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Allergic Reaction - Cracked Tongue

Dear Homeopath:

I need advice. I do not know what to take for my condition. Please advise.

Back on Nov. 5/6, 2002, I awoke to what, I believe, was an "allergic reaction" to something. I had intense itching on my hands for over an hour. When that subsided, I had intense itching on my feet for over an hour. There was no rash/redness. This "itching" continued to a lesser extent for about one week.

During, what was probably the 3rd night into this allergic attack I awoke with a funny feeling in my mouth. My tongue cracked!!!

At the time I was on a slightly higher thyroid (Synthroid) dose and was taking a cholesterol lowering medication for about 10-days prior to the attack. My thyroid dose has since been determined to be too high, and has been lowered back down to my original dose, which I was on for approx. 12-yrs. prior with no problem(s), and I immediately stopped taking the cholesterol lowering medication!!!

After one month, when my tongue showed no signs of healing, I went to the doctor and for 6-wks I had been using a doctor prescribed gargle to heal my tongue. Very strong stuff. Anti-biotic, anti-fungal, steroid, and Benadryl. But this past Saturday I had a "scary" dry/funny feeling in my mouth/roof of mouth - for which I feared my condition would deteriorate. Due to this, I stopped taking the gargle. I believe my body was telling me enough already!

Since using the gargle my tongue has also been very pale, but I attribute this to the strong gargle. I don't recall it being pale before I sought treatment. Sometimes with tooth-marks.

During the 6-wks I took the gargle there has been "some" improvement. I attribute this to the growth properties of the steroid. Although the cracks are not fusing, there has been some papillae growth "filling in" the deeper cracks. The hairline cracks around the tip of my tongue are not fusing.

My tongue somewhat "ridged" along the edges, but did not crack. The "cracks" are throughout the front of my tongue - up to but not including the center of my tongue (although my center tongue grove appears more pronounced. But this is not a problem for me. The cracks are). There are also hairline cracks surrounding the tip. The back of my tongue is good.

Well I'm no homeopath, and I hate to self-medicate. I need some expert advice. I would even appreciate the advice of more than one homeopath to see some "corroberation" of what it is I should take and why. I also know nothing about homeopathy, but am willing to give it a try. Naturally I want my tongue to heal, and have been to 2-doctors already who seem not to know what caused it or what to do.

In addition to the medicated gargle I took (from an ear/nose/throat specialist) my regular Internist perscribed B-complex & multivitamins. I've also avoided caffene and have been drinking plenty of water to boot.

Please help - I feel as if I'm caught up in some nightmare situation! Maybe I'm over-reacting, but I want/need healing.

Please reply...

P.S. Sometimes my mouth feels somewhat dry/funny, (funny more than dry really, but there is not a word to describe it) but the doctors know not why. I was told I had enough saliva, and was even given a collagen test for this. The test proved normal, so I would assume my saliva glands are functioning properly.
  Marianne on 2003-02-08
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I'm sorry I do not have an answer for you because I am searching for the answer as well.

My husband has been suffering from a cracked tongue which is painful. The cracks are all over and on the tip.

So, I would be very interested to find out the reasons for this problem should there be anyone out there that can help us.
SuziQ last decade
I suggest have Natrum Mure 6 three times a day for three days only
Anwer13 last decade
Nitric acid is another possibility. Best bet is to check with Chinese medicine as study of the tongue is an integral part of theri practice. Author Bob Flaws might have some info check with book store. I believe actually it is an intestinal problem but check those references out,
mary anne last decade
As a homeopathic practitioner, I highly recommend that you go to see a qualified classical homeopath to take your case in person. You need a deep constitutional remedy. Your body is telling you that something is going on and now is the time to act, before the pathology develops.

