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Why are Allopathic Vaccinations harmful to our babies? 3


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Why allopathic Vaccinations are harmful


Childhood vaccinations are given as a general “custom” without permission from the parents before two years of age. Please, for the sake of the health of your young children, do not get immunization shots the doctor gives, sometimes even without your permission. The shots mess up the immune system of the little bodies, big time, sometimes forever.
Immunization shots are full of heavy metals. There is an ongoing study that “baby shots” may cause Autism. Look it up on the net. The study is many years long. Although there is no proof as yet, what if your child is one of those?
Surely you understand that metals, including mercury, aluminium and formaldehyde in a baby’s body is not good??
You do NOT have to do everything your MDietie (allopathic doctor) says. You are paying them to help you in ways you want, not ways THEY want. Take responsibility for your own children; do not “hand” them over to another as if you have no intelligence and no say in the matter. Do not be intimidated or passive.
We used to be able, as adult americans, to go to “need to know” books and sites, to find out anything we wished to know about AMA and so on. Our Constitution’s first amendment insured freedom of speech through which our right to know has in the past been upheld. We cannot do this now.
The doors have been closed to us by corporations, because of “proprietary patent information.” This means they do not have to tell us anything! This began after the civil war when a clerk made an idle footnote on a supreme court ruling, and that very footnote, set a precedent from that time that all corporations were natural persons with equal protection rights under the law. We are at the mercy of our government, the AMA and the pharmaceutical companies (all corporations) to bring us completely under their control. It is all about money and power. THEY DO NOT CARE if their products kill or disable, they just want the money.
Many years ago people died all the time from diseases that haven’t been seen in years. Even though they are seldom seen, due to the careful immunizations of the past, the doctors have been trained so diligently as to be obsessed and blinded to the very real dangers of the baby shots vs the “possible” benefit and more probable life-long side effects. Babies have not stopped developing at birth and way into the second year. Immunizations interfere with this physical development.
Homeopathy has all the immunizations you need for your children. Now you need to know there is a condition concerning this. To go to school, it is the law the children must be immunized. So, if you have had homeopathy for your children, unless you have a MD to back you up, you must sign a paper saying it is against your religion to give allopathic immunizations to your children.
Now, here is the paradox...we cannot PRAY in school, by law, BUT religion is the only authority to make it legal to NOT give allopathic immunizations to your children!!!
If you are reading this, you are interested in alternative remedies for your families. Even if one does not understand a lot, we are happy to explain. Go to google and write “homeopathy information” and you will find everything you wanted to know about homeopathy. Read: “Homeopathy, Medicine for the 21st Century” by Dana Ullman. And “The Science of Homeopathy” by George Vithouldas. These can be found on the net, cheaper for second-hand.
Chicken Pox vaccine was tested in a third world, poor, country. The US government promised health benefits. This "testing" killed many children while gov adjusted the formula!

Now, gov is giving it to our children. Mothers of these children are developing SHINGLES from their child's shot. Shingles is an adult outbreak from having had chicken pox as a child. No, it doesn't ALWAYS happen. The CP virus stays in the spinal cord and may pop out unexpectedly.

Shingles is a nerve endings outbreak that is extremely painfull, itching, bumps, rash, and raw sores. I had it, couldn't believe the pain. Takes weeks to heal, leaves small scars.

