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homeopathy for the 1st trimester in pregnancy

hello everyone!

My homeopath adviced me to take
CALC FLUOR, Mag Phos and Fer Phos during the 2d month of my pregnancy.

she said the potency should be 6x - but in the store they sell only starting from 6c.
I am not able to contact my homeopathy at the moment - would anyone tell me if it will be ok to take 6x instead of 6c?
And also I would appreciate any advice re the program and homeopathy during pregnancy?
Is it ok to tke Calc Fluor all the time?

Thank you!

PS I am also vegetarian - and now craving meat...
  nettle on 2010-02-07
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

just to add a little question.
the program i was given consists of different tissue salts - alternating every months.

I just read that it is not good to take tissue salts on a continuous basis...
is it true?
nettle last decade

Please see the following link:


Between 2nd and 5 th month, you can take tissue salts calc. fluor 6x, Ferr. phos. 6x, Kali phos 6x thrice daily as general tonic. Yes take them one week and leave another week off without tissue salts. Between 5th and 8th month, take calc. phos 6x, ferrum phos 6x, Kali Phos 6x in the same way.

6c won't do for 6x. You will have to get the tissue salts in 6x(or 3x) only.

If you can give more details about your constitution, then a remedy may be suggested based on it.
maheeru last decade
Thank you very much MAheeru for your reply!

1. I have a problem - our pharmacy does not have 6x potencies...
Could youplease tell me what is the difference btw 6x and 6c?

2. Also can I take drops instead of tablets?

3. Thank you for the link - yes - I have read there that tissue salts should be taken alternating weeks - but my homeopath did not mentioned anything about it - could you please just give me some idea why is it better to alternate?
nettle last decade

You will have to look for pharmacies carrying tissue salts(3x or 6x or 12x would be ok)

6x dilutions are tissue salts, while 6c refers to homeopathic remedy's strength. It's not advisable to use 6c in place of 6x.

Yes drops or pills or tablets are ok.

Tissue salts when given for long time are aimed to correct nutritional deficiencies, mineral supplements and as general tonic. With continous intake, composition of minerals can change in the blood but if a safe gap is given(like alternation), this would not be a problem. It's based on a maxim 'better to be safe than sorry'.
maheeru last decade
Thank Maheeru very much:)

I got these tissue salts 1. 1.Calc Fluor 6x
2. Mag Phos 6x
3. Ferr Phos 6x
4. Kali Phos 6x

In a form of moulded soft tablets - and I am taking 2 of each before sleep. Is it correct?

I try to take on in the morning and one in the evening - but I was really sleepy all the day - maybe it was not related - but I decided to take only in the evening - Am I doing it right?

I am going to have a gap after each 5 days - Is this correct?

Also we had a to fly on a plane and I took Argentum nitricum 30c for it.

Thank you very much!
nettle last decade
Nettle since you're in first trimester, you don't need mag. phos now.

Just continue Ferr. phos+calc. fluor.+Kali phos. now. (Read my other posts about what to take between 5th and 8th month and also what to do in 9th month.)

You're going to have a gap after 7 days :) i.e a full week. And the gap would also be 7 days.

Yes you can take 2 soft tablets at night. If you're comfortable try to take it twice daily.

What's this arg. nitricum for? You're welcome!
maheeru last decade
Thank you very much!

Could you please tell why Mag Phos is now good in the 1st trimestre?

I just have heard about the way to use tissue salts - dissolve a pellet in a 500 ml of water and dring thoughout the day...Do you think it is a good method? (It will mean that I would not need to buy another bottle:)))

arg nit was not my anxciosness and nerves while flying...Right?

Ok - 7 days alternating 7 days.
Thank you!
nettle last decade
'correction' I mean arg nit was FOR my nerves while on the plane:)
nettle last decade

Mag. phos. comes in handy close to delivery i.e in 9th month relaxing uterine muscles. It's not needed now.

No tissue salts are not supposed to be taken by dissolving a pellet in a 500ml of water. Dry intake is best. But if you want to be economical, you can put 5 tablets in 500ml of mineral water bottle and just take sips(here a sip constitutes a dose) twice or thrice daily-- no more than that. And if the bottle gets empty you can prepare afresh in the same bottle by adding water and 5 tablets again. NO need to shake the bottle before doses like one does in wet dose preparation of homeopathic remedies.

Was arg. nit. prescribed by somebody? If you can give more details about your constitution it'd be easy to tell if arg. nit is fine or some other remedy will help you.
maheeru last decade
Thank you very much maheeru!!!

I am taking now 2 soft pallets in the morning and 2 in before bed.

Arg. Nit was recommended by a homeopath.

I am not sure about my constitution. The only homeopathic remedies I took were: NAt Mur - 3 doses - and it was simply amazing. and Apis Mel - when I had pains in my ovaries - about 5 doses on demand. But ever since I take only tissue salts.

