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I am 19 year female suffering from LUPUS since last 4 years.
Last month I started treatment for kidney inflammation, Joint aches, Gastric problem like gas formation, burfing. Hair loss started before Starting medication.
Taking following medicines since last two months.
1.Prednisone- 10mg 4 tbs per day 2.Cellcept- 500mg 1 tab twice a day 3.Lisinopril- 5Mg 1 per day(Blood pressure contol)4. Protonix-40Mg(acid control)
Pl help! Cure this Lupus!
  salma on 2005-04-14
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I can assure you completely that what you are taking will not do a thing for your condition. It will only supress the condition and you will get slowly worse.

Are you drinking diet sodas? Diet anything? Stop now!

If you would take time to tell us how it began...symptoms...and what kind of person you are...likes/dislikes etc., we may be able to help you. Talk to us. Surely you have read other postings and how they report details??

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Thanks for responding Sabra.
When I was around 6 years,
*I Started to get pathes on
Skull that lead to loaclised
hairfall. It stopped after ~
6-8 months.
* After 11 years of age, I used to get light fever almost every day & shoulder joint pains. Used to use Tylenol to control. Started to have nose blocks for which I underwent a Surgery.light fever continued almost all time except for occasional days when I would feel good.
* When I was around 16 years My fevers started getting worse so as my Joint pains.My skin became drier & easily bruised if Pressure is applied. I would get High fever with Chills which would last for almost a week.I would also throw up many times & get lots of gas & burfing.
This would happens periodically ~ 3-4 months intervals. I also Started loosing weight Steadily. Doctor then diagnosed me with Lupus & told me that there is no cure for this & they can only control it with some drugs with side effects.

* Doctors were only monitoring my Urine samples for Proteins until last few month. I also became thinner & thinner.I also Started to lose lots of hair since last two months before taking the medication. Kidney biopsy was conducted & they found kidneys affected. Since about a month, I have been put those drugs. I have gained some weight & feeling better but not healthy

As for as I am concerned,
* I am Wheatish complexion
5.2' now weigh around 103
* Outstanding University
* Very Loving & affectionate
& intelligent person. Very Straight forward
* Have lots of will power; not seriously affected by the fact that I have an incurable desease although I cried silently many times on what has befallen me. Now I have resigned to the fact that there is little that I / Doctors / God can do for me. I have taken this on my stride to continue living as long as I can with bold face

* Like good Spicy Veg & non Veg food
* Like Music
* Feel very happy to talk for hours to my best friends.
* Do not like Immoral(according to my belief) things like dating, premarital sex etc
salma last decade
This paragraph disturbed me deeply:

Now I have resigned to the fact that there is little that I / Doctors / God can do for me. I have taken this on my stride to continue living as long as I can with bold face

Do you really think God is limited??? God has promised us the "desires of our hearts." "Gods Will" is only for us to love him and one another. God's will is not for us to be ill. We bring this on ourselves. We have free will and He must allow us to find our way.

A bold face with a good heart is always on one full of faith.

I am studying what to suggest to you to take. Patience. Please EXPECT to find wellness.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
OH Sabra, how sweet you are!. Your words have given me courage;you sound like an angel for me!.
May God Increase your RARE tribe who so selflessly serve humanity;Amen
salma last decade
Hi Selma, Found a remedy to try.

MYOSOTIS 1M. 1 dose every other day for 6 doses=12 days.

Let us know...

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Dear Sabra,
Thank you very much!. I have couple of questions before I stating the medicine.
1. Is it ok to take homepathic medicne while I am taking those Allopathic medicines?
2. Do Ineed to conduct blood test/ Urine test to determine the effect?
salma last decade
Homeopathy is so safe that no caution is necessary. It will not interfere with your meds.

We always hope that one would take only H. but this is not possible in all cases. Maybe later.

Allopathic is chemical and H. is energetic. Energy only. Stumulates the body to self heal.

IF this remedy is helpful, you may feel a bit uncomfortable, this is a good sign and not to worry. Will pass.

If you feel nothing...wait and see. Sometimes it is silent.

No physical testing is necessary as H. will not show in anything. No chemist using any method can "name" the remedy in the bottle.

The only test that ever showed anything is some resonator machine that showed the "trace" of something in a medicated bottle vs unmedicated bottle.

The effects will be unnoticed for awhile and one day you may find yourself questioning if this "new" feeling is good or not.

With other conditions like fever, asthma or croup one can tell very specifically.

Yours will be more subtle.

Please keep us posted for any changes. I will watch.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Thanks Sabra!
I will start the medication immediately & keep you posted.
salma last decade
Sabra -- Prednisone [steroid] does have a tendency to neutralise homeopathic remedies.

