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How do you feel when you wake up in the morning, after such a deep sleep?
Parakletos. last decade
I used to feel wonderful when i wake up ... as if sleep is complete.

I feel as if my ssoul gets out of my body and then returns back.. good sleep in short.

I feel i sleep still more deep.. now i feel little lazy to get up i mean by heaviness..
keep.in.touch.111 last decade
Dear Doc,
My wife was severly burn with Fire approx 1 year back. She was burn around 20% and the wounds were healed with the help of Alopathic medicines. Now she has a problem of Itching. She has used a lot of Homeo Medicines(Cantharis, Causticum, Rhus-Tox etc) but the condition is same. I have a aloe vera tree at my home and used as ointment also.
Kindly suggest what to do.
memorable1979 last decade
Do not know if I can help, but will do my best.

Can you tell where on the body that the damage is located, and time of day it is worse.
Also if there is something to soothe, warm, cold, dry, moist, etc.
Important to take your wife's mood.
What she likes to eat, have it changed after the accident?
Is there something she is afraid of, for example, dogs. Approaching dogs.

Looks from what you say that you have tried homeopathic medicines that are important in this kind of treatment, fire damage. It may be that one of those is the right medicine, but it has been given the wrong potency. I do not know, but there is a possibility.
Do you remember in what potency they were given?

Think carefully, is there anything in particular that youre wife does, special habits, etc?
Write down everything you can think of, what I have asked for and things you want to mention. Nothing is unimportant.

Say hello to your wife from me, and say that I am going to try and find a medicine that can help her ailments.
But can not promise anything.
Dr. P.
Parakletos. last decade
DOC ,hope you dnt get confused ... there are 2 profiles in this head now:
I used to feel wonderful when i wake up ... as if sleep is complete.

I feel as if my ssoul gets out of my body and then returns back.. good sleep in short.

I feel i sleep still more deep.. now i feel little lazy to get up i mean by heaviness..

But a strange thing happened to me,on 12th I went to office just as any other day ,on my reaching office within 10 minutes i started feeling soo low as if energy level coming down.. strange feeling in stomach, and point sharp pain in my head. and chillness .. si I had to leave office and go home.. after reaching my hands and legs went cold and startd getting high fewer.. so I washed my face,covered myself with the blanket had a nap for an hour or 2 slowly i came back to normal..
it was quite suprising cause i dont get fewer on the 1st place and on secondly, that too for short duration..
keep.in.touch.111 last decade
here the pic
keep.in.touch.111 last decade
Dear Dr. P
First of I would like to thanks for ur reply.
My wife was burnt approx 20% in the accident. The main burnt portions are Abdomin & Thigh. She feels worst when she goes to bed in the night. She feels better when its cold & its worst when there is humidity. Her habits are not changed but one thing i noticed that she sleeps very less. She is only afraid of lizards.
She has taken Cantharis, Cauticum & Aurm Mur Natronat in 30 potency and Rhus Tox in 1M potency.
She is little bit fatty also.
One thing more I would like to add that we have a kid of 2 Yrs and was born with surgery.
memorable1979 last decade
Can you explain a little detail, the feeling you had in your stomach? And in what part, side of the head did you feel this pain?
How do you feel now compared to before this happened?

Parakletos. last decade
Ok..I felt as if I want To puke(but i dint it lasted for some minutes)something like one feels when one has naussea... something inside stomach empty or want of something..I FELT then something running around my body,restless,no energy.. and very chilll i tried to cover myself and tried to divert my mind i couldnt do it..
then sharp pain in corner of my head, that is right front and then moved back like prickng sensation.. all this happned suddenly..

Then I decided to go home with the fear that it may turn worse and I needed to lie down and cover myself..
as I reached temerature was high,hands and feet went cold... gradually,after 2 hours fewer came down and body startd to perspire little and body turned warm from hot

My body is always hot.. NOT a normal temperature which others do normlly have.

After this incident.. I was feeling as if my head is heavy as well as mybody remained warm for long time

Comparing, the incident was as if somehing was pulled or something passed from my body in that 2 hours..later I felt refreshed too.... BUT my Dark circles have become more prominent as well as marks in My face..
I pass stools immideatly as soon as i get up it has become a routine now...
ANd i cant sleep till late morning like before ,I wake up on time..

I feel better actually as days pass by , but all of sudden feeling of sadness comes up and I dont like this bright light outside I feel comfortale in dark so that no one can see me..... I be my true self ...
keep.in.touch.111 last decade
Looking back to before you took the medicine, there has been an improvement, after your experience?
You say that things happen, with you. A sign that your body is in the process of its healing.
When you got this fever, energy loss, did you feel scared?
Other things you would tell me, in connection with the last days of the event?