I have asked a question about travelling in the new topic...would really appreciate your advice! I am going to be away from my husband for 2 weeks and I am already missing him...I will be traveling for 26 hours by train. Maybe there are some calming reasuring and boosting immune system remedies?:) Thank you!
nettle last decade
Hi Nettle

I ve given my inputs as you liked on the other thread. You're welcome.
maheeru last decade
Hello MAheeru!

Thank you for your replies!

I have just had an ultra sound - and they told me that I might be 23 weeks pregnant - not 20 as originally thought.

So I am now thinking which tissue salts to buy as I am now 5 months pregnant.

You referred me to look at your other posts regarding this - but I could not find a clear post on this.

If only you could give me a link? Or maybe tell me which tissue salt I should take 5-8 months and 8-9 months before the labour. That would be fantastic!

SO far I was taking Fer phos- Kali phos- CALC FLUOR.

I have a list which said to add Silica in 5th month and Mag Phos and NAt Mur in 6th. Will that be correct?

Thank you!
nettle last decade
Hello MAheeru!

I am very sorry:) I just reread your post here - btw 5-8 month you are recommending to take

Calc Phos -
Ferr phos -
Kali Phos

:) Thank you!

In my little program it sais that 5th month I should take Silica as well as Fer Phos and CALC FLUOR...
A bit confusing:)

I have quite a stressfull times at the moment as we moved to a different country and are now buying a house with not much funds available :(. A lot of 'unwanted advice' from in-laws make me really upset/nervous/super angry/furious :(((

I am thinking that Fer Phos shoudl help with this emotional stuff...? ( I take it - but not sure if it works - probably does)

Also I am in dread when I think about the labour...The only though makes me shiver...
I am not afraid of pains as such - just of the unknown.

I wonder if there is a remedy for this...for now I m simply trying not to think about the labour (as it is still too early) - but concentrating on enjoying my pregnancy. But it will be good to know in advance if there is a remedy for fear of labour.


nettle last decade
Hi Nettle

Fer. Phos., calc. phos. and kali phos are adequate. I usually recommend only these three as i ve found these quite safe and effective. However if you want to add silicea you may do, but if you feel any discomfort you can stop it.

If you can talk more about this stress....relocation and inclination to be angry towards those who advice you, a suitable remedy may be suggested.

Mild nervousness is fine. If the nervousness increases too much a dose of gelsemium 30c would reduce your nervousness.
maheeru last decade
Hello Maheeru!

Thank you!

Well - I was reading about Nat Mur again - and it seems it is perfect for me. In fact my homeopathic quest started when I took 3 doses of Nat Mur 200c and amazing things happend.

I had a nervous breakdown a week ago (lots of suppressed anger, tears) - and after that I noticed some of the symptoms have returned.
So I was thinking about repeating the treatment with Nat Mur 200c a day ago- and I did take 2 doses. I forgot to take the 3d one.:( SO I am not sure - if I should repeat it - or wait and see. Or should I have just taken it once?

So far I feel better - but tired.
nettle last decade
About emotional stuff:)

We relocated because I got pregnant (very very happy). But now we depend on my in-laws. Financially as well. mu husband is looking for a job. quite stressed himself. I am trying to cheer him up and be really supportive.

But his parents have their views on how we should live - we agreed that they help us to get a mortgage - and we will pay it back - but the amount they offered is too low - for anything worthwhile. I know I beggars cannot be choosers - but it is my future life and mu baby's. and I know they can do more if they wanted to. So I feel kind of betrayed a bit. I know - it is probably sounding very demanding. But it is on condition that we will return every penny (all legally signed etc) so I do not understand why we have to buy something not nice.

My mother in law suffers from moon swings (most probably connected with post menopausal period - I am thinking to offer her pulsatilla) and she can be really seriosly unbearable with her constant advice and 'know-it-all' and 'when I had a baby we lived...' or 'when I was young we didnt buy a cot and a pram etc....'
And for some reason it makes me feel really irritated and angry :( - I used to be quite immune to this kinds of talk - never took it seriosly - but now I am more emotional than ever. So I trying to calm down somehow.

Also I am terrified even thinking aboout the labor. The very though makes me very stiff and not relaxed. I guess it is still too early to worry about it - but I am quite surprised to have such a strong reaction:( - It is the fear of the unknown - that I am mostly scared about.
nettle last decade
Hi nettle

I was thinking about staphy. for your current emotional state. But now you have taken nat. mur 200c two doses, we can't interfere with it's action. Wait and observe for 2 weeks and report thereafter. Let's see what comes out then.
maheeru last decade
Hello Maheeru!

WOW! STAPHYSAGRIA sounds great indeed!

Should I wait one more week and take I dose 200c on empty stomach?

I think I had a good response from Nat Mur.

