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What is homeopathy? / Hayfever remedies??

What is homeopathy? and how does it work?

Can homeopathy treat and cure things like hayfever? I am a terrible hayfever sufferer and have found conventional drugs just don't work long term. Can anyone reccomend a homeopathic remedy suitable for tree pollen allergies.

Thanks in advance, Luke
  lwdigby on 2005-03-24
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hayfever is part of a deep constitutional condition.
It is normally related to the sycotic miasm and the most success I have had is with Nat Sul . But you need to do two things
One see a good homeopath
Normally hay fever is best treated when there are no pollens about !.
It is - like asthma - related to a slightly depressed immune system.
passkey last decade
Please read other postings on homeopathy. We talk of the hows and whats at length.

The major thing we talk of is that it is used for the WHOLE person, not just one part.

Homeopathy has many remedies for nasal/hayfever/allergies, but one would have to do a work up to find the matching one.

You are in allopathic thinking of naming a condition and taking a magic pill for it. Allopathic meds suppress those things that cause the allergy. Homeopathy releases this and gets to the cause.

Sometimes the cause is hard to pin point and one takes a remedy that helps in an on-going way, (not recommended) without worrying about suppression.

You would have to write at least a page (paragraphs please) for anyone to find a remedy that may help your condition. In addition, all allergies and yes, hayfever acts different in different people.

What kind of person are you? likes, dislikes, age, male? how long? description of what you call hayfever. Foods and sleeping. Better from, worse from........you see, a page at least.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
I have suffered from hayfever and allergies for all my life. I am a 31 year old male living about 5 kilometers from the ocean on Vancouver Island, Canada. I have been able to cope with my allergies for years but a month ago I removed refined sugars from my diet and have since been hypersensitive to pollens, dust, molds and perfumes. My eyes get quite red, puffy, runny and itchy. I usually have a few high velocity sneezes in a row accompanied by a neverending flow of clear sometimes runny, sometimes thick mucus. I wake up early in the morning with one side of my nose and sinus stuffed and it usually takes a couple of hours of blowing my nose to clear the sinus and then it is clear for most of the day. At first when I gave up the sugar my left side of my nose and sinus cavities were blocked with a thick yet clear/slightly milky mucus and my left eye was very itchy and watery. In the past week or so it is now my right nasal passage, sinus and eye that are blocked. Although both nostrils secret mucus the right one is fairly thick and the left one runny. Also as I sneeze and blow my nose my gums get imflammed and sore but this is relieved by sipping some water and holding it in my mouth for a few minutes. Drinking water helps clear more mucus but it seems like a never ending cycle. My symptoms get worse when it gets cloudy and rainy.

I have had excessive mucus production for all of my life. Mucus develops in the stomach, lungs and sinuses, so I am spitting often which is not so nice for the people around me.

In ayurveda terms you might say that I have a fiery dosha. I am thin and wiry, strong with lean muscles. I am about 6 feet tall with blonde hair blue eyes and fair complexion.

I have been a vegetarian for 16 years. I originally ate lots of high carbohydrate foods and some fruits but my diet got better in the last 8 years. About 8 years ago I started consciously cleansing my body. I started with an herbal detox formula with north american herbs which seemed to have cleared up my allergies dramatically. I do some sort of fasting and/or parasite cleanse every year. I've been drinking my morning urine off and on for about 4 years. These days I eat lots of fruit, lots of carbs, spirulina and chlorella, some veggies but not as much as I should be eating. I consume very little alcohol but I smoke cannabis on a regular basis once every few days. The cannabis smoking does not seem to have a negative or positive effect on my symptoms, but tobacco smoke in the air hurts my eyes. I live in a dusty house with some tobacco smokers.

My bowl movements are very easy and predicatble. I attend the crappper at about 6 or 7 every morning like clockwork and most of my previous days intake will leave. My movements come out quite loose especially when I have been eating lots of fruit. I like eating fruit. I like cantelopes and honeydew melons but not watermelon. I like grapefruits, mandarins and tangerines but not oranges. I like mangos and papaya but not bananas. I eat different grains like amaranth, quinoa and millet. I consume quite a bit of celtic sea salt. I eat lots of butter on crispy toast. I eat some cheese. I consume no milk, yogourt or cottage cheese. I eat lots of nuts, almonds mostly also cashews, hazelnuts and macadamias. No peanuts. I used to be allergic to all dairy products but grew out of it by puberty. I've eaten a lot of sweet sugary foods and chocolate bars in my life.

I had a lot of allergies when I was small and had some glands removed from my throat at about age 4 as they were hugely swollen.

I work as a botanist/seed breeder so I need to be able to smell flowers and work with pollen. Usually it is not a problem but since dropping the sugar I've had a hard time working. I wear a filter mask now when I work. One thing that has gotten me concerned is that I am having problems with my breathing, allopathic doctors would probably say I have the beginnings of asthma and put me on some sort of medication.

I saw a homeopath once about 4 years ago when I was having an ear ache problem. One night I took a bathe with epsom salts that a friend had recommended and later that night I developed a strong earache/infection in my left ear only. At the time I was having a hard time figuring what to do with my life as I had recently quit working as a tool maker. My mother had a career counsellor friend who gave me a few tests and the tests said that my brain activity is very strong in my front right quarter and balanced in the other quarters. The tests also said I was well suited to being a poet, philosopher or sculptor. The homeopath I saw gave me some sulphur 30x I believe it was and told me take it 5x a day for a few weeks. He said there was a struggle in my mind between my left logical side and right creative side that had caused the earache in only one ear. The sulfur seemed to work well.

I do enjoy artistic pursuits. I like to work with patterns and geometrical shapes mostly. I also like to draw but I have a hard time drawing something living as it appears or replicating something. I am also musicaly inclined, I play tablas, drum kits and most percussion instruments. I do a fair bit of work on the computer.

Thank you for listening to my little story. I look forward to any insights that may help me on my journey in this life. Many thanks in advance,
Conrad last decade
I would like to add that my inner voice is saying that my current symptoms are related to cleansing of my pancreas and solar plexus.

Also I am quiet person, relatively shy. I usually don't like being around large groups of people for too long. I do best interacting with a small group of people. I don't like speaking to crowds.
Thanks again,
Conrad last decade

I was delighted to see you post on this thread.

Welcome back !

Joe De Livera last decade
Alas, Joe - the post from Sabra is an old one. I wonder where she is and why she hasn't posted since she was to return from her trip ages ago.
Minsa last decade

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