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skin troubles,acne,boils..

Hi. I am 24 year old,suffering from acne since past 8 years ,it wasnt acute.. but since past 5 months my face has turned very oily and having frequent breakouts which are very hard and takes long time to form head as well as heal leaving bad scars. I have lots of blackheads in my back since a year.Recently i have been diagnosed with PCOS(ovaries enlagred) i get my periods once in 40 days, I have lots of hair growth in my body. Am having bad hair loss (I used to have a wonderful hair for which i used to get compliments... nt it has turned just so thin n weak)

Apart from all this I have other skin problems such as dry flacky skin all over the body, which am tired of appling oils and creams it stil so dry.My eyessockets hav gone in which looks like dar circles..

NOW since 3 to 4 months i have little recurring boils over my face(forehead cheeks) which soon forms pus and dries of..

I had urticarea since the age of 5 which diappeared after 7, later i got it when i was 17 year old. i have hives all over my body.. but since a year i have no attacks. I do have sinusitus as well

I am nervous,Very sensitive,Creative,always thinking,SHy,good sleep,Perspire a lot..

Am wondering is there an end to it after all.This is not me, I have lost Myself
Due to all this I am left here with marks in my body and Face making me look unattractive.I dont dress up good like before i feel so conscious... i dont socialise... plz ... kindly to suggest me something
  keep.in.touch.111 on 2010-02-23
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I can look at your case, but first I'd like to know if you are using any medicine. Perhaps a hormone product?
Parakletos. last decade

well,31/2 years back i had taken birth contol(21tablets) for two months.i discontinued it as i feared od side effects.but i feel since thn i have lot of health problems..i dono is it related to it or not
later i was on topical application(benezo)it dries up pimple and controls does not put end to it.it has made my face glowless so i discontinued it as well.
then i had been to well known homeopathic clinic for treating unticaria( but i would like to say you that i used to get such attacks once or twice a year but in ma final year i used to get the daily anywer in my body..but as soon as college was over'2008'it has just disaapeared thn i had got it only once after that i visited homeopath)since the time i have startd homeopathy.. its a year now i a getting back,chest acne.thn after 5 months my face startd getting veryyyyy oily like never before.but my peroids had turned normal to 30 days for 3 months. and here i started getting acnein groups.. i had individual acne before :(
then mealwhile i had been to ayurvedic clinic for detoxifying my body..(a treatMent called PANCHAKARMA) during that treatment my forehead had little boils which looked like heat boils..after completion of that treatment it reduced but then after few days... it worse. i a confused is it acne or boils!!! every morning i get up i find little and small boils with pus which forms over night and falls(its recurring) people say its not acne but Looks like heat boils.. thn now am taking silicea 6x and graphites .it dried th up.. but still new once come..thn i was told to use dulcamara... a week now its ok ok nw still occurs
And scan report says - multiple cryst seen in ovaries as well as minimal liquid in pouch of douglas..am getting engaged in few months with this face i dono how good i will look :( :( kindly help :) :) :)
keep.in.touch.111 last decade
1. Do you have these problems: either profuse sweating on the head and / or troublesome sweat on your feet?

2. Can you remember whether you received a vaccine before this problem started? Or illness, for example, Pneumonia, or another illness?

3. Is it correct to say that you, in a way, 'Missing' backbone ', both mentally and physically. You give up easily? No stamina?

4. Could it be that you have Increased menses, with seizures of ice cold throughout the body?

5. Could it be that you can get strange ideas? As if a stranger standing next to you, as if the soul and the body is divided, if there is someone who lives in your stomach, or fear of pointy things such as needles? Or other things.

6. Do you have pain in left ovary?

7. Your hair has become thin, you say. Is it so you have dandruff, and dry hair?

8. Can you also have headaches that feels like a nail?

9. Do you feel great shame over your appearance?

Trying to get an impression of you through your symptoms. Great if you can answer the questions I have written. Sometimes it's easy to find the right medicine, sometimes a little difficult. With your help we will manage and find the right medicine. :-)

Regards Mr. P.
Parakletos. last decade

Okay,here i go..

1.I sweat on my face and head very badly since 5 yrs, before I rarely used to perspire unless physical activity. I am very sensitive to heat as well as cold.( now i feel i sweat less may be because i sit in AC and work.. even while i do skipping excercises i dnt sweat much..strange changes)Sweating on feet very rare.. i have hard rough skin there

2.No, i dint suffer from amy illness other than these troubles... i hardly used to get sick i mean fever too is veryyyy rare so far, only when i get urticaria i used to get fever. for which i was given antibiotics injections.. thats it.

3.yes,I have no stamina,i get tired very soon.I Work but I need to rest on frequent intervals. I am person who wants to work but my body doesnt let me.
and yes i do give up at times, SOmetims am stobborn

4.No, i dont have increased flow of menses.. nothin as such..