Chicken Pox is not a life-threatening children’s illness. It is itchy, feverish and if cared for well, the children recover with very little scaring. Measles are more severe. Watch fever more closely, give liquids and keep room dim because eyes are at risk. Several homeopathic remedies get children through it without much trouble. One difficulty of measles is that children need to have it (before school) so that later pregnant women are not exposed to it. May cause miscarriage or deformity of fetus.
Continue to learn and investigate. Too many antibiotics finally cause the body to become immune to them and no help is found for the infections, etc. There are people everywhere that have had various infections since infancy and as adults are afraid to go out into the world for fear of infection, knowing no antibiotics will work for them.
Antibiotics suppress the illness/infection, not really healing, but suppression. This means the infection shows it’s head again and again. Each time an antibiotic is given, there are some side effects. THEN one tries to treat the side effect, thinking it is another problem of the body, and so on. It is like a dog chasing it’s own tail.
(Quotes) My child has so many colds. My child has a cough that comes and goes and I can’t find out what to do about it. My doctor says my child’s cough is really asthma. There are numerous respiratory problems that children develop from time to time. This does not necessarily mean it is asthma! Doctors have been trained to “name” everything. They bring fear and uncertainty to young mothers who then learn to depend on them.
Homeopaths see It as a set of conditions in the body. Then we go to our books and compare remedies in this group of symptoms and choose one that most matches the set of conditions of that body. Even if we think we already know the remedy, we more than likely will still check the book.
Fever is the body’s effort to self-cure. The fever is burning out the infection. Do not give “over the counter” stuff to lower the fever. That’s all it does, no healing takes place. With homeopathy, the chosen remedy lowers the fever AS IT HEALS. Homeopathy does not interfere with the body’s natural processes.
“My child keeps having earaches,” but it is more than likely the SAME ONE, because the antibiotics suppressed it until it released again. What released it, who knows, but it is not as important as the fact that it had not healed in the first place.
Do not believe everything you see on TV. The government has a hand in everything the media says about news in the world. TV is negative hypnosis to the average person and especially the children!! Why do you think they demand so much more from the parents?
They have been controlled by the commercials to a fine pitch of desire for that product!! They have no concept of the limits of money. They MUST have it, no matter what!! TV has ruined the ethics of our children and confused their purpose in life and their natural understanding how things work that they were born with. They become like addicts.
Wake up! Take responsibility for yourself and your family. Don’t hand yourself or your family over to another person without any say so in the treatment. Ask questions. Do not foolishly demand a magic pill for everything. Do your OWN research! STOP being passive.
Actually, we are the blame for the activities of the AMA, the doctors and etc. We foolishly demand doctors hold our hands and promise our immediate recovery as if by magic. Years ago beginning around the 20s, we began to demand more and more as if we were not responsible for ourselves, but the doctors. So if things did not go well, it is the fault of the doctor.
When the first antibiotics were developed, the swing to the magic pills became so demanding by the childish public, the pharmaceutical ((corporations) saw this as a gold mine and got to work producing more and more for the demand. This is not to say that in the beginning it was wonderful to see children get well and childhood disease eradicated. But, by the 50s it became big business. Now there was research for every little thing.
What about the TV ad about what to take if one has to pee too often? Do you listen to the side effects? One is “do not take if you have a urinary infection” Well, DUH!! The probable reason for the problem in the first place!!
Have you ever read that long small text letter that now comes with your prescription? This is written by lawyers to protect the company that makes the pill, and the pharmacy that sells it to you, AND the doctor that prescribed it to you.
And, who is protecting your child, your family? YOU!

Vaccine under scrutiny after deaths.
Steven Morris 28.8.2000.
The safety of the meningitis immunisation program came under scrutiny yesterday when it emerged that 11 people have died following injections
Health officials insisted the deaths were not connected to the injection and maintained the program was completely safe but the handling of the issue was criticised.

Since the immunization program began last year, more than 16,000 "adverse reactions" to the vaccine have been reported to the medicines control agency.
A Department of Health spokeswoman said two of the 11 had heart conditions, two died of group B meningitis - for which there is no vaccine - and one of a convulsion 10 days after the injection. The six others died of cot death. (There is a video you can buy for $25 about B Meningitis)

She added that the number of adverse reactions - which can range from a minor headache to death - was not unusual for the scale of the Program, the first in Europe. Officials from the Meningitis Research Foundation and was Meningitis Trust said they were certain that immunisaion was saving lives.
The shadow health secretary, Liam Fox, said he was angry that no minister had come forward to quell public anxiety. "If the public suspects that the government is withholding information, there is a danger they will lose confidence in the program. The only way to dispel this is for a minister to say there is no basis for it. “

Instead they are hiding behind civil servants. That is stupid and cowardly. Ministers are paid to take responsibility." John Fletcher, of the vaccination campaign group, Justice Awareness Basic Support said- "They always say there is no problem. Parents need to have all the information so they can make a balanced so they can make a balanced judgement.