You may have to vary the potencies on this one.
passkey last decade
Yes, and I am hoping this will be the first to go.

And Salma, remember Prednisone must be down-dosed slowly in 5mgs at the time.

Keep in touch.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
I used to take 40 mg per day until yesterday.Today Dr has reduced to 30 Mg. I have been told by Doctor that Prednisone will progressively be reduced to low-zero in about three-four months
salma last decade
This is good, go with the flow and don't worry, waste of time.

Expect to be better in a few weeks, and then we will regroup.

If your posting gets shifted with the forum and you find yourself on another page, put in a posting as we are doing now, and you will pop back to the first page again. Don't want to lose you.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Hi Sabra/Salma
Just happenned to come across this forum when I was trying to find out some information about lupus. my younger sister was diagnosed with chronic renal failure and lupus about a month back. she is only 22 years old and tested positive for ANA and double stranded dna test that confirmed SLE. Her kidney biopsy report said chronic proliferative glumerulonephritis (with antibody deposits). We have consulted three top specialists and all three have said transplant is the only option for her.
What I am concerned about is that if she has lupus, is the kidney transplant the ultimate solution? will lupus affect the newly transplanted kidney? there will be immunosuppressive drugs that will be given after the transplant to avoid rejection and the doctors have said that it will treat the lupus as well. But the more I have read about these drugs, the more its obvious that these drugs have a lot of adverse side effects. My sister is currently on dialysis and we are planning a transplant at the earliest, my mother being the donor.
I have also consulted a homeopathic doctor who has started his treatment for the antibodies, im unaware as to what the medicine is right now. He said he needs to first destroy the antibodies and then revive the good cells.
What I'm trying to understand is that can homeopathic treatment revive a damaged kidney? and can a transplant be avoided at this stage?
please help...
imcluless last decade
Sorry I could not post.
I am travelling on vacation. My Doctor advised not to take any other medication until I am back.
I should be back home in about two weeks & try Homeo.
salma last decade
Imcluless, Please make your own posting. Your sister is not like Salma. The treatment would be different.

You are asking allopathic questions. We are not allopathic doctors. We are homeopathic practitioners. We do not "speak" allopathic.

Homeopathy treats the whole person. I do not think your family will hold off to try homeopathy at this stage. Many things can be done, especially in recovery, but I would not promise you a revival of a damaged kidney at this stage.

I would promise good treatment that will surpass allopathic antibiotics that supress all illness into the body to pop out like something else over and over.

This is as much I will answer you on Salma's post. Go to the bottom of the front page and be sure to put your name in the posting or the forum goes a little crazy and hard to get it to act correct.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Salma, your dr is an idiot to think homeopathy will interfere. The allopathic will interfere with homeopathy more.

He is afraid, and wishes to control. Why ever did you even tell him? Many MDs will stop treating their patients that begin to use alternative self helps.

MANY people will go to the doc and never fill the prescription, come home with knowledge of self and go with the alternative. MDs are great with diagnosis and emergency. It is the man-made chemical medicine that is dangerous.

Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Dear sabra,
I am back from vacation.Store carrying Homeopathic medicine did not have any medication by name MYOSOTIS;nor did the catalogue have any reference/info about that medicine. pl advise
salma last decade
I think Myosotis is avail on part of this same site where you can buy remedies.
Bodhitshe last decade
hi I am a 22 year old female suffering from lupus as well. I was diagnosed back in Dec 2002 and I had to take prednisone and a bunch of other stuff as well as cytoxan. I met an amazing homeopath and continued my treatment with her and was fully recovered and absolutely fine for almost 2 years but then all of a sudden just recently I am suffering from acute renal failure and am back on prednisone, cytoxan and even dialysis right now. I was wondering if there was anyone that could help me out and talk to me because I really hate that I have to take prednisone and do all this stuff when there is an alternative way.

misslmodest last decade
Hi, I am a 38 year old women, who has several Lupus positive anitbodies. I have not had the problems you have ecountered, but I have had major pain in joint and muscles as well as my thyroid having to be removed to Hashimotos (due to auto immune). Was on Plaquanil and many pain relievers, nothing worked. This past January I started watching my Ph Balance, my acid/alkaline balance and I have to tell you, I feel great! Not perfect, But very close to perfect! NO meds., except for my thyroid replacement. I eat only organic. I am convinced this is the way it should be for every one! good luck!
mittmitt last decade
My wife had a brain tumor removed last year, but she has symptoms that have not gone away. We suspect that she has Lupus. She has severe headaches in the forehead area, and severe joint pain in her knees and feet. The latest MRI showed no tumor growth, or anything that could cause such pain. She did drink diet soda until now as I read the posting about not drinking diet soda. Wow, am I glad I looked here!
RDurlock last decade

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