5.well, no i dont fear of pointy needles,but i sometimes feel very sad as if something is missing and i dono what is that??
but yeah, i used to feel strange feeling in stomach i dono i used to eat more when i have tht feeling.. (but am sure it not hunger sign)

6. No, i dont have pain in left ovary.. but on right side i have pain.

7.Oh yeah..I do have dandruffs and have lost moisture of my hair as well.

8. I do have headaches when I strain on work. but as you described sharp as nail i do get at times on any one side of my head.

9.To be honest,I know i have good personality.People have always complimented me.I know I will look good if I cure all these troubles.. but all these have changed my appearance..Now People when thy look at me ask what happened?? A feeling of infiriority complex..

thanks :) :)
keep.in.touch.111 last decade
ello again.
Sorry late reply, have had so much else to do. But now I've seen your responses. Very well answered. :-)

Based on your symptoms I can see 2 different medicines, it is difficult to determine who comes first. Because I think you should have both of these two I think. Silica and Thuja.
Must ask some more questions.

Can you say that you were quite difficult as a child, perhaps not difficult, but Headstrong, stubborn? At the same time shy?
which side do you like to sleep on, and why?
Do you like meat?
have you ever sleep walked?

Based on what you said there may be a blockage, or oppression, in connection with Antibiotics injection. But please answer my questions, I will decide based on your answers to which medicines you should start with.

Sincerely Mr.P
Parakletos. last decade

:):):) hmmm okay...

Well,yes I was stubborn, If i say no to any thing it means NO,little angry child as well as very shy.but obidient child with no complains.It was never easy to melt my heart,I feel i was hard hearted... but now i feel I have changed so much and have turned so sensitive towards hapenings in surroundings.

I like to sleep on my left side. I feel comfortable in that direction, but its that I dont change directions while i sleep as a result of which i have pain in my joints always. I close my palms and feet tightly(just like how a tortise tries to hide in its shell)

Yes, i love meat.its like our stable food is meat. Right from chldhood nonveg is what we have consumed more than veg.

Noo, I have never sleep walked. Am always deep in my sleep without any disturances

mmm you mean there is some kind of blockage.. which means no proper circultion ...am i rgt??

keep.in.touch.111 last decade
What I believe is that there is an impaired assimilation and subsequent imperfect nutrition. There is an imbalance that makes the body unable to absorb nutrients from food.
It is certainly my theory.
If I'm right is not really so important, what is important is that I've managed to find the right medicine.

I believe you should have a medicine called Thuja occidentalis. '
You should then begin with the 200C.

Have you taken homeopat medicine before?

Parakletos. last decade
Well Sir, i knew there was some problem within...But can the imbalance be set right?? So far whomever I have been for consultation say' lack of nutrition' Inspite of me taking good care about my food habits(eating healthy) still no changes.
I would like to share with you this.. as i had mentioned before regarding PANCHAKARMA treatment.My body dint react the way doctor hoped.. i was given medicated ghee which was to to be consumed early morning empty stomach for 10 days without any food just boiled rice as a process of cleansing. she told me ghee would reach up to my skin and show moisture. but same dint happen, she said such thing never happened before!! where did all ghee disappear?? thn she told my body absorbs ghee as it very dry.. so the treatment dint give good results as i hoped.

But sincerely you have just managed to get rgt opinion about me from your counselling.. i feel am feeling am getting close to my cure..hopefully :) :)

yes i have taken homepath medicine.. as i mentioned to you before about silicea and dulcamara..

U mean shall i go with'Thuja 200 C' ??

keep.in.touch.111 last decade
I am taking :
Silicea 6x( was taking tablets once in 3 hrs 5 times a day & now 4 tablets once a day)
graphites( half teaspoon at night)
dulcamara (6 pills once in 3 hrs 5 times a day)
at present.

prior to all these too I have been taking homepathy medicines, but i dont know thier names as they supplied medicines in clinic itself.
keep.in.touch.111 last decade
PANCHAKARMA treatment. I do not know of this treatment, possibly a good treatment. But not in the condition you are now.
To explain what I mean I can give you an example.
If the sink is blocked, it runs only a little water down the drain. Do you think it helps to insert a filter that purifies the water? Of course not, you have to unblock first. Then it can be an advantage with purified water for your health. The same applies for this treatment you tried.
But remember that this is what I think, my theory.
You ask: 'But can the imbalance be set right?' Yes it can. With the appropriate homeopathic treatment, medicine.

So my suggestion is that you buy Thuja 200C and 1M.
You certainly know how to take this medication, but still. Take 4 pills of 200C, at least half an hour before or after food. Pour the 4 pills into the lid, and pour them into your mouth. Let them lie under the tongue until they are melted. Swallow.
Do not drink any caffeine, coffee, cock, etc. Do not take anything menthol, camphor. Be careful with alcohol.
Wait a week or two before you contact me again, or if a change occurs.

Remember that it took time to get in the condition you are now, therefore, it will also take some time to get well again. So please be patient.

Good luck
Regards Mr. P.
Parakletos. last decade
but I have a query to ask....have i to take this Thuja 200C once in a day?? and which would be the most appropriate time to take them.

and,what does this' 1M ' mean??