Last night I strated feeling VERY anxious. And I woke up today feeling VEry anxious.
I Took Ferr phos (as usual as a tissue salt) but still fell quite out of sorts. :(

I used to have this kind of knot in my solar plexus before exams. I think it is connected with uncertainty with the house buying, my hubby finding work - very nervous and my in-laws - grumpy at my hubby for still looking for a job and not willing to help with the house.

I will take Rescue remedy. hope it will pass. As my baby doesn't like it - kicking too much:(
nettle last decade
Will that be ok to take while pregnant?
nettle last decade
Yes nettle you can take rescue remedy while you're pregnant.

It's only a week after nat. mur doses. Please wait another week.

I'd like you to get staphy. 30c and 200c.
maheeru last decade
Hello maheeru,

I had a bit of a difficuolt situation this weekend - we went to the sea with my in-laws - and it turned out to be horrible and very stressful:((

My mother-inlaw - has some emotional issues - made the atmosphere very heavy. accused my husband in many things - and although nothing was said directly to me - I felt hammered and depressed. I cannot talk to her -and then she acused me of not being nice to her. anyway - this is in a nutshel. she makes everyone feel guilty f something. very heavy.

I had the situation before with my father - when he and my mum were fighting I was quitly lying in my room hating my dad! It took me a while to forgive him:(((#n (he was going thru his mid life crisis)
now the situation repeats itself - mother-in-law - is menapausal - and she picks on my husband - and I take it all to myself.

It was really horroble - as I cannot talk to her (or anyone) feel very anxious. nervous, heavy:( and very very tired:((( after any situation with her around! (even simply presence of her makes me kind of nervous and anxious. :((

Ok, so - in terms of remedies - I have not taken Staphysagria - as aI read again about it and somthing did not feel right. Then I read about Sepia - and it felt really superb.
on the way to the sea - we dropped to the homeopathic store - and I wanted to get some Staphy there and Aurum for husband. but theu did not have it there! but they had Sepia 1M and Arsenicum 1M. For some reson I got Arsenicum as well.

Anyway - I was not going to try them just yet (I wanted to check here) - but there were no interent up there.

So when they were fihghting - and I was in that horrible stoppor state - I get like I am frozen with anxiety:(( - I took a dose of both - Arsenicum 1M and Sepia 1M.
I am not too sure if they are working. I do feel better - but felt bette rafter I cried (itis not easy for my to get to crying - but I felt better after it)

I am very concerned for my baby - as I got so nervous - I developed two things: 1. patches of ekzema on face (they are gone now by the way) 2. I cannot brith in properly - it's like I cannot use the full capacity of my lungs - I used to have it after my mum and dad were fighting -and when dad was around:((((((((((((((((((((((((((
I feel better after sleep.
nettle last decade

Unfortunately the wait period for nat. mur. has not borne fruit as you have taken high potencies of ars. alb and sepia clubbed together again. Possibly the eczema and breathing difficulty were side effects from the doses, one can't be sure.

Ideally i'd like to wait here to settle the system down. But seeing turmoil in your emotional state, i'd suggest you take staphysagria 30c three doses on a day, each dose 6 hours apart and report after 5 days. Don't take any other remedy except tissue salts or rescue remedy.

Do be considerate to your child and yourself by not taking remedies in high potencies and also more than one medicine at a time. Before you take high potencies please check out here or with some homeopath close to you.
maheeru last decade
Hi Maheeru,

I have only staphy 200c.
The breathing problems and ekzema started before I took the remedies. Ekzema cleared now for some reason - I am glad about it. I had a good rest - and breathing is back to normal.
It was a serious stressfull situation - I was not prepared - I am prone to being very emotional - and there are couple of more emotional issues coming up - I would like ot know what to take in those cases - as I ed up lying in my bed - frozen with enxiety.
The guy in th epharmacy have done a muscular testing on the remedies - (I am not sure how to say it correctly) and according to this test - Sepia is more suitable than Staphy - but I got Staphy as well - only 200c he had.

Should I take Staohy 200c?
nettle last decade
Hi Nettle

If you don't get staphy. 30c, you may take staphy. 200c one dose and report after 72 hours. Seeing the effect will let you know the frequency of dosing.

When you become too anxious and no help is around, as a first step take rescue remedy, as a second step you can try taking bach flower essence 'sweet Chestnut', you can dose bach flower remedies frequently, and still if you don't find relief, you may take the homeopathic remedy that is closest to your symptoms in 30c.
maheeru last decade
Hello MAheeru!

Thank you very much for your answer.

After I took those 2 doses of Arsenicum and Sepia 1M - I did not take any homeopathy except tissue salts.

I took rescue remedy and it helped. I also rested a lot.

Now I found some work in the city and going to be working for a couple of weeks. Hoping my energy levels will get me through:))))
nettle last decade

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