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Baby restless sleep

My baby girl is exactly 1 year old, and for the past few months has had really restless sleep. She wakes up in exactly 20-30 minutes after i put her down to sleep. If it's a nap during the day time, she'll wake up and won't go back to sleep. But if it's night- she'll either require a comfort feed to go back to sleep, or for me to walk around with her. Even tho she falls fast asleep in my arms, the moment i put her down, she wakes up. Some nights, she'll sleep after that and wake up after a couple of hours. Other nights, every hour she's waking up.
This is her overall behaviour:
She is still being breastfed. Eats 3 meals a day, loves vegetables, chicken, fruit, and cereal.
As an infant, she was a wonderful sleeper, used to sleep very well at night for 3-4 hours at a stretch before wanting a feed. Had one or two occasional spitups but i gave her one dose of silicea 30 and it cleared it up.
As an infant- happy baby in mother's arms. Did not like strangers, cried if mother left her. Did not like new surroundings, would cling to mom.
Started crawling at 10 1/2 months. Since crawling stage began, she is very happy with whomever at home. Doesn't require constant attention from mom. Rarely cries. Only requires mom for nursing feeds.
While nursing, very distracted. Quickly drinks, and then gets off to play.
Slow teether- 12 months old now and only two teeth have cut.
Has not started to stand, pull up, or walk.
Likes to pick up stuff from carpet and put in the mouth.
Is not a chubby baby, she is on the thinner side. Eats little but enjoys mealtimes.

Had an ear infection a few weeks ago, pulsatilla 200 cleared it up.

Any suggestions??
  karinamom on 2010-03-26
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
milestones have been late...calc carb should help.
rishimba last decade
What potency, dosage? I forgot to mention, the baby always loved sleeping on her sides, left or right, never on her back. Don't know if that is relevant or not.
karinamom last decade
you can initially give her calc carb 30c one dose just before she sleeps.

continue for three days and stop.

you may update after a week.
rishimba last decade
Thanks for your prompt advice. I started the calc carb 30 yesterday. How long does this medicine take to show an effect?

Thanks again.
karinamom last decade
it should show a response within 24 hours.

update me after a few days.
rishimba last decade
I gave her the calc carb and didn't really notice any changes in her sleep. She had short naps as usual, and did the same wakeups at night. Second tooth is cutting tho. Today is Day 4 and this is what happened- She had an incident in her bathtub earlier today, where she was trying to crawl and her whole body fell in. I picked her out of the tub immediately, but she was trembling, crying and very afraid. So I immediately gave her one drop of aconite 30 to ease her.
After an hour or so, she nursed, and took a nice 2 hour nap (she hasn't napped like that in months). ANd woke up very happy eager to have a nice lunch after.
Is this the calc carb in effect? Or the aconite? Or both? Should i just wait now and see what happens?

karinamom last decade
please wait and watch. probably the aconite has helped. if she continues to sleep well, dont give her any other doses.
rishimba last decade
Calc carb or aconite didn't work. Her sleep continued to be the same.
I'm thinking maybe she is either pulsatilla or aconite (a different potency perhaps?), and i can't decide. I'll tell you a bit more about her.
During my first month of pregnancy (probably only 2-3 weeks preg), I had a fall. Tripped and fell face down, my whole body fell and my stomach faced the ground. Luckily, and thank goodness, baby is alright and everything went fine the rest of the pregnancy. But could this be categorized as a 'trauma'?
During delivery everything was fine, except that it was a back labor and she was a posterior baby. I took pulsatilla, (maybe not the right potency) but only turned her to the side, not completely. Anyway, my midwife manually turned her with her hands while pushing. The pushing phase was about 45 min long- fast delivery.

Her character- always been quiet in my arms. Cries with everyone else. Not colicky, but extremely afraid of strangers and new surroundings. Will not go to anyone if we're outside the home, not even to her dad. At home, she is extremely content to crawl about, as long as I'm sitting in the same seat and not moving. The second I get up, and move, she starts crying and wants to be picked up.
Very clingy to me. Startles at loud sounds, cries and gets scared.
If an incident happens, such as the case in the bathtub, she gets scared and refuses to play again in the tub, until the next day when she's forgotten the episode.
Even grocery shopping, she will not sit in the cart, wants me to carry her, and only me. Again, scared of strangers, of new surroundings, and will not even find comfort with people she knows in a new environment.
She's a small baby, eats little, drinks little milk. Easily distracted. I I breastfeed her, on demand, and have good flow, but she only 'finishes both breasts' at night. At home, she is the happiest.

Any other suggestions? I've read in another forum a similar situation with an 8th month old not sleeping well... and the suggestion was coffea 200.
I been trying coffea 30 because i don't have the 200 and it's easter weekend so everything is shut.
But i'd like something for her constitution, especially the clinginess and fear part.

Thanks again :)
karinamom last decade
i would not suggest coffea to an infant..it doesnt make sense.

you should try pulsatilla 30c just before she sleeps at night. just one dose a day for three days.
rishimba last decade
Can i try the pulsatilla 30 today even tho last night I gave her the coffea? In your opinion, the *fears and insecurities*... is that a pulsatilla baby?
karinamom last decade
yes, you can try pulsatilla 30c.
rishimba last decade
Okay here is the status update. A much more relaxed baby day time. Enjoying and exploring by herself. Nap - great.. from 25 min, now it has become a peaceful 2 hours.
Night sleep- only wakes up twice to nurse and goes back to sleep. Do i continue giving her the pulsatilla? How long does the effect of this medicine last?
karinamom last decade
you should repeat only if the symptoms come back. if she is doing alright, dont give anything.
rishimba last decade
Okay so today she woke up cranky, and extremely clingy. Had a good night where she only woke up once to nurse, but when she woke up at 4, she had a hard time going back to sleep, took her an hour.
When she ended up falling asleep she eventually woke up at 7:30 but very very cranky.
I gave her one drop of puls 30 around noon... seems to have settled.
It seems like the medicine is working, but I have to keep giving it to her.

What do you suggest?
karinamom last decade
ok, if the symptoms keep on returning, you can give one dose of 200c and see if its holding for long.
rishimba last decade
Okay, her sleep improved for a while, until last night where she woke up about 4-5 times. So, this morning I gave her the puls 200 (one dose). She seemed fine thru the day, and had a nice nap.
Here is the problem: I forgot to mention earlier, she has had a 'sticky eye' for months now, so it's chronic, on and off. She'll wake up in the morning, where her left eye, is stuck or lots of yellow gooey stuff on it. She was not born with this. I notice on nights where it's colder, or if I take her out in the cold, it comes.
Today was a very new unusual problem. While changing her diaper i noticed a discharge. Yellowish-brownish. Does not smell. The area does not seem to be irritating her either. She also seems to have a slight diaper rash, a small one near the rectum. (it's like red lips around the rectum).
Other side notes: She is teething. Had more bowel movements today than usual, but of normal consistency, has been eating more lately, and nursing more.

Thanks so much for your help. The nights she slept well were seriously a blessing. I slept too!!
karinamom last decade
dont worry much...the discharge from the eyes will also get cured with pulsatilla. give her once a week for three or four weeks for the eye discharges.

observe the rashes and if this doesnt cure in a week, tell me.
rishimba last decade

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