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Regarding Equisetum (Mother Tincture) in 3x potency, instead of 15 days please use it only for a week to see its result and if it fails, as suggested Rhus Tox 30 can be taken one dose in the morning, noon and evening only and watch its result and you may notice the result within 5-6 days. Even if it fails then a thorough case history will be required. However, as per my information, for frequent urination (day and night) following remedies are suggested but it depends upon the modalities of the patient as well as his other objective and subjective symptoms including his family history:

Alum., Apis, Calc, Canth, Caust, Colch, Lac-ac, Mag-m, Merc., Nat-m, Plant., Rhus-t., Sars.

With kindest regards.
Dr. Sayeed Ahmad last decade
Dear Mr Radhekrishna:

Regarding Equisetum (in mother tincture) in 3x potency, please use it only for a week instead of 15 days and see the result and if it fails then try Rhus Tox 30 one dose in the morning, noon and evening for a day only and watch its result and you may notice its result within 6 days. If it fails even, then your thorough case history will be needed including your objective, subjective symptoms, modalities as well as your family history to arrive at the most suitable remedy.

As per my information, for frequent urination (day and night) Alum, Apis, Calc, Canth, Caust, Colch, Lac-ac, Mag-m, Merc, Nat-m, Plant, Rhus-t, Sars are also applicable and these remedies can be used after working out the case thoroughly to choose one of them.

With best regards.
Dr. Sayeed Ahmad last decade
Dear Joe

I have had a detail discussion with my Urologist, and he believes that Non infectious prostatitis do exist, reason being no bacteria were discovered in my urine and semen sample taken over a course of time…..He also believes that Non infectious prostatitis can be treated by a long course of antibiotic, but I havent allowed it……There is a forum on prostatitis, which is filled with stories of cases gone horribly wrong after taking long course of antibiotics in both infectious and non infectious cases………I still believe that homeopathy can cure prostatitis, despite the fact that I have taken tons of homeopathic drugs, and not a single allopathic drug.

I am pasting an MRI report of my prostate, which will give you some indication of what is wrong. My PSA count is very minimal, but my testosterone is below the minimum range.

Currently I am being treated for my hypothyroidism by an Indian Homeopath, who believes that until my thyroid is treated, no medicine will effect prostate…..his treatment of thyroid will end by the end of July……because of his treatment most of my thryroid syptoms are improving, and I hope that once my thyroid is better, prostate will follow soon.

The medicine I have used for my prostate are conium, calcarea carb, nux vomica, belladonna, thuja, acid phos, selenium, etc,etc (the list is endless), but no one has ever mentioned ARNICA, which is very very surprising……..please note that my current doctor has suggested Sabal, once my thyroid is cured ( I am taking IODINUM 1M)

I have decided not to take any medicine for my prostate until and unless I am doubly sure that people have used it in my conditions and it has helped.

It seems that “PROSTATITIS” is a hard nut to crack, even if you are using the hammer of HOMEOPATHY.


T1W sagittal/coronal, FSE VE T2W axial, T2W coronal, fat suppressed sagittal, GR45 degree coronal.

The prostate is normal in size and outline and measures 42 X 30 X 38 mm.

A mildly hypointense T1W signal focus bright on T2W1 is seen in the mid third right aspect of the peripheral zone, measuring 14 X 3 X 5 mm. Normal differentiation of the central/peripheral zones is noted.

Peri prostatic fat pad and the seminal vesicles are normal.

The urinary bladder, the urethra and ischio – rectal fat pad are normal.

There is no evidence of pelvic lymphadenopathy or ascites



I hope the above can help


sazim1 last decade
It is interesting that your Uro, while confirming that Non infections Prostatitis exist, has informed you that your codition can be treated by a long course of an Antibiotic. You will see that I too advised you to take a long course of Ciprofloxacing, dose 1 tablet twice daily.

I note that your Ultra Sound scan of your Prostate which you refer to as MRI has not shown any problem with your prostate. This is all the more reason for you to consider taking the Cipro for some time as this should settle the infection once and for all.

I note that you have visited a forum on prostatitis "which is filled with stories of cases gone horribly wrong after taking long course of antibiotics". I can reassure you that Ciprofloxacine is by no means a dangerous drug as I have taken it myself for about 5 weeks after my Retropubic Prostatectomy which is the classic open method. In your case since you have not taken an antibiotic for any long period, I would advice you to do so, after consulting your Uro.

I see no objection to your taking Arnica 30 together with the antibiotic and after you have finished the course of the antibiotic, you can still keep on with the Arnica for as long as you like.

You informed us that you have had your problem for the last 10 years and this is all the more reason for you to take the Cipro for a long period as this is the only way to deal with the "non" infection which has given you so much trouble unnecessarily.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks a million Joe.........I will consult my urologist immediately

just one question, is hypothyroidism a hurdle in treating prostatitis.

