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Chronic Keratoconjunctivitis, need help

My 6 yr. old son has been suffering from Chronic Keratoconjunctivitis, Chronic Sinusitis and Allergic Rhinitis for the past 2 year.
After trying out all the antibiotics, ophthalmic corticosteroids, anti-histamines, nasal drops, we've decided to use homeopathy. The traditional medicine is obviously helpless. Can homeopathy cure that kind of chronic disease?
The ocular symptoms are mainly:
Usualy first in one of the eyes, then in short time in the both eyes.
Symptoms develop (proceed) slowly, worst in the morning after аwake.
Eye pain
Eye redness
Eye swollen and cloudy
Sensitivity to light - severe photophobia
Increased or excessive tearing
Eye burning
Foreign body sensation
Eye pressure (from inside to outside)
Corneal scarring
White patch on the cornea
Corneal ulcer with stromal infiltrate
Impaired vision
Fluorescein stain of the cornea is positive
Insignificant facial swelling
In later stages, there is extensive peripheral corneal vascularization.
WITHOUT mucopurulent or purulent discharge and WITHOUT eyelid stickiness in the morning.
Serum IgE usually is elevated during exacerbation.
Eye culture was made. The First isolates was :
Haemophilus influenzae, Streptococcus pneumoniae; Acinetobacter sp.; Neisseria sp.;
Suspected agents was also:
Herpesvirus 1; Adenovirus
Then after nearly year of antibiotical and corticosteroidal treatment, the only isolate is: Staphylococcus aureus.
Now two years later the isolate is the same.
According to ophthalmologist this is a Keratoconjunctivitis due to non- specific delayed hypersensitivity reaction mostly to Staphylococcus aureus and its toxins (toxo-allergic reaction).
Microbiological samples from nose shows - Staphylococcus aureus, sometimes else. Nose symptoms are:
Nasal obstruction (worst in the morning)
Nasal discharge - Copious mucupurulent discharge - yellowish-white or
white scum like, (during the day)
rarely yellowish-green
Frequent sneezing
Maxillary and ethmoidal sinusitis has been diagnosed.
Microbiological sample - Staphylococcus aureus (during exacerbation), sometimes different species of Streptococcus. Throat symptoms are:
Chronic sore throat
Often unproductive cough, sometimes wet with expectoration
Sometimes fetid breath
Enlarged adenoids (with the tonsils)
Obstructive breathing
Breathing through the mouth (almost all the time)
Exacerbation of asthma (twice)
The boy is a tough kind of kid, wilful with strong character. Gets excited or angry very easy. But sometimes he is sensitive and impressive, even shy.
Sometimes fever
Teeth grinding during sleep
Discomfort and headache
Paleness of the face
Lack of appetite
Enuresis (during sleep) – rarely
He has an Allergy to:
Dust mites
I will be grateful for any kind of advices, recommendation and suggestion.
Best regards,
Daisy Garden

  DaisyGarden on 2004-03-17
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
The symptoms of the eye and the nose are all due to Allergy. All the symptoms can be alleviated with Homeopathy. Sinusitis can be cleared and Allergic Rhinitis can be controlled and further changes in the eye can be stopped and thereby no secondary infection. Please reply to the following queries on the forum so that a remedy can be suggested.

Is this problem more in any particular season?
Is the eye pain or redness more on exposure to dust, smoke, cold, going out in the heat of the sun etc.?
Also about the nose? Do the above factors aggravate?
How is his appetite, thirst, urination, bowel movement, perspiration, sleep etc.?
Any other illness since birth for which he needed medication?
Any similar problems in the family?

As of now what is his main problem, the symptoms of the eye or nose?

I am sure Homeopathy will be of help to your son.

Dr.Venugopal Gouri
Consultant Homeopath
drvenugopal last decade
Hi there!
Here you are more symptoms:
During eye symptoms - lack of appetite. Otherwise, eats almost everything, but he isn’t gluttonous. Prefer meat, eggs, milk products, sweet - sour foods. Likes fresh fruits and vegetables - tomatoes the most, carrots, cucumber, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, sour apples, lemons, bread and cakes, butter, honey. Loves corns and nuts - hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, peanuts.
When thirsty prefer water.
Drinks enough liquids (in normal amounts I think) - water, fresh juice, tea.
Urination is normal (not too frequent, not too rare), urine - pure, yellow, or light yellow in color.
Regular movement of the bowels.
Sometimes severe cramps in the intestinal, especially
in the evening or night. He wakes up crying from pain.
Loose stools, sometimes diarrhoea.
Normal (during active movement - plentiful) sometimes with bad smell, rarely during sleep.
Loud snoring during sleep.
Sleeps mostly lying on the back with bend legs.
Powerful teeth grinding during sleep.
Sometimes sleep-walking.
Frequent yawning.
Uneasy sleep. Nervous.
A lot of dreams.
Usually wakes up very early in the morning.
Fear of dark.
Does not like to sleep much.
There is no one in the family with similar problems. His father has a mild form of allergy to humidity, dust mites and pollens.
The MAIN PROBLEM is the symptoms of the eyes, because of their severity and the corneal scarring (white patch on the cornea) - leading to impaired vision.
Dust, smoke, cold, sun etc. have no influence to eyes. Wet cold or wet hot air
aggravate nose symptoms.
The problem isn’t more in any particular season. THE EYE SYMPTOMS APPEARS WHEN NOSE IS BLOCKED AND MUCUPURULENT (yellowish-white) DISCHARGE IS PRESENT. Worst in wet weather.
Sometimes he has limpid, clear nasal discharge, but eyes do not get involved. He takes cold very easily.

