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What after Stramonium - ADHD & Celiac

My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD when she was 6 yrs old and later with Celiac (can not digest gluten, a wheat and barley protein). My daughter is now 10 and still struggles in school. We have spent a few years working with homeopathy and still can not find anything that will help my daughter in school (130 IQ but grades that are not good). She has received tutoring, aid in school, takes a lot of supplements etc. but still has trouble focusing and can be quite impulsive. She has taken Hyoscamus, Cina (twice) Stramonium (a few times)and inbetween took some Thuya for warts and aresenicum album. The Cina and Stramonium both showed some improvements in some area but both resulted in very similiar symptoms (which I find quite interesting). They are as follows: extremely fearful (can not go to bed at night alone), emotional roller coaster - weepy, itchy all over, dry/scratchy cough, gassy, drinking orange juice, ankle hurting, and complaining that she was not her self and that her mind felt dull (her words).

Can you please recommend considerations for the next remedy.
Any assistance would be most appreciated. Thank you.
  l471530 on 2004-03-16
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I am new to this forum. Is there a reason I am not getting any replies? Do I need to provide additional information? Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you.
l471530 last decade
dear mother, try crystal healing. this adjusts the energy of your child and will help clear the problem that caused her to be like this.
Therese last decade
in what area did cina -stram help?
you need to talk more about her fears , cravings, likes and dislikes her mood swings what upsets her, is she a angry child, bites..
i need more info
healyourlife last decade
heal yourself and you heal your children
healyourlife last decade
Celiac's disease may also be associated with casein sensitivity. Casein is the protein in cow's milk. Removing dairy may help. I would have your daughter tested before changing her diet further as dairy is a major food group. I have used the Enterolab. Search for Dr. Kenneth Fine and enterolab on the web. Good Luck. You can read more on the subject there.
hartleydmd last decade
Very Important information...has your daughter ever had a serious fall, or concussion? Just a note, but celiac disease often runs in families of Irish descent.

How does the diarrhea look, smell?
museon last decade
Dear mother, have you ever considered Medorrhinum for your child?
I recommend you to read Paul Herscus book "Homeopathic treatment of children" and you got a very good picture of this remedy.
This remedy is very deep acting and should be used by an experiensed homeopath only.
Good luck to you!
Monessa last decade
in addition to homeopathy try supplements (of good quality fish oil) of omega 3 oils.
an experienced homeopath would be good for treatment and may consider whether these problems started around times of childhood vaccinations?
erika last decade
Any time she walks with you or goes with you, does she wander around?
kuldeep last decade
Well, my daughter takes cod liver oil and has done so for over 3 years. We have also gone to visit Dr Herscu who gave her Veratrum Album and after 4 months we noticed one significant change -- she got a growth of some sort in her private area which lasted 4 days. In terms of cognitive ability etc. no change noticed. Her fears continued. She also took Med. when she first started on homeopathy. Just recently she was given Baryta Arsencum and it has had the greatest results in terms of cognitive abilities. It was going great for 2 months and now we see her impulsivity is greater and she feels she can not control her quick responses and attitude. She is very inflexible in dealing with people and situations. If she is told NO for ANY reason (as trivial as one can imagine) it sets her off and she gets very angry and irrate.
l471530 last decade
i couldn't help but respond. my son was labeled adhd a year ago. we have been using homeopathy and have seen him grow and change finally becoming more "normal"

he has taken many of the remedies you mentioned. some gave improvement, others did nothing. seemed like he was going in a circle for many months until (after talking with a naturapath from my local health food store)i gave him a remedy my homeopath and i had discussed awhile back.

we saw much improvement after that and he is now taking what we feel is his constitutional remedy.

bottom line, homeopathy will work but it's not always easy or clear as to what remedy will do it!

it's sometimes hard to see things clearly as the parent-being so close. i reviewed my notes which i have kept since the beginning and realized that we (me and homeopath) never really looked at the depression my son has suffered from for many years. guess i always thought of it as anxiety. we gave aur. met. and many of the problems he was experiencing pretty much went away!

my point in this novel is to maybe go back and re think what you see in your daughter. what i thought was anxiety was actually depression and despair. this led to the correct remedy and a cure.

i do hope you find it. keep looking and post back. i'm not a homeopath but i can support!
kppy3 last decade
I have Celiac and ADD (depression, anxiety, on and on...) and one thing that has really helped me is Ionic Magnesium I got at the health food store. Mine is in liquid form. Also, the superfoods, blue-green algae, dulse, kelp all have helped a lot in getting the missing nutrients back and they are high in B vit. and calm and restore the brain and nerveous system.