Dr. P
Parakletos. last decade

Waiting 4 ur revert.

memorable1979 last decade
welll there has been slight improvement .. but regarding skin and appearance ... NO:(

I knw it will take time :(
hope it works out soon atleast stop recurring..

Yes,i got scared thinking there would be decline in health again... I would have broken down this time emotinally..

I try getting confidence an hope I will be strong someday.. I dnt like to live as weak..
Am in constant searcch for cure

But with this event,I dono what os how but only different thing happened as fas as i remember is..
I spray dality 2 perfumes that day I tried one more (thought may be some reaction or inhaled it)
Then on same morning I had pileswith bleeding( this is due to sitting whole day in that hot seat of office ...which cures if a keep a pillow underneath) not due to any other reason...

other than this nothin different happenedthesedays...all as routine
keep.in.touch.111 last decade
hello doctor :) I feel there is some changes in my face now,it looks much better than before..
how should it go about now??

can u advise me something which can make me look healthier as well... I eat but i dont gain necessary weight!!
keep.in.touch.111 last decade
This shows that with homeopathy you have to wait for the medication to do its work.
You just have to continue and follow the developments, should things stop, nothing happens in 2 to 3 days, take a second dose of the medication.
Contact me if something new would emerge

Dr. P.
Parakletos. last decade
Dear Doc.
Revert atill awaited.
memorable1979 last decade
Well doctor i dint get you...

you mean if there is no improvement i shall take a dose.. if there is improvement i shouldnt??

well I have acne on my forehead..and it is said it is caused due to liver congestion
After my detoxification treatment if has appeared on my forehead... but on cheeks its little better now


keep.in.touch.111 last decade
It is absolutely correct. As long as there is a progress, posetiv or negative, do not take any more medicine. When you feel that nothing happens, then you can take a dose of the medication.
Now you tell me that there is a change for the better, so you must wait to take more medicine.

Parakletos. last decade
hi doctor....

I took a dose of thuja again..

I see myself again in same place my face has started getting tiny tiny bumps with pus again.
and about the one bump which i told u re appering on same place had dried up n become smalll.but now it too has form heads again :( doctor can you prescribe high doses so that cures sooon....

Doctor. My aptite has been good since few months.i love food now.. keep getting hungry now and then..
keep.in.touch.111 last decade
Now you have to wait and let this dose do its job.
Parakletos. last decade
hello doc... its summer and just cant take the heat ufff!!!

well doctor this time though it has recurred its not that bad as before but still have it in my back and face sumtimes i find in below neck ..may be it spreads by touch and makes it worse

but its confusing.. as you say any kind of progress may be good or bad shoudnt take any dose but when such progres has stopped take one

if good progress means it goes on healing if bad it means goes on recurring what does no progress mean??? right now i dono how to say whats happening because i get it but the speed with which it poping out and disappears has become less.
keep.in.touch.111 last decade
helloo doctor... j
just wanted to say you about the face infection(boils)it was sooo better n dried i was happy it will all fade away... it nearly did
but then one boil bursted without my knowlegde and pus happened to spead n it resulted in new boils again Grrrr..

how can i stop that boil its there in that place since 4 months
keep.in.touch.111 last decade
Great that the medication worked so well for you. :-)
It can be such a period, come and go. But I think it will disappear completely in the end.
Do not take anything more for now. Wait and see what happens. Should it turn out that nothing happens in 1-2 weeks, please contact me again. Or if there are any questions. Try to notice any changes that may occur. If you for example want different foods, changes in mood, etc.
Yours, Parakletos.
Parakletos. last decade
To memorable1979.
The best thing would be if you started your own thread.
Or you can contact me directly on my mail address.
You can find it on my profile
Parakletos. last decade
yeah... u guessed rgt doctor... i crave for food now, its all in my mind( i fantasize food )i feel like eating different stuffs.. even those which i hated.... its just anything but i need to satisfy my aptite and i jus love eating...

moood... i feel better than before... out of depression kind of thing...

but still my skin doesnt letme be myself.... its just my looks that matters. which drops my uplifted moods.
keep.in.touch.111 last decade
As they say, 'Rome was not built in a day.' Same with your health, it takes time for the body to build up your health. So we just have to wait and see.
Give me a report in about 1 week.
Dr. P.
Parakletos. last decade

hmmm well, those have appeared again :( My face is ichng and pricking due to this heat..

I will i hav little trouble with digestion now.. it takes time, sumtimes i feel i have nausea.. and i dont like much of non veg now..

These days i hav turned very emotional to my surroundings..

Sleep also have become less now

AND this time i got my menses 5 days earlier... which used to be oncein 40 days this time it is 35

keep.in.touch.111 last decade

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