Best of luck
Dr. Traub
Dr. Gabrielle Traub last decade
tongue has a white coating and a large crack down the center. 13 yr old girl
lleoonve last decade
I suggest a Dr of Orential medicine. They use the tongue in their diognosis procedure. You need more care at this time than a posting here not being able to be seen. Even though you gave fairly good symptoms, we do not even know if the crack is vertical or horizontal. You are taking very serious allopathic meds....Sabra
sabra last decade
I had an allergic reaction to a small insect bite I also had the same reaction before and that time I thought it was from a drink of tonic water. this time not only my mouth and the generalized rash but my tongue is split up and I can not eat solid foods. Is there anything I can do to my tongue and severely cracked lips beside using vaseline on my lips?
LaShauneMERCY last decade
I also have a cracked tongue down the center and near the tip. This is only a problem while eating or drinking certain foods. Salsa is a definite risk, but other mild foods also cause severe burning sensation. I previously enjoyed moderately hot peppers and black pepper, but no longer. I take Guiafed for chronic sinusitis and nasal steroids in the past.
Dredwards last decade
I, too, have had the problem of cracks in my tongue at different times throughout my life. I get 2 or 3 fissure like cracks in my tongue. After a great many bouts with this problem, I find that in my case it seems to occur when I've been eating a lot of tomato products. Once it happens, if I layoff tomatoes, spaghetti, chili, ketchup, salsa (anything with tomatoes) it seems to clear up. But it does take a couple of weeks. I also avoid orange juice and grapefruit juice during this time, partly because it hurts to drink it, partly because I think it's the acid level of these products that cause the original problem.
beary1 last decade
Cracks on tongue,and flobby tongue,which gets indented with tooth marks,need Merc.sol/Rhus.tox/Nitric Acid.

First try Merc.sol 30, 3 doses.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
how much pain envolved?

what medicines currently using?when start?reason(s)for use?

what last illness experience (besides already mentioned)?
John Stanton last decade
I am a 53 y/o woman with a seven day history of a deeply fissured, tongue which appears to be hypertrophied and has been sloughing in small pieces. It is painless and resembles photos of "scrotal" or "hairy" tongue, I have seen in dermatology books. There is also a slight amount of anterior hard palatte involvement which appears rough and is softer than usual.
I have a history of "burning mouth sydrome" which occured nine years ago within two days of having a crown replaced. I do not know if there is any relationship, however, here is a brief history:
dental work
2 days later sudden onset extreme parotid gland swelling for one day
choking on saliva, pills,etc. for a few months.
Inability to whistle, know where food was in my mouth, and extreme mouth pain with anything in my mouth(including movement of my tongue), and exacerbated by spicy, or acidic foods.
The most disturbing symptom was complete loss of taste for one year.
All of the symptoms resloved after about one year with the exception of:
inability to tolerate spicy foods,
choking with pills, and food, at times.
I have seen my dr, ent and neurology specialists, to no avail.
I am currently taking synthroid .05mg, Ritalin 10 mg three times a day, and Toprolol 12.5 mg.
No new meds, no new foods.
Any suggestions out there?
mokihana last decade
I have a fissue on my tongue as well since last monday. The fissue hurts. I'm worried because this has never happen to me before.
silxcite last decade
As one who suffered from many cracked/swollen/ulcerated tongue symptoms I do know that most of the remedies listed are of limited use.

The main cause of stubborn cases resides in the fact that the liver has a problem . Which considering the fact that people lap up pharmaceuticals so readily - is not surprising.

Changes of diet and cutting alcohol out will always help.
passkey last decade
To ones like the sensitivity to tomatoes: this is the nightshade family. It also contains potatoes, eggplant, peppers, and sometimes sweet potatoe. Some curries also cause this sensitive response.

If one does not give up the tomatoes, the body really gets out of balance.

Those that cannot eat peanuts should not eat peas as they are related.