A couple of homeopaths (from India and Pakistan ) have suspected that hypothyroidism can be a hurdle in treating prostatitis......they say " treat thyroid before you treat prostate"

Do you agree?

sazim1 last decade
I do not think that there is any direct connection between your two ailments Prostatitis and Hypothyrodism. I do not also think that there is any problem in treating both simultaneously as you will treat the an antibiotic and the latter with the relevant drug.

You can also simultaneously take the Homeopathic remedy that I indicated, Arnica 30 for your prostate and we can then wait for results.

I presume that you are aware that your long standing Prostatitis, whether it be infected on non infected is dangerous for your future health and this condition must be dealt with immediately by a competent Urologist. Homeopathic remedies do exist but they cannot be recommended for your case which must be dealt with by Ciprofloxacine or an equivalent drug which must be taken on a long term basis.

I would also recommend that you see a competent Endocrinologist for your Hypothoroidism as this type of ailment is best treated with drugs. I note that you are already under Homeopathic treatment for your Thyroid and it depends on how long you have been under treatment and also what the result of this treatment has been so far.

My message to you is to start treatment with the antibiotic immediately as this long standing condition can be dangerous.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe

I have spend days and days surfing the web, trying to find the answer for my non infectious prostatitis......what i have concluded is that it is still very risky to use ANTI BIOTICS in a non infectious case as mine. There are tons of infectious prostatitis patients who are not even cured by these so called wonder antibiotic drug....on the other hand there are different treatment protocols devised and designed by the patients themselves (most of the patients are very upset with their urologist).....hence the success of those treatment protocols are not guaranteed....one of the patient(all patients on this website have been using allopathic and ayurvedic medicine) has used NUX VOMICA with limited success.

So my question to all the learned members here?
Can homeopathy cure NON INFECTIOUS PROSTATITIS or not?

So far homeopathic medicines have been bad for me....instead of curing the disease there has been aggravation and non reversible after effects of homeopathic medicine.......still i hope


sazim1 last decade
I feel that you are just going around in circles trying to persuade yourself on what treatment you should take to overcome your problem.

I have spent some time already in giving you the benefit of my own experience in dealing with Prostatitis as I too have suffered from it in 1995 and ended up by having Retropubic Prostatectomy to cure it permanently in 2002. I can be considered knowledgeable in this particular problem and am therefore in a position to give you the benefit of my knowledge and experience both as a patient and as a Homeopathic advisor.

All I can request you at this late stage is to wake up and take action, one way or the other.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe

Thanks for your concern, but my question to you...Were you completely cured by antibiotics ?, was your prostatitis non infectious ?
how long the treatment last ?

Please dont take this wrong......I have taken so many medicines during the last 10 years(to no avail), that i have become very very critical of any new medicine offered, be it allopathic or homeopathic.

But now it seems that i dont have any choice left but to try antibiotic

thanks & regards

sazim1 last decade
There is no such thing as a Non infections Prostatitis as I have stated before. Your conditon can only be caused by an infection which in your case I reckon is chronic. The reason for the long course of the antibiotic is because the blood supply to the prostate is very low and as a result the bacteria can escape if only a short dosage over a few days is taken.

In your case you are relatively young and you are obviously having a deep seated infection in your prostate which only a long course of Cipro will help to overcome permanently. This infection is obviously causing severe distress to your body as you state that you are 42 but look 50.

There is absolutely no danger in taking it but it is essential that you take it regularly for at least 3 weeks without interruption. There is also the real danger of your prostate enlarging without the antibiotic and this condition is irreversible and can only end with an early prostatectomy.

You should ask for confimation of my prescription from your Uro.
Joe De Livera last decade

Can arnica 30 cure prostatitis?

steven last decade
Arnica cannot cure Prostatitis which is usually caused by a bacterial infection.

You may have to take a long course of Ciprofloxacine for about 2 weeks to eradicate this infection. I presume that you are sure that your problem is in fact Prostatitis with the usual discomfort, low temperature and incontinence. Dose 1 tablet twice daily.

Please read my post to Sazim on Prostatitis.

You should see a Urologist and get his advice on treatment which will be what I have stated above.
Joe De Livera last decade
I have non bacterial prostatitis. Would Ciprofloxacine work or you suggest some other medicine.
steven last decade
I do not believe that there is a non bacterial Prostatitis. This is usually what Uros state after they do a culture of the urine.

A method to be more certain of the cause of the infection is to do a culture of the prostatic fluid which has to be drawn by the Uro by massage of the prostate gland through the rectum.

