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, Sacch.
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HPUS indication of Saccharinum: Indifference

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Materia medica entries of other remedies mentioning Saccharinum

Blat > general
The great American cockroach, probably Kakerlac insignis. N. O. Orthoptera. Trituration of live insect with sacch. lact.

Alum > appendix
Chemically prepared pure Aluminium oxide O3 Preparation, Triturate with sacch. lactis.

Crot-c > appendix
Preparation, Trituration of the virus with sacch. lactis.

Chin-s > general
a little exercise = sweat from least exertion. Head gradually breaks into sweat when perfectly quiet. Chi. sul. is one of the medicines which have the "sinking sensation." Tyrrell had a patient in whom in any potency it caused her to become "deathly sick and faint, thought she would die, could not raise her head, felt she would sink through the bed." Sacch. alb. produced in her the same symptoms, and she accused the doctor of having given her Quinine. (Arsen. has "sinking sensation," "as if bed had gone from under her and she had alighted on the floor." Bell., Dulc., Rhus, Lach., have "sinking through the bed.") Palpitation. Touch agg.

Lac-d > relationships
Compare Lac can., Lac coag., Lact. ac., Sacch. lac., Vaccin. (a cow nosode); Nat. m. (diabetes, headache, constipation, heart); Coccul. (menstrual sick-headaches); Cact. (heart; but Lac d. has not the "grasp" of Cact.); Nux m. (head heavy, tends to fall to left)

Sacc > relationships
Compare Sacch. l. In rickets, acidity, fat children, Calc. Craving for sweets, Arg. n., Sul. Rickets, Sil. Diabetes; swelled ankles, Arg. n. Kidney-ache, Santal. Causation.

Anthro-o > relationships
Compare Cepa, Arsen., Naphthal., Sabad., Psorin.; and its botanical allies, Ananth., Avena, Arundo, Lolium, and Sacch. off.

Sol > fever and chill
Perspiration streaming out of stomach-pit over whole body (from the crude saturated sacch. lact., in one of Fincke's provers). sleep

Ham > general
gave Sacch. lac., and the haemorrhage ceased in a few hours,.