Well, have i to reduce intake of meat??

My height is 5.6 weighting 53kg's - does this weight come under the catorgory of underweight or normal weight??

Thanks a lot,
have a gud day :) :) :)
keep.in.touch.111 last decade
You must take Thuja 200C ONCE. Take one dose and wait a week or two.

1 M is a homeopathic potency. Same as 200C, but stronger.
You start with 200C potency, and continues later with 1M, if needed.
Do not take any more until you have talked to me.

According to BMI (Body Mas Index). you are not underweight. :-)

Parakletos. last decade
Take it in the morning, if you like.
Parakletos. last decade

Okay, so I shall take 4 pills of Thuja 200C once in a day untill a week or two as of now. later on as per changes... I would be suggested to take 1M right?? ok
so shall i discontinue consuming silicea,graphites and dulcamara?? Will it cause any harm ??? ...:)

thnks a lot :)
keep.in.touch.111 last decade
Do not take any other medicine, very important!
You should take one dose only, not more. Not one dose every day, just one dose, and that's all.
Then wait.
Parakletos. last decade
ok.. thank you :) :) will get back to you in a week or two..
keep.in.touch.111 last decade

Well, I have taken thuja 200c its 5 days now...

I wanted to what difference does one dose make ??

In the first place, I want my skin infections(tiny pus filled boils or acne-I dono what to call it )its recurring
I have it in my back as well causing nuisance

I need to get rid of it within a month or two cause am expecting a special day to come and i want to look prety..... in urgency last option would be to go to alopath which i dont want to... Plzzz kindly do needful to see that they wont recurr :):):):)
keep.in.touch.111 last decade
This is a good sign. Homeopathy works in this way, get worse before it gets better. Do not take any more medicine. Wait and see. Patience is important.
The medicine must be allowed to do their work, take more, developing a halt, and go in reverse. Then it can be even worse than it was in the beginning. Wait 5 days to contact me. Notice everything that happens to you, mental, emotional, and physical.

It took some time to come in the condition you are now, and it will take some time to get well again.

Parakletos. last decade

Am back after 5 days...
The boils are still recurring in face and back my back looks uglier now) n littlein my head
I feel the heat on that area when they pop up,
Skin on my face is oily still
SOme days before i was feeling pricking sensation in my body as if there are needles inside in some places hehehe
and yeah on my right side near my abdomen I had this funny pain as if someting priking there too for quite sometime.
I had wonderful deeep sleep these days
I was feeling upset recalling family issues
i dono from past a month or less i feel happy and sad for no reason..
but when i see myself I feel depressed.
I have never been out from past 4 months due to boils I had been to shopping 4 days back.. met my frnds they askd what happened to me.. I feel so bad and sad so i dint have eye contact much with anyone and got out soon from there :(

but I feel little changes in my Body of the skin it s ittle softer compared to before.

In my left leg I had allergy .. dono how to describe it looks like ring worm.. it had first developed when i was kid of 5 or 6yrs. it used to come n go since then in the same place.. marks too disappear completely,
since 3 months it has been back and now it hab becum big n very very scrachy and water oozes out .. from 2 days it much better

I want my prettyself back :(I want to live my old way..
keep.in.touch.111 last decade
It looks as if the medication has started to work.
You say that you have slept well the last few days, a good sign that the body has begun its recovery. Often so it becomes a little worse before it gets better, there is also a good sign.
Wait another week, and add carefully note what happens. Thuja has a duration of 60 days, so we must let the first dose do their work, before taking any more medicine.
Therefore, it is important to observe what is happening, and give me the report. So I know when to take more medicine.
Be patient and you will experience the power of homeopathy.
Parakletos. last decade
But does a single dose work so long... what kind of changes would be seen??? and what will second dose do?? basically how uha works??

keep.in.touch.111 last decade
The homeopathy that I prescribe is the original homeopathy, the original method.
Homeopathy does not work like allopatisk medicine, which suppresses the symptoms. To put it simply, homeopathy helps the body to heal itself. It triggers a reaction in the body. This reaction can be short-lived, depends on whether the healing energy meets resistance, then it must perhaps be given a dose of the remedies, so that energy can continue its Healing. Or the healing can continue for a long time.
You must observe the development, if nothing happens over a period of 3 - 5 days, please let me know. Then you probably want to one dose of Thuja.

Dr P.
Parakletos. last decade
Hello DOC,

am back !! My sleep is getting deep and deeep as days passby.
I sleep as if i am dead nearly..

Occurence of boils is little better... its small but when it pops i feel heat when it forms it pailful..

I have got one little big boil compared to other boils ,on that same place it has appeared dried and reappears there now and then......
Now from one head it has become 2,3 AND 4(group).its taking time to ripe as well..
keep.in.touch.111 last decade
OOOp's but yeah... i used prickly heat powder....due to which my oily face is under control and boils seemd to form less
keep.in.touch.111 last decade
How do you feel when you wake up in the morning, after such a deep sleep?
Parakletos. last decade

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