The simplest method is to take the Ciprofloxacine for 3 days and check the result. If it has helped to reduce the symptoms, you must continue the therapy for 2 weeks to ensure that the bacteria is destroyed.

As far as I know homeopathy cannot help you to eradicate the infection.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hello Sazim,

I have cured almost 90 percent of prostatitis only 10 percent is left and is not going.Share your symptoms with me.I used Nervauxan for two months,It helped me alot. Its available in Sweden.Now I have ordered a medicine from USA with a hope that it will eradicate the 10 percent iritation left.It contains three herbs Epilobium Parviflorum,Saw Palmetto,Hypoxis Rooperi. I think you should use Nervauxan.

steven last decade
Dear Stephen

How can i buy this medicine "Nervauxan", and what other medicine are you getting from USA

thanks & regards
sazim1 last decade
Hello sazim,

I think you have non bacterial chorinc prostatitis just like mine. I dont know how can you buy nervauxan, May be you can call them if this forum allows me, I can give you their phone number. The medicine name that i have orederd from usa is prostate Dr. . I havent used it yet. I will post its results after using it.

steven last decade

Dear Dr Venugopal, Jeo, and others

Recently I have been going through various bodily symptoms internally though externally the body is fine and fit with no outward symptoms for doctors to understand the body.

The blood test shows vaious results

Alkaline Phosphatase over 700 units whereas the range is 30 - 150 for persons over 50 years This is alarming as the liver enzyme is released in the blood and urine.

Protein is released in the urine with the assumption that kidney may not be properly filtering impurities and thereby protein is sent to urine.

Sodium is high in the blood stream with the assumption that liver may not be functioning properly.

Man of 66+ years used only homeopathy medicines for over 15 years to cure symptoms, now faced with many questions so that the allopathy doctors can be answered.

1. Is there any side effect if homeopathy medicines are taken inlarge quantities?
2. What is the side effect of homeopathy medicines known and unknown
3. What is th alcohol content?
4. How much alcohol liver absorbs and how much is released through urine.
5. I am a pure vegetarian by birth and never taken any liquers etc.

Any immediate guidelines will save this soul from further damage to the essential body parts which the allopathy doctors would like to give various names and play with it

Your help will ease the tension inthe mind and find out what is the reasons for abnormalitis in the blood and urine tests.

Thank you for all inthe forum to help this soul to understand the reasons for the abonormalities

yours truly

hare krishna mani
ottawa, canada
tel 1 613 843 8833
radhekrishna last decade
Even before you had started Arnica/Causticum you had said that the Alkaline phoshpatase was higher than normal (700 units) and also proteinuria. There is obviously deficiency of function of the kidney and the liver function needs to be checked out too with the various blood investigations.
The "alcohol" in Homeopathic Medicine is too little to cause any such effects. Any degenerative changes you are noticing today have occurred over a period of few years if not decades.
On another thread you had asked for remedy for Hypertension which is also a fall out of the function. Since as a whole your case needs to be considered treatment to few symptoms cannot help you.
Come back with more details of the investigations and only then a proper remedy can be suggested.
Dr.Venugopal Gouri.
DRVenugopal last decade

I am very glad indeed that Dr Venugopal has responded to your SOS. He is far more experienced than I am and I am confident that he can help you with your problem which as he states you have been nursing for years.

Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Dr Venugopal and Joe

Thanks for your quick mail.

The present condition after the various tests are as under

Blood test - diabetes on bordr line
cholestrol and tiglycerides normal
Blood presure 155/90 and it varies from 145 to 80 and swings often

Urine analysis

24 hr collection
sodium - high
protein - high
alkaline phosphatase high and alarming
creatinine low
urea low

Official copy of report will come on Monday or so then I shall copy the full results

Doctors advised only the above major observation on my body

Physically the body is active with no symptoms at all to show the presence of above abnormalities

Doctors are studying my case Nephrology has advised me to go routine check up once in 2 weeks. Liver test has not yet been done.

No medicines yet specified. They suggested altace and rampril but I strongly believe in homeopathy and took on my own several homeopathy pills without consulting anyh doctors but with the use of books.

That may be the rason for all these perhaps?? The homeopathy was used only for the last 2 1/2 years

My major concern was only frequent urination in the night (4 times) and 5/6 times during day. That was the only observation so far nothing else I am a regular taveller at this age of 66 and not find any other symptoms to report to any one My wife knows the whole history. We were working only for frequent urination

Ultrasound gave a report of moderate enlarged prostae. The local hospital doctor said it is not to worry.

If kidney and liver has problems what will be the symptoms we do not know yet what will be the symptoms to report.

Personally there is no thirst, greed, etc. But as a routine take 8 glasses of water.
Constipation due to travel suffering from this and Homeopathy helped to improve situation.

