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Another Pilonidal Cyst - 53yo Female in Pacific Northwest on WA State, US Page 2 of 2

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I agree that Lachesis is an excellent recommendation for this case!

With homeopathy, one uses only one homeopathic remedy at a time. If you begin Lachesis (Lach.), that is the only homeopathic medicine that you should use for some time.

I'll let Kadwa recommend the potency (LM/C) and amount, etc. You're in very good hands.

Please understand that external cremes and applications are very harmful. Homeopathy is opposed to all external applications, and views external applications as the cause of many advanced pathologies. All external cremes and treatments should be avoided as soon as possible.

I'm not as concerned about the coffee, alcohol, etc., as the cremes.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
Thank you. It is not a hardship for me to stop coffee and alcohol, so consider that done. am having great difficulty choosing food. For instance, I saw nothing in my full fridge, so I left the house in search of restuarant food. I drove around for over 40 mintes, finally got disgusted and pulled in at an Italian place, still could NOT decide from the menu, so I asked the server what is the most popular dish then said, NO, don't tell me, just make it 'to go.' Very weird, but it is very obvious something is up in regards to my brain and food so I thought I would mention that.

It is Lasagne. I am gave my son the garlic bread. At least I m eating today.

For Kadwa, So I will purchase the Lach in the strength you recommend. I am anxious to get started on whatever you tell me to do so I will buy one container locally and another from the ABC store. At the moment I am still on the Myristica 30C (4 under the tongue 3X per day, 4 hours apart) and will continue until told differently. I have not used any creams yet. I would like to use the drawing salve (Furuncle-Med), but I am not the expert here so I will do as I am told. I am still doing the hot compress 2-3 times per day, and to be sure you know exactly what I am doing, I use uncooked rice in a sock, heated in the microwave. When applied, I also use a washrag to be sure the heat is moist. It stays hot for a long time!
SeattleGrandma last decade
I should mention that I stopped at several restuarants in that 40 minutes, looked at their menues and left. This is very unusual behavior for me. If you saw how much food I have in my house you would wonder why I left, as I am.
SeattleGrandma last decade
Please take Lachesis 200c thrice a day at a gap of 4 hours for only one day (not daily). Please don't take Myristica on the day you take Lachesis. It is not necessary to buy from abc if you can source the remedies locally. One need not be a customer of abc to participate in forum discussions. The owners of abc are very liberal and they don't impose such conditions.

One dose means
If the medicine is in pills form 4 pills. Don't touch pills with hand. Use cap of bottle to take pills.
If the medicine is in liquid dilution form, 3-4 drops in some 20 ml water. Sip up slowly.

It is good that you are also learning homeopathy. i agree with Jewish Homeopath who is a classical homeopath that it is good for all if cases are done at forum. Those who want to learn (like me) can learn and members like Pankaj Varma and JH can give their opinions and suggestions.

Best Wishes to all.
kadwa last decade

It has not been about 30 hours since I last took Loratadine 1mg (antihistimine) and since using the Clobetisol Ointment on my vulva area and around my anus (to the sides, the pilonidal is above this area).

Symptoms listed in order of severity.

I am getting the same symptoms as before I knew I has lichen sclerosus. The meaty part of the palms of my hands are red and itchy---and on my right foot, I have a very itchy part in between 2 toes coming back, also on the top on my foot near those 2 toes. Next, my legs and arms are itchy, and next, my entire body including face to hips.

I did purchase the Lachesis 200 and have just taken my 2nd dose of the 3 today. I will go back to the myristica 30 tomorrow.

I am still concerned about my hip joint and surrounding muscle aching, that has not gone away. It is hard to walk as I have had surgery on that hip and have two titanium screws in the head of my femur.
SeattleGrandma last decade

'It has not been' should be 'IT _HAS_ BEEN'

No idea what I was thinking.

By the way, the 'indecision lasagna' was fabulous, I should order like that more often.
SeattleGrandma last decade
Forgot... I also have what appears like a couple spider bites (round, flat raised) that are very very itchy, both near my left elbow. I do not think I was bitten by a spider.

Sorry for the multiple posts, I try to post all in one but I am forgetting things, or I notice something new later.


I found _your_ questionnaire, some of the questions bring up different memories that could be associated with my overall condition. Do you want me to answer your set?

Also, I missed a bunch of items in the chronological portion (events by age), should I repost that section?


There is one all important event that has shaped who I am, that I am mortified to put in the public domain. I think it is important--as I think about homeopathy in general, combined with metaphysics, I feel this should be told. It will be the first time I have told anyone outside of my therapist.

I am positive this is the root mental/emotional/subconscious cause of the lichen sclerosus. As soon as I tell you, you will understand, and possibly I can overcome the posting of it here, but not at this moment.