Lyc > general
(Nos. 1 to 8, from Hahnemann, Chr. K-n.) 1, Hahnemann; 2, v. Gersdorff; 3, Goullon; 4, Hartlaub; 5, Rummel; 6, Schreter; 7, Wahle; 8, Rückert; 9, Dr. J. J. Schelling, A. H. Z., 25, 357, proving with 19th dil., taken twice at intervals of four days (doubtful symptoms in brackets); 9a, same, second proving with same; 9b, same, proving with 23d dil.; 9c, same, A. H. Z., 82, 121, proving with 8th dil., one dose; 9d, same, proving with 20th dil.; three doses in one forenoon; 9e, same, 20th dil., 3 drops a day; 9f, same, repeated doses; 9g, same, proving with 24th dil.; 9h, same, took Lyc., a year after last proving, for itching on scrotum and turbid urine; 9i, same, subsequently, in good health, took 200th dil. (Jenichen); 10, Dr. Segin, Hygea, 19, p. 11, took 2 drops of 18th dil. every morning; 10a, same, proving with 30th, and afterwards with repeated doses of 18th dil.; 10b, same, took 3d trit., no symptoms for two days, then 30th dil. daily for five days; 10c, same, seven years after, took 1st dil., 10 drops after breakfast; 10d, same, ten days later, took 10 drops of tincture; 10e, same, took 1 drop of the oily residue from evaporated tincture; 10f, same, took 50 drops of 3d dil. in the morning, fasting; 11, Dr. Genzke, Hygea, 22, p. 446, took 3d dec. trit., 2 grains morning and evening, increasing 1 grain a day to 14 grains; 11a, same, proving with 20 drops of tincture (first day), 28 drops (second day), 40 drops (third day), 54 drops (fourth day), 76 drops (fifth day), 100 drops in two doses (eighth day), 130 drops in two doses (ninth day), 160 drops in two doses (tenth day); 11b, same subsequently took large doses, 300 drops (first day), 400 drops (second day), 500 drops (third day), the dose of each day taken in four parts at morning, 10 A.M., 6 P.M., and before retiring at night; 12, from last, Rusch, 24 years old, took 3d trit. daily for twelve days, beginning with 2 grains and increasing 1 grain each day; (Nos. 13 to 23, from Martin's provings, Vierteljahr-schrift für Hom., 10, p. 52); 13, Blaufuss, took one dose of 1 grain crude (first day), two doses (second day); 13a, same, took 1 grain of 1st trit.; 14, Graefe, took 1 grain crude (first day), two doses, each 1 grain (second day); 15, Gunther, took 1st trit. (first, second, and third days); 16, Hilpert, took 1 grain crude twice (first day), 1 grain (third and fourth days); 16a, same, took 1st trit. (first, second, third, and fourth days); 17, Horn, took 1 grain crude (first day), 2 grains (second day); 17a, same, subsequently took 1st trit. (first and second days); 18, Kuntzmann, took 1 grain pure (first, second, and third days), also a dose of 1st trit. on third and fourth days; 18a, same, took susbsequently 4 grains pure twice in one day; 19, Dr. Martin, took 1 grain triturated with 4 grains of Sacch. lac., afterwards repeated on two successive days; 19a, same, took 1st trit.; 19b, same, took 4 grains crude; 19c, same as last, repeated; 20, Oehler, took 1 grain (first day), 2 grains (second day); 20a, same, took 1st trit. three days in succession immediately after last proving; 20b, same, subsequently took a dose of 1st trit.; 20c, same as last, dose repeated third and fifth days; 21, Reichmann, took 1 grain, repeated after several days; 21a, same, subsequent dose of 1 grain; 22, Vulpius, took repeated doses of crude drug, 1 to 3 grains; 22a, same, 1st trit. on first, second, and fourth days; 22b, same, subsequent proving, repeated doses of 4 grains crude; 23, Werther, took 1st trit. (first, second, and third days); (Nos. 24 to 33, Dr. Huber's provings, Zeit. d. ver. hom. Aerste Oest., 1857, 1, p. 333); 24, Dr. Huber, took 5 grains of 5th trit. morning and evening for eight days; 25, Elizabeth Huber, 24 years old, took same; 26, O. Huber, aged 1 year, took 2 grains of 5th trit. morning and evening for five days; 27, Theresa Herold, maid, 15 years old, took same as Dr. Huber; 28, Maria Weber, aged 23, took same; 29, Emil Koller, took 6th dec. trit., 20 grains (first and second days), 30 grains (third day), 60 grains (fourth day), 90 grains (fifth day), 5th dec. trit., 60 grains (sixth and seventh days), 90 grains (eighth and ninth days), 4th dec. Trit., 90 grains (tenth, eleventh, twelfth, and thirteenth days), 3d dec. trit., 90 grains (fourteenth, sixteenth, seventeenth, eighteenth, and twentieth days), 2d dec. trit., 90 grains (twenty-first to twenty-sixth day), 1st dec. trit., 90 grains (twenty-eighth to thirty-first day); 30, Johann Huber, aged 33, took 6th dec. trit., 20 grains (first, second, fifth, sixth, and seventh days), 5th trit., 30 grains (eighth, ninth, and tenth days), 4th trit., 30 grains (eleventh and twelfth days), 60 grains (thirteenth and fourteenth days), 3d trit., 60 grains (fifteenth to nineteenth day), 2d trit. (twenty-first to twenty-fifth day), 1st trit., 60 grains (twenty-sixth, twenty-seventh, twenty-ninth, thirtieth, thirty-first, and thirty-second days); 31, Dr. Koller's daughter, 6 years old, took 15 grains of 6th trit. (first, second, third, and fourth days), 12 grains of 5th trit. (fifth, sixth, and seventh days), 20 grains of 4th trit. (eighth, ninth, eleventh, thirteenth, and eighteenth days), 20 grains of 3d trit. (twentieth, twenty-second, twenty-fifth, and twenty-sixth days), 20 grains of 2d trit. (twenty-eighth, thirtieth, thirty-third, and thirty-fifth days), 20 grains of 1st trit. (thirty-sixth, thirty-seventh, thirty-ninth, and fortieth days); 32, Kathrina Herzig, aged 16, took dilutions from 30th to 1st, in various doses and at various intervals, with only one effect; 32a, same, afterwards took triturations, 60 grains of 6th (first day), 20 grains (second and third days), 60 grains of 5th (fourth, fifth, seventh, and eighth days), 60 grains of 4th (ninth day); 33, Theresa Pell, aged 17 (had never menstruated), took 60 grains of 6th dec. trit. (first, second, third, and sixth days), 60 grains of 5th trit. (seventh, ninth, and tenth days); 34, Dr. Baumgartner, Zeit. d. ver. hom. Aerzte Oest., 1862, 1, p. 166, took one dose of 100 drops of 30th dil.; 34a, same, took like dose of 24th dil.; 34b, same, two similar doses of 18th dil., with interval of a week; 34c, same, took 100 drops of 15th dil. (first and second days), of 12th dil. (fourth day), of 9th dil. (sixth and seventh days), of 6th dil. (ninth and tenth days, of 3d dil. (thirteenth day), of 2d dil. (fourteenth day), of 1st dil. (fifteenth day), 10 drops of tincture (sixteenth day), 30 drops of tincture (seventeenth day), 100 drops of tincture (eighteenth and twentieth days), 1 1/2 ounces of tincture (twenty-fourth day); 34d, same, subsequently took 5 grains of 1st trit. morning and evening for twenty-nine days; 35, Dr. Robinson, Br. J. of Hom., 24, 515, proving in a young woman, glob. 1/1000 (1000th dil.) (Epps), in 8 ounces of water, a teaspoonful every third morning; 36, same, proving in a middle-aged woman, gtt. 1/18 (18th dil.), three times a day; 37, same, proving in a middle-aged man, gtt. 1/12 (12th dil.), three times a day; 38, Dr. Berridge, N. Am. J. of Hom., N. S., 1871, p. 71, a "patient" took one dose of cm Fincke (expunged, T. F. A.); 39, Berridge, a man took in water 200th dil., repeated doses (first and second days), on third and fifth days 30th dil., 40, same, proving in same man with 5000th (Jenichen), one dose; 41 and 42, same, in patients (expunged, T. F. A.); 43, Berridge, N. Am. J. of Hom., 1873, p. 500, a man took a dose of 6000th (Jenichen), repeated twice with same result; 44, Berridge, N. Am. J. of Hom., July, 1874, p. 296, effect of a high potency on self in health; 45, Berridge, N. E. Med. Gaz., September, 1874, p. 401, effect of 5m (Jenichen), repeated for twelve days.