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Lose your weight permanently, by ancient mystic method. Mystery of the color Red.

You will need some equipment

1. A metal lamp which can be twisted up or down
2. Red bulbs (100 watts) not clear but opaque not less then 75 watts
3. Cassette player with ear phones unless you have stereo speakers at your home
4. Tapes of loud rock music with heavy rhythms and drum beats
5. 4 to 8 ounce glasses ruby red (not orange red) plastic red glass just as effective
6. A kitchen timer

Three steps to miracle

These three stops must be followed without interruption to the daily routine, so that a patterned response to the color treatment is established. This must be followed for 55 days but no longer than 63 days. Choose which time is easier to fit into your daily schedule, and stay with it each day.


Go into your bedroom and darken it by pulling the shades and drawing the drapes. Remove all your clothing and lie down on the bed with your cassette player or speakers. Make sure you have a large clock so you can see the time. Have the kitchen timer next to you.

Place your small metal desk lamp containing the red bulb between your knees and holding it firmly between your knees (or thighs) use the gooseneck of table-lamp to aim the shade with red bulb directly toward your solar plexus (between the breastbone and navel), about two feet from your skin.

Set the timer for 15 minutes; turn on the cassette player and lamp. Relax your nude body and erase all negative thoughts from your mind. Allow the loud music in your inner ear as loudly as you find to be comfortable, while your solar plexus are bathed in red light. Keeping your eyes is helpful but not necessary.

When the 15 minutes period ends, signaled by the timer, lay the lamp at the side of the bottom of the bed and bulb is aimed 1 – 1½ feet away from the soles of your feet (while still lying on your back) set the timer for additional 15 minutes. Continue to listen the music.

When second 15 minutes period has ended turn off red lamp and tape.

End of step 1.

A word of caution: After a few days of the red color bath treatment, if you should feel feverish or exhausted, switch to an orange bulb for two or three days, then return to red bulb, you can expect elimination from both bowels and kidneys to increase as the weight lowers rapidly over a period of days.

The fat people who have hypertension or tachycardia (rapid heart beat) should take the entire Step 1 treatment at all times with an orange bulb instead of red bulb. The effect could be slightly slower than the red bulb but perfectly safe. The red bulb will raise the Blood Pressure temporarily, which is not the least harmful to the average person, but is not recommended for those with hypertension or high BP.


Still the weight loss color diet. Fill two of your 8-10 ounce red glasses with bottled water. Then place them outside, where run’s rays fall on them for at least three hours, preferably all day. You can protect the water from insects by placing a think polyethylene on the top. Drink that water in the morning and evening (Do not refrigerate it)


You eat only those foods which are red, gold, yellow, orange or white. You can eat as little or as much of these foods as you please, without gaining weight, paying no attention to quantity of food you eat or calorie content. When you are done with this cycle of 55 - 63 days you may eat whatever you want at the end of cycle. Eat no foods colored Green, blue, blue-green, yellow-green or brown.

Tomorrow I will write the food list.
  kuldeep on 2005-04-09
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Oh I love this -- cant wait for food list.
passkey last decade
First a correction:

Fill two of your 8-10 ounce red glasses with bottled water. Then place them outside, where sun’s rays fall on them for at least three hours, preferably all day.

Here is the partial list of the foods in the Red-Gold spectrum you can eat sparingly or stuff you with, depending on your mood and taste. You may add any other foods you wish to the list, as long as they are colored red, gold, yellow, orange, or white. Eat no foods colored green, blue, blue-green, or brown.

Red cabbage
Red Onions
Mustard and Ketchup
Butter ---- (Yes)
Red grapes and Red wine
Milk --- especially cream
Red raspberries
Lemons and Lemonade
Yellow peppers, Red peppers
Rutabagas – Yams
Cornmeal muffins
All chesses
Egg in any form
Red caviar
Rice (except brown rice)
Water melons and yellow melons
Yellow noodles
Red or white ice cream if made with honey
Honey-vanilla ice cream
All cereals derived from golden wheat or oats
All potatoes except French fries (Don’t eat the skin of potatos)
kuldeep last decade
Where do I get ice cream made with honey ?.
Assume you mean entirely with honey - not just flavored?.

Is the association of mysticism with homeopathy valid. Does this detract from the 'seriousness' of homeopathy?.

On second thoughts - yes it is valid - because as per weak quantum theory ALL things are related .

A basic principle of Taoism any way .
passkey last decade
Great if this works for people.

