystic acne is back and worse than ever. I consulted a hollistic Dr and he believed I had intestinal parasites because the acne is primarily on my cheeks and jawline. I took meds to rid myself of the parasites. They did not work. I have also been undergoing monthly fruit acid treatments at my dermatologist's office. They burn terribly. Sometimes the peeling is harsh that I can't go to work. I am desperate to stay off the pill because my husband and I would really like to start a family soon. However, I don't know how I can keep living like this. Not only does it itch and throb, it is very unsightly. My job requires me to sit in front of numerous people for 8 hours. I am constantly trying to hide my cheeks. It gets exhausting. My husband is supportive but I am embarrassed for him to see my face. Currently I am taking a soy supplement, vitamin a with cod liver oil, evening primrose oil, l-lysine, and a prenatal vitamin. I work out daily and run about 25 miles a week on average. I eat plenty of fruits and veggies. I am absolutely desperate at this point. I try so hard to stay positive but it is starting to really be depressing. I am almost out of hope.
colebud last decade
So have any of the women who have posted to this thread found a solution or way to stop this cystic acne?

I feel like I'm reading about myself in your posts and I seriously don't know what else to do or if I need to stop something that I am doing, I look at old pictures of myself with perfect skin and I don't understand why this is happening to me now. I'm 28, I got off birth control about 10 months ago, my skin became like this when I went on Mirena (a type of IUD birth control) after 4 months I had it removed because besides my skin freaking out my hair was falling out, my hair has been growing back ever since but my skin has gotten worse every month. I thought maybe it was all the chemical lotions and cleansers I was using, so I switched to organic natural products, so far I don't see that it is making a difference. I don't eat fast food, I try to eat mostly organic fruits and veggies, I do love coffee, after reading these posts I feel like I should stop doing that :( I do interval cardio workouts 2-3 times a week. I feel like I am doing so many things right (in terms of lifestyle habits) that I don't understand how my skin can feel and look so wrong! I don't want to go back on birth control because I'm trying to rid my life and body of chemicals, someone please tell me that they found a solution?!
breadcrumb420 last decade
Okay here goes. Sorry I haven't been back in so long. I am 'Melyna' just use a different name on here now. I wanted to post here because I noticed there are more and more women posting about their severe acne problems. I think I have found the answers, atleast so far I have. I posted here in the forum under this name. Please read my posts under my current name and learn about how homeopathy works and how you can't just treat the symptoms 'acne' you have to treat the whole person (ex: personality, appearence, symptoms, etc) I believe my prayers have been answered with homeopathy. I can feel myself reversing back to me prior to the severe hormone imbalance that has plagued me for years. I am on my constitutional remedy and I get better everyday. I have a few setbacks now and then but nothing compared to how I felt prior to homeopathic treatment. We are so blessed that homeopathy was discovered and is an option to us. Conventional medicine does NOT treat the whole person. I have been there and done that and it did nothing but make me sicker. From the lotions and potions to hormone therapy (birth control) and prescriptions ACCUTANE YUCK! I am lucky I didn't let the Doctors give a full hysterectomy. Anyway, how I started was by doing the Remedy Finder here on ABCHomeopathy.com and I made sure to generalize each and every subject it covered. It does take some time but is so well worth it. Some of the questions are strange and repeatative but just go with it. Once you get the Constitutional remedy that suits you and your ailments, you can go on the forum, start a new thread and present your case. Explain about your symptoms, your mental and emotional feelings and that you did the Remedy Finder and what it suggested. There are doctors out there that can suggest how to take the homeopathic remedies, dosages etc. Don't try to order them and self dose. I did this and did it incorrectly. I sure hope this helps each of you as it has me. There are many different remedies for the same ailments. It all depends on the person which remedy fits them. Feel free to ask me any questions and I will try to help as much and I can. My cystic acne has left me and I improve more and more each day. Kind Regards.
sun27342 last decade

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