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Hello MAheeru!

Thank you very much for your answer.

After I took those 2 doses of Arsenicum and Sepia 1M - I did not take any homeopathy except tissue salts.

I took rescue remedy and it helped. I also rested a lot.

Now I found some work in the city and going to be working for a couple of weeks. Hoping my energy levels will get me through:))))
nettle last decade
Ok nettle, good to know you're doing ok. If you notice any treatable symptom picture, you can report here.
maheeru last decade
Hello MAheeru!
Thank you so much for all the help!!!
I have read your suggestions for the preparations for the labour.

KaliPhos + MagPhos 3 pellets 3 times a day. Alternating weeks. for the last month before delivery.

I have a whole bottle full of MagPhos, but only 1/3 of a bottle of KAliPhos left :)) - Just wondering if there is a way to make this 1/3 last:) or should I just buy another bottle of KaliPhos pellets?

Also I have asked in a separate thread - I only have Caulophillum 200C - is there is a way to take it to promote easy labour? Or should I get CAulophillum 30c anyway and take it for the last months every 4th day?
Thank you!
nettle last decade
Nettle, You can take one or two pellets of kali phos and mag. phos. thrice daily. Another alternative if you're going to run short of any tissue salt would be when only 5 pellets are remaining, put 5 pellets of the tissue salt in a 250 ml water bottle and take sips from the bottle if you need to take a dose of this tissue salt. But i will leave the decision to get new stock or not up to you.

You can use Arnica 200c. One or two doses before delivery. Post-delivery you can take this medicine twice daily for 2 days. if local pains and soreness are there, 20 drops of arnica tincture in two ounces of water can be used as a wet compress(using a clean cloth) externally on the parts.

You may take one pill of caulophyllum 200c every 8 days in the last month. You may also skip this. This is just taken to ease delivery and is not essential.

Gelsemium need not be included automatically. It needs to be used when there is much nervousness, labor pains extending passing up to back and hips.

Pulsatilla 200c two doses 12 hours apart may be used when the due time has elapsed and delivery is getting delayed.
maheeru last decade
Thank you very much Maheeru!

I will probably buy another lot of Kali Phos as it is easier.

eh, I have a concern about those remedies I got from the homoeopath. They are all liquid and made with 100% medicinal alcohol. I had a headache even when I smell some alcohol. :(

I gave my husband Arnica from that lot and even he said it was way too strong. (I gave him half a lid as suggested by the homoeopath)

The homoeopath said I can take 3 drops of it and mix with a little water.

But I am just wondering that maybe in labour in will be easier to take pellets?

I will probably just buy Arnica, Caulophyllum and Gelsemium (in case there is exhaustion) ?

If I decide to buy pellets should I get 30c then? Or 200c?
Which one is better and what is the difference?

I have read that lower potencies work more on physical side and higher ones on emotional? Is it correct?
nettle last decade
If the liquid remedies have strong alcoholic content, then you may use one or two drops. Alternatively place the drops in approx. 50ml of water and you can take whole of the water as a dose.

Dry or liquid medicine does not matter. You can take either in dry or liquid. Easier way to take wet dose is put 3 pills or drops in a 250 ml water bottle and you can take doses from this bottle. Just before taking every dose, you shall shake the bottle up and down and when you bring the bottle down you may hit it gently against your palm or a bound book for 7 times.

Get arnica in 200c. Caulophyllum and gelsemium you may get them in 30c or 200c. Why arnica in 200c is because for some not-so sensitive people, 30c of arnica won't be of much help in physical trauma like labour, accident etc.

yes lower potencies work on physical plane and have lesser impact on emotional plane. Higher potencies have greater impact on emotional plane. But you need not get into this concept now because the concept holds good for chronic issues and not acutes(Relatively). Besides 200c is a good medium potency that will cover both planes well.

Best wishes for safe delivery. Report after you become a proud mother :)
maheeru last decade
Thank you very much Maheeru!!!

It is all much clearer now:)) I feel much more confident:))

Most probably I will leave liquid doses and have them in 250 ml water - shaking before each dose.

I am planning to do that with Arnica200C and Caulophyllum 200C

Arnica 200C 2x before the delivery day. (how many hrs apart?) and 2Xday for 2 days after the delivery.

Caulopphillum 200C - I will take 1 dose a week - starting 2 weeks before delivery.

Through the 9th month:

kaliphos+magphos 2 pellets 3 times a day alternating weeks.

Thank you very much!!!

Fingers crossed I will be back with a good report)))
nettle last decade
Hi nettle

You can take arnica 200c in wet dose 6 hours apart for 2 days post delivery. Do not worked up about hours or doses. Just take doses as you feel comfortable. If you miss any dose or if you overtake one or two doses, take it easy.

Be relaxed and enjoy this phase. Wish you a safe and peaceful delivery!
maheeru last decade
Thank you very much Maheeru!

I have unpleasant thing happened:(( - piles:((( and also a baby is sitting on my sciatica and pressing on the nerve so it is not comfy for walk for hours as I liked before.

Also they said the baby's head is high up! But of course there is about 6 more weeks to go and there is time for her to turn around. I have read to take Pulsatilla 200c one dose to prompt the baby in the right position.
nettle last decade

Avoid stimulants, coffee, tea etc.

