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Aluminum Metallicum

Aluminium Metallicum, Aluminium, Aluminum Metallicum, Alu-met.

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HPUS indication of Aluminum Metallicum: Weakness

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Materia medica entries of other remedies mentioning Aluminum Metallicum

FRA > general

Alum > general
Argilla. Oxide of Aluminium. Pure Clay. AL2 O3 3H2O. Trituration.

Alum > appendix
Chemically prepared pure Aluminium oxide O3 Preparation, Triturate with sacch. lactis.

Alum > general
Boenninghausen cured a case with Aluminium.

Carl > general
Carlsbad water is a very complicated solution containing the sulphite, bicarbonate and chloride of sodium in preponderating quantity, with carbonates, sulphates, phosphates, fluoride and oxides of Calcium, Magnesium, Strontium, Ferrum, Manganum, Potassium, Aluminium, Silicon, and Carbon, with traces of iodide and bromide of sodium, of Caesium, Rubidium, Lithium, and Boracic oxide. Its chief fame has been gained by its action on the liver, and in the treatment of obesity and diabetes. Its action has been observed on some healthy persons, but the bulk of the symptoms, many of which are strikingly peculiar, have been obtained from patients under treatment. They are, however, sufficiently characteristic and have furnished the indications for many homoeopathic cures. Most prominent are the following Sensation of prostration.

Tita > general
and in other respects it is closely related to Iron, Chromium, and Aluminium. The crystals proved by Sharp (who took gr. ii. of the 1st trit. daily for a week) were originally believed to be the pure metal, but were proved later to be the cyanonitrid. One symptom of the proving is remarkable "Imperfect vision, the peculiarity being that half an object only could be seen." Another symptom, which Burnett has turned to good account in cases of sexual weakness, is "Too, early ejaculation of semen in coitus.".

Alum > relationships
Compare Aluminium (which has been used on indications taken from the proving of Alumina).

Alumn > relationships
Antidote to Lead poisoning; calomel and other mercurials; Aloe (vomiting blood). Similar to Alumina, Aluminium; Alo. (rectum); Caps. (long uvula); Fer. (relaxed abdominal walls, prolapsed uterus); Kali bi. (stringy discharges); Merc. (prolapsed uterus, vagina, rectum; tenesmus); Merc. cor., Mur. ac., Nit. ac., Nux v., Op., Plat. (lead poisoning); Plumb., Rhatan., Stan., Sul., Sul. ac., Zinc (eyes). Causation.