So far good faith on homeopathy and maintained the health by God's grace. As a Hare Krishna devotee we are careful about our food. Every sunday feast I take sweet this I am not able to stop so far.

Kindly guide me what will be future for kidney and liver with the above abonormalities and what is the solution from homeopathy Nowadays I stopped reading books and depend on doctors only.

yours truly

hare krishna mani
radhekrishna last decade
I have successfully used Arnica to help with incontinence in many cases and I would like to suggest that you use Arnica 30c in the water dose that I describe below twice daily for your incontinence.

Get a 500ml bottle of spring water
Pour out 100ml from the bottle.
Put in 3 pellets or 1 drop of the remedy into the bottle.
Bang the bottle hard on a cushion and watch for the water to fizzle like it does when you open a bottle of soda. This is called succussing and it must be done 4 times before every dose. This raises the potency of the remedy slightly.
Sip 1 teaspoonful of the potentized water from the bottle twice daily.
Store the bottle in the fridge and ensure that it is succussed before every dose.
Please note that you only potentize the water once. You do not have to use the Arnica pellets in the water for every dose.

Please report progress in 3 days after commencing treatment.

Nat Phos 6x will relieve your constipation and the dose is 2 tablets taken after lunch and dinner. It will also help with digestion and prevent acidity which in some cases is the real reason for insomnia. The dose can be reduced to just 2 tablets after dinner after your problem stabilizes.

I regret that I cannot help you with your other problems which may require drugs and further medical investigation and treatment.
Joe De Livera last decade
July 01, 2005

Dear Joe

It is kind of you to have specified medications for me. Really God hs given me a good brother in my life though far away but very very near tome to console me whenever needed

As per your instructions I took Arnica 200 and it worked well and we are fully satisfied with the results. After taking Arnica 200 over 80% cure is seen in 10 days. But due to laziness I stopped the mediciation and because of over confidence that Arnica cured me.

Now major problem is B.P, kidney and liver but doctors are studying my case all specialists and finally they will write 5 to 6 prescription medicines. But Homeopathy is the only medicine which we believe in full confidence that can CURE ANY DISEASE PROVIDED PROPER DIAGNOSIS IS CONDUCTED

I believe in Dr Venugopal and his prescriptions.

God only knows why at this age I go these observations. Perhaps this may be an exit permit to Go Back Home. Before a criminal is sent to Jail he should be punished That is the case for me. When an active man at 66 doing my routine jobs peacefully, God has given these as a punishment so that my exit permit to go back home will be sent.

Kindly bless this soul to live peacefully and let others to live without further disturbance.

We will never ever forget your valuable instructions and help

Yours truly

hare krishna mani
radhekrishna last decade
Dear Radhakrishna,

I was very concerned to note that you had used Arnica 200c. I anxiously reread my posts to you and was relieved to discover that I did not advise you to use this high potency. I had requested you to use the 30c potency and a refinment that I now use is to promote the water dose which I have discovered is far more effective than the dry dose that I and the majority of homeopaths have used for many years.

Please stop using the 200c potency as this may be the cause of your present problem. I would like to know how often you have used this 200c daily and for how long you have used it.
Joe De Livera last decade

Dear Joe

Kindly accept my sincere aplogies for wirting misguided notes on medication. In fact I took Arnica 30c and not 200 c It was my mistake of writing for all tensions in the mind made me to write wrong details.

Well since last 10 days I am not taking any medications for I have seen improvement in many areas.

Prostate - frequent urination only without any burning or irritation or pain at night I go 3 to 4 times between 11 pm and 6 am. That is all day time 4 times

Drinking 2 litrs of water daily.

Nat Phos for constipation Good results within 2 days I take this once in three days only 2 globules under the tongue

Thanks for your genuine help to keep this body healthy and safe.

Only now I have blood pressure around 150/80 I keep a daily watch on this I got a machine at home to chek Diabetes is in the border range.

Doctors wants to control diabetes and bloodpressure to safeguard from kidney or liver problem

Alkaline Phosphatase is abnormal 627 units where as it should be only 30 - 150 I do not know the reason I have another appointment with a liver specialist on 7 th Agu 2.30 pm I shall let you know on this

However me and my wife is so much thankful to all ABC forum members esp Dr Venugopal, Joe (the body and soul which teaches 'JOY TO LIVE AND LET OTHERs LIVE IN PEACE')and others.

Plese do write to me at my mail your mail address this will help us to meet once whenever we pass by your place.

Yours sincerely


hare krishna mani
radhekrishna last decade

I have a strange problem. although its not related to prosatate, but i believe i will get some good advice here.The problem is that as im groing older my butt and thighs are getting thinner, what can possibly be the reason?

steven last decade

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