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Attn: Ear, Nose, Throat and Sinus Patients

I believe you know how to apply pressure to your ear by shutting your nostrils and build up pressure.

A technique which is quite opposite. Shut your nostrils and apply vacume.

Alternate it with pressure.

This way trapped mucus and stale air will come out. It will assist in healing further.

Most ear infections start with blocked eustachion tube which connects inner ear to the throat.

Build vacume slowly and stop if you feel you are having pain.

Do it later on when your infection is under control and make it a habit.
  kuldeep on 2005-03-15
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hi Kuldeep! This may sound silly but do you mean plug your nostils and swallow to make your ears plug? That is how mine plug?

What is the vacuum technique? Please elaborate, your lessons are valuable to many,

Namaste27 last decade
You close your nostrils and mouth tight and start inhaling motion. You got to try it to know how exactly you will be able to achieve it. With vacume your cheeks will sink inside (like kids do.

There are 14 interconnected sinus caviites in our face. This motion will expell moisture/air/mucus from them.
kuldeep last decade
A friend of mine has treated many Sinus patients with Ribes Nigram (Black Currant). This remedy is not easily available but Black Currant Oil is available on health stores. Oil comes in capsules. A medicine can be made by breaking a capsule in 50 parts of Gin and use few drops two times a day.

He claims this remedy work slows but really cured the SInuses.
kuldeep last decade
Excellent suggestion.Kuldeep.

I never knew about creating vaccum.

You have many tricks up your sleeve.Let us have one by one at your convenience.

We are learning a lot from you.

So nice of you.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Dr. Kuldeep, Today after reading your post, I used this method of creating vacuum in my nose. It was very hard at beginning but suddenly I felt my blocked ear opened. There was lots of mucus in my throat, probably came from tube. I got relief after 4 months. But the relief was temporary and ear got blocked again very soon. I repeated pressure with vacuum and it always opened my ear for a moment and ear again was blocked. Now I can create vacuum easily, it was hard first time. Do you have any comments?

Thanks, Conte.
conte last decade
You got relief for a moment. Congratulations!

This reminds me a Sufi story.

Once upon a time a man came to a Sufi wandering ascetic and put a bag full of gold at his feet and said, “Here is lots of money, I heard you can get me some relief, I have no peace, I haven’t seen a relief for long time, even if you can get me a moment’s relief this money is yours”.

Sufi said, “You close your eyes and count to one hundred and I will do some thing”. Man closed his eyes and when he was done hundred and saw Sufi running away with his money. He ran after Sufi and was yelling, screaming and crying. Sufi entered in the village and man chased him running, yelling and screaming. Chase lasted for half hour and Sufi came back where they started and threw away man’s money. Man took the money bag and thanked god and kissed his bag and hugged it with tears in his eyes and said, “I thought you took away my money”.

“So you got one moment’s relief”, Sufi said.

So Conte you got one moment’s relief, this is just the beginning.
kuldeep last decade
Dr. Kuldeep

I laughed at the story, a very insightful story. Here you gave a suggestion to create vacuum in the ear but you have not told us about any perticular medicine for Sinus. Do you have any medicine for Sinus in your mind. My friend is suffering from Sinus, hope you can help him.

Cordially, Silverman.
silverman last decade
Yes Silverman that is the story of man kind.

Unfortunately every fourth patient is a Sinus patient. I tried classic homeopathy technique on several people with Sinus but it is just difficult to cure.

Last year, I went to a homeopathy store in Meerut, India. It was a homeopathy shop and the owner was doctor. He charged only for medicine price, a very nice man. Before me a person came and asked that his right ear is blocked and asked for medicine. Old man gave him a combination remedy called Sinus Cure or some thing like it (I forget the exect name). I asked him why a combination medicine, he said most probably this will work and probability for anything else is very slim.

I bought two bottles for my cousin who always asked me some medicine for Sinus problems, he was taking repeatedly taking Amoxicillin for last three years. I came back to USA and gave my cousin those bottles, miraculously he got cured, he gave left over medicine bottle to his boss who was suffering from the problem and he too got cured and also another person got cured. So many people asked for that medicine and may be next time I will bring more bottles.

As far as I remember, that bottle contained a cocktail of Pulsatilla, Kali Bi.Cr., Cinnabar, and few more medicines.
kuldeep last decade
creating vacuum is also a good technique to release blocked ears during flight takeoffs and landing. block yr nostril and try to blow air through nostrils with mouth closed as well,,,,this then releases the blocked ears.
inneed last decade
Dr. Kuldeep

Can you tell me about where to get this Sinus Medicine. I need couple of bottles of it.

Regards, Silverman.
silverman last decade
Dear Silverman

I dont' even remember the exact name of medicine and it's ingredients. I asked some one to find it out. At least, if I know the ingredients I can reproduce it myself. Many people emailed me to know the name of it. May be tomorrow I will know the name. Name is not important but active ingredients are.

kuldeep last decade
Luckily some one found that medicine bottle and here are its active ingredients.

