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Lose your weight permanently, by ancient mystic method. Mystery of the color Red. Page 3 of 3

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Who ever wants to try this diet must noe follow the steps written here as they are not complete. The complete diet is written in Linda goodmans book STAR SIGNS...

This diet should only be followed for 45, 54 or 63 DAYS.. NOT 55 like its said here. This is very important and has something to do with numerology... the numbers adds up to 9 =)

Also in step two, the other part is missing, the other half of the 30 minutes... as well as WHAT type of music should be used...

I can go on and on but really, to understand this diet and how it works i recomend everyone to read it from the book... =)

for those who mess up with the foods or whatever it may be, you must start ALL OVER AGAIN or the diet wont work as it should.

Im finally starting tomorrow, so wish me luck!=)
Licious last decade
i am doing the treatment for plumpies and would like to know whether bread is allowed to be eated - n what exactly are 'cereals from wheat?' coz flour is forbidden.... n how is wheat allowed if it is brown? i don't understand..........
maria.matthews last decade
hey i am doing the red light treatment for plumpies and i need to know the following:
1) is bread allowed? coz pizza is but anything with 'white flour' or wheat is not. please clarify between allowed 'cereals' and not allowed 'white flour'.

2) what if we can't do it one day: the red light intake at the same time everyday due to power failure? we start again?

3) i havent really checked my weight, but my body in mirror is same....how long does this take exactly? ive finished 15 days

please let me know soon. thank you
maria.matthews last decade
i've started my red light treatment a few days back. must say its not as easy as it sounds.
anyways 'PIZZAS' are absolutely allowed to eat as written in Linda Goodman Star Signs.

For those who are living in delhi can get 100 watt red and orange bulb easily from Bhagirath Place(its available in almost every shop.
The ideal kind of music as told by linda goodman is 'John Philip Sousa's Marches' which you can download it from net and later make a CD or something.its easily available, just do a google search
About the timings, u ideally should do it same time of day, but if u skipped dont get disheartened do it wen u get time and resume normally the next day. and just don't lose hope just KNOW that it will work
forgotton rainbow last decade
Actually those who are starting this color therapy must read linda goodman star signs.

This all is about programming your mind. if u keep thinking that this method is useless(even unconciously) at the time of doing it, then u'll really get no result.

Just believe firmly that u r going to reduce weight.
forgotton rainbow last decade
Hey forgotten rainbow. I have started color therapy for weight loss. It is 18 days today but I have not seen any positive change. I read in your posts that while you yourself did not dee any difference after 15 days, you vouched for it after 2 months. Please help me by describing your experience. I do have hypo-thyrodism. Please guide me whether or not to continue with the therapy.
archanapa60 last decade

I used to be pretty obese and started putting on a lot of weight especially on my thighs and bottom in my late thirties. I started exercising as often as possible and also cut down on a lot of high calorie stuff. Unfortunately I hardly managed to lose much weight at all. I then recently read an article by a lady who claimed that she managed to lose nearly half of her weight using a particular weight loss supplement. I tried it out and it actually worked quite well. Within 4 months I managed to lose about 65 pounds. The results were pretty amazing and I feel so much healthier and energetic now. You can read more about the lady's article at
jennifer8055 last decade
Hi Laurel,

Why the red color diet did not work for you # 1

you where using coconut oil, this will work on its own but not with this diet.

coconuts have a brown shell and you are not to eat brown food.

it is the outside color of what you eat that draws that spectrum inside of it.

Also do not wear red classes while on this diet,it will make you hungry and will have the opposite effect that you want.
margaretmary last decade
that wheat question was answered in the beginging. if it comes from golden wheat or oats.

wear red pajamas to loose while you sleep

do this test,write with your right hand 'why am I holding onto this weight'

with the left hand write your answer. then deal with the answer.