We have had many calls from parents whose children have suffered adverse reactions and believe the program was introduced too quickly. In effect, ordinary people are the guinea pigs. Re: Allopathic immunizations and antibiotics From
2004-12-05 CHARLES TAYLOR ------IN ATLANTA GEORGIA ---- major CA DAILY BULLETIN 7/11/1986

IN A NORTHEAST Atlanta warehouse, more that, 40 million doses of swine influenza vaccine, in cold storage since 1976, await a government decision for disposal.
The vials of vaccine, reminders of America's big' swine flu scare a decade ago, have not been checked for potency in the last two years and their eventual fate is unknown, said officials of the National Center for Disease Control.

Ten years ago, Federal Health Authorities launched an unprecedented national Campaign to vaccinate millions of Americans against an expected onslaught of a potent influenza strain they believed would strike 50 to 60 million US citizens.

Virologists said the virus. was the same, or closely related to, the flu agent that in 1918 killed 548,452 Americans and 21 million world wide in the greatest plague of modern times.
On October 1, 1976 after many delays, the $135 million federally funded inoculation program got under way at public clinics across the country.
The funds were sufficient to pay for 200 miIIion doses of Vaccine in history's first national effort to immunise an entire population against a major disease.

Ten weeks later on December 16, 1976 the CDC suspended the program after it received reports that some vaccine recipients contracted a type of paralysis known as Guillian-Barre syndrome . It was indefinitely called off as evidence mounted that the paralysis and the vaccine might be linked.
A total of 43 million Americans received inoculations but the expected swine flu epidemic never occurred. After initial cases among army recruits at Fort Dix, New Jersey, in February 1976, one of them fatal, only a handful of similar. infections were reported to the CDCs nationwide surveillance .system, proving once again the unpredictable nature of the flu virus.

The government, which had insured the vaccine manufacturers against damage suits, was 'faced :with millions of dollars in claims by individuals who said they became paralysed after being immunised with the vaccine. . So popular we were such lawsuits that a legal 'specialty ' developed around filing Guillian Barre claims aims against the US Govt. A Federal Judge awarded a Scranton Pennsylvanian , woman $3.9 million .

The CDC's heretofore spotless reputation as the world's premier health organisation the agency playing a leading role at that time in eradicating smallpox from the world was blemished. Federal immunisation programs, especially its flu vaccination efforts, were called into question. There were other repercussions. Dr David J. Sencer, Assistant Surgeon General and CDC director, who came under heavy fire for recommending the national immunisation program to then President Gerald Ford, resigned his post.
Spencer's colleagues, 10 years later, said the CDC director made the correct decision based on information available to him at the time. The fact that he got canned for it is political history, not scientific history,,, said Dr Donald Millar, who was coordinator of CDC's swine flu task force and is currently director of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.
Spencer after leaving CDC for worked for a drug firm until he became Commissioner of Public Health for New York city He now is with a private company,. Management Science for Health, in Boston.
Dr Alan' Hinman director of the a CDC's Immumisation Division, also said Spencer's decision for a national ,immunization program was correct

Millar said there are several scientific mysteries posed by the nation's swine flu. experience:' What happenned to the virus after its first appearance at Fort Dix, New Jersey? How did .the army . recruit who died, *Private David Lewis, contracted the virus?. And we never figured out what it was in that vaccine jug that made people get Guillain Barre., he said. UPI ............Passkey.

I know what was in the “jug.” Another “secret” 14 page government document about a bacteria/virus was put together with the United States, England and Canada in 1942. A pathogen was developed to control humanity. First tested with diseased mosquitos in Punta Gorda, Florida in 1950. (like West Nile today?) This was the first sign of Guillain Barre, Fibromyalgia, MS, Lupus, and other obscure illnesses that there was no medicine for. And still none. This is the extent of our governments’ desire to rule the world.....Sabra
  sabra on 2005-04-06
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Amen Sabra!

To further support what Sabra has shared with you several websites will bring even more truth to this light. I highly recommend checking them out. Your lives are in your own hands.

wwwdot redflagsweekly dotcom
wwwdot thememoryhole dotcom
wwwdot mercola dotcom

Namaste27 last decade
My question is not about vaccination but Aluminum utensil which is widely used in indo-pak. My homeopath says that his medicines do not work if there is aluminum in body. He says if you came to know the bad effects of aluminum you would not even touch it. He uses the homeopathic pendulum to detect the aluminum in body and antidote it. I request to explain the bad effects of Aluminum and its antidote (with potency) and also homeopathic pendulum if you don’t mind (Murthy call it gimmicks)
ma2005 last decade
I am unsure what the indo-pak is. I presume is is made of aluminum.