Give some more details about pilesand sciatica covering worsening and bettering factors and other associated symptoms. Will suggest you a remedy for these problems.
maheeru last decade
Hi Maheeru,

I don't drink coffee or any stimulants - even chocolate. only very weak tea with milk.

i know when it happened and why. I pushed myself too much and didn;t have proper rest at all - for a week slept about 5 hrs a day...+ walking a lot + sitting in the office.
Now - at home - I don't walk too far - and I don't have much complains.

but I just got back from the obstetritian and I am veeery upset! He checked the baby with ultra-sound ( it was right there in his office!) and said it's breech!:(
And he said to come in two weeks - and if the baby will still be breech positioned - I'll need to go to the hospital AND they going to try and turn it! AND he said that sometimes babies don;t like it very much - so sometimes they had to do a C-section right there!!!!!

I'm horrified!!!
What is he talking about? why would I be prompted to turn the baby so early (in 2 weeks it will be a 37 week baby)

Anyway - i have two weeks now to turn the baby:(
I know about pulsatilla200c one dose - but wasn't intending to take it so early:((
nettle last decade

NO need to be worked up.

Please take Pulsatilla 30c three doses ONLY on a single day and report in 4/5 days. This is not exclusively for breech baby, it also covers other complaints.

By the way is this your first pregnancy?
maheeru last decade
I have only Pulsatilla 200c - could I take it in a weeks time from now? If it won't work with talking to the baby:)

can pulsatilla promote early labour?
nettle last decade
If you do not have puls. 30c you may take ONLY one dose of puls. 200c now or as you say after a week. Do not repeat it before the dose exhausts its action.

Puls. won't promote early labour, but if it's time for the baby to come, it won't delay either!
maheeru last decade
Thank you!
I will take one dose on Sept 3.
it will be 37 weeks of pregnancy.
nettle last decade
anya, if you're going to start late on sept. 3, then you may take one dose every week till your symptoms are better or till the delivery.
maheeru last decade
thank you!
nettle last decade
Hello Maheeru!
I too Pulsatilla 200 c yesterday morning.
Baby iced for a while ans then stopped in the same position as before. Today - no attempts to turn either:((
I received my original scan which says my due date is 1 Oct.

I am just wondering if I can the pulsatilla 200c again sooner then next wed?

thank you
nettle last decade
Ok in that case try it in wet dose. Let 2 pills of puls. 200c dissolve in 250ml of water bottle. Every time just before the dose, you will have to shake the bottle vigorously up and down for 10 times. Take a sip from this bottle every alternate day.
maheeru last decade
So I can take it today again or tomorrow?

I have it in drops - I usually take 3 drops (I will shake the dropper bottle) in some water.

So - how many drops should I put in 200 ml of water?
nettle last decade
You may start the wet dose tomorrow or day after tomorrow.

2 or 3 drops in 250ml of water.
maheeru last decade
Hello Maheeru

Pulsatilla didnt work, nor did osteopathy and acupuncture.
So I was booked for a C-section on 8th Oct.
As far as I know I should take Arnica200c before the operation and straight after for 2 days?
Anything else I could take to help the uterus to contract and milk to come? Any remedies for the baby after c-section?

There is another concern happend - very stupid of me - but for the last 3 weeks I was helping my husband to strip wallpaper in the house we bought recently . - We were using a special steamer to get the papaer off the walls. And I felt sick after it -but I thought it's ok - just preganancy stuf,,,
but yesterday a builder came and said we should have used a proper face masks for it - as steam from the wallpaper glue could be toxic! I am so worried now:((( as I probably was breahing all this horrible crap:((( so silly! (and just a could of days ago I developed some thrus apparently! which I never had before in my life) I was just thinking maybe there is a detoxifying remedy I can take to help the body to recover?
I drink plenty of mint tea now. Thank you!
nettle last decade
Anya, If the wall paper glue has not produced any symptoms no remedy is needed. However you may add lemon juice and milk in diet for next few days to counter act any chemical stuff. How are you doing with respect to other symptoms including sciatic pain, pilesetc?

Please take Pulsatilla 1M one dose and report after a week.

Also get kali sulph 200c but do not take now. It may be used for breech baby if pulsatilla does not give satisfactory results.

Yes arnica before operation and for next 2 days. If it's going to be C-section, then Hypericum can be added to arnica in 200c. Baby doesn't require remedy separately if you're going to breast feed it.

It's premature to think about milk, it's likely that remedy won't be needed.
maheeru last decade
Thank you Maheeru,

I am a bit concerned about trying more Pulsatilla - as I have taken about 4 doses or so (from the bottle) + I tried all the other things (acupuncture and osteopathy) - and after every try the baby starts kicking actively but in the end stays in the previous position.
I started to think maybe there re some other reasons she likes this position? Because homeopathy won't work unless it's safe for the baby and mother?

So in case of a Csection I take Arnica 200c straight before the operation and then straight after for 2 days. And Hypericum 200c - before or after?

Thank you!
nettle last decade
Yes you can add Hypericum along with arnica if it's a sure C section. Hypericum shall be added post the surgery.

Anya, many times the initial potency of pulsatilla will stop with making the baby wriggle and kick actively. The next potency will usually do the job. So it'd be good if you take pulsatilla 1M as was suggested. We'll know if the baby was meant to be breech or not :) Even if it fails, kali sulph. can help.
maheeru last decade
Ok, I ll take pulsatilla1M, and then Kali Sulph which potency? Does it also help baby to turn?
Thank you!
nettle last decade

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