-Lisa B.
LisaB last decade
Dear Mother,

I see you posted your question approximately two years ago. I hope you have since found information that has helped your daughter. If not, might I suggest a book that has opened up amazing possibilities? The name is
BRAIN ALLERGIES, written by William H. Philpott and Dwight K. Kalita. It thoroughly discusses the possibilities allergies (anything from food to chemicals to smells)play in causing mental distresses. Dr. Philpott has come to the conclusion in his research that at least 75% of all schizophrenic episodes are caused by allergic reactions alone. He has been able to put people into schizophrenia, mental dillusions, hyperactivity etc. in minutes by addministering the allergy, and pull them out in minutes by administering the antedote. It is definitely worth checking out. It is possible your child does not completely respond to the homeopathic treatments due to the fact she is being influenced by a common allergy that is constantly nearby. I hope this information has some use for you or anyone else reading this forum.

deseret last decade
Dear Mother,
I am 41 years old with celiac and have many of the same symptoms as your young daughter. After many doctors' misdiagnosis I finally went to a naturopath who helped me with some of the same remedies that are mentioned in this thread with some great results. When out of the blue my neurologist of all people calls me after a visit from 4 months previous and tells me that I am deficient in Thiamine (Vitamin B1) and Vitamin B12. These are extremely important for brain function. I immediately started these vitamins and the difference in brain function is night and day. I'm calm, able to cope with daily life, able to sleep properly, my memory problems are gone. I no longer get that horrible sense that I am about to lose my mind. It was quite serious and scary there for a while. Sorry so long but this is important. There is much information on the net about theses vitamins. One can be quite deficient in Vit. B despite a normal test result. Also, these vitamins only work properly in ratio with other vitamins such as magnesium and zinc, so please consult a naturopath for proper testing and treatment. This changed my life. I hope this helps.
Warmly Laila
Laila W last decade
I forgot all about this post until I found it via a google search.

My daughter is no longer on a celiac diet...they are now saying she was diagnosed in error (after 2 years of being on the diet). The diet taught us a lot and I can only be thankful for the lessons learned and that she does not have to be restricted. My daughter is doing okay. She still has some issues that we would like to work out. The first is her memory. My daughter received tests which revealed she is in high ranges for most areas (87 % to 97%) but that her short term memory goes down to 56% and her long term memory down to 13%. We are finding that she is doing well in school with day to day learnings but when it came to mid-terms -- let's say it wasn't pretty. She had an A+ in English and got in the 60's on the mid-term...46% on Latin and it goes on...
If she had a different personality she may be able to compensate for her poor memory but she continues to have them personality that says...I don't need your help and I know what I am doing...or that doesn't work for me (easy way out). She likes rountine and still likes to be in control as much as possible. I am thinking about trying Nux Vomica -- it seems to have a strong component of weak memory. Does anyone have any experience with this remedy and ADD with weak memory.

By the way, when I say the easy way out -- I really don't think it's intentional but that she is drained mentally and to learn to do something a new way is too hard for her to imagine. She requires a lot (I mean a lot) of down time. She can't have too much on her plate or it overwhelms her.