Personally I maintain a low weight by eating a healthy varied diet and taking plenty of exercise, call me old fashioned, hmm.
beaker last decade
Products made from white sugar and white flour are NO NO for both plumpies as well as for skinnies.

Red Meat is also NO NO. It is red from the blood of the animal.

It is the color red which works.

The booster suggestions for the magical color weight loss program

1 The wearing of Red, yellow, gold, orange or white clothing as often as possible and avoiding wearing of green, blue, blue-green, greenish-yellow, turquoise, brown or black clothing as seldom as possible.

2 Mental visualization of color red twice a day or as often as possible.

3 When outdoors, summer or winter, wear as often as possible red-rose, orange, yellow or gold tinted sunglasses. The color spectrum entering your body through the retina of the eye is a powerful booster.

You will be amazed how swiftly this color secret causes you to shed pounds, exactly where you need them to melt away, not in the wrong places.
kuldeep last decade
If this procedure must be followed exactly or one can use a little bit of variation?

Can one just hang a red bulb instead of holding it with knees?
jeniffer last decade
System will work even if you hand a bulb but make sure to have a shade or goosenect over the bulb so energy can be directed to the body. It is the color Red therapy.
kuldeep last decade
System will work even if you hang a bulb, but make sure to have a shade or goosenect over the bulb so energy can be directed to the body. It is the color Red therapy.
kuldeep last decade
As I read this post I acted immediately and started this method. It is not as simple as it seems but I am losing weight. To my amazement I lost 9 lbs. in about just one week. In the beginning I had loose motions for few hours each day (immediately following this daily procedure) but now I am getting better.

Initially it seems funny about just red thing doing job but I am feeling it is just breaking my body apart. May be this is the price to pay to lose weight.

I request Kuldeep to discuss this method further and talk about it more so people like me are correctly guided.
vinnie_hal last decade
Hello! I tried the color therapy for two weeks and lost 11 pounds on the first week and 3 pounds on the second one, but becasue of an emergency situation, I was unable to complete the 63 day process. Do anyone know if it's okay to start all over or if I should wait for a certain number of days before starting again? Will this method be effective now? Please advice, Thank you!
ClaudiaD last decade
Dear Claudia,

After reading Kuldeep's fascinating info on the color red, I decided to research it for further knowledge. I did a quick search on the Internet and found that the info using red for weight loss can be found in a book titled, "Linda Goodman's Star Signs." The section on the color red is in Chapter 6 (Forgotten Rainbows.) For anybody who is interested in esoteric anything, I highly recommend this book. It is a mish-mash of wonderful stories, ideas, experiments, etc. The chapter "While The Soul Slumbers" will have you analyzing and reconsidering the spelling of your name, your birthday and even your address.

But back to the color red.

Claudia, I think you can start back up with the program. Just count day 1 as day 1 and don't add it onto the time you've already spent. I think your weight loss is amazing!

I have been so inspired by Kuldeep's initial posting that I went out and found a cherry red glass bowl and an orange bowl. I learned through my research that red stimulates the metabolism, builds courage and charges the emotional body while orange (connected to the sacral chakra), balances the adrenals, treats both HYPER and HYPO thyroidism, affects the reproductive organs, reduces depression, uplifts the spirit, increases libido, spurs creative thought processes and much more. Thus, what I have started to do is drink one cup of "red water" upon rising. I truly feel it gets me going. I then switch over to the "orange water" and drink two to three cups throughout the day, always stopping around 3pm. I've found that since it tends to charge the adrenals, if I drink it to late in the day, it keeps me awake. You want to sip the water, not gulp it.

The results? Well, I've lost about one pound and I'm not doing the rest of the therapy mentioned by Kuldeep. But best yet, my mind seems more focused and I have greater desire to accomplish things during the day. A strange side effect: my period started way too early in its cycle. The only thing I have done differently during this time is the colored water and added a bit of coconut oil to my diet. So, who knows?

I researched further, and I learned that it is vital to get as close to the "true" reds and oranges as possible when you are using color therapy. There are colored gels you can purchase and affix around clear glass jars. These gels are made specifically for color therapy and are at the healing angstrom unit rates (wavelengths) that create the greatest healing potential. They are called ROSCOLUX COLOR GELS. I also found a company in Conneticut that has a great assortment of gels and colored glass bottles that are used specifically for healing purposes. She can special order glass bottles that hold up to 16 oz. of water. The website is: www.kaliszincolor dot com
Laurel last decade
One more thing I forgot to add. I learned that if you set the water in the desired colored container out in the early morning hours (from sunrise to noon), the water has more power due to the innate "Prana" at that time of day. If it is a sunny day and the water is in direct contact with the sun (i.e. not in the shade), you only need about 4 to 6 hours of solarized action the colored glass. However, if it's winter or very cloudy where you live, you will want to set out your colored glass at sunrise and allow it to stay outside all day. Obviously, you must cover the container so as dust particles and bugs don't get into the water.
Laurel last decade
Two persons emailed me that they have started wearing red clothes (they never liked red color before), both of them claimed that now their food intake is significantly reduced. They feel contented after eating less food.