I am not versed in the remedies for the tongue, but when studying and run across something, I will relate it.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
By the way, the insect reaction is a perfect match for APIS M. So if this happens often, Please keep this on hand (200X or near) to take in case you are bitten again.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
it turns out that i had a fissured tongue for quite a long time. it is just that i never realized that there was something wrong with my tongue.
i also noticed when i brush my teeth, the toothpaste would irritate my tongue.
silxcite last decade
On the face of it, Nat Mur, high - 10M, i dose, then wait. Please read up the remedy first, though, to see the fit.
Minsa last decade
I have this from time to time and it seems that it occurs when I drink too much coffee (diruetic) and not enough water. Therefore, it may be related to a certain level of dehydration.
HadThat last decade
I'm a 37 year old female and I've had painless cracks in my tongue ever since I can remember, I also get teeth indentations along both sides (probably tension). I'm having my first visit to a homeopath on Monday s I've suffered with dry sinus problems & pressure in my head and bridge of nose on & off since Feb, my GP thinks it's allergy related as I get hayfever too, but I've never had it before and I'm fed up with taking anti-histamines. Maybe I'm more allergic to various things than I realised! Will post how I get on.
titch last decade
My cracked tongue occurred immediately after eating a local Italian restaurant, where they make their own tomato sauces...i tasted blood, and when looked in my mouth saw large cracks in center of my tongue...

also, titch, indentations on the outer edges of the tongue tell me when my thyroid medication level is off..my tongue swells and the indentations show from my teeth pressing against it....I am hypothryroid...I also suggest anyone needing thyroid supplementation take Armour Thyroid natural med. instead of Synthroid...I could never keep my levels even on Synthroid...much better on the Armour...
just_me last decade
I also suddenly started seeing these strange cut like lines all over my tongue. It started out with just a few deep lines and then more on the sides and the tip. I cannot drink soda or brush my teeth without the toothpaste burning the you know what out of my tongue! I thought maybe my tongue became this way from eating so much ice (making my tongue almost frozen!)
Has ANYONE had ANY luck with a cure for this???? I think it is so gross!
foxxfire3000 last decade
I haven't had any allergic reaction but started to develop a tiny crack on the tip of my tongue 2 weeks ago. It heals then another starts. Not sure whether this is related to biting in my sleep, sharp (broken) teeth or medical condition.

Have found an article on the web citing a possible cause of cracked tongue - deficiency in Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) so will start a course of B complex.

I've also developed some celiac disease so am having problems absorbing nutrients in the small intestine. Also haven't been taking my multivitamins for a couple of months so could be contributing to this.

Also read you need to be careful of taking too much soda bicarbonate (natrum carbonicum) - known to cause pimples and burning on tongue tip.

Hope this helps. Irena
iwilliams last decade
From all the posts that I have been reading, it sounds like a lot of the people here have a condition known as fissured tongue (a.k.a. scrotal tongue).

There is nothing a person can do to cure this condition, and it is a lifelong condition. Most doctors will tell you that if certain foods cause pain and discomfort, that you should avoid eating those foods.

I have this condition, and the foods that I avoid are mostly fruits (I can still eat bananas)and some vegatables (like tomatoes).

My fissures are deep, with one long one running down the center of my tongue, with many 'branches' going out to the sides.

This something that a person is born with, but it develops at a later stage in a person life. There is no treatment for this condition, only to avoid certain foods, and it will last a lifetime.

(This post contains an image. To view the image, please log on.)

JD1974 last decade
I drink alot of water and as all bottled water comes from some municipal water supply,I have a filter on my fridge.
Summer 07 we were in a record drought.My house plants turned brown after watering and I looked it up.
Water toxicity from treatment chemicals in tap water.
I took a tap sample and a sample from my pool and my tap water had 5 times more chlorine and 10 times the ph.A public swimming pool would be obligated by law to close as these levels are caustic to the skin.
9-8-07 I fall ill and I mean going to die!! Vomiting dark green moss 24/7 wretching and pain througout my body so severe I really thought i would die.
From the 8th until my surgery on the 11th I lost 8 pounds.

I had to have my gallbladder removed at 43.
I never did fully recover and am two years and 16 days later still sick.

I received a letter from the EPA then stating that although there were trace amounts of lead,mercury and arsenic in my blood that was well within their allowable PPM's and it's okay.
They're saying that some poison is okay.

Last week they discovered a multi million gallon raw sewage spill at one of our rivers that supply water that's been undetected since July,it's September! and my tongue gets worse with each passing day as well as other issues.

Not only is our processed food filled with toxins now our drinking water is contmainated.

Makes me wish I drank.I could make my own moon shine.At least that would be sterile!
komonsenspleez last decade

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