Thanks everyone!
l471530 last decade
I forgot to answer the question about my daughter falling. When she was 2 1/2 yrs old, my mother in law was watching her and she fell into a glass table top. She hit her (I think it was the left side of her forehead. She had a bump which came out at least 3 inches, both her eyes turned black and blue and her nose was yellow and swollen. Since I was at work I can't describe any of her reactions to the fall and can't be certain there was no concussion.
l471530 last decade
Then your next step, may be Arnica. This covers most of the symptoms you mention above, and the effects of such injuries can remain for years until the remedy is given. As an example I once had a case of a lady with agoraphobia which had begun shortly after a fall, some 8 years previous. One dose of Arnica 1M, and she was cured within a week.
Mr Organon last decade
I have been doing some research while I am waiting to receive both 200C and 1M of Arnica. I did want to bring you attention to this post blank">http://www.bjainbooks.com/articaljune2.asp
which discusses the use of Nat Sulph. I had been researching Nat Sulph which looks like it may have some similiarities to my daughter and now I am wondering what one should be used. Can you advise and/or compare the two?

Thank you.
l471530 last decade
Can someone help me to determine arnica or nat sulph for my daughter. Thank you very much for your help.
l471530 last decade
My daughter has taken arnica 30C and it has now been over one month and I am not noticing any real changes. Can you advise?
l471530 last decade
Here I am again. I'd like to give you an update and also look for additional advise.

My daughter has been going along and although she still was struggling in school things were looking a little better. We did notice that she seemed still introverted and did not do alot socially with friends but was trying a little more. Then in summer of 2008 my daughter is at a festival with some friends and feels light headed and sits down. When she gets up she passes right out and falls...she breaks her nose and gets rushed to an emergency room...no mom or dad there with her. After this experience she has passed out several more times and is told by her doctor that it is due to her low blood pressure and should take more salt. She continues to feel light headed and gets more scared to go out because she is afraid it will happen to her. She's at tennis practice at it happens. She goes to back to school and it happens there too. Now she has periodic episodes where she can't go to school because she is afraid she will pass out. We think we get through it a little and she goes back to school. Now in late March early April 2009 she passes out while she is sitting in class. This puts her in a panic and she has not been to school for 3 days and now is on break. She is telling me that she feels quite depressed and can't help her thoughts. She wants to end her life so she doesn't have to feel this way but says she won't because she doesn't like pain. I am trying to get a therapist to work with her but they are all booked for months out. All she does it watch T.V. and it is so difficult to get her to want to do anything. Even go to dinner, out to the mall or anything. I gave her the following remedies.

April - Calc Carbonica (30c) and Gelesium (12c)

And 5 days ago Veratrum Album

She seems a little better but still just wants to watch T.V. She says it helps her not to have any thoughts. She also feels better when lying down which she's been doing a lot lately.

Any help would be appreciated.
l471530 last decade
Dear Mom,

I sincerely hope your daughter is feeling better. It has been a while since your last post and I hope she is not still experiencing such severe symptoms.
I have been taking homeopathy now for 7 years and have been using Veratrum Album for my menstrual problems, with which it has been very helpful. My homeopath has sometimes said to me that I have 'underdosed' when I continue in a veratrum state. Sometimes we tend to not take enough in fear of taking too much. Obviously, it is best to consult your homeopath for dosing strength.
I do not pretend to be a homeopath myself, but your daughter definitely sounds like she was experiencing Veratrum indicators: faintness, prostration, depression, better while lying down, and thoughts of suicide. It is possible that she just needed a stronger dose of Veratrum (like a 200C or 1M) to get her out of that state. Veratrum is also a good remedy to use after fright and for anxiety.
The other posts made by previous people had some good suggestions too. arnica is indicated with the previous and recent head injury and would help with the general shock. It is a very helpful remedy with any physical injury, but less frequent higher doses are best with arnica to treat the acute injury. Also, Bach's Rescue remedy is extremely helpful for anxiety or emotional upset (10 drops per 8 0z. water or 4 drops under the tongue).
I don't pretend to have all the answers, but I just wanted to reach out and offer some help as a fellow veratrum based on my own experience. I can empathize with her fear of collapsing in public places; what an awful feeling for a young girl. It sounds like you are a caring and concerned mom. Warm hugs to you both and I hope that she is feeling better.
veratrum album last decade

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