kuldeep last decade
Dear Laurel,

Thank you so much for your reply! :)

I have Linda Goodman's wonderful book, that's where I got all the red color therapy information a while ago. As I was researching more about the color therapy for loosing weight on-line, I found this great website.

I started the red-color therapy (for a second time) this past Monday, and as soon as I started, I can now confirm the changes I experienced the first time and now.

Immediately after the "Red light Bath" I feel very tired, but no longer than 5 to 10 minutes. After that, I actually feel very proactive and with more energy to do a lot of things, with a positive attitude. Also, I've noticed that if I drink my glass of red solarized water before dinner, after dinner I feel like my body temperature is higher. Close to the feeling of exercising (temperature wise). Maybe the red color therapy increases the methabolism...

I've been overweight all my life, and tried all the diets you can imagine, but none of them worked...now without any sacrifice I am loosing weight, it's like a miracle!
ClaudiaD last decade
I read this post and actually I didn't follow the whole procedure but at least bought a plastic red colored bucket and now I am drinking solarized water from that bucket and also I try to eat things which are in the list here.

I am feeling great changes in myself, some weight is also gone. I feel my lathergy is gone and I am more active. Hope one day I will organize myself to complete this whole procedure.

Thanks Mr. Kuldeep for bringing this great thing to us.
milap last decade
So far I am unable to find a 100 watt red or orange bulb. Can some one help me and tell me where to buy it. I live in USA.
kapil last decade
100 Watt red or orange bulb is indeed a rare thing.

In USA PAR-40 (outdoor) red bulbs 100 watts are available in Home Depot. Some vendors also sell plastic cap for PAR bulbs.

A person emailed me and told me that he has found a small red plastic pail (it was a part of a beach toy kit) from walmart and he is using a 150 watt bulb inside that pail to have red color. He said is losing weight fastly.

Some one said he has mixed red color in clay and painted on the regular bulb.

Some one said she cut a piece of red plastic and fastened it on the lamp shade.

Some one said he has painted red film on his skylight and is taking red color baths in his room full of bright red light and is very happy about it.

So use your imagination to be creative.
kuldeep last decade
I have had Linda Goodmans book since it first came out....a very long time ago. Laurel, I bought the 'purple plate' and have used it for different things, the fruit does last much longer on it! I've had it help with head aches too, plus other ailments.

I was so surprised to see this post of the 'red' color diet. I read about this years ago. At that time I was underweight and was considering doing the blue/green diet. But found out my problem was thyroid cancer and haven't had a low weight problem since, now I'm going the other direction. Might have to get some red glass stuff going. I'm enjoying the posts on this subject, everyone please keep posting your progress! Good article kuldeep!!!!!!!!

In that book it says that if your feeling out of sorts with the red therapy to switch to the orange light till you feel better, and gradually increase to the red again. Did you read that anywhere kuldeep?
upnorth last decade
Sorry kuldeep, I see you did post about switching to the orange bulb in your directions above, didn't see it there the first time I read through it.
upnorth last decade
Kuldeep, these days I am wearing red T-Shirts and I am clearly seeing a change in my eating habits. These days my food intake is reduced and I rarely overeat, which I used to do almost always. Now I know when to stop.
kapil last decade
hi kuldeep
I canot find a red 75w bulb but i did found a 60w garden bulb with red paint on it will it work. and can i use oil insted of buter
bookreading last decade
Hi if any one else using this procedure had any luck because i am doing it for last seven days and i didnot lose any weight may be i am doing any thing wrong please reply or email me
bookreading last decade
Hi I have been on the red colour diet now for 7 days and although I have not weighed myself I'm sure I have lost weight.
I am wondering wether someone can let me know if wheat bread is allowed. That is something i do miss. Otherwise I am finding it very simple to follow and intend to pass the info on to others after I have finished. Good Luck to others who are doing it!!!!
doddies last decade
Indeed, this method works.
kuldeep last decade
Hi can you please tell me if wholemeal and wheatmeal bread is allowed to be eaten.Would appreciate an answer thanks
doddies last decade

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