Formula for Sinus Combination Medicine:

Arsenicum album 12x
Calc. carb. (Calc. Carb. hahnemann) 30x
Hydrastis can 12x
Kali bichromicum 12x
Pulsatilla nig. 12x

Classic Homeopathy will strongly object to this cocktail.
kuldeep last decade
Dr. Kuldeep is suggesting a cocktail of homeopathy medicins here. Ary you trying to create a Polish Mess here.
tamiano last decade
I gave the readers of some facts which I witnessed.

Following are the mediicnes and may be one worked on a patient or all had some effect. If some one does not agree with this approach, he/she can look into all these medicines and pick the one which suits.

Arsenicum album 12x
Calc. carb. (Calc. Carb. hahnemann) 30x
Hydrastis can 12x
Kali bichromicum 12x
Pulsatilla nig. 12x
kuldeep last decade
Dr. Kudeep I liked your story and my whole family laughed.

I am doing your vacume technique and I say I am 10% better. My ear opens and it is a blissful feeling but it goes bad after about 10 minutes.

Do you want me to try your medicines; which one and how?

Thanks again.
Sal Conte
conte last decade
I gave you the whole recipe here and read it carefully and use your own judgement.

In the above recipe I made only one improvement, I alwasy recomend Hydrastis Can. Q. (if one can obtain)

You may not be able to obtain Hydrastis Can. Q.
kuldeep last decade
I took some yoga lessons and they recommended me doing Jal Neti ie. sucking water from one nostril and removing it from other nostril. It was too hard for me. What do you think about it?

Sal Conte
conte last decade
Not everybody can do Jal Neti.

I recommend a simple and easy version.

Join your hands and fill some water in it, warm or cold. Dip your nose in your hands and suck some water from both nostrils, need not to suck too deep. You will feel water reach near throat.

Then expell water with force. This can be done anytime you go to bathroom. This will wash up allergins stuck in the nose. Allergins are the culprit.

When you relieve water with force you will feel eustachian tube getting empty. This is like creating vacuum in the nose.
kuldeep last decade
For the benefit of ENT, Sinus and Rhinites patients where excessive mucus is the problem I am pasting following contents from my other thread.

Euphorbium is Euphorbia Resinifers's milky extract.

Euphorbia is a biggest plant family on the earth. Euphorbium Resinifera is a rod or pole like thorny plant. It can be obtained everywhere. It has four corners and thorns appear only on the corner. On the top of rod it has leaves and in flowering season, flowers too.

Milk or resin is not soluble in water or alcohol and as it drips it coagulates instantly like a rubber. It can damage skin and eyes.

Commercially Euphorbium is dissolved in Chloroform and then it is dissolved in alcohol.

I figured out if you have a hot water bottle and make a puncture to the plant; let the juice dip in the bottle. It seems like it is soluble this way but in few days you will see it again precipitate.

The best way to use Euphorbia Resinifera is using its fresh juice. Take a cup of warm water and make a small puncture in the plant (With a pin). Collect just one drop of its resin in hot water cup and drink it.

Effect of the medicine will be only visible if you stop using steroids or inhalers. Two doses in a day are fine. In 3-4 days if you see effect you can stop taking the medicine and wait. People report its effect lasts one week to on month. Then they need this medicine again.

I didn’t try to potentize it any further, I recommend people to experiment with further dilutions. Problem is that dilution is only stable for few days.

It is effective in the Asthmas related to excessive mucus in respiratory tracks. It dries up mucus instantly.

Stop taking it once the effects are visible or it will dry up useful mucus also. ENT, Sinus and Rhinitis patients also can try it.
kuldeep last decade
dear doc kuldeep

I tried rinsing my nose with your method. First I sucked water too hard and had a hammering feeling on my head. Later on I was suckiing fine and expelling it with fource. I feel it is good for me. Thanks. Do you think if Euphorbium is good for me too.

conte last decade
Dear Sal

Actually you didnt' explain anything about your problem except blocked ear. If your problems are due to excessive mucus and if mucus is trapped in your eustachian tubes this method will certainly help you. Nothing wrong with trying. Homeopathy's foundation is based upon experimenting.

kuldeep last decade
As I mentioned in your other thread that I am also using Euphorbium for my asthma. I am also doing nose wash with your technique. I feel better. I tried other methods and always carried a little kettle pot and was warming water and adding some salt in it. But your method bypassed every other method. Will report results in few days.

Thanks. Jennifer.
jeniffer last decade
hi doc

I am doing vacume alternating by pressure and getting better by each day. I have noticed I am hearing whistling sounds in my ear.

Sal Conte.
conte last decade
Your Ear was blocked for a long time so it is singing with joy.

Don't worry about it, Put some almond oil in your ears.
kuldeep last decade
doc, with any weather change I get sinus and pain in the frontal. My nose feels stuffy. Do I need the above combination you told or any one typical medicine.
conte last decade

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