Aluminum pots and pans are known (30 years) to cause a confusion in the brain and a staggering gait. Very bad for the body.

The Fluoride used to paint children's teeth is a by-product of aluminum. MDieties had to find a use for it and it compared to the Fluoride found naturally.

It is going a little too far to say that it antidotes all remedies. Nothing antidotes ALL remedies.

Homeopathic Aluminum (remedy) would "reverse" the effects of the above.

I am very familiar with many activities over the years and have tried many to see the results.

There are so many variations of the human phyche, and so many belief systems, I do not discredit anything anymore as I have seen so much. Some things seem too far out to be believed, somewhat like homeopathy!!

AND, there are many gimmicks out there.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
No such thing as a homeopathic pendulum. A pendulum is a pendulum. One chooses what one likes to use.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
indo-pak means india and pakistan
ma2005 last decade
At one time the UK govt acknowledged the ill effects of Vaccination and had a compensation scheme for "Vaccine Damaged Children". This was administered by The Ministry of Health.
So although they recognised that vaccines could damage children they would not stop the process .
passkey last decade
MORE on vaccines From sabra

I am not trying to cause a "downer" for some already with conditions, I am trying to stop parents from ALLOWING allopathic vaccines for their infant children when there are homeopathic vaccines available. Blessings, Sabra


From the “Townsend Letter for doctors and patients,” (magazine) Feb/Mar 2004

An Indiana Physician, Dr W. B. Clarke stated that “Cancer Was Practically unknown until compulsory vaccination with cowpox vaccine began to be introduced. I have had to deal with two hundred cases of cancer and I never saw a case of cancer in an unvaccinated person.”(1) This strongly suggests that something about the process of vaccination injures the immune system, permitting cancer to get started.

An additional problem contributing to the development of cancer is now occurring. Sloppy isolation techniques have caused widespread viral contamination of the animals used to create vaccines. The Salk vaccine for polio contained 40 viruses that were never able to be eradicated. (2) This vaccine contained SV40 virus known to cause malignancies. SV40 has been identified in 43% of cases of non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, 36.5 % of brain tumors, mesotheliomas and other malignancies.

The Salk vaccine had been given to more than 10,000,000 persons when this discovery was made. Yellow fever vaccine has been found to contain avian (bird) leukemia virus.(3)

Administration of vaccines is not a natural phenomena. The Arthur Research Foundation in Tucson, Arizona estimates that up to 60% of IRREPLACEABLE IMMATURE IMMUNE CELLS from the THYMUS GLAND are EXHAUSTED by the mass immunization programs now given to USA and the world's CHILDREN. The development of natural immunity from disease only uses up 10% of these vital immune cells. Perhaps the loss of these critical immune cells is the reason for Dr. Clarke’s observation that only vaccinated persons develop cancer.

James A. Howenstine, MD
c/o Remarsa USA SB 37
PO Box 25292
Miami, Florida 33102-5292 USA


1. Mullins Eustace, “Murder by Injection,” pg 132. The National Councel for Medical Research,
PO Box 1105, Staunton, Virginia 24401
2. Horowitz, Leonard G. “Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola,” pg 484
3. Harris RJ et al. “Contaminant viruses in two live vaccines produced in chick cells.” J hyg (London) 1966 Mar: 64:1-7
sabra last decade
Remember: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Compleat Mother Magazine http://www.CompleatMother.com/
A Baby is Born http://www.universalway.org/ababyisborn.html
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Other resources can be found at http://www.PEACEFULBEGINNINGS.cjb.net, http://www.mothersagainstcirc.org,
http://www.circumcision.org (Dr. Ronald Goldman's website),
http://www.DOCTORSOPPOSINGCIRCUMCISION.org, and http://www.Nurses.cirp.org.
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
This one of the more enlightening posts I have come across in sometime.Thanks for such great sharing of knowledge.
Nishchay Sinha
nksinha last decade
Also for the autism links,I just happened to hear a radio show of a reputed autism expert who was voicing her concerns about such immunizations in no uncertain terms.It behovves us to look at this issue more critically than ever.Keep this beautiful and enlightening thread going.
Nishchay Sinha
nksinha last decade

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