if you are a lefty do it the opposite way
margaretmary last decade
hi, iam trying this treatment from past 10 days, i dont think i lost any weight but my body definitely became loose. i am a woman of 30yrs and am extremely overweight due to hormonal conditions. does this treatment really work?
bunny12 last decade
I started it this week, i have one question though: does anybody know if is ok to eat couscous? I don't know if it comes from golden wheat or not...
edazinha last decade
Hey... I know that this blog is very old... but can anyone help me to start this diet.
LICIOUS is saying that there is something missing with this procedure.(the other half of 30 min)...
I am facing problems to get this book, so please some help.
Thanks in advance
cocodaouk last decade
I just ordered the book on Dealoz dot com. They sell new & used books that come from book stores or private people. I am wondering WHICH color of red in the gel sheets? I went on eBay & there are a lot of different shades. Since people's camera's don't always post a true shade it would be nice to know if the shade matters? If anyone wants to email me private feel free to do so. I think it will show up on here?
purplediamond last decade
Hi I am finding it very difficult to buy a 75 watt bulb and a lamp that will take a 75 watt bulb. I am in the UK and i could only find a 65 watt bulb and lamp. Can anyone here please advice me on where in the UK I can buy the 75 watt bulb and lamp?
eva10 9 years ago
Hi I am finding it very difficult to buy a 75 watt bulb and a lamp that will take a 75 watt bulb. I am in the UK and i could only find a 65 watt bulb and lamp. Can anyone here please advice me on where in the UK I can buy the 75 watt bulb and lamp?
eva10 9 years ago
HI All. I'm new to this sight but read up on the red colour therapy. I'm based in the UK and cannot find a 75w red opaque globe anywhere. Can anyone please suggest where I could purchase one? I found a red flood light of 75w but it's clear and not opaque :( really want to try.
Violetbrown 6 years ago
Wow this is an amazing thread on weight loss. Em gonna try this soon. Meanwhile if anyone has any further tips to share from their experiences, pls do share.
abhi6512 6 years ago
I've started a four-week diet lost 10 pounds in three weeks but added 10 pounds in four weeks. As well as all the parts that were thin times is fat. Is this normal?in 4 weeks I just ate eggs, rice, tomatoes and bread. Please help me because I do feel a farce
saharokni 6 years ago
Its no mystery.
Color food list is a cheap knockoff of ayurveda Color therapy and constitutional food list.
Teupne 6 years ago
kuldeep said You will need some equipment1. A metal lamp which can be twisted up or down2. Red bulbs (100 watts) not clear but opaque not less then 75 watts3. Cassette player with ear phones unless you have stereo speakers at your home4. Tapes of loud rock music with heavy rhythms and drum beats5. 4 to 8 ounce glasses ruby red (not orange red) plastic red glass just as effective6. A kitchen timerThree steps to miracleThese three stops must be followed without interruption to the daily routine, so that a patterned response to the color treatment is established. This must be followed for 55 days but no longer than 63 days. Choose which time is easier to fit into your daily schedule, and stay with it each day.STEP 1Go into your bedroom and darken it by pulling the shades and drawing the drapes. Remove all your clothing and lie down on the bed with your cassette player or speakers. Make sure you have a large clock so you can see the time. Have the kitchen timer next to you.Place your small metal desk lamp containing the red bulb between your knees and holding it firmly between your knees (or thighs) use the gooseneck of table-lamp to aim the shade with red bulb directly toward your solar plexus (between the breastbone and navel), about two feet from your skin.Set the timer for 15 minutes; turn on the cassette player and lamp. Relax your nude body and erase all negative thoughts from your mind. Allow the loud music in your inner ear as loudly as you find to be comfortable, while your solar plexus are bathed in red light. Keeping your eyes is helpful but not necessary.When the 15 minutes period ends, signaled by the timer, lay the lamp at the side of the bottom of the bed and bulb is aimed 1 – 1½ feet away from the soles of your feet (while still lying on your back) set the timer for additional 15 minutes. Continue to listen the music.When second 15 minutes period has ended turn off red lamp and tape.End of step 1.A word of caution: After a few days of the red color bath treatment, if you should feel feverish or exhausted, switch to an orange bulb for two or three days, then return to red bulb, you can expect elimination from both bowels and kidneys to increase as the weight lowers rapidly over a period of days.The fat people who have hypertension or tachycardia (rapid heart beat) should take the entire Step 1 treatment at all times with an orange bulb instead of red bulb. The effect could be slightly slower than the red bulb but perfectly safe. The red bulb will raise the Blood Pressure temporarily, which is not the least harmful to the average person, but is not recommended for those with hypertension or high BP.STEP 2Still the weight loss color diet. Fill two of your 8-10 ounce red glasses with bottled water. Then place them outside, where run’s rays fall on them for at least three hours, preferably all day. You can protect the water from insects by placing a think polyethylene on the top. Drink that water in the morning and evening (Do not refrigerate it)STEP 3You eat only those foods which are red, gold, yellow, orange or white. You can eat as little or as much of these foods as you please, without gaining weight, paying no attention to quantity of food you eat or calorie content. When you are done with this cycle of 55 - 63 days you may eat whatever you want at the end of cycle. Eat no foods colored Green, blue, blue-green, yellow-green or brown. Tomorrow I will write the food list.

Hi, I guess I'm the only one here on the green/blue color therapy. I just finished a 42-day period with no result. The bulb I used was a 10w blue LED light bulb equivalent of 100w. I was very strict about my diet and boosters except I didn't do the visualization because I had to do it in a public park and it was impossible to focus.. I was neutral about getting results.. Any thoughts on this? Thanks
Sagi24 5 months ago

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