I made the connection because I was reading about Homeopathy and L.S. and a poster said -- in regards to the cause of L.S. - one would have to have an incredible amount of REPRESSED SELF-LOATHING to contract L.S. and I started thinking, what could I hate myself for, so deeply as to cause a condition in my genitals and pilonidal area?

I KNOW THE ANSWER. It was very deep but I have made the connection.

I can only locate the email for PANKAJ VARMA by clicking his name, and neither you nor J.H. have yours listed. I start to itch more just thinking about this memory, and I well up in tears too. 18 months of therapy and still this. You will understand, and perhaps you could help me be be brave and post the event here later to show how homeopathy works..

As soon as you say it is okay and give contact info somehow,
I want to email it to you and you can pass the information along to others. Or, I could post it for a day or so where I was filling out the Questionnaire and then remove it from view until I am emotionally ready to leave it 'for all to see.'
SeattleGrandma last decade
Take a dose of Selenium 200
2moro morning on empty stomach.

Post response after 24 hours.

If you area tea drinker...stop drinking tea. Also no coffee.

(If you are going by my advice).

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
As far as whose advice I am taking, so far everyone has agreed on the path, and I hope there will be no need to choose!!

I have decided to post the important event on a separate page for the moment, I am a coward about posting it where I cannot remove it. I will post a link as soon as I write it. I am certain it is something all readers have never conceived of happening, and yet--it happened to me and I have lived with the horror of it all my life. It affected nearly every relationship I have ever had.


The store that sells Boiron products does not have Boiron Selenium. They do have Selenium in mineral form http://tinyurl.com/2apun2e

I will need to locate the Homeopathic pellets if that is what you mean...I assume so but I want to be sure. I wonder why the store does not carry, they have a couple hundred, but not that.

Also, to report the end of my day, it was a very emotional day for me. Also, I remembered a symptom that I have been having for about 2 years that I forgot to mention.

MY EARS ARE RINGING. It's not a tone, it sounds more like a frequency, very very high, and I notice it more at night.
SeattleGrandma last decade
Here is the page

To see the text, you will have to use your mouse and highlight the text on the page because you won't be able to see it until you do.. It is white text on a white page.

You might think that is silly, buy I don't like to even look at the text, and it makes me feel better, like it is still 'hidden'
SeattleGrandma last decade
As you have taken Lachesis recently, i suggest you to take a single dose of Staphysagria 1M after 10 days. As there is lot of suppressed grief, anger and humiliation, i think that Staphysagria should work for you.
kadwa last decade
Both the

Selenium 200
Staphysagria 1M

need to be ordered as I cannot locate them within a 10 minute drive (can't sit longer).


I feel very depressed and discouraged. My lower back hurts from sleeping on my left side (I have a slight curvature of lower spine, supposed to sleep on left side ) I am sleeping on that side because I am afraid it is the pilonidal poison that is hurting my left hip by moving to the hip area via simple gravity when I sleep.

I have much less energy than before, tire very easily.

Vulvar skin is starting to show first signs of disease again, those symptonms are skin thickening and feels wrinkled like after a swim. Not too itchy yet.

KADWA I added a paragraph at the hidden story about the sad irony of the lichen sclerosus in my case.

I am very emotional again today. Since I have to order both the remedies above, I took the Myristica 30C today 3 times, 4 hours apart.
SeattleGrandma last decade
Sorry that is confusing, I am not at my best. It is my right hip that hurts and had surgery, so I am sleeping on my left side which is the wrong side for the spine curvature.

I just took a long nap and want another one.

I also have diarrhea with fresh blood in my stool. I still have all the previous complaints, itching on hands and feet, but that does seem a little bit less.
SeattleGrandma last decade
Stop further dosing of Myristica 30.

The dirty blood around the sinus is coming out through the passage of stool.

It will stop in a day or two after the dirty blood is pushed out.

Your skin itch on hands and feet will go away with Selenium.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
The earliest the

Selenium 200
Staphysagria 1M

will be here is the 12th. I shudder at the thought of no Loratadine or Clobetasol for the next week. Is there anything I can do until then? With Lichen Sclerosus, fusing (disappearing major and minora lips and clitoris) can happen very fast, especially with the clitoris, I have heard it can be there one day, and gone the next.

Also, I looked at my vulva today and it is not white as expected, it is bright red, hot and throbbing (not in a good way) looks exactly like hives, but still no itch YET. It is all wrinkly and feels like sandpaper. It looks very scary.
SeattleGrandma last decade
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
I can only respond after she has taken the dose of Selenium.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
bump? Is the patient still here?
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
Did this case continue in a different thread?
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
Was hoping that this patient would continue treatment...
Homeopathy International 1 last decade

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