Any other illness -
He was infected with Staphylococcus aureus in the maternity hospital. He was treated with antibiotics for several months, after that he showed improvement. He was healthy for the next 3 years. When he was 4 years old, he had mild intolerance to light. Then he got flu or something. His condition was very complicated. An antibiotic was prescribed. Until he finishes with the treatment his eyes was red, cloudy and nearly closed, with sever photophobia and lacrimation. Then we began with local antibiotic and corticosteroid therapy (to the eyes). Corticosteroid treatment shows fast improvement, but for short time.
Last summer (for two months, when weather was dry and hot) he was almost healthy. With clean nose and eyes. But then he got flu...in short time exacerbation of sinusitis and the eyes was red again.
For the past 1 year he was seriously ill from:
Bronchitis- twice (antibiotic).
Exacerbation of asthma –twice (ventolin, antihistamines).
Severe influenza - three times
Scarlatina - 9th December last year /for his birthday/ (antibiotic - Azithromycin, after that the eyes was OK for the next 2 months)
Pneumonia (two antibiotics) - 4th February this year, since then the eyes are red and cloudy. Now he is on corticosteroid eye-drops again.
Adenoidectomy, and new antibiotic was suggested this days, plus new steroid for the nose.
I don’t know what to do next.

Best regards
Daisy Garden

daisygarden last decade
Ms.Daisy Garden,
I am sure HOmeopathy would be of help to your son in getting rid of those complaints.
Give him

NUX VOMICA 30 three doses a day for a week followed by
SULPHUR 30 a dose at bedtime for a week and report the progress.
Also meanwhile if you feel there are any other symptoms you can get back to the forum.

Dr.Venugopal Gouri
Consultant Homeopath
drvenugopal last decade
I am a 49 year old woman with the same problems as mentioned here. I am very simple and will speak simple. For the past four weeks my symptoms have been chronic sore throat. Then my eyes were gummed shut in the morning. I was treated with antibiotics and steroids being told it was seasonal allergies and it will get better. Now the sore throat is back and my eyes are always burning, red, tearing, I have a hard time being able to see. The sore throat is very sore. Worse first thing in the morning. Went to see an ENT and he said "acid reflux". I don't think so. Can you help me? I am to go on vacation in three days and don't want my trip ruined. I have ended up in the ER once because the throat was so sore I couldn't swallow. Thank you.
Margaret Harper Margaretnsage
margaretnsage last decade
Do you have any nasal catarrh/ Nasal discharge, nasal blocking, sneezings, mucus falling from the nose into the throat?
Any cough?
Sore throat you have said is more of irritation or difficulty in swallowing?
Is it worse on any particular side of the throat?
Started after intake of cold things?
About the eyes- watering of the eyes? sticking of the eyes? pain in the eyes? Better by warm or cold applications?
Has this been a recurrent problem or only what you have had on change of season?
Depending on more symptoms a proper remedy can be arrived at.
Dr.Venugopal Gouri.
drvenugopal last decade
I'm so glad to get an answer! Yes, I have some discharge, when I blow it is mostly blood and clear, not green or yellow. I know some of this is going down the back of my throat, but it shouldn't burn this bad, should it? I mean it is fire!!
I cough first thing in the morning. Sometimes it feels like I have to cough to move some plegm but nothing happens. The sore throat makes it difficult to swallow. It is a little worse on the right side, but both sides hurt. It didn't start after drinking something cold. I woke up one morning with it and it never went away. The eyes are very irritated. Swollen now, red, they stick first thing in the morning. I have problems with focusing because they feel sticky. No pain per say. Warm applications feel better and I rest with warm washcloth after work. This has NEVER happened to me before. I have never had allergies. This could very well be allergy related, and I could accept it, but my husband has terrible allergies and his throat isn't sore. I feel like I am walking around with strep throat.
I want to thank you so much for being there for me. I appreciate any help you can give me.
I do not like the steroids they gave me to take and fear what they have done to my system. This is the first set of antibiotics I have ever taken, and I didn't like them either!! So if you can help me, I will be so indebted to you.
Margaret Harper margaretnsage
margaretnsage last decade
MERCURIUS 30 four doses a day for five days along with EUPHRASIA mother tincture, ten drops in a cup of water, morning and bedtime should be of help to you.

Dr.Venugopal Gouri.
drvenugopal last decade
Thank you so very much. Now I can look foreward to having a healthy trip! Margaret Harper
margaretnsage last decade
Hi My son is 8 years old and in July this year he started to complain that his eyes were itching. I assumed it was hayfever and started to treat it with piriton. One morning he experienced a severe nose bleed, congestion in the mornings is not a new thing for Jon but I was worried and visited the GP. The GP referred us straight to an opthamologist who diagnosed adenoviral keratoconjunctivitis. He has been on and off steroids since July and each time we ween off the steroids so the symptoms start again. Eye pain, redness, photophobia. I am at my wits end, the opthamologist has told me that he wants to stop all treatment as long term steroid use can result in cataracts. The thing is my son cannot function daily without treatment. We are currently on ketorolac and one drop per day of FML eye drops and today things are really bad, Its a a sunny day and Jon cant go to school again. We sit in the dark til late afternoon when the sun goes down and he can tolerate a bit of day light. Please help.